Obama Endorses Hillary Clinton for President: ‘I’m With Her’

Barack Obama Hillary Clinton

President Barack Obama endorsed Hillary Clinton for president on Thursday, with reports that he plans to campaign with her next week.

“I know how hard this job can be. That’s why I know Hillary will be so good at it. I don’t think there’s ever been someone so qualified to hold this office,” he said in his endorsement video in which he also states “I’m with her.”

The endorsement follows a meeting Obama had with Democratic candidate Bernie Sanders this morning.

“Honored to have you with me, @POTUS. I’m fired up and ready to go!” Clinton tweeted on Thursday.

Her campaign sent out tweets to supporters earlier in the morning saying that Obama “is on Team Hillary.”

Obama waited to endorse in the race until after Clinton claimed the nomination on Tuesday. He had been reluctant to wade into the race as Clinton and Sanders battled in the Democratic primary.

After his meeting with the president, Sanders said that he would continue to campaign for the Washington DC primary on Tuesday, but he also said that he looked forward to meeting with Clinton to talk about ways to defeat Donald Trump, the presumptive Republican nominee. It was perhaps an indication that he is ready to wind down his campaign.

In the endorsement video, Obama said that he has “seen her judgment, I have seen her toughness. I have seen her commitment to our values up close.”

Trump responded on Twitter. “Obama just endorsed Crooked Hillary. He wants four more years of Obama—but nobody else does!”

Clinton’s response: “Delete your account.” A Twitter spokesman said that it was Clinton’s most retweeted tweet ever — more than 153,000 times.

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  1. EricJ says:

    She’s Likable Enough.

  2. kern says:

    Thank you so much for this informative, startling information. Donald Trump must be devastated that he did not receive Obama’s expected endorsement, Who is next? Bill Clinton? Elizabeth Warren? Or, thefinal blow to Trump, Sean Penn?

  3. goatsandmonkeys says:

    No, wait. It’s all about Bernie Sanders. Forget whatsherface won the primary by votes and delegates. It’s about Bernie! Or us followers aka glaze-eyed ‘tards, are gonna have ourselves a riot.

  4. BillUSA says:

    It is truly heartbreaking to see our once-mighty nation eroded from within by the neo-dems who are communist socialists in disguise. Our basic human rights are under attack as are some of our freedoms. Our borders are more porous than ever. Our healthcare system is a travesty and tolerance is at an all-time low.

    But hey, let none of that deter people from voting for one of the most unqualified and criminal candidates attempting to be the first female President because that’s more important than the strength of our nation.

  5. Alex says:

    I think she’s a fembot.

  6. JOE S HILL says:

    Two criminals petting each other,,how pathetic!! Hillary & Obama have become the worst major disgraces of our Nation,and this bitch thinks she’ll be our next CIC,,but we Obama to thank for Clinton not facing charges and prison time for her incompetent handling in Benghazi,Libya that left four of our US Diplomats dead,at the hands of Libyan terrorists,while the liberal media and the insane liberal left continue to support these assholes,and at the expense of our own Nation! if this isn’t a sick joke,then i don’t know what it could qualify as,,but Obama is greatly in need of impeachment,and Hillary belongs in jail-now she has an endorsement from her fellow accomplice-and that says it all! these UnAmerican vermin have prolonged their fraudulent ways long enough,and its time to correct this error,before they both cause anymore damage to America,along with the out of control liberal left,who have pissed over our country,,what a damn joke!!!

  7. henricht says:

    Obama is a criminal. Hillary is first female to be under criminal investigation by the FBI while running for President. Civil War is in the wind?

  8. “I don’t think there’s ever been someone so qualified to hold this office” – by “Least qualified person to ever hold this office” (also “second worst to ever execute this office”)

  9. Mike says:

    So who is going to pay to recount the California vote like Bernie wants, to see if maybe Hillary didn’t beat the bejesus out of him in the primary? Hope it’s the BernieBros. Talk about sore losers.

    Great endorsement from the President and I suspect Bernie’s dumb comments about California probably accelerated the release of the tape.

    • Berke Zane says:

      They made sure at least a chunk of “WEEKENDS” people didn’t show with the lapdog press announcing the nomination before the vote. No matter who you support if that’s ok by you then….

  10. Alexander says:

    How is this news? How is this ENTERTAINMENT news? And if she actually IS indicted (which will never happen) he will just pardon her anyway.

    • Berke Zane says:

      Because it’s all fiction and being played out every day every where. The greatest WHODUNNIT of all time. Or maybe it comes down to is there anyone that DIDNTDOIT.

  11. NeverAnotherClinton says:

    BENGHAZI – 4 Americans were murdered. NEVER FORGET.

    • sammyglick says:

      Never forget? Like you apparently forgot the 39 embassy and consult attacks during the George W. Bush administration? I guess those 66 brave people (3 were Americans) don’t count, because they lost their lives when a Republican was in the Oval Office.

      I also take it, Conservatives and Republicans like you were not outraged when the U.S. Marine barracks were bombed by terrorists in 1983. Oddly, I don’t recall Pres. Reagan being blamed for the attacks, nor anyone in his cabinet (such as Sec. of State George Shultz). Shame on you and shame on the Republican party for displaying such naked partisanship in regards to combating global terror.

      • BillUSA says:

        sammyglick – Hey. Stupid. They never lied through their teeth about their responsibility as Clinton did. Nor did they callously declare that it didn’t matter. What a leftist moron you are. Go ahead, vote her in. And when the country is being overtaken by another, you can blame the Republicans because that’s easier to do than to think for yourself or to put the welfare of our nation ahead of yourself.

      • Steve says:

        As to your first point, there was never an attempted coverup or lies told about any Embassy attacks during the Bush admiinistration. Idiot Hillary’s incompetence got the US Ambasador killed – the first such loss in over 30 years.

        Regarding your second “point”, Reagan took full responsibilty for that bombing. It was actually the fault of the Marine commanders who did not take the precautions necessary to prevent a truck bomb from being successfully deployed.. Why didn’t Obama take responsibility as commander in chief? Election perhaps?

        Shame on you and your ignorance.

      • Mike says:

        How come “Berniebros” sound just like neocons? Huh?

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