MPAA Expresses Opposition to North Carolina Anti-LGBT Law

mpaa Motion Picture Association of America
Courtesy of mpaa

An MPAA official on Thursday said that the studios oppose “any law that legitimizes discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation, gender identity or gender expression.”

The comment from Vans Stevenson, senior vice president for state government affairs, came in response to North Carolina’s passage of a bill that invalidates local LGBT anti-discrimination protections.

Gov. Pat McCrory signed the legislation late Thursday, drawing a rebuke from LGBT activists and corporations like American Airlines as well as the NBA.

It came just as studios were mounting their opposition to a religious freedom bill in Georgia. That state’s governor, Nathan Deal, has not said whether he would sign that bill or veto it. The Walt Disney Co., The Weinstein Co. and Netflix said that they would not shoot projects in the state if Deal signed the legislation, while a host of other studios and media companies condemned the bill.

Like Georgia, North Carolina has been a production hub, although it has slowed in recent years since the state scaled back its incentive program.

Earlier on Thursday, director Rob Reiner said that he would not shoot in North Carolina until the new law was repealed.


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  1. Qualm says:

    Reward known pedophile directors with new films and say nothing, take money from countries that cut homosexuals’ throats and degrade woman, and then try to boycott a state that wants pastors to be able to practice their faith as they see fit. What a bunch of dirtbags.

  2. Gahan says:

    Love to hear the Money Whore Studios threaten to walk away from State tax incentives. Yeah right!

  3. J Russ says:

    Ah, the Republican Party and it’s continuing support of or blind eye to discrimination. NC and Ind. just this week. The 40 year Republican “Southern Strategy” to successfully recruit the nations intolerant and ignorant at work. Only problem, as we witness everyday now the intolerant and ignorant are the Republican majority and taken over the Party. If you are ANY minority I assume you won’t be voting Republican.

    • Janet J. says:

      Only a complete idiot and bigot blames the republicans for everything. There are plenty of democrats that support keeping penises out of the little girls’ room. But keep up your little blame game, an indication of a simple, vindictive mind.

  4. Cecil Henry says:

    There is no anti LGBT law, its called freedom. Freedom of association, freedom of conscience, freedom to live your life in accordance with your conscience. Something SJW’s want for themselves and ONLY for themselves.

    • Luke says:

      The MPAA puts this blackmail threat out with a straight face why gleefully trying to get every penny it can from China and Saudi Arabia. Complete cowards.

  5. James Armato says:

    When will these morons get it? This bill is not intended to stop anyone from being gay, lesbian, bi, etc, or to show “discrimination” against any of them. It’s meant to protect religious people from being punished by the Gaystapo for refusing to celebrate homosexuality.

    • Lee Bowman says:

      By the fact that sexual orientation is not included in the protections of the bill and that if nullifies LGBT protections in places like Charlotte and Asheville, it is indeed discriminatory and fully intended to be. That’s why it will likely be overturned in the courts. As a Christian who attends church every Sunday, who just happens to believe that intolerance and bigotry are wrong and that LGBT should be protected and have the right to marry, what about my religious freedom? Or is it only for what is deemed the “right” religion? In this case, far right.

    • But I’m sure you’d be happy if every day were “HETEROSEXUAL DAY” ?As your word’s say….this law did not INTEND to show “DISCRIMINATION”. Guess what James, it does. And now GAY people have to worry whether they are going to have a job tomorrow. Or if they can walk into a grocery store and not told to leave. Or any store whatsoever. Now ANYONE can claim “religious FREEDOM” and not serve GAY people.

      Being born from 2 “heterosexual” people, and being GAY out of the shoot, was not my choice. I can’t tell my PENIS to get HARD whenever I want. Pssst….neither can you. I cannot have sex with women. ATTRACTION isn’t chosen, it just happens. Or you would be a VERY wanted man! If you want me to have sex with a woman, you have to have sex with a guy. So-STALEMATE.

      What do you mean “PUNISHED” ? You mean if the law wasn’t passed and “religious” FREAKS had to serve GAY people ? When you deal with COMMERCE and the AMERICAN dollar, why are you forcing them to do what they are NOT intended to do–and that is to DISCRIMINATE ?

      That’s right, in your world James, FAGS should be cut off from society and killed. Forgive me Masta’, beat me —please. I forgot to wipe your hole !

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