Leonardo DiCaprio to Host Hillary Clinton Fundraiser (EXCLUSIVE)

Leonardo DiCaprio to Host Hillary Clinton
Chelsea Lauren/REX Shutterstock

UPDATEDLeonardo DiCaprio will host Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton for a fundraiser later this month when she makes her next visit to Los Angeles, sources said on Monday.

The event on Aug. 23 is priced at $33,400-per-person and is billed as a “Conversation with Hillary.” The first $2,700 will go to the Clinton campaign, and the remainder will do to the Democratic National Committee and state and local parties. Complete details are to be announced on Tuesday. Sources said plans were in the works for the event to take place at his home, but they were still being finalized.

This will be Clinton’s first visit to Los Angeles since the Democratic National Convention. Invites to a series of events began to go out in recent days.

DiCaprio attended a Clinton fundraiser at Harvey Weinstein’s home in New York in June.

The night before, a number of entertainment figures are planning a dinner-time event. Deadline reported last week that the Aug. 22 will be hosted at the home of Haim and Cheryl Saban, although sources said that plans were still being finalized. Sources say the list of co-hosts also includes Thomas Tull and his wife Alba, Megan and Peter Cherin, Robert Iger and Willow Bay, Casey and Laura Wasserman, Jeffrey and Marilyn Katzenberg and Jon and Ellen Goldsmith-Vein. Tickets start at $2,700 per person, and run to $27,000 for co-host level and $100,000 for host. The latter includes a dinner and photo with Clinton.

Another event is in the works for earlier in the day that will be a lower dollar event.

Clinton also plans events on Aug. 23 in Laguna Beach.

Per the invite, co-hosts along with DiCaprio include Tobey Maguire and his wife Jennifer, Jennifer Aniston, Yael and Scooter Braun, Shonda Rhimes and Chris Silbermann.

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  1. John says:

    I was once a fan but now I put you in the same category as will smith liberal movie trash which as I said about smith I will now boycott any and all new films or reruns of his making for anyone that wants to align themselves with someone who lied to congress and got Americans killed I will not relent any of my support I have 2 sons serving in the military 1 has 6 tours in Iraq and the other 3 in Afghanistan and I stand with the parents of the unfortunate who were not able to return unharmed Leo you are a disgrace to America , so George soros who gladly aided the nazis in Hungary as a traitor to his religion and people I think the same of you.

  2. Please help we need to have a “Voice”…

  3. One thing worse than hillary, are her supporters who turn a blind eye to oligarchy, corruption, and fraud.

  4. Where can I NOT buy tickets?

  5. Gus K says:

    Chachi musta been booked.

  6. Wow, rich leftist jester hosting fundraiser for rich leftist royalty.
    Who would’ve thought?

  7. Versla2 says:

    He has no morals like most Mrs. Goldman Sachs supporters/fans.

    He is part of the 1% like the Clooney’s, perfect for Mrs. Too Big Too Jail. So much for an “environment activist”.

    Unlike the Hollywood Elite I am an IATSE/motion picture blue collar and not voting for Mrs. Fracking and TPP.

    • Dave J says:

      God you are an idiot!! As I recall, Goldman and Sachs preferred Republicans to win over Obama! Are you really this thick that Republicans are corporate puppets for CEOs Wall street and big banks!! What do you think Trump wants to get rid of unions and regulations for, moron!

  8. pooch says:

    Well, I use to like him but if he’s gonna side with someone willing to open the flood gates for terrorist forget it, along with about 13 million other fans

  9. punjab says:

    Piece of lib shit Leonardo – hosting a criminal socialist – looks like another war forthcoming. General George Washington must be stomping around up in Heaven pissed off beyond belief we allowed this great Country to fall so far.

  10. Richard says:

    Well I did like him but I can’t believe he can be and is so STUPID . What a shame. His head is in a very dark place.
    He has been very successful in His work and yet it is clear he hates America if he is for that Clinton lier and crazy woman who is the daughter of satan.

  11. Natalie says:

    wish i could go, i love leo, he never made a bad film.

  12. BillUSA says:

    Note to Leo: Just when I was respecting you as an actor and a man, you go and support a leftist. I was about to rent “The Aviator” and “The Revenant”, but I’m not putting any of my money in the pocket of someone who supports Hillary Clinton – at least not the money I have control of.

    In addition, Trump isn’t my first choice for President. Yet, given the choices this time around, I cannot – in good conscience – vote for a woman who is so unqualified, selfish and crooked to lead our country down the slippery slope of Marxism.

    I don’t know what is wrong with people like you.

    • Dave J says:

      Then you are ignorant considering Trumps record is not even close to Hillary Clinton’s!

    • Proud Centrist says:

      Comments like yours make me laugh. If you and all of your fanatical right wing brethren boycotted every single star for their supposedly “lefty” leanings, there’d be nothing much to watch at the cinemas or on tv. The vast majority of the movie-going public doesn’t give a rat’s ass re the political views of stars…they merely care about being entertained. Get over it.

    • Lol says:


      • Dave J says:

        Look at which candidate who is the one who is doing all the name calling Mary?

      • Mary says:

        Well fanatical left wing “Proud Centrist”, since you are name calling. Why do libs always name call? Not very liberal thinking when you box someone in with words. But that’s what you would rather do is beat someone down with words. That shows how smart you are. Democrat’s are the elite. You are right, who cares? Hilary doesn’t..

      • WingsofCrystal says:

        He will care if his movies start tanking at the box office.

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