Lena Dunham Says She’s Received ‘More Hostility’ for Backing Clinton Over Sanders

Lena Dunham Girls
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Lena Dunham says that she has received “more hostility” for supporting and campaigning for Hillary Clinton than she has ever gotten from the American right.

“I have received more hostility for voting for a qualified female candidate than I have ever received anywhere from the American right wing,” she said at a Clinton campaign event at NeueHouse in Hollywood.

“The fact that other members of the Democratic Party have spoken to me like I was an ill informed child for voting for someone who represents everything I think this country should be is outrageous.”

Dunham noted that she’s received the “vitriol” via her Instagram feed, where she has posted photos as she campaigned for Clinton in primary states.

She said that she reached a “tipping point” last week when one commenter wrote to her, “Bernie Sanders has done more for feminism than Hillary Clinton has.”

Dunham, actress America Ferrera and Chelsea Clinton appeared on Sunday at what was a rare non-fundraising event for the Clinton campaign in California, which does not hold its primary until June 7.

Ferrera said that “there is this narrative about young women not inspired by Hillary Clinton and that is just not the case. That’s not true.”

She pointed to the defeat of Clinton’s healthcare proposal in 1993, and the first lady’s ability to get “right back up” and push for passage of healthcare coverage for 8 million children under the Children’s Health Insurance Program.

“Hillary has made slow and steady progress on these issues, and I am fully aware that the words slow and steady are not exciting,” Ferrera said. “Especially in contrast to those calling for a revolution in this country. But many of us fled countries where dismantled systems made room for tyranny and violence. And so I would say, we don’t need a revolution in this country. We need an evolution in this country.”

The three women defined differences between Clinton and Sanders, particularly on issues like gun control. Chelsea Clinton warned that the stakes are too high for a focus on a “single issue country.” It’s a reference to Sanders’ focus on the corrupting influence of money on politics.

Clinton cited in particular the Supreme Court and the vacancy with the death of Antonin Scalia, with the stakes that the court has on a variety of issues like voting rights, abortion rights and climate change.

“We do not live in a single issue country and we cannot afford a president who thinks that we do,” Clinton said.

Clinton cited examples where her mother found “common ground” with Republicans, including extending the Veterans Administration system to cover the National Guard and their families, as well as expanding funding for early childhood education programs.

Clinton also made several references to Donald Trump, the GOP frontrunner, and the state of political rhetoric, saying that there has been an “almost normalization of hate speech.”

“The sexism, the racism, the Islamophobia, the homophobia, the anti-immigrant rhetoric, the references to Americans with disabilities. The list goes on and on. And it is now almost so common as to be treated an unexceptional. I think all of us should always take exception to any of that.”

Chelsea Clinton said that she has no plans to enter politics herself — for now — but recalled getting asked at a very young age whether she would pursue such a career.

She said that one of her earliest memories was when she was three years old, and attending a rally where her father was giving a speech for his reelection campaign for governor of Arkansas.

“This woman came up to me and said, ‘Chelsea, do you think you are going to run for governor of Arkansas some day.’ And I think I said something like, ‘Mam, thank you so much. I’m three.”

About 200 people attended the event at NeueHouse, a workspace that was the former west coast headquarters for CBS Radio.


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  1. DMSC says:

    This has happened to me too, and all I did to deserve it was urge my progressive friends to support the presumptive democratic nominee in the general election (I.e. Hilary). I voted for Bernie in the primary, but that didn’t stop a slew of my fellow Bernie-supporting FB friends from berating me and accusing me of “sexism” on my post, and making assumptions about my vote in the democratic primaries, in addition to the usual vitriol, propaganda, and insults against HRC. No conservative or Republican “friends” have ever been so condescending, hostile, and insulting to me on social media after I’ve posted something they didn’t agree with, even the gun nuts. These “friends” also didn’t respect my request to not discuss off-topic issues or to end the debate, and several defriended me despite my basically refusing to engage with them except to discuss their plans for the upcoming general election. Literally all they wanted to do was bash Hilary, and me, for saying I would vote for her against Donald.

    the most amazing thing is that they all simultaneously denied that they hated Hilary, AND they claimed that nowhere, anywhere, could you find evidence of Bernie Bros and their ilk “hating” Hilary, they claimed the media made it up, while doing it in the same paragraph. They also attacked me for calling them sexist “just because they support Bernie” and accused me of trying to keep women and people of color oppressed because I said I’d vote for Hilary instead of Trump. I used the label “sexist” when I was told I only voted for Hilary in the primary because I’m a woman. Right; because she has no political experience or qualifications that would inspire anyone to vote for her other than a vagina. Also, as stated, I didn’t vote for her in the primary. They made assumptions about who I voted for because I’m a woman. They kept asking me, “why did you vote for her over Bernie” though I kept repeating to them that they didn’t know who I voted for in the primary, and that my post was about the general election. Then they said, “I will not be shamed into the fallacy that I have to vote for her.” Um, unless you have the PRIVILEDGE of living in CA or some other hugely blue state, yeah, you kinda do have to vote for her. It would be funny if it weren’t so disturbing. If it had been just one person, or just one comment, I’d have written it off but it was a deluge of hate. It was shocking.

  2. Thanks for backing our first lady President, she is by far the most qualified candidate. Pay no attention to the bullying, they are being outvoted and that is what matters. Go Hillary!!

  3. PegH says:

    I could care less who celebrities vote for, and I have to wonder why they think its so important. Their vote is worth no more than anyone else’s.

  4. Me says:

    Dear Lena,
    People don’t hate you because you support a female candidate. They hate you because you are a regressive who makes every b.s. thing about feminism when it isn’t ruining the cause of real feminism. You are a celebrity, no one cares who you vote for. You aren’t that important.
    Oh yeah, and you sexually molested your sister.

    • Anthocerotopsida says:

      You’re a misogynist dude pretending to be a feminist woman. It’s transparent and pathetic.

      • Me says:

        Or. You know….not. Wtf is wrong with you? Do you hear yourself when you say these things. I am a woman. And guess what, not all women have to love Lena Dunham. I guesa i should just be at home barefoot and pregnant and watching Girls right? But thank you for proving how backwards and sexist YOU are while thinking you are some kind of progressive hero. Yeah all women have to think the same and can’t possibly think for themselves. Yep all women have to love all other women regardless of the horrible things they have admitted to doing. Screw you dude, I think for myself and I don’t have to justify myself to you or anyone. Now please go away.

      • James says:

        You’re so right. I disagree with referencing gender/race/background etc. so I’m misogynistic. Right. Guess I’m a sexist for not being with her. lol Your’re the reason why so many people are refusing to vote for her. Keep that in mind. #BernieOrBust. look it up.

    • vegwell says:

      Way to prove her point. Wow.

      • vegwell says:

        James, no one here, or anywhere else that I am aware of, has ever said that simply being against Hillary Clinton means you are sexist or misogynistic, so I am not entirely sure what you are trying to say here, however the old “we are not sexist because we would have supported Elizabeth Warren” trope is pretty cliche at this point. Ironic too, since you bots attacked Senator Warren on her public FB page when she didn’t endorse Bernie in MA, to the extent that Bill Maher caled you out.) If you are opposed to Hillary Clinton because you are willing to believe false narratives, and accusations that are unsupported by fact, that means you are clearly not into critical thinking (demanding evidence for belief). Often, when people are willing to believe accusations that come from questionable sources, or which they themselves have not fact-checked (in credible sources) against a candidate, there is some kind of subtle, perhaps unconscious, bigotry involved. If you have a single credible source that shows evidence that Hillary Clinton has ever done anything legitimately deceitful, or untrustworthy (remember, CREDIBLE sources do not include US Uncut or the National Enquirer or The Drudge Report) or any of the many things she is constantly accused of (all investigated and found to be false, BTW) please share it because I am always willing to entertain legitimate evidence that I am misinformed.

      • vegwell says:

        Dear “Me”: Although you are obviously using a pseudonym, I doubt sincerely that your name is Merriam -Webster You do not get to define Misogyny. Sexual experimentation between children does not now, nor has it ever been considered in any way related to misogyny. Misogyny refers to statements or actions that demonstrate a hatred of women. Therefore, it would be a rare 8 year old that was capable of misogyny, So, you are wrong on that point. Since absolutely no one has said that women have to be “For all women regardless of what they have done”, that statement is not so much a logical fallacy as a non sequitur. It relates to nothing in evidence here. It is just you ranting. And yes, you did use those facts to dismiss her statement of her own personal experience. I don’t know whether you truly have internalized misogyny, most of us do, as most people of color have some internalized racism. It is almost inevitable and takes awareness to recognize and counteract, which you obviously don’t have, You are just a loudmouthed idiot on the internet and I frequently pass the time disputing baloney spewed by loud mouthed idiots on the internet. Your orginal comment was very nasty, it represented an attack on Dunham personally. If all you intended to say is that “celebrity views do not influence my on views”, that is what you would have said. Instead, you dropped a turd, and now you act like you are some kind or arbiter of what is misogyny/sexism etc, while dropping red herrings about “Women being told they must support other women regardless of what they have done. which is irrelevant to the point here, in addition to not having happened anywhere on this thread.

      • Me says:

        Btw george Zimmerman was in the news recently. I don’t care who he is voting for either because he is a murdering a**. Does that mean I hate men or maybe is it ok to judge a person b what they do not what they have between their legs?
        Logical fallacy? Did you even read my post. Hillary isnt the problem, Dunham isnt even the problem, her assuming all the vitriol is because of who she is voting for and not who she is is the problem. Was that another logical fallacy?

      • vegwell says:

        At the time this occurred, anyone who said anything that could even remotely be considered negative about Bernie Sanders was attacked. Why should any story about her be deluged with hateful comments because of who she is? That is even more ignorant than attacking her for who she was voting for in the primaries. Why bother? Why take the time to attack someone you don’t even know because a a few things you happen to know about them that you don’t like?

      • Me says:

        Well no. Being an actual misogynist is raping your sister or telling a woman she has to be for all women regardless of what they do. This is one woman stating an opinion. I am another woman stating an opinion. You don’t get to tell me how to be or what I am because of that. you keep trying, but I don’t care who she votes for or who she is. She is just a person i never said these facts about her had any weight on her political opinions. And comment all you want about me, Variety doesn’t care to interview me, but you cared enough to comment…twice. what does that say about you? Oh please, please comment again and tell me how misogynistic I am. I need to be told by someone else because I am just a stupid woman and couldn’t possibly have varied and nuanced opinions. I have to love or hate all women don’t i? That is basically what you are saying.

      • James says:

        This is such a sad debate for the reason that if you are against Hillary you are either deemed sexist or a misogynist. I wonder what they would’ve called us had Elizabeth Warren ran and we supported her. lol

      • vegwell says:

        Actually, “Me”, the hostility you directed at her for simply stating in an interview the facts about how she has been treated as a Hillary Clinton supporters (she and hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of other people, both male and female, but mostly female), proves that whether you are a woman or not, you have a significant streak of internalized misogyny. And attempting to undermine, or dispute, her comments by attacking personal facts about her as revealed in her memoir, is a classic example of the logical fallacy known as the ad hominem fallacy. As though those attributes of hers have any weight in the determination of the factuality of her her statements. They don’t. That is like me saying I don’t listen to anything Robert Reich has to say because he’s so short. Logical fallacy. Nobody is asking you to base your decision on who to vote for based on what any celebrity says, but celebrities are covered under the 1st Amendment just like you are, and have a right to their opinion, and to express that opinion, just like you do. The only difference is that nobody cares enough about what you think to interview you and publish the result in Variety, or any other magazine..

      • Me says:

        Mmm…no since 1) I am a woman and an actual feminist
        2) Like I said, I don’t care who a celebrity votes for, most people with brains don’t.
        3) She really did rape her sister not to mention falsely accusing a guy of raping her. So yeah, it has nothing to do with her support of Hillary. Hillary is cool. It has more to do with her, JUST her.

  5. I love how rich people say they don’t want to focus on “single issues” when that single issue is MONEY. And how most of the people in the US don’t have any money anymore.

  6. Zenbeing says:

    Lena Dunham, of course you and your privileged cohorts want to protect your high salaried interests. Women who have lost their jobs, retirements and/or homes are steaming mad because Hilary is part of the 1% and makes no bones about it. You are mistaken if you don’t think that the inequality of wealth is a huge part of the problem and nothing will matter until that is fixed.We are women who are voting for a person who has our best interest at heart…and that person is Bernie Sanders.

  7. Brandon Johns says:

    Sanders is senile and his supporters are crazy. They should all be locked up in a nice padded room away from civilized people.

    • Rebecca Gavin says:

      You got that right, and they are so deluded they are making her point for her, right here. Not even enough sense to avoid doing that. Incredible.

  8. Danny says:

    from Riverbend to Berta Caceres, Clinton keeps ’em rolling

  9. Kay says:

    Who the eff cares who the spoiled brat votes for?!

    • joi karen says:

      I care because she is talented, spoiled brat or not. But the Sanders people scare me. They are hostile, rude and downright mean. Once I began to see this with them, I blocked any mention of Sanders that contained hostility against Clinton and continue to do so. Every day, Sanders’ voice sounds older and older. I am sure a lot of right wing, Fox television people are GLAD that he is in the race because they are terrified of Hillary. When the right wing establishment is not TERRIFIED of you, that should tell you that you are going to lose. Even if Sanders wins the nomination, he will lose when pitted against ANY Republican. The narcissism will not admit that Sanders would not even beat Sarah Palin [and even the Repubs think she is dumb]. Sanders stresses Revolution. Is he serious that this will win over America for him.Trump even referred to Sanders as a “Communist” and no one even corrected him. But now that Sanders folk are hassling Dunham, I am now totally against all things Sanders.

      • Me says:

        Also, if I told you the kinds of things I have had said to me by Clinton supporters, would that scare you away from her (because it’s been pretty bad)? Don’t tar the candidate with the rhetoric of bozos on the internet. The internet is a playground for idiots and they don’t represent all of us.

      • Me says:

        Being talented give you insight into who would be a good president? That doesn’t make sense to me. I think your judgement as to who would be a good pick for you is way more valid than hers.
        Also, I am a Sanders supporter. I am not going to be hostile or condescending, just wanna dialogue. As to the rest, that’s the internet on it’s best day. Trolls are just kinda a thing, even political trolls.
        But no, Sanders will not lose when pitted against any republican, the only candidate who has lost in any of the head to head polls (even the state by states) is Hillary. These are just facts. Her unfavorables are also record high. Thinking Bernie will lose to the republicans is as much fantasy now as thinking Trump will lose in the primaries. The people want change and many don’t see another Clinton as exemplifying that (just stating what many many articles and interviews have said on the matter).

  10. Val says:

    I love how the vitriolic comments are simply double and triple affirming Lena’s original statement in this article. Too bad the “liberal” “open-minded” “progressive” Bernie Bot haters are too busy sipping the “Revolutionary” Kool Aid to realize they are bigoted wolves in Liberal Sheep clothing. Or maybe they are actually brainwashed sheep in sheep clothing. Take a look at your words. Maybe spend a little less time on Google searching “how to Hate Hillary” and spend some time looking in the mirror to realize you’re worse than the violence inducing people at Trump rallies.

    Go Lena! I have even more respect for her having to rise above all your hateful comments. Hillary is going to hands down win this election. But I think her victory margin will increase more and more because of the embarrassing comments made by the hateful Bernie supporters. It’s a shame that you’re going to make him go down in history as having the worst, most ill-informed kool aid drinking cult following. Because he is actually a decent man. Too bad (most of) his followers belong on the Trump side….sigh.

    • #Bernie2016! says:

      Val. If you think Hillary’s the better candidate, please back it up with facts. Honest, undeniable, hardcore facts. Because everything that Hillary says either is a lie or a cover up for something else — when that’s absolutely not the case for Bernie. Sure, we Bernie supporters seems pretty charged up. But that’s because we realized the truth about Hillary Clinton and we’re horrified by everything she’s done. And we’re horrified that people continue to (whether out of ignorance or corruption) stand by her! People behind Bernie are on the good side. Asnd in 100 years, he will be remembered as a saint. And whether or not you yourself, Val, were aware of all the atrocities she’s actually been involved in due to lack of interest in Googling it, she will be remembered as someone who nearly destroyed our country — and you will be remembered as someone who stood by her. So yeah, we’re loud, and we post a lot of annoying FB posts, and we’re always getting ourselves involved in marches and things. But it’s because we’re trying to wake people like you up. The facts our on our side. Morality is on our Your side, on the other hand, is a bunch of smoke & glitter & corruption-backed lies. I mean, don’t you ever wonder why there’s barely any enthusiasm for Hillary yet thousand and thousands *EDUCATED* people lining up for Bernie? I mean, Susan Sarandon & Adam McKay are two of the smartest people in Hollywood and who are they supporting: Bernie. Sorry to burst your bubble, Val. BUt… #FeelTheBern

      • joi karen says:

        didn’t susan sarandon support ralph nader too when gore ran against george w. bush? and because of the amount of votes that ader, the third party candidate received made GEROGE W. BUSH WIN!!!!! AS A RESULT, I WILL DETEST EVERY SINGLE PERSON WHO FELT THAT THEY WERE TOO COOL FOR THE ROOM AND VOTED FOR NADER OVER GORE. THE COUNTRY was totally screwed for the next eight years. thanks susan sarandon, the smart one in hollywood.
        The Hanging Chad

    • James says:

      Do you not realize you need Bernie supporters to have any shot at this? Bernie has 80% of the independent vote. The arrogance and reverse sexism is mind numbing. Again, let’s pick the best candidate regardless of gender okay? Or keep up the arrogance and then ask yourself why 33% of Bernie’s supporters have already vowed not to vote for her. #BernieOrBust and when you say that’s crazy, then read your comment again and think about how YOU are talking to Bernie supporters.

  11. Bort says:

    “She said that she reached a ‘tipping point’ last week when one commenter wrote to her, ‘Bernie Sanders has done more for feminism than Hillary Clinton has.'”

    Can someone clear this up for me. I’m not sure what this means. What kind of tipping point? Is she tipping in favor of Sanders because of his historically unwavering support of feminism, is she tipping away from other democrats because feminism is only a single concern and she doesn’t want her vote reduced to just that, or is it something else entirely?

  12. James Patrick says:

    “I have received more hostility for voting for a qualified female candidate…”

    That’s the problem Lena. You’re making this about gender. I’m not talking about the hostility I’m receiving for voting for a qualified Jewish candidate.

    Let’s elect the most qualified candidate not the most qualified woman or Jewish candidate.

    • So convenient for a man to tell a woman how they are allowed to feel. Not just any woman, a fully qualified one, in fact, the most qualified of any candidate running. I’m sorry you are getting antisemitic push back for your support of BS. I can relate, because I get huge misogynist attacks for my support of HRC.
      Here is a tip. We aren’t voting for her because she is a woman, we are voting because of her experience, qualifications and ability to get things done. Her gender is a bonus, and one we have every right to celebrate.

      • life with IC says:

        Katie that was a perfect example of the crazy, irrational, unsubstantiated, hateful vitriole we are all sick of hearing.

      • Katie says:

        Hey, Diane. Now here’s a woman telling you telling you that what that man said is correct. You all are making this about gender. You just made it about it right now. “I get huge misogynist attacks.” No, you get attacked because you are either spreading more lies for Hillary, or because you are ignorant. Hillary is one of the most corrupt people in history and has done so much to harm people. Yet you have turned your back on all her victims. You have managed to turn a blind eye to all of the atrocities she’s committed. Sure, I realize you may be an honest and goodhearted person that is supporting her out of ignorance. But you look like a fully formed adult in that little picture for yours. Therefore, especially in this day and age of Internet, there’s is no excuse for you claiming that you didn’t know better. There really is none. For you to be championing someone who is a criminal, and in the worst sense of that word, is inexcusable and horrifying. Just like climate change and the fact that the world is round is real, and not a matter of opinion, the fact that HRC is one of the most morally bankrupt people I have ever laid my eyes upon is a hard cold fact. You’re not choosing a brand of shoes, you’re choosing the President of the United States. The repercussions of a bad decision will not only hurt us here in America, but it will hurt the world. We have a responsibility. And that includes you.

        So what are you gonna do now, feel offended that someone argued against you? Or will you get over your ego and just start Googling about the woman? Check into the veracity of any insult an anti-Hillary supporter has thrown at her? Because that’s what you should be doing for all the candidates.

        P.S. By the way. Do you actually expect her to be in jail like normal criminals when the DNC has a stranglehold on the majority of democratic politicians / executives in this country? She’s part of the establishment, Diane. And the democratic establishment could give less of a **** about actual democratic values. Look into the amount of times HRC, Bill Clinton, & The DNC have committed legitimate voter fraud this primary season alone. Wake up.

  13. shaneaz4 says:

    Totally agree Lena!! Thanks for standing up Clinton. We are getting her positive message out there and people are listening! So many people! We must fight and continue to fight for her as she has done and will do for us!! She is strong!! She is brilliant!! She is our next president!!! #imwithher #sheiswithus #hillar2016 #az4hillary time to vote!

  14. jimrousch says:

    Excuse me, that’s why they get SHOT by the police. I thought my ring finger hit that ‘s’.

  15. Brian Newman says:

    When will people figure out that it’s the liberals who are mean, vicious, nasty, vindictive, and completely INTOLERANT of other’s opinions? The Conservatives are much more welcoming and open to diverse viewpoints.

    • jimrousch says:

      Liberals are intolerant? Are you cereal, man?

      It’s conservatives who censor real Americans by telling us to love it or leave it, so please don’t complain when you get the inevitable counter attack from the left. It makes you look weak.

    • jimrousch says:

      Okay, so you can’t fly a Confederate battle flag anymore and you can’t call people with cerebral palsy “gimps” anymore. What’s the problem?

      By the way, my girlfriend and my niece have cerebral palsy, so I would like to pity the one who violates their civil rights by calling them the same degrading terms that they were once allowed to get away with.

      I’d like to pity them, but my hatred of bullies and bigots gets in the way.


    • jimrousch says:

      Yeah, that’s why conservatives rig elections and investigate people. That’s why conservatives approve of DWB and assume that the victim was guilty after he was hot 20 times by the police.


      You’ve never heard of the McCarthy hearings, have you? That should tell you how “tolerant” conservatives are-not!

      Liberal means free, open-minded. Conservative means exactly the opposite.

      • Eric says:

        So is that why you have a liberal complaining about other liberals trying browbeat and berate her into changing her opinion because she supports another candidate? That right there doesn’t seem to be the tolerant and open-mindedness you think only liberals have.

  16. Kathryn says:

    Is Lena another paid Hollywood
    Celebraty friend like Katy Perry?

  17. Michael Quay says:

    The very thing this young woman complains about is repeated again and again in this comments section! (By the way, anyone who alters Hilary Clinton’s name into an insult rightfully belongs in a Trump rally with their emotional peers).

    • truth says:

      Oh Michael, calling out someone on being ignorant & or lying is not vitriol. If someone called out Hilter for being crazy, would that be vitriol? No. That’s called standing AGAINST vitriol. Hillary has done horrible things to people of this country. That’s a fact. Not an opinion. And if Lena Dunham, for whatever reason, is gonna stand with Hillary, then she’s an accomplice to a woman who is truly a criminal. Because Lena’s not a child. She’s an adult. She’s almost 30! Unless you live in Cuba where there’s no internet, there’s absolutely no excuse for ignorance in this day and age. “13 Minutes of Hillary Lying” is just one of many shocking videos just waiting online for someone who actually gives a fuck about this democracy/morals/honesty (or feminism!) to watch. For free.

      P.S. Someone turning Hillary Clinton’s name into an insult is a billion times less of a horrible thing than being poisoned by gasoline. Which is what Hillary did to the people of PA. Google it. So who would the emotional peers of someone who defend that kind of criminal behavior be? Hilter’s Nazis??

  18. Lena Dunham is voting on someone based on an attribute, in this case a gender. She arrogantly instructs the rest of us to vote for Gender A, too. Isn’t this the definition of sexism?

    Moreover, isn’t this the same person that falsely accused someone of rape a few years back? Yep, thought so.

  19. She said that one of her earliest memories was when she was three years old, and attending a rally where her father was giving a speech……
    “This woman came up to me and said, ‘Chelsea, do you think you are going to run for governor of Arkansas some day.’
    “No, Ms. Flowers, I’m going to marry up, and live in a $10 million co-op near Wall Street.”

  20. Natasha says:


    Hillary’s Libyan Utopia…. ?
    Commitment to government transparency with her closet computer server?
    Proclaiming blacks are SUPERPREDATORS?
    Listing KKK collaborator and Planned Parenthood mastermind, Margaret Sanger, as a mentor?
    Calling parents of children murdered in Libya LIARS?

    Yes, Lena. You are spot on… She is qualified…. In Satan’s universe.

    These Hollywood starlets are seriously stupid.

    Instead of research facts, they take ABC news or CNN’s word that Hillary is the most qualified candidate.

  21. Michael Hunt says:

    Lena Dunham is quickly going the way of Andy Dick. Perhaps an appearance on “Dancing with the Stars” with Andy will propel her further into irrelevancy?

    • Do you not understand this user name is a slur against women, Variety? Michael Hunt?
      Flash back to Porky’s movie. Good lord.

    • Speaking of Dicks, I went to an interview in Santa Clara (CA), the VP’s name was Steve Dick, who had a few photos on the wall of himself with Tim Allen, the Tool man. I said, “I guess you really like that show.” He laughed and said, “Tim Allen is my brother, Tim Dick. Allen is just his stage name.” When I told my wife this, who was a San Jose teacher then, she said, “That must be his wife who teaches in the school district, Mrs. Dick.” True story.

  22. Arec Bardwin says:

    From the KKK to Jim Crow laws and From Woodrow Wilson to Grover Cleveland the Democratic party has always been the party of hate.

  23. Laur says:

    …and by scanning the comments it is very clear how nasty democrats can really be. Funny how they insist it is Republican’s who are are full of hate, yet all the protesters on the left are actually committing these vile and violent acts. It would be ironic if it weren’t so tragic!

    • len says:

      Please tell me how one can be violent online? Ironic, tragic???? Get a grip. By the way, it’s spelled Liar, not laur.

  24. Don’t look now but here’s “more hostility.” Bernie-Bots and unhinged anti-gubmint righties are in common cause and just can’t help themselves. Kudos to these brave women for standing up to the cyber bullies.

    • Me says:

      Yep because I just love being called a BernieBot. That’s not insulting at all. Maybe if you want to have a high horse you shouldn’t start off your sentence by insulting a bunch of people you don’t know.

  25. Nata Koerber says:

    America doesn’t need a tribe of bullies directing the Democratic Party or the Presidency . Sanders has stood by and nurtured a culture of disrespect, as illustrated by many of the rabid. Vitriolic remarks on this page.

    • 000000 says:

      Okay Nata. Bernie’s one of the kindest and most honorable men in this world and he would never condone insulting Lena Dunham’s looks. That’s wrong and mean. But calling out someone for being incorrect & (or) deliberately lying is not vitriol, as the comment that ‘tipped’ Lena over the brink was. That’s the absolute most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard of. Facts matter & facts are not opinions. And the fact of the matter is that Hillary has committed atrocious crimes against the people of this country & other countries. Yes, crimes. If what Rick Snyder did to the people of Flint is criminal, what Hillary’s done to the water of Pennsylvania is criminal. If Hillary knew there were no nukes in Iraq (which is the case!), then claiming that to star a war that killed soooo many of our good men (as well as many innocent Iraqis) is a crime. Committing voter fraud, which she and Bill have multiple time over this primary season, is a crime — that goes against the very principles of democracy. Furthermore, she’s currently being OFFICIALLY investigated by the FBI. And word in DC is that it’s got to do with corruption charges. Either way, why would it have become an officialize investigation if she was an innocent little angel. The woman is a criminal. And she deserves no respect. That said, people shouldn’t sinks to her level to take her down. Which, reading some of these comments, you’re right… Hillary’s still a human and anyone laughing about the assassination of another human being is sick AF. But you know that people like that don’t represent any part of Bernie, so stop trying to twist things against him. Because that’s messed up as well.

  26. jmg09 says:

    Lena Dunham is kind of a dumb@ss. Why would anyone care who she’s supporting?

  27. Knock me over with a feather! Fellow dems were more vitriolic than anyone on the right! I find this impossible to believe!

    • jmg09 says:

      Oh no, that can’t be. Granted, one of those dems slapped a police horse in Kansas City yesterday, but that horse had it coming. It was a Trump supporter.

  28. Team Sarandon says:

    “The fact that other members of the Democratic Party have spoken to me like I was an ill informed child for voting for someone who represents everything I think this country should be is outrageous.”

    Well, that depends.

    If you think bowing to Wall Street, pushing for more war in the middle east, promoting NAFTA (which Hillary will resume doing after the election), backing am illegal military coup government in Honduras that just murdered a leading human rights activist in her home, and never taking courageous positions until after they have become popular represents everything this country should be, then you’re not ill-informed.

    But you’re also not a progressive.

    Otherwise, the only thing that’s outrageous here is your large type brochure sense of reality.

    Girl, it’s embarrassing.

  29. Pat Carroll says:

    This is great news! So relieved and happy that so many Dems see Hillary as the lying liar and fraud she is. I am for ABC: Anybody But Clinton!

  30. Ken Ming says:

    I’d rather have Lena Dunham as the first female president instead of Hillary Clinton.

  31. boo boo says:

    Who cares. Why is this talent less, tasteless, filthy humans opinion even relevant?

  32. Ollie Anntan says:

    If they don’t like her, that’s one thing, but why resort to straight-up harassment? This is a democracy and Hillary already has 2.5 million more votes than Bernie and counting.

  33. megbrooks92 says:

    You’re a fake feminist and activist if you support Hillary Clinton #urwithwallstreet

  34. Ron Glee says:

    Dunham is a shameless narcisist. Who cares who she supports. What is most troubling is the support she herself gets from HBO and the like. I defy anyone to watch GIRLS without a barfbag nearby. Shameless.

    • Happy Hero says:

      You’ve seen it then? I think she’s brilliant (maybe not at politics) and talented. I happen to like GIRLS and I really don’t care what others think about hat.

  35. Apeon LastnmUnk says:


  36. Hugh Jorgon says:

    For far too many on the left, government has become their “religion.” It’s not about roads, bridges, food stamps and defense. It’s gospel… and that’s why they sometimes react poorly to the political process. Dunham likes Hillary… so what? It’s her right and she shouldn’t be attacked for it.

    If you want to pray to something, go to church, because a president isn’t anything other than another person.

  37. JB says:

    Do these girls aspire to destroy more countries than Hillary? I’ll bet they don’t know she’s got a worse record than Bush and Cheney.

  38. WhiteSquare says:

    Yeah, but no matter how much Democrats say they hate Clinton now, they will all “hold their nose” and vote for her in the general. Thus proving they are equally as unprincipled as the 40% of Republicans who currently claim they would never vote for Trump but will do so in the general.

  39. redhotrash says:

    wait, Hillary has made strides for women’s rights while staying married to a cheating, slut?!

  40. Vile. Just Vile. I for one feel *raped* – yes *raped* every time I’m forced to see her. Don’t tell me to “turn the dial” – my wife likes the show so I have no choice but to sit through the weekly visual assault. What she’s doing is nothing more than a sick self-obsessed auto-fetish- her nakedness does nothing to advance her show. She has single-handedly set women’s’ issues back 100 years IMO. She needs her head examined by a qualified shrink – and an in-patient program somewhere so we never have to see or know about it.

    • Steve Thomas says:

      Forced to sit through it? REALLY? Why don’t you do like I do when my wife is watching something I don’t like–leave the room and read a book, do some research on the computer, something that will enrich you.

  41. Matt Novak says:

    Every time Lena stubs her toe there’s an article about how it’s a setback for women’s rights.

    How many cheap “journalists” are on her payroll.

  42. The Clinton’s are responsible for imprisoning more black youth than anyone since slavery existed.

    Hillary Clinton’s head of finance for her campaign got rich off child labor sweat shops, one of her top donors is the Tan family, in the same industry of exploiting children.

    Look up how much money Al Gore, Hillary and Bill entered the White House with, and how much money they have now. Compare that to the national average of wealth growth. When you see numbers like that from politicians, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see the corruption, or a priest or lawyer to see the ethics issues with taking half a million from multiple banks on several occasions for 2 hours speaking as personal money, when you are responsible for deregulating them. The same banks you lead the charge to bail out?

    Hillary opposed gay marriage until 2013 when the polls told her she had no choice.

    Decades of opposing gay marriage, and her husbands policy has imprisoned countless low income people and minorities, she is on the wrong side of history on so much, and unlike Trump, if you count up the bad things they have done, not the bad things they have said, Hillary is far worse.

    Thrift Shop by Macklemore came out before Hillary was pro gay marriage.

    Dick Cheney was pro gay marriage before Hillary let that sink in. Dick Cheney was on the right side of history before Hillary!

    She has said:

    “…the fundamental bedrock principle that [marriage] exists between a man and a woman, going back into the midst of history as one of the founding, foundational institutions of history and humanity and civilization, and that its primary, principal role during those millennia has been the raising and socializing of children for the society into which they are to become adults.”-Hillary Clinton

    Telling lies to be elected is wrong to me. Either Hillary really opposes gay marriage and did until 2013, or she lied to everyone to get votes. Either way, she looses my vote and is a coward or a bigot.

    In 1972 and 1976, when Bernie first ran for office in Vermont, he was an outspoken ally of the LGBTQ community; as a plank of his platform, he proposed the abolishment of all discriminatory laws pertaining to sexuality.In 1983, after he was elected to be mayor of Burlington, Vt., Bernie backed the city’s first-ever pride march.

    So Bernie likely is a better feminist than Hillary, he certainly is a better human. Just because someone is qualified to have a job doesn’t mean they should. You should look at the record of how they performed on that job. You should look for contradictions in their message, large sums of money coming in, moving your charity HQ to Canada to hide donors, which included Trump. There is corruption here and it is disgusting. I will vote for Bernie, and for anyone not Hillary, doesn’t matter how evil or who they are. I can’t change the Republican party, but I can change the Democratic party.

  43. Vince says:

    Your tipping point – “Bernie Sanders has done more for feminism than Hillary Clinton has”- just so happens to be the truth… If that’s what you call “hostility” then you need to grow thicker skin

  44. Ray says:

    Bernie = Honesty. Hillary, not so much. Lena is a sexist.

  45. Kay Wizz says:

    And what conservative would even know who she is to criticize her?

  46. Abby b says:

    Now you know how it feels to be a conservative in Hollywood. Every single day being berated and insulted for your political opinions. Now when you DON’T get hired because of your politics like many of us, THEN you can whine about it.

  47. Fred Sims says:

    This has to be totally false. She is talking about a qualified candidate.. Hildabeast is not one of them,

  48. jax says:

    Liberals now turning on fellow liberals trying to stop their free speech.

    • life with IC says:

      Pointing out hostility, name-calling, and other verbally abusive tactics is not the same thing as “trying to stop free speech.” maybe you have no concept of what honest communication looks like, or you don’t know that a citizen making a comment to another citizen, whether critical or supportive, has nothing to do at all with “free speech.”

  49. Frank M says:

    Lena is a waste as an actress, woman and human being. Who cares what she thinks or supports. GO AWAY LENA, PLEASE.

  50. rebrad2014 says:

    Lena Dunham is now nothing more than a Wall Street Princess and is incapable of relating with her out of work peers that can’t pay back their student loans. The Wall Street Queen, Hillary, will never get those she says she is “fighting for”. People can relate to Bernie. He speaks for us. Lena and Hillary don’t have a clue.

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