Fox News Cuts Away During Father of Slain Muslim Veteran’s Speech at Democratic Convention


One of the most enduring images from Democratic National Convention was of Khizr Khan and his wife Ghazala, Pakistan-born immigrants who told the packed Pennsylvania Convention Center on Thursday night how their son Humayun sacrificed his life to save his comrade in arms. The Muslim American soldier died preventing a car rigged with explosives from killing others. Millions of Americans watched Khan’s wrenching tribute to his late son, who posthumously received the Bronze Star and Purple Heart for his bravery. But Fox News viewers missed out.

That’s because the conservative cabler chose to cut away from the elder Khan’s speech, in favor of a series of other pre-packaged stories. Under a “breaking tonight” graphic, the network aired FBI Director James Comey’s press conference on the growing ISIS threat — given on Wednesday.

Fox didn’t find time for the report on the Khan’s and their son until later, when Fox Business Channel posted video. Even then, Fox chose to focus not on Khan’s initial oratory, which had Democrats shouting out in affirmation. Instead, Fox brought in two other Muslims — Trump supporters –to offer a rebuttal.  One credited Trump for forcing Democrats to address Muslim issues, while the other criticized President Obama for not using the phrase “radical Islam,” according to Slate, which wrote the original story about Fox’s odd programming choice.


Memorable Quotes From the 2016 Democratic National Convention

Viewers of CNN and MSNBC saw Khan’s powerful testimonial in full. The story reverberated with emotion because Humayun was a devout Muslim, who volunteered to fight in the Middle East because he wanted to defend American democracy. Khizr Khan waved a pocket copy of the Constitution of the United States from the podium, asking if GOP nominee Donald Trump had even read America’s seminal political document. The elder Khan told the crowd that, if  Trump had been able to follow through on his proposal to ban Muslims from entering the country, people like his son would never have been able to serve America.

The grieving father’s summation was searing: “Mr. Trump, you have sacrificed nothing. And no one.”

Fox reps were not immediately available to comment.

Watch Khan’s speech in its entirety below.

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  1. scottwil says:

    Also, when I flipped over to check, Fox wasn’t covering the unhappy Trump Univ. “student” or the girl with a disability who was there because of Trump’s mocking of the disabled reporter. Fair and Balanced.
    Reminds me of 2004, when they cut away from Al Gore giving them the business (that’s what people do at conventions) and to Bill O. just sitting there with nothing to present. Bill explained, “Well, we wouldn’t want to get partisan”. No, certainly not at a political convention.

  2. David Smith says:

    If anyone watched CNN this morning Mr. Kahn agreed several times with Pence’s plan to stop immigration from countries where there is terrorist violence. I doubt if you’ll ever hear this reported. My quess is he really doesn’t understand English and is just a stoodge expoliting the sacrifice his son made to this country.

  3. Paul says:

    Love this. TRUMP CAN’T SPELL

    Donald J. Trump ‏@realDonaldTrump 23h23 hours ago Denver, CO
    Hillary Clinton should not be given national security briefings in that she is a lose cannon with extraordinarily bad judgement & insticts.
    10,617 retweets 33,648 likes
    Reply Retweet 11K
    Like 34K

  4. Rob says:

    Love how Republicans complain about those “liberal celebrities”, but they’ll vote for a “reality television star”.

  5. Paulie says:

    Trump will reinstate the draft “if” necessary. ?? Why no one is talking about this is amazing.This dangerous comment is beyond words. Protect our sons. Wake up TRUMP supporters, he’s a dangerous man and he’s not taking my kids away.

    • Danielle says:

      The idiot will start wars because he’s so thinned skinned. I agree, our boys will be fighting in wars because of him. Why Trump supporters are not going ballistic over this is crazy. TRUMP has got to go!!!

  6. Karen Collins says:

    So many haters in America now using comment spaces to spread their venomous remarks…Keypad warriors .. Bullying is a weak persons attempt at looking strong!

    In my humble opinion ..
    I think if the name of a business has the word “news” in it ..such as Fox News.. It should be reporting news and not opinion under the guise of ” news”.
    Fox News reports everything negative under the sun regarding Muslims and I personally am offended they call themselves a news cast. They would have aired Mr Kahn’s speech if they were fairly reporting ..since they trying so hard to appear informed on Muslim events and news!

  7. Irish BobW says:

    I am sick of the continued use of the “hyphen” to describe an American. I am of Irish descent, but I don’t call myself an Irish-American. I am an American. The same goes for the term African-American. Why refer to this gentleman as a Muslim-American. You are either an American or you are not. Besides, Muslim is not a nationality; it’s a religion. Just as Obama’s father is listed as an African on that fake birth certificate he released. Before anybody goes off on that subject, think about this. In the early 1960s, the term African-American or African was used to describe a black person. Why is that? Because those two terms are not approved terms. They were listed on all government documents as Negro. In the 1960s no black person referred to himself or herself as an African-American or African. So why was Obama’s father listed on a 1960s birth certificate as African?

    Why blast Fox News for breaking away during this person’s speech? Why haven’t you mentioned something about how 200 plus speakers managed to give speeches about all the great things Hillary has done without them breaking into laughter. Hillary, and Obama, have done more to hurt this country than any other president and secretary of state. It was Hillary and Obama who approved the killing of Americans on foreign soil without due process of law. It was Hillary and Obama approved the release of terrorists from GITMO without Congress’ approval, which is required by law. It was Hillary and Obama who approved the overthrow of not one, but two legally, elected governments (Egypt and Libya) by the Muslim Brotherhood; a known terrorist organization. The list goes on, so why haven’t you published the truth about Hillary instead of jumping on the “Trash Fox” bandwagon? If you are not going to tell the truth, don’t say anything at all.

    • jsm1963 says:

      Congress only said that none of our money can be used to move the prisoners. Obama has been getting foreign countries to take prisoners off our hand at their expense. Don’t you think if Obama blatantly violated a congressional order they wouldn’t have him facing impeachment charges by now?

      Egypt overthrew their government through democratic elections. Libya was a U.N. action to stop a genocide.

    • jsm1963 says:

      Could be because of our tendency to label anything that’s different. If you’re white, you’re just an American. If you’re white with a distinct brogue, you’re an Irish-American. If you’re a person of color… you know the rest.

      Obama’s father is from Africa. He’s not an African-American.

  8. Shelly says:

    Why identify the soldier as “Muslim American”? Why even use the word “Muslim” to identify his heritage? Muslim is a religion, not a nationality. His parents are from Pakistan – therefore Pakistani – and so the young man should therefore be “Pakistani American” or just simply described as American. Is the use of “Muslim” for dramatic emphasis? It bugged me when I read it that the young man was boxed as such.

  9. Michelle says:

    How disgraceful and utterly dastardly. But their deplorable actions cannot erase the powerful message that this father gave to the GOP and Trump.

  10. Somebody ought explain the relevance of this. What does these people’s son have to do with anything Trump has been saying? Every soldier of Latino extraction and who was killed serving in the military hs been impugned because Trump wants to control illegal immigration. Because this couple’s son was killed in combat, Trump’s desire to protect the nation against Muslim terrorism somehow desecrates the soldier’s memory. What a load of irrational codswallop! Thanks, though, for yet another look at the Democrat Party and the Clinton’s willingness to exploit even loss of a soldier’s life.

    I note that these folk made no mention of the soldiers who die waiting for treatment from the VA. I note also no mention of the sons and daughters of any other immigrants but themselves. I’d be ashamed if I were they, but politics is politics and honor is honor.

    • Catadromy says:

      Why? Here, let me connect the dots for you, since you are unwilling to even try.

      Trump has stated repeatedly that he will end Muslim immigration to the US. Khizr Khan and his wife, Ghazala are Pakistani immigrants and devout Muslims. Their son, also a devout Muslim, enlisted in the military because he wanted to defend democracy. He died a hero.

      Had Donald Trump been in office, the Khans wouldn’t have been able to immigrate, their son wouldn’t have been born here, enlisted in the US military and fought and died a hero.

      Trump has two adult sons. What wars have they fought in? What sacrifices have they made? Not a one of the Trumps have any honor. And Khizr Khan is correct, they know nothing.

  11. Larry says:

    FOX dropped the ball. Their coverage- of both conventions- missed key moments because of unnecessary commentary or various mind numbing poll numbers. During the RNC they cut away from Laura Ingraham’s speech just as she was hitting emotional high notes. CNN and MSNBC gave the viewer more of the event but they need to put their democrat pom poms away while on the air.

  12. Michael Anthony says:

    The right wing commenting and reading Variety? No, they are just trolling for anything remotely anti Trump. The right wing wouldn’t be reading an entertainment magazine. Most of the comments are outrageous, but even more surprising is the disrespect for a fallen soldier. And they call themselves Americans. They are plainly cowards and should be ignored.

    BTW, ever notice how they can never write about Trumps accomplishments or plans. That’s because they don’t know. Bash Clinton and a soldier is all they can do. There was a time one might feel sorry for these ignorant people. But, that time has passed. You can’t help people who don’t have the basics already there.

  13. Michael Anthony says:

    Maybe because they, like most of us, know she’s been investigated for years, with nothing to show for it.

    MOST IMPORTANTLY, Variety covers the entertainment world, not hard hitting politics. YOU SHOULD KNOW THAT BEFORE COMMENTING. A network not showing something is news for them, always has been.

    Why don’t you depart and blast your paranoia somewhere where people care.

  14. Bill says:

    The lies from him and the other speakers just got to be too much.

    If it’s about sacrifice, the Clintons have never sacrificed either.

    • Michael Anthony says:

      So that’s what you say to parents of a deceased soldier? You’re un-American.

    • See Me - Feel Me says:

      DT lies about his “University,” he lies about his income, he supported the Iraq war, he supported Hillary Clinton, he dodges revealing his tax returns, he encourages Russians to hack campaign emails, he uses foreign workers to manufacture his licensed junk product lines, he insults entire races, religions and minorities, he never gave a dime to charity, he promised to give money to veterans and never would have if he’d not been embarrassed into it, he’s a vindictive, bigoted, sociopath who believes that he alone can “save the country” and likely in his mind the world, he’s caricature of a James Bond villain and you think the response is to put Hillary Clinton down? Low bar.

  15. Mitchell says:

    CNN cuts away from any interviewee that mentions the word “God.” Happens every time. Losers.

  16. Geo says:

    In defense of Fox and the Trump voters, these people were stupid racists for years, then this past 8 years, when a black man was in charge, they all ordered extra shipments of racism and stupidity and had that replace what tiny little brains they had left. They are so brimming with hatred, racism, cynicism and stupidity that they have no grasp on reality left.

  17. >>>>>>>>>>>>> says:

    Doesn’t Trump oppose the war that killed their son? Didn’t Hillary vote FOR it? Why are these people attacking the man who opposed the war that killed their son, and supporting the woman who supported the war that killed their son? If Trump had been President, their son would still be alive.

    • See Me - Feel Me says:

      Nope. DT did not oppose the war. He quite openly supported it and very openly supported Hillary Clinton for that matter. Whatever he needs to say in the moment is how he rolls and whatever he says most recently, regardless of what he said before, is what people believe. Listen carefully.

  18. DNC CLOWN CAR says:

    So what? Bid deal.

    • The Truth says:

      You can’t even correctly spell a three-letter word. No wonder you’re incapable of comprehending how pathetic Fox News is or that you and Trump and Fox are the clueless clowns.

      • Bernie Or Bust says:

        Hillary voted for the war that killed his son. Bad judgement. She is a war monger.

  19. Robert Moore says:

    The folks at FNC should be ashamed of themselves for denying airtime to this grieving couple. A total slap in the face to anyone who lost a loved one in combat regardless of race, gender, nationality, or ethnicity.

  20. Maybe they can bring in the parents of soldiers that died at the hands of Nidal Hassan and see what they say.
    Not a Trump supporter but it’s madness to let anybody in that’s not properly vetted. Look what’s happening in Germany.

  21. Edward Roach says:

    Typical demon crap politicians – more important matters than the American soldiers death and honors.
    Killary Clinton rides again

  22. Gary says:

    EVERYONE needs to see this man’s incredible address. Please share it with ANYONE who is not currently planning on voting for Hillary. And then engage in a dialogue with them. #imwithher

  23. Dunstan says:

    What can you expect from a so-called “news” network founded by the recently-departed Roger Ailes? For those of you who don’t know, Ailes is the man responsible for “rehabilitating” the image of Richard Nixon, prior to his 1968 election. And we all know how well that turned out.

  24. dji says:

    so for all of you fair and balanced boobs there ya go. unfair and defiantly not balanced, pure propaganda. and this and all the other BS is why the GOP does not win general elections. shame on fox!!!!

    • >>>>>>>>>>>>> says:

      Did the other networks carry the speech of Pat Smith who’s son died in Benghazi? Check.

      • >>>>>>>>>>>>> says:

        CNN cut away from speakers who spoke out against illegal immigration at the Republican National Convention in Cleveland on Monday night, turning instead to its daily stable of talking heads, and coming back for a conventional politician’s speech.
        Mary Ann Mendoza, Sabine Durden, and Jamiel Shaw, who each lost a child through crimes committed by illegal aliens, spoke from the heart about why they supported Donald Trump’s proposal to enforce immigration law and build a border wall.

        —– never attempt to play chess again.

      • Michael McBride says:

        Yes they did. Checkmate.

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