Johnny Depp Calls Donald Trump a ‘Brat’

Johnny Depp may have portrayed Donald Trump in a long Funny or Die spoof recently, but he’s not done talking about the Republican presidential frontrunner yet.

The actor called Trump a “brat” while speaking to students at Arizona State University on Saturday. In a conversation with Arizona State’s Origins Project founder Lawrence Krauss, originally about “humanity in madness,” Depp revealed his feelings on the politician.

“It’s not just about being a rich kid or anything like that. I approached Donald Trump as what you kind of see in him when you really watch him. There’s a pretense. There’s something created about him in the sense of bullydom. But what he is, I believe, is a brat,” said Depp, drawing laughs from the audience. He went on to bring out his Trump impression.


CBS News Journalist Detained Outside Donald Trump’s Chicago Rally

“Also the absurdity of where his sentences might travel. … Reagan back in the day, ‘Mr. Gorbachev, tear down that wall!’ Donald Trump, ‘I’m going to build a wall. And all of my billions are not going to have to pay for it. Because you know why? Mexico is going to pay for it,'” Depp added.

Depp is hardly the only celebrity to come out against Trump. Earlier this month, Louis C.K. compared Trump to Hitler, calling the Republican candidate an “insane bigot.”

Watch a video of the event above.

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  1. rightwingtips says:

    Depp must not be keeping up on current events. The ‘brat’ is converting Democrats in record numbers and where does Depp live now? France? Germany? The Netherlands? Is he still wearing that gold tooth? Arrrrgh!

  2. krew09 says:

    I suppose you would like someone who wants to flood the country with illegal aliens?Typical

  3. justahunch says:

    Seems like a very appropriate & accurate description to me though perhaps a bit tame for something as horrible as this loosely wrapped authoritarian.

  4. Another reason I like Johnny Depp. He tells it like he sees it.

  5. Goof says:

    Johnny Depp is a modern day jester, go entertain us and leave politics to the people.

  6. SeniorsTn9 says:

    TRUMP’s detractors today are; Obama ignores his presidential responsibilities to remain impartial! He just can’t help himself. Sadly his personal hatred for TRUMP is controlling his better judgement. Now who isn’t acting very presidential! A GOP contested TRUMP nomination would be both undemocratic and an affront to the American Voting Process, and last but not least, it would cost the GOP party the senate as well as the presidency. Disgruntled politicians are now saying they won’t support TRUMP if he is elected president. Isn’t this treason! Good to know. Voting Americans value their hard fought for freedoms and they will never vote for these known politician traitors.

    TRUMP is today being confronted by Corrupt Elitist Politicians at the highest levels who are actively participating in covert plans sending bought and paid for protesters to attend and riot at TRUMP rallies. Their corrupt elitist controlled establishment puppet politicians, with media cronies support, then read their prepared staged scripts blaming TRUMP for their paid for riots. TRUMP’s opponents of every party affiliation how admit their supporters are attending and rioting at TRUMP rallies but they say they can’t control them and they won’t try to either. The Republic and Democratic Parties and now Obama as President of the United States are actively participating in dividing Americans and fueling civil unrest and inciting riots, not TRUMP.

    Americans are also aware countries around the world are today using TRUMP’s mitigating threat proposals to address their countries catastrophic situations. These choices speak volumes to the value other countries must place on TRUMP’s proposals. The EU and other countries are in a downward spiral of devastation and destruction. Informed Americans know that unless America addresses their problems today they will become exactly like these other countries tomorrow. Staying the course is not an option. The only politician with a path through these very real threats to America today is TRUMP.

    American voters aren’t as dumb as these corrupt politicians think they are but these corrupt politicians are a lot dumber than they think they are. TRUMP’s fastest growing voting support today is now coming from millions of legal immigrant minorities of every party affiliation and yes, democrats. ALL Informed American Voters would prefer to have more than one choice for their president but these corrupt politician clowns are leaving voters with only one choice, and that choice today is TRUMP.

    It is now clear to ALL Informed American Voters that this political corruption goes all the way up to the White House. The only way, and the right way, out of this political nightmare for America and ALL Americans are for the guilty, and these politicians know who they are, to own up to their corrupt actions, apologize publically and insist that their supporters stop these criminal rioting activities immediately. Considering the superiority complex of these corrupt elitist establishment politicians, the odds are slim to none that this will ever happen. Today these elitist old-boys clubs are killing AMERICA for ALL AMERICANS, not TRUMP.

    SO NOW WHAT! It’s up to the every American voter to individually send letters demanding public apologies are made by the obvious and clearly known guilty corrupt politicians ASAP. SOMETHING MUST BE DONE NOW!! Americans who care about America can handle the truth and do what is right for America and ALL Americans. The real challenge here is, can these guilty corrupt politicians ever be made to think about America first and not themselves first! They must be made to understand that if they refuse to act they will be forfeiting the presidency to the only honest politician who thinks about America first; TRUMP.

    • pat moran says:

      you are obviously a TRUMP supporter by the way you end each para with his name. I don’t think Depp is running for presendent, so like any other celebrity he has a voice in the media whether you agree or not. However a UK citizen of Scotland I can assure you Europe is not on a downward spriral. We have fully recovered from the 2007/2008 financial crash of 2007/2008 triggered by mass miselling in the US mortgage market. Indeed, the UK has the lowest unemployment figures in most of Europe. Our NHS is the pride of the world and free at the point of entry for those that need it and without the support of immigration from Indonesia and beyond with their wonderful nurses would not be half the success it is. The UK small as we are, needs immigration to support an ever aging population as we simply don’t have enough nurses to do that ourselves. We don’t need a wall, or to call immigrants rapists etc. AS Europeans too, our children have the right to learn other European languages (mine do at school), so that they can go live and work for free in other European countries if they so choose. So we widen the Iworking potential for our young and do not therefe limit behind walls in our own country. I myself studied my master over 20 years in Poland and suffered no racisim while I was there as a british person.
      Poland is also flourishing having joined the European market some years ago. Before Bush declared a war on Terror in Iraq, Europe had no islamc related terror incidents. By supporting this war terror, the UK losts thousands of its soldiers in Alghanistan and Iraq, plus innocent civilions in bombs in London. My family and I were some of millions of UK citizens who marched in opposition to yet another made up war in the middle east, using the terrible deaths on 9/11 as an excuse to begin unrelated wars. It took interestingly a democratic president to get you out of that mess, which still continues in Syria and beyond. The UK however is used to terrorism unfortunately and the killing of innocent children and civilians by the IRA in the 1970s, 80, and 90s before the peace agreement. Terrorists of funded by over romantic, wanna be 4th/5th/6th generation Irish Americans that were never prosecuted for the money they supplied for such weapons of death. Or interestingly actors like wannabe Irishman Mickie Rourke vocal media support of the IRA, who have proved to be nothing but criminals and killers of children and pregnant women, and drug dealers etc. And yes, my father is Irish from the south and yes we do support one Ireland eventually, in peace and in agreement with the majority. Not by terrorism and not by killing the innocent, but by allowing time and the northern irish people to decide themselves, or remain in the uK. . So did UK blame US citizens for their backing of terrorist group with cash and speeches? Did we pursue them through the courts? No of course not, we remain your friend and Ally to this day, because we are a reasonable nation. But I do take the political speeches of actors with a grain of salt, whatever they believe. Unless of course like some, who give up their careers to pursue politics. HILLARY
      Donald Trump approached the Scottish govt a few years back with a promise of a marvellous billion or so golf course in the Highlands where his mother came from, although about 300 miles from where his mother was from, but still Scotland yeah?! He targeted an area of unspoilt, protected coastline with ancient sand dunes (called Machairs) that were officially designated as protected by our Environmental Agency and harboured important migrating birds and other wildlife. The locals campaigned against planning, due to loss of homes and local businesses, destruction of protected wildlife and environment and the fact that no one wanted a tacky, tartan tourist style golf course for rich businessmen in a beautiful unspoilt landscape. He then promised our first minister that he would bring billions to the area and thousands of jobs. He was eventually granted permission. And 5, 6 years later?? No billions, not even millions and very little local jobs, the Scottish govt realised they’ve been sold a con. Mr Trump then had the check to take a local off shore wind turbine farm (windmills in the sea) to court as they were spoiling the view for his golfers. He lost, and stormed off to say he wouldnm’t invest anything in Scotland. Instead he’s doing exactly the same in Ireland, destroying wildlife and pretending to offer jobs. HILLARY
      Interestingly, the Scottish 1st minister and Govt has now stated that mr Trump is no longer welcome in Scotland after his pathetic and disgusting racist comments amount killing muslim families.
      This man is an utter joke, not only to the UK population, but Europe and beyond. Who cares, we’re not voting right? But the truth as you know it, is that the whole world needs a US president that they can do business with and respect and even admire. For generations we’ve had that in both democratic and republican figures (bush junior and Nixon excepted). Why on earth would you want a figure that we all laugh at? Not because we’re vain, or arrogant, but because we’re not fools. We need our politicians to generally know more than us about the world, so that we have some trust in them and understand their policies. This is extra important for the leader of the free world.
      What policies does your reality TV pres candidate have? Built a wall, hate, ugly women don’t get votes, viewing figures, and viewing figures again?? WHERE’S THE POLICIES??? AND WERE’S THE PROOF THAT HE’S ACTUALLY MADE MONEY OUTSIDE OF HIS TV BRAND??? LETS SEE HIS BANK ACCOUNT?? He has a string of failed businesses and a suspicious lack of financial data to actually prove he’s successful.
      America is great, we all know it and want to keep admiring you for it. But we can’t with that idiot in charge. He’s very very dangerous in his ignorance and lack of understanding of world around him. His attitude to women WTF???? We needs a president that is a player and knows how to get the job done, keep peace, be fair and build incomes for all. Oh yes and be women too!! That would be just fabulous and bring some common sense to the debate at last. THE UK SUPPORTS HILARY!!!!

  7. cooday says:

    Need a break from Donald Trump?
    #feelthebern preview of spring —

    Women for Bernie Sanders 2016 shared — Just the facts, right? We see a clear pattern of behavior here.
    On the other hand, Bernie Sanders has never supported TPP or any trade deal that promotes shipping our jobs overseas or undermining collective bargaining for American workers. #Women4Bernie #FeeltheBern #Not4Sale #Labor4Bernie

    Hillary Clinton supported TPP trade deal 45 times. Opposed it in 2015 …before the 1st Democratic Debate. Coincidence? or Convenience!

  8. Entire comment section being raided by the trailer trash of America who feel emboldened by a bloated reality star tho wouldn’t give them the time of day lmao you can’t make this stuff up. Trumptards are the cancer of the world.

  9. ezeealrm says:

    Another rich has-been celebrity playing hypocrite by jumping on the anti-Trump bandwagon. Depp who owns an island and smuggled dogs illegally into Australia really in touch with America and the law.

  10. Nobody cares what you think, little man. If anyone’s a brat, you certainly are.

    • EffYeahJohnnyDepp says:

      Sure they care. I do. And I agree. As does most of the country except sad, lost souls who buy into Drumpf’s bigoted rhetoric.

  11. willie says:

    I’m not a Trump supporter, but I really dont need your political views. Please stick to acting. Johnny!

  12. A person like TRUMP is long overdue in the U.S. Without a person like him the political arena, the country would be a course for disaster. The middle class is fed up with this “politically correct” nonsense and will put their faith in Donald Trump as President. Enough is enough.
    The TRUMP Revolution has begun.

    • Scientist says:

      Guaii, Good luck with that. The rest of the civilized world is either laughing at people in the US and/or intensely concerned that such a character could seriously become the nation’s leader..

  13. Mick L says:

    Johnny Depp has lots of money,$$$ he’s a brat too. I guess he wants the working poor and the suffering middle class to pay for the crap the Ruling Class Elite want. Like the Bank Bailouts. People pay Property Taxes so Illegal Aliens can go to school, but they don’t get any TAX BREAKS! People pay for EBT for Illegals, but they never see their money once the Government gets it!
    How about a tax system that doesn’t benefit the Fascist Corporations and Big Government Collusion? How about Glass-Steagall Act RESIGNED?

    People are sick of being accused of being racist, while they pay for others daily bread! If Johnny Depp so freaking smart. Why doesn’t he ASK OBAMA TO TEAR DOWN THE FENCE AT THE WHITE HOUSE?! Our borders should be like AREA 51! We should protect our people from. 1. Muslim Terrorists as well is 2 Economic Terrorists like Illegal Aliens, that use are Failing Infrastructure and put stress on our Carrying Capacity in our ENVIRONMENT! But you don’t hear Leo, Johnny or Obama talk about that!

    Trump wants to protect the USA. While Johnny wants to destroy it! I hope Johnny gets stuck in Paristan or Londonstan and knows that PEOPLE HAVE A RIGHT IN THEIR OWN COUNTRY TO OPPOSE FORCED IMMIGRATION BY THE RULING CLASS!

    Since Depp is such a nice guy. He can pay for the Illegal Aliens from Mexico, South and Central America with his own money! Why don’t you volunteer Johnny Boy? Oh you don’t want to lose your rich $$$ Hollywood lifestyle? How about you shut your trap next time huh???

    • Kezia says:

      Mick: blather blather blather. Go get a job and make a living. Stop blaming everyone for your shortcomings.

      • EffYeahJohnnyDepp says:

        Wow. No kidding. Anyone who’s got that much time/energy/anger to waste on that long of a diatribe must have a lot of empty time on their hands…

      • Diggie says:

        The working class support Trump. College educated shelf stockers and unemployed support Sanders/Hillary. Who needs to get a job?

  14. B C says:

    I love it when people say what I’m thinking rock on Johnny Depp rock God

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