Jared Kushner: Why Ivanka Trump Is the Perfect Champion for Women’s Issues

Jared Kushner Ivanka Trump Appreciation
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For Variety’s latest issue, we asked Jared Kushner to write a tribute for his wife Ivanka Trump, one of 50 people to make our New Power of New York list. Here’s why Trump represents a new generation of movers and shakers that capture the best of Manhattan.

In the last week, Ivanka opened a $200-million hotel on Pennsylvania Avenue, unveiled a legislative policy to benefit working families and managed to do the first day of school drop-offs and pick-ups for our children — all before Wednesday.


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Whether preparing to deliver a speech to tens of millions of people at the Republican National Convention, or teaching our kids to swim, Ivanka defines the phrase “hands on.” A few years ago, at a large family function, Ivanka was carrying a plate of snacks in one hand and our daughter, Arabella, with the other, when she was approached by a guest holding a Sharpie. The woman took off her heels, handed Ivanka the marker and asked her to sign them — they were Ivanka Trump shoes. The timing was less than ideal, but Ivanka knows that the women who buy her clothes are often like her, busy moms trying to (sometimes literally) balance their work and family lives. Ivanka signed the shoes with a smile and then resumed being supermom to our very busy toddler.

Ivanka is an amazing wife and devoted mother of our three young children. She runs her own lifestyle company and IvankaTrump.com, is finishing her second book, “Women Who Work,” and is an executive in her family’s real estate business — all while being under the spotlight and scrutiny that comes with your father running for President.


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If you know Ivanka, you have not been surprised to see her emerge during this crazy campaign season as a leader advocating for serious policies to support American women and their families — these are issues she has been championing for years. It took real courage for Ivanka to stand before 35 million Americans, including many who had not previously focused on these issues before, to help advance substantive policies that will dramatically improve U.S. law in favor of all women, parents and children. Grace under pressure is what she does best and I could not be more proud of her.

Jared Kushner is the publisher of the New York Observer. Read our full New Power of New York List here, as well as tributes for Chelsea Clinton (by Bill Clinton), Megyn Kelly (by Judge Judy) and Ben Smith (by David Remnick)

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  1. Platanito says:

    Ohh, we know what “hands on” means to a Trump.

  2. Linda says:

    This article is ridiculous on so many levels…Ivanka runs her own lifestyle company but is unconcerned about job creation for Americans. None of her products are manufactured in the U.S….. She’s an executive in Trump’s organization but somehow it eludes her that their hotels don’t offer paid maternity leave. A role model? Give me a break!

  3. Catrincah says:

    Ivanka for president! She should be the 1st woman president!

  4. Dustin Wllner says:

    Jared Kushner: Why Ivanka Trump Is the Perfect Champion for rich Women’s Issues which middle class women never experience.

  5. Caroline says:

    Man who was born on third base praises woman who was born on third base and congratulates her for hitting a triple. Could these people be any more out of touch with reality?

  6. John Greenwood says:

    Oh no, she had to bend DOWN to sign a shoe? Down to the floor? Did she have to put her plate down to do it, even though “the timing was less than ideal?” Oh, man. That is soooo impressive. The women who live paycheck-to-paycheck in this country without a nanny and chef and drivers are “balancing it all.” This is so insulting to American women on so many levels.

  7. M.C. says:

    I don’t know many devoted mothers who’d leave a four-month-old baby at home to go vacation in Europe. And please: stop pretending your wife is some kind of role model, when all she does is work for daddy (nepotism: quite an accomplishment!) and put her name in other people’s designs (how is that lawsuit going by the way?).

    It’s as ridiculous as saying you’re smart, Jared, because you went to Harvard, when you had your father, the convicted felon, buy your admission with a $2.5 million “donation.”

    Role models? Maybe if you were in the court of Marie Antoinette.

  8. Dunstan says:

    It’s great that two right wing lunatics found each other. I’m tearing up over their coupling. Not.

  9. Kristi says:

    Thank you Jared. Ivanka is a terrific role model for women. She is real, and she is amazing! I wish that some of the commenters would not act like victims. I have personal experience of a single mom of two under age 5. Rather than moping, I switched jobs, and then began my own business. I hired a nanny to help. I am now remarried, a successful worker, mom, and wife! We all have choices.

    • Thank you for writing this, and for standing up for freedom and hard work!! We do all indeed have choices. I find that the more I learn, and apply what I learn as good choices, the more the craziness I was born into disappears, and success happens. All these commenters who excuse themselves, and talk about how they just can’t do it, get us nowhere in society. Hats off to you, and to your hard work!

    • See Me - Feel Me says:

      You are a role model. Congratulations!

  10. See Me - Feel Me says:

    She got to open a hotel because, like her father, she was born into privilege and has never known anything else. She has a clothing line for the same reason. That’s an accident of birth and no-one can begrudge her that, it’s not her fault and sadly she has to support her poor excuse for a man her Daddy Con Don and that’s an accident of birth too but she is no role model for anyone let alone women. She’s learned to offshore the manufacturing of her products, she’s learned to hire interns for no pay and she, like her dad, seems to think stiffing the little guy is somehow okay. To paraphrase her father in one of his more sensitive quotes, ‘she’s no champion, she’s a champion because she never had to experience building a business on her own from nothing?’ I like people who had to do it with nothing.’ Unfortunately it’s hard to wallow in the ostentatious luxury of gold faucets and toilets, if that’s your thing, and then descend the stairs like King Don did when he announced his run for Dictator in Chief, and pretend you’re one of the struggling “little people.” Keep doing what you’re doing because you can but don’t for one moment think that you’re a role model. Help someone besides yourself for god sakes and then you’ll understand. Then maybe someone will take you seriously.

  11. Please Jared, I have always loved your union with Ivanka. My suggestion is not to get yourself or your family name smeared in this Trump mess. The article above reads very shallow. There are women all over the world working to make a real difference – no freaking way is Ivanka Trump any real woman’s champion especially with a privileged background. Did she have any African-American friends growing up or some that work for her? No ‘friend’ of Wendy Deng is a champion of women.

  12. MICHAEL says:

    She is the Dicktatiors daughter blech!!

  13. dmoney666 says:

    This would be funny if it wasn’t so pathetic, shallow and devoid of substance. How many nannies do you have, Jared? How many working moms out there who were born into wealthy, famous families “struggle”? Your words are vomit-inducing. Neither you nor your silver-spoon princess have any clue what that word means.

  14. Greg Marotta says:

    NOTHING that comes out of this camp is worth a second of anyone’s time.

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