Shondaland Stars Headline New Hillary Clinton Ad

Hillary Clinton’s campaign unveiled a new commercial spot featuring Shonda Rhimes and the stars of three of her series: Ellen Pompeo (“Grey’s Anatomy”), Kerry Washington (“Scandal”) and Viola Davis (“How to Get Away With Murder”).

The campaign said that the spot, called “Real Life,” will start running this evening in states that will vote in primaries on March 15. Among the primaries that day: Florida, Ohio, Illinois.

The spot was directed by Tony Goldwyn, who plays Fitzgerald Grant on “Scandal.”

Clinton visited the set of “Scandal” in her most recent fundraising swing through Los Angeles last month.

“Every day I wake up and play a brilliant, complex, overqualified, get-it-done woman, who obsessively fights for justice, who cares, who gives a voice to the voiceless, who gets knocked down and always gets back up,” the actresses say. “I make television filled with the kinds of characters I imagine we all can be. Strong but flawed, human but extraordinary. Our characters are on television but the real world… The real world has Hillary Clinton.”

They add, “A bonafide, rolls up her sleeves, fights for what’s right, in it for you, won’t back down, champion for all of us. That’s why I’m with Hillary. Join us.”

An ABC spokesperson issued the following statement: “This was a paid political advertisement placed on a number of stations. Broadcasters are required by the FCC to carry these ads.”

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  1. May Blossom says:

    Yes, I am with Hillary all the way to the White House! She is qualified, experienced, kind, level headed and up to the task! She is good for America and good for the world! GO HILLARY! No more angry white men in the White House!

  2. Margoleen Getty says:

    …..Shame………just because Killary is a a Female they voting for a crook. ???

  3. Tracy Joholski says:

    I’m disgusted at the medias newest brain washing tactic! Nice try, we aren’t sheep. It’s a revolution. Feel the Bern!!!! 💗🌍 ABC was my favorite network, but it appears it’s time for a change. What a sad loss, I loved Shondra , her mind, her class and Good Morning America has been my news source for 10 years. Let’s not even get to Kelly and Michael or The View, but Goodbye and Good Riddance after this stunt.

  4. Mike says:

    I am not going to watch any of the abc shows since the hillary commercial support. I am very upset.

  5. L.S. says:

    It’s sad that these women are helping Hillary into shaming women into voting for her. I am a proud feminist but Bernie is more of a feminist than Hillary is and I am voting for him. I want us to finally have a female president, it’s crazy that we haven’t had one yet, but I would rather have men for another 8 years than have her be our first female president. She is a liar and she is in it for herself. Whoever becomes the first female president is a HUGE deal and she is NOT the right woman to be that role model for women everywhere. If you’re a feminist vote Bernie!! (:

  6. Farantino Morgan says:

    i am a huge POMPEO and Washington, and a DAVIS fan so i support who they do. Astute women rock, strong independent, self-made, and prudent, so you get my vote hillary. Trump will not win.

    • Fruity says:

      I think it is ill advised to listen to vote based on the cast of a television program’s endorsement, especially when they don’t actually give any real concrete reasons why they support this candidate.

  7. who says:

    Please keep your political proclivities outside of my entertainment. Shonda and all of these actresses are free to individually endorse whomever they want. This commercial implies that ABC and all of the TGIT folks are aligned behind Hilllary. Good for them, I guess, but I won’t watch anymore.

  8. Eliezer says:

    Um… these characters cover up murders and help rig elections. So, I don’t know how comparing their characters to Hillary helps her at all.

  9. George Downs says:

    The director of “scandal”, seems apropos!

  10. am i the only person who noticed that they basically admited every single shonda rhimes protagonist is the same?

  11. BEATRICE GREEN says:


  12. Nina says:

    I am Not Rich…I am Not Poor…I am Not Educated…Well I Am a Little Educated…I am Not an Actress …. BUT I am An American (Born and Raised) … I am a Christian (All My Life)…I am a Woman…I Love God…I Love America…I Love my Husband of 39yrs…
    I Love My 3 Children…I Love My Grandchildren…I Love My 92yr Old Mother…I Love My Sisters…I Love My Brothers…I Love all My Extended Family…I Love all my Friends…. I am a Latina who has seen many, many unethical things to others and myself. My Father, Father-n-law, Husband, Uncles, Brothers, Nephews, Cousins and Friends have served for the Freedoms of this Country since WW2 and Prior. My Father-n-Law was wounded in Action and till the day he died at the age of 90, he had Sharpnal in his body. My Father was with General McArthur as one of the first Army Occupiers of Japan after the Atomic Bombs ( an Atomic Veteran)…He was in the South Pacific in the Philippines prior to leaving for Japan…My Parents and In-laws and Grandparents suffered through the Great Depression….My Grandfather helped build the Railroad in Texas (he was an Engineer Educated in Mecico)…I Boycotted Lettuce….I Boycotted Grapes…I met Cesar Chavez (My Mother made him Enchiladas and he ate in our Humble home)…After our 10yr old Daughter (@the time) was Diagnosed with Leukemia…I saw the much needed help Minority Children and Adults with Cancers Suffered with very few 2 No Minorities on the Bone Marrow Donor Lists to Save their Lives….Well I could go on and on as I am sure many of you can as well. So you must be asking My Point?…I do not cast my Vote Lightly…I do not take my Freedom or that of others of Any Gender or Race Lightly…I take my Vote Very, Very Serious and I Have come to the Conclusion that out of all the Candidates, the One Candidate who Remains At the top of my list, the One who Remains Calm and Whom I believe is the Only One With Real Experience and Real Qualifications is Hillary Clinton. Of course each Candidate comes with Baggage…think about it. I would rather have Hillary Clinton at the Helm than anyone else running this Country. Thank you to all who Serve this Great Country. God Bless and I Very much Enjoyed this Commercial….

  13. MoonSpoon says:

    I think Susan Sarandon summed it up when she said it was offensive to insinuate that women will vote for Hillary because she’s a woman. We don’t vote with our vaginas, we vote with our brains. Electing Hillary Clinton will not automatically make my life better. Hillary Clinton’s policies and agenda as president are what will effect my life. Can we talk about those? Being a woman is often hard, and having someone use that to provoke an emotional response, without also providing any substance, makes me feel offended. It makes me feel like someone somewhere underestimated my capacity to put my emotions aside and think about REAL politics from a rational perspective.

  14. Mary Ritter says:

    I was furious at the HRC ad last night, sandwiched in between the regular ABC Thursday lineup of shows starring the “characters” of said shows. Here I thought they had an important public announcement, but no, just more political disgust . Government is not a TV show even tho the current crop of candidates are working to make it so. It’s about REAL people’s lives and the future of the country. Enough with the phony baloney TV land make believe. And, HRC is not fighting for us, she’s fighting for herself.

  15. martinbay10 says:

    I’m voting ‘blue’. Hillary or Bernie. But Hillary disappointed me and others when she came out for more H-1Bs, which means more India offshore outsourcing by US Fortune 500’s. Or insourcing by embedding India IT company H-1B’s such as Cognizant, Infosys, Wipro, and HCL. Disney uses HCL. Toyota has Cognizant and Infosys embedded. Abbott Labs is using HCL. America has more than enough information technology talent. Going offshore or embedding/insourcing does not save money. I’ve managed offshore teams, and they are neither efficient nor do they deliver on schedule. Unlike virtually all Mexicans here, India workers do take good American IT jobs…

  16. Hillary is showing her desperation. This 64 year old feminist and voting democrat takes offense!

  17. Joe Vast says:

    I am excited to vote for a woman for president but I just can’t bring myself to support Hillary. She likes war too much (Iraq, Libya, Syria) and supported torture. I keep thinking of all the children killed by her bombs.

  18. Joe says:

    This woman is obviously a complete idiot, not to mention clueless. You can’t fix stupid!!!!!!

    • MoonSpoon says:

      Hey Joe, I don’t support Hillary, but please keep it civil. Clinton is a very intelligent and capable woman, she just doesn’t have the best platform. It’s better to talk about why you disagree with her than to cast dispersions.

  19. Wayne lance Wilkerson says:

    Oh my god, I can’t stop throwing up, she’s fighting for us, then why won’t u tell US what u said behind closed doors to the billionaire bankers who almost tanked our economy

  20. HILLARY CLINTON IS AN: INTELLECTUAL STALWART, A BOLD, FEARLESS, INFORMED, EXPERIENCED & UNFLAPPABLE LEADER; a multi-dimensional change maker offering comprehensive plans, a heart to serve, and a focus on results. She is ready to lead, now.

    • MoonSpoon says:

      Ivory, you will win more people over to your side if you talk about policy. I think that’s what people don’t like about Hillary. She makes a lot of claims and wishy washy political speeches that don’t seem to translate into her history or her plan moving forward.

    • Wilkerson says:

      Look at the places where u rule, they r all cesspools, so maybe ur love for Hillary is something we should be wary off

    • Hillary Clinton is a moderate intellect with delusions of grandeur and “appointment”.
      Her sole legislative experience has been getting 3 insignificant bills passed.
      Her foreign policy experience consists of ZERO successes and continued warfare.
      Her economic policy experience includes two major scandals involving cattle futures and realbestate fraud.
      She is a lawyer and should have stayed a lawyer. She might be qualified for the Supreme Court, but she is NOT qualified for the White House.

  21. Mark says:

    Rich WOMEN voting for Hillary….and the line(s) left unspoken are…”if you men know what’s good for you”…..the LEAST attractive ad for her, as a man, that I’ve seen.

  22. Sarah Kent says:

    As a woman, I feel so sad to see Hillary exploiting rich actors to claim that she is a feminist. I personally don’t support anyone who can belittle and beat down women just to promote her career during the Monica Lewinsky scandal in the 90s. Bill had many affairs with many women and Hillary destroyed their lives so that she didn’t have to divorce Bill and lose her political power. Disgusting ad.

  23. drumple says:

    Oh boy! Rich people voting for Hillary! Now I want to vote for her too! Won’t you protect my rights Hillary? Make sure the big, bad government doesn’t take my money!!

  24. Skyla says:

    I don’t know why anyone should care that some actresses who play important people on TV are voting for Hillary. Honestly, this ad feels like cheap pandering to me. I would have been much more impressed if someone who has done something for women’s issues, politics, or social justice had been involved. Or, at least someone who is an intellectual of some sort. Plus, there was no mention of the issues or anything that Hillary has actually done to improve the lives of women.

    I just can’t vote for Hillary, and this ad is another example of the reasons why. I’m tired of politicians who tell you about issues they “support” (whatever that means). I’m tired of say nothing emotional appeals. I want to know what your concrete plan is to fix some of the problems that we face as a society on a systemic level, and I want you to tell it to me plainly, even if it makes you unpopular.

    I’m a woman who wants a female president more than anything, but I will be voting for Sanders.

  25. Bill Clinton and Republicans abolished 1930 laws to prevent bank crashes. In 200 8 banks and hosuing crashed due to this, and as laws didn’t protect us, none went to jail,
    WE THE PEOPLE are paying with bank bailouts causing our economy to suffer. Only Bernie will reinstate banking laws so we don’t have to pay bank debts.

    • MoonSpoon says:

      I don’t know about all of that, but I do know that income inequality has to be addressed before we can make any real progress. It diminishes a person’s social capital, and thereby diminishes their freedom, leaving them vulnerable to abuse and/or unable to build a better life.

      Addressing income inequality is first and foremost if we want to improve the lives of all women and level the playing field in our generation and the next.

  26. Judy Bowden says:

    Love the ad!!! I’m with her! #HillaryClinton2016

  27. Jeanne says:

    What a fabulous spot! As a woman who has been in the corporate world for four decades and faced every kind of challenge imaginable, and who has helped other women along the way, I found this testimonial immensely uplifting. I have been an admirer and supporter of Hillary for the past 15 years since she ran for Senator from New York. She was my Senator during those awful post September 11 years and she was brilliant. Hillary has helped women, children and millions of others throughout her long career; she is a national treasure. She is the most uniquely qualified person in the history of nation to be President and Commander-in-Chief — woman or man — and I believe she will finally crack that hardest, highest ceiling in which she made 18 million cracks eight years ago. Not only will we have, after nearly 240 years, a woman in the Oval Office but also an American Renaissance.

    • Old nan says:

      You really need to look at he record and stop listening to her rhetoric.

    • angsal says:

      Just to be clear: I am not a troll. But I AM a woman who is going to vote based on issues, a candidate’s authenticity and integrity; not just for sisterhood. It’s not like I didn’t vote for a Clinton in the past – but – things aren’t working in our country, anymore, with establishment politics. It’s simply time for a new approach.

      As for my career experience? I’ve worked in the corporate world for decades, too – and, especially as a woman, I have also faced almost every kind of challenge imaginable. In fact, I’m pretty darn tired of working stupid hours for companies short on flexibility while I have to really fight just to make the same salary that I did 20 yrs ago. I’m also sick of the despicable management, sexism, ageism and racism that goes on in the industry I work in (tech)—as well as many others.

      And what of the kids in my life who deserve to go to college? With Hillary’s plan, they will still have to pay a good chunk – and who of the middle class can afford to spend one extra dime these days AND keep enough to save to get ahead or plan for retirement?

      So – my idea of an American Renaissance is one where we join many other industrialized nations in offering decent jobs with a decent amount of guaranteed vacation by law; free healthcare to all and free education to all; quality care for our elders and children – and expanded social security.

      I’d also love an American Renaissance where we take money out of politics so that politicians are beholden to we, the people – not corrupt corporate interests. And I’d love an American Renaissance where we can finally say that we don’t have more people in jail than China (ugh – Hillary has profited from the private prison industry!). And, yes, of course, I agree — I’d absolutely LOVE an American Renaissance where a woman is president … but … maybe a woman more like Elizabeth Warren. Because, most of all, I’d love an American Renaissance where we vote people into office who don’t think that they are above the law.

  28. angsal says:

    Yes – looks like the trolls HAVE come out. Trolls pandering to women.

  29. Susan Bambro says:

    Oh I see the trolls have come out. Anyway, I really like this vid… actually started to bring tears. As a woman who has also had to fight hard, and I work in a man’s world, I totally get it. This will be a long, strength enduring challenge – but if anyone can do it, IMHO Hillary can! #madamPresident

  30. Meah says:

    As a woman, I find this reminding me to be proud to be a woman. To lean in.
    Hillary gets knocked down and gets back up. Wow! People say “once a choker…always a choker”. Same applies here, Hillary has demonstrated tenacity and commitment in the most trying times…she kept her family together while leading them through the storm…you do not learn these things…She’ll keep our country together while leading us through the storm of our times. That’s what she does. That’s who she is. #imwithher. Join us.
    Oh and by the way, there ain’t anymore SCANDAL that’ll shock us – truth and fiction – it’s all out there.

  31. Adrianne Mazura says:

    Thank you Ms. R.

  32. angsal says:

    As a woman, I find this ad especially offensive. Team Shonda and Team Hillary are shamelessly pandering to what they must be hoping is zero intelligence on my part—not to mention the assumption that I fully admire, adore, idolize and look to guidance from people who play FICTIONAL characters and read lines that are written for them. Come on, ladies. In the real world, Hillary Clinton is in it for HERSELF and fights for whatever corporations are PAYING her to do so.

    FACT: Clinton has raised millions in corporate campaign contributions, particularly from her buddies on Wall Street. Therefore, she will always put corporate interests first; not the interests of the people. Hillary can whine all she wants about how she told Wall Street to “cut it out,” (and align herself with Obama because “he also took money”), but words are one thing; action is another. And I don’t see very many of the people behind America’s financial melt-down behind bars—despite what she OR Obama have said about that.

    And contrary to what our deluded Democratic party believes and or wants you to believe, Hillary cannot win against the Republicans. Just WAIT ’til they really drag out all the SCANDAL on she and hubby. Sure, there’s the little FBI thing hanging around them (and Bill’s latest: illegal campaigning and poll blocking), but that’s just the tip of an iceberg built from layers upon layers of corruption. Do a little search on Youtube for “Hillary Clinton, A Career Criminal” – good example of a never-ending list the Republicans are going to have a field day with. Because in the real world, she and Bill may be the experts on HOW TO GET AWAY WITH MURDER … but they can’t get away with it forever.

    Then, of course, there’s the list of rape accusations against Billy (and the bullying of his accusers by Hillary). I’m not talking about Ms. Flowers, Ms. Jones or Ms. Lewinsky. There is a list of actual rape allegations against him—and the Missus has played a real-life role in covering it up. Keep in mind: another “beloved” Bill fell very far from grace quite recently following ONE simple joke by some obscure comedian. So, again, just THINK of what the GOP can do with all of that. SERIOUSLY? SERIOUSLY.

    But there’s even more as to why Hillary cannot and will not defeat a Republican as our nominee: She does not bring out the younger voters, and she does not motivate new voters. Plus, Independents and Moderates aren’t going to vote for her. So at the end of the day, I urge you to consider a candidate who isn’t bought and paid for by corporate interests; a candidate who is beholden to the people; a candidate who actually CAN make a difference in the REAL world. That candidate is Bernie Sanders. Bernie will champion free education; free healthcare for ALL; proper care for veterans; civil rights … and so much more. And, yes, he CAN make it happen, because REAL people will stand up with him – and they are turning out to vote like never before. –Which means more seats in Congress … which means unlocking Congress. Now THAT’s what I’d call McDreamy.

    • GKN says:

      I agree with you, and Susan Sarandon and several others chiming in here. We’re overdue for a woman pres indeed, but stop gushing and emoting long enough to look into the facts for a hour or two. HRC’s voting record in the Senate aligns with the Republicans 85% of the time – i.e., supporting Wall St, the war on Iraq, even Monsanto. There are plenty of films on youtube juxtaposing what she says now (to claim shes really just as moral as Bernie) to films of her actually saying quite the contrary when it counted. Google things like “Clinton then and now” or Elizabeth Warren’s interview on Bill Moyers about her. You will see how much women really count for Hillary when Wall St. says no.

      One more thing to consider. If Sanders isn’t doesn’t win the nomination, there is a very good chance those looking for real change will turn to Trump, not Hillary. This comes from political analysts, not me. And indeed, they are the only two candidates crying out for it, however ridiculously dummkopf Drumpf does it.

  33. Bill says:

    Perhaps next Ellen Pompeo’s character can be arrested for exposing secret government information… nah, who would do that?

    Perhaps there will just be an official murdered that she will blame on a video.

  34. “The real world has Hillary Clinton” ? Yes and Hillary is also a practiced, scripted actress, but not a very good one. Her really LOUD (has she ever heard of modulation>), pandering, dishonest, hypocritical rhetoric just never translates into real commitment, ,action and results… for average and needy Americans.

    Hillary is trying to cast herself in a composite role of president, an actor like Reagan, as paranoid as Nixon, a warmonger like Bush, a greedy one per center like Romney, and a BIG money, establishment, Corporatist politician like Clinton. Maybe Ronda can get Hillary nominated for an EMMY for her performance as a two-time Failed female candidate for president.

  35. RJ says:

    Terrible! This kind of thing is only okay if Killer Mike and Spike Lee and Susan Sarandon and Sarah Silverman and Emily Ratajkowski do it

    • Skyla says:

      ….All of Bernie’s celebrity endorsements have talked about his actual platform, and that’s the difference. This ad isn’t about Hillary Clinton’s platform or her worthiness as a candidate. It’s using the fact that women often have a very difficult time in the world to get an emotional response out of them, which is offensive. It’s insinuating that electing Hillary Clinton president will heal my personal psychic pain as a woman because we both have a vagina. That’s pretty messed up.

      Watch this video of Sara Silverman’s endorsement. She basically runs through the specific parts of his platform that she agrees with. You will see the difference between a con job and a recommendation.

  36. Mary Mealy says:

    I love this ad! These are the most talented ladies on television! Shonda Rhimes rocks!!
    Hillary Clinton 2016!!

  37. Time to get ICE'D says:

    Elections are an illusion. The Ruling Class control the Media, Banks, and the Internet. It was Hillary who said Decent is the Highest Form of Patriotism! So it’s Normal or oppose her, Obama and the rest of the Crap shoved our way! Like Illegal Immigrants, and Illegal Invaders from Muslim Nations. Just google Rape of Europe! We want America back from the Ruling Elites, who are both GOP and Dems! Both work for their own selfish ends, to enslave the taxpayers of America! They live to put US Citizens down! Traitors would be too kid of a word to describe them!

  38. Mary Lou Christie says:

    Not what I read Variety for.

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