Hillary Clinton Wins California Primary Over Bernie Sanders

hillary clinton bernie sanders dem debate
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Hillary Clinton defeated Bernie Sanders in California’s primary, the biggest delegate prize on a night when Clinton already claimed the Democratic nomination.

Clinton had a 13 percentage point lead over Sanders with more than half of the vote counted in California.

The size of her victory was a bit unexpected, as recent polls showed the race tightening. Clinton cut campaigning short in New Jersey last week to make a series of appearances in the Golden State.

Sanders had spent the past couple of weeks in California, hopeful that a victory in the Golden State would give him a greater rationale to continue on to the Democratic National Convention in July.

But Clinton’s campaign looked to claim not just a majority of delegates, but a majority of pledged delegates. Her campaign was bolstered by an overwhelming victory in New Jersey and a closer win in New Mexico. She also won South Dakota, while Sanders won races in North Dakota and Montana.

Earlier in the evening, Clinton claimed the nomination in a speech to supporters in Brooklyn, N.Y.

“Thanks to you, we have reached a milestone, the first time in our nation’s history that a woman will be our party’s nominee,” she said.

Sanders, speaking in Santa Monica, Calif., said that he would continue to press on and compete in the final primary next week, in Washington DC. He is scheduled to meet with President Obama on Thursday.

GOP presumptive nominee Donald Trump easily beat his Republican rivals to win the Golden State. His last rival, John Kasich, suspended his campaign last month.

In other races, Democrats California Attorney General Kamala Harris and Rep. Loretta Sanchez (D-Calif.) will face off in November in the race to succeed Sen. Barbara Boxer (D-Calif.). A Republican failed to make the general election ballot under California’s open primary system, in which the top two vote getters in the primary advance no matter the party.

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  1. I AM MAD AS HELL AND I CAN NOT TAKE IT ANY MORE____NO STOPPING, SHE STILL DO NOT NOT NOT NOT HAVE THE ENOUGH NUMBERS TO DECLARE HER SELF WINNER .AGAIN FOR HE 4TH TIME,:), WE ARE GOING TO CONVENTION, if Bernie do not get the nomination at the convention, Than, 3 RD PARTY MUST (PROGRESSIVE PARTY2016) , OR, WE ALL WILL VOTE for TRUMP To PUNISH the DEMOCRATIC PARTY for Putting The LOSING HORSE in the RACE , This blunder Will be Questioned FOR YEARS WHY?? What Was the Democratic party’s Agenda? , How Would they Explain to American people knowingly handed over the Presidency to Donal Trump?Knowing the Fact that BERNIE SANDERS Beats TRUMP by 15% Nationally in every Poll? ,WE will All LEAVE The DEMOCRATIC PARTY in Protest AFTER THE CONVENTION,WE will ALL SEE YOU THERE I hope MILLIONS of US FOR THE ONE LAST PUSH. WE all STAND UP and SHOW That this is an Idea a MOVEMENT.Funny but similar Order of Things once One Man Like MOUSES Came out the people with 10 COMMANDEMEND, BERNIE Gave us 15 to fallow ((($15 minimum wage, paid leave, universal healthcare, tuition-free college, campaign finance reform, rebuilding infrastructure, getting rid of superdelegates and closed primaries and caucuses, equal pay, compassionate immigration reform, pathway to citizenship, full LGBTQ equality, recognition of natives, combatting climate change, equal justice in the Israel-Palestine conflict, less hawkish foreign policy,NO MORE WARS criminal justice reform, eliminating voter suppression and fraud, breaking up the big banks, and raising taxes on the richest with a progressive tax system.FREEDOM.we all know what they are he told us over and over again to make sure WE do not accept anything LESS. Those COMMENDEMEMDS Here to STAY with in all of US .See you All in Convention Friends,Let Show them How good Old Style Democracy do WORK WE will SHOW Them a NOVEMBER They shall Never FORGET. ,Enough is Enough RIGHT?<<<SHARE PLZ,

  2. andrew0202 says:

    What a joke, totally rigged system (too close to call becomes 13%, yeah right). Plus Super Delegates Don’t Vote Until JULY 25th!

  3. How can that be? I can’t believe that all has been tallied that quickly! I was told it might be until Thursday to get an accurate count! WTF?

    • Bootsnboards says:

      Because when you reach a prohibitive lead, having an “exact count” isn’t necessary. She reached the point of a prohibitive lead (meaning there weren’t enough votes left to make it mathematically possible for Sanders to overcome her) with several hours still left to go.

      So, while it might take a bit to get the “exact” tallies, you don’t need exact tallies to know who won in a case like this.

  4. Ruth Deutsch says:

    Too many of the American people are being persuaded by sound bytes and not considering what lurks behind them…

    • Nanny Mo says:

      That has been life in California since the 60s. If you are surprised, I am very sorry and invite you to wake up (although I personally believe it is too late for that.)

  5. amanda jenkins says:

    How on earth can anyone vote for this woman in good conscience a woman who called black people “super-predators” and called disabled children “f*cking retards”, threatened woman who had been interfered with by her impeached husband, let men die in Benghazi due to security concerns she ignored and then lied to the families and the American people about it. Under 2 democratic terms supported by her, there are nearly 95 million people unemployed and dropped out of the work force, the debt has nearly doubled at $20 TRILLION, Obamacare has failed and is within 12 months of complete collapse, Mexican cartels are importing heroin and illegal immigrants freely over the border to which Obama has told ICE agents to stand down!! The country is a disaster and left wing media,politicians and celebrities who don`t have to worry about where their next paycheck is coming from are complicit in advocating for 4 more years of the same!! Absolute maddness

    • Joe Miller says:

      Woman hater or just a Trump troll? Which is it if you think “Honest” Donnie is telling you ANYTHING that is true……………..THOSE policies he spouts are just “suggestions”…..”not true” or “he never said that (whatever)”
      Oh, and he loves Mexicans…………….but wants to deport millions of them and “build a wall” to keep others out
      If you believe that wall stuff I have a great toll bridge into Manhattan for sale you may be interested in
      Oh, and for those men killed in Benghazi……………..keep it up and it may become a “truthie”……..regardless of how many times the military commanders say that proper protocols were followed………………and how about those “weapons of mass destruction” that ended up costing THOUSANDS of US soldier’s lives????? Forget those???


    • Nanny Mo says:

      If you want to have 4 to 8 years of the most fun press conferences on the planet, tons of meat for the comedians to chew on, best SNLs since Bush and watch the heads of your liberal (and gender only seeing bigot friends) heads explode daily, I invite you to vote for Trump with me. I can promise you more fun than an old, harpy dame stuffed into a suit with a coughing fit. Trump will be fun.

  7. Ted Nugent says:

    Latest polking polling had Sanders edging out Clinton. Early returns show Clinton leading widely. Corporate media cancelled exit polling because of large disparities between results. Fraud!!

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