George and Amal Clooney to Host Series of Hillary Clinton Fundraisers

George Clooney, Amal Clooney to Host
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George Clooney and his wife, Amal, will host a series of fundraisers next month for Hillary Clinton, with the campaign launching a contest in which winners can meet the candidate and the couple at the Clooneys’ home.

The full details have not yet been announced, but the events will be held in San Francisco and Los Angeles, and include cocktails and dinner, according to the campaign.

The Los Angeles event will be on April 16, according to a source, with tickets priced at $33,400 per person for the Hillary Victory Fund, a joint fundraising committee of the Clinton campaign and the Democratic National Committee. The event will be co-hosted by Jeffrey and Marilyn Katzenberg, Steven Spielberg and Kate Capshaw, and Haim and Cheryl Saban, with more co-hosts to be announced at a later date.

In 2012, Clooney hosted a fundraiser at his Studio City home for President Obama’s re-election campaign, raising about $15 million, a big boost to fundraising coffers after the campaign invited supporters to participate in a raffle contest to attend. The success led to other campaigns adopting a similar fundraising approach, with the campaign of Mitt Romney holding a raffle to attend dinner with the candidate and Donald Trump.

Clinton next will visit Los Angeles on March 24 for a series of fundraisers, including an event at the nightclub Avalon Hollywood and a reception at the home of ICM Partners’ Chris Silbermann and Julia Franz.

The campaign says supporters can text CLOONEY to 47246 to enter.

Clooney told The Guardian last month that he planned to hold fundraisers for Clinton, but he also had words of praise for her rival for the Democratic nomination, Bernie Sanders. As for Donald Trump, Clooney called him a “xenophobic fascist.”

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  1. Maeve Finn says:

    know some people of Middle Eastern descent and they tell me the amazing thing is . The East wants Hillary to win because they know they can control her. Trump however is a loose cannon and could really hurt their cause of a world wide caliphate. They think its funny that Hollywood supports her because once they get here in force ( yes, they are already here) The movies stars and famous in Hollywood will be the first to get their heads cut off.

  2. Elena Rodriguez says:

    Amal and Hillary have no idea what so ever of what it is to be a strong woman in this world. Were not talking about wearing flashy clothes or bold face lying as Hillary does, but being strong in the way of raising three children as a single mom and working two jobs to keep food on the table and your kids clothed, all the while never asking for a hand out, like the ones that Hillary wants to give to people to continue to make them strung out on hand outs!!! Both of these women need to get a “clue.” Shame on those two woman and shame on the people voting for Hillary!!!

  3. Jean firriolo says:

    George, think you are a wonderful citizen doing such good works, so happy you, are for Hillary. Love you, How about flying to N. York now to jump start A slam dunk for Hillary Tuesday april 19th

  4. Sounds beautiful. My husband, Albert and I were able to meet Rosemary Clooney. Politics is politics.
    Requires money and connections.

  5. They just don’t get it and probably never will. As a lifelong Democrat I will never vote for Hillary and many of us feel the same way. I will be a write-in Sanders voter come election time if Hillary wins the nomination. In our lifetime we will probably never again see another candidate like Sanders who will restore the middle class. The Clintons are big business and now that they have gotten a taste of big money through their foundation and speeches they will never turn back. A vote for Hilary is a vote for the top 1%.

  6. I don’t want to meet this couple who bought a million(s) dollar mansion in the UK. America isn’t good
    enough for his wife.So they rub noses with the most hated female in the US. Big deal

  7. carol pasqual says:

    Gag me! We don’t really know what Hillary stands for, she changes her position to fit for the votes. I don’t really care though about that since she is a left wing nut like the Clooneys. They don’t even have clue as to how real people live.

  8. Elizabeth Huggins says:

    Really George?

  9. Jasmine S says:

    This is quite disgusting, I used to look up to them.

  10. Vero says:

    Oh so these people will raise money for political purposes but not for the refugees that they are so concerned about? Why don’t these celebs (and their pals) prove some real care and compassion by using their celeb ‘status’ and influence to provide shelter and homes and stop the trouble that causes it, instead of occupying several homes themselves and flaunting themselves wearing over-priced, over-rated pieces of fabric that are never to be seen again. Yes they can do what they want with their money but it reveals a double standard when they in turn involve themselves or feign concern over millions suffering and displaced.

  11. tim says:

    Hillary is already a billionaire, why this couple won’t give money to charity or orphanage, or child hospital who really need money. By the way Human rights attorney that is so shameful.

  12. April says:

    He should be holding a fundraiser for Kim Jung Un instead. He’s better than KILLary is. Recently she said she “didn’t lose a single person in Libya”. WHERE DOES SHE THINK BENGHAZI IS??? The email scandal (Federal Law 793 subsection F) about her server put America at GRAVE DANGER. That server had emails going back and forth and might be how the terrorists found out where Ambassador Chris Stevens was located that got him and THREE OTHER AMERICANS MURDERED! THEY WERE BEGGING FOR THEIR LIVES THAT NIGHT, A RESCUE CREW WAS ON THE TARMAC READY TO GO RESCUE THEM AND WERE TOLD TO STAND DOWN! THIS AFTER MONTHS OF STEVENS BEGGING FOR EXTRA SECURITY TO PROTECT THEM. THAT EXTRA SECURITY NEVER CAME!

  13. jeanne cramer says:

    these movie stars who live so different then the real people of this world always think their opinion should matter it makes me sick (does their lives change) no matter who becomes president

  14. Sarah says:

    Be sure to give President Trump’s money back! President Trump gave Hillary money. Wrong to not respect President Trump for wanting to help the people get back on track. Hillary has done nothing to help us; she is all talk.

  15. Elizabeth says:

    Liberal filth.

  16. Gloria Molly says:

    Hollywood limousine democrats going into full agenda mode. Do absolutely anything to win an elections at any cost. You have to admire their contrived anger.

  17. prettyitalian1010 says:


  18. Me says:

    Give me a break! Him marrying a foreigner to try and lead by “example.” I don’t like him anymore. In my opinion, he’s not for his own people, he’s for the advancement of foreigners on American soil.

  19. Alex Frohm says:

    The 1%-ers protect their own. This is especially ironic since George Clooney had shown an impulse toward activism, and some awareness about the middle-east which would, had it been non-superficial, put him at odds with Clinton. The Clinton Foundation accepts donations from disctatorships in countries that still exacute people for being gay, and have essentially no rights for women.

  20. I know he can help me. If he does then we are even. He can go away. I am not imposing myself on him. I thank you I advance and only consider him as a friend now. People get what they deserve! I am waiting for response and this is really critical To resolve my problem. I know it is easy for him. got upset and could not sleep and I knew you will put this back and that is why I got back and posted this one.

  21. Susan says:

    I’m really glad they’re going to help her raise money.

  22. You can edit mine as long as I get my message through.

  23. I need some kind of help too but have no one. This is very serious and I was counting on this month. It very very critical and important.

  24. I thought he was not going to do that now next month Anal is back again!!!! I have said it she will not go away at all!!!

  25. Tuco says:

    Filthy rich scumbags supporting other filthy rich scumbags. What else is new among Hillary supporters? Trump will crush her like a grape. That’s why in the primaries over 10% of Democrats have already defected to vote for Trump–to defeat the Washington DC establishment and the corrupt Republican party.

  26. Matt Blechar says:

    Obama + Hillary= disaster

  27. sharon tyrrell says:

    Good for them! Apparently, they like a presidential candidate who is NOT only a liar, but corrupt and totally dishonest with the American public. This is NOT hardly MY opinion! She has DEFINITE CREDIBILITY issues!

  28. Joe Vast says:

    I am excited to vote for a woman for president but I can’t support Hillary. She likes war too much (Iraq, Libya, Syria) and supported torture. Too many children have been killed with her bombs. Another term of Bush/Cheney warmongering is not a good idea. It will only bring more terror.

  29. Politically Incorrect says:

    I remember when Clooney called her “the most polarizing figure in politics” and Katzenberg had about the same to say. I also remember when Clooney didn’t think a youtube video didn’t cause Benghazi…back when he still claimed to support the troops. Let’s call this what it really is…a fundraiser for the George Soros agenda. You know George Soros…the guy who funded the Ferguson protests to the tune of $33 million, funds the “black lives matter” movement which has brought destruction unlike nothing else in recent memory as well as setting race relation back to the pre 1950’s levels and praises itself for attempting to silence Trump (as the Clooneys claim to be “free speech supporters”), and is a primary backer of the whole “needing an ID to vote is racist” so that the illegals pouring across the border can vote. Soros has also admitted to manipulating the “refugee crisis” in Europe claiming “borders are the problem” to ‘global governance”. Almost $200 million for government control of the internet (but “free speech”) and his Center for American “Progress” , which houses Clooney’s “Enough” project, was designed by and specifically for Hillary Clinton. So, yes, let’s celebrate these two anti-American hacks who are on the payroll of a man who helped run Jews to their death during WWII and called it one of the greatest times in his life. Clooney’s involvement with him goes back years. Clooney’s been selling us out for a LONG time. Let’s not even get into how Amal and “xenophobia” ties into all of this with ‘free speech’ and Vartan Gregorian, head of Clooney’s “100 Lives” initiative. Read all about it at “Meet the Clooneys” at Red Nation Rising. It’s free.

    • suz says:

      @politically incorrect………your statements are excellent & hopefully people will see the light if there is any hope of making America better!!!!!!!

  30. Georgia says:

    All previous comments were deleted? They can’t all have been that bad. Although the Clooney’s are truly unlikeable .

  31. jlpenny says:

    get a life!

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