Hollywood Alarm Grows Over Prospect of Donald Trump Victory

Donald Trump
Tom Williams/CQ Roll Call/AP

As the polls in the presidential race tighten, the mood in Hollywood this week is one of concern, worry and even abject fear — and it all centers on one question: Could Donald Trump pull off an upset on Tuesday?

In an industry that leans heavily to the left, for many it’s a nightmare scenario. The “October surprise” bombshell letter that FBI director James Comey sent to Congressional leaders on Friday triggered new levels of anxiousness over its impact on Hillary Clinton’s campaign.

Some industry figures say they are losing sleep. Others say that business conversations inevitably turn to the latest polls or of other potential “bombshells.” Others who haven’t warmed up to Clinton say that they fear getting into political conversations at all.

“I’m fucking terrified,” said writer-director Adam McKay, via email. “If Trump were to win we will see a dismantling of our democracy we cannot imagine. I know that sounds dramatic but I think it’s a safe bet. I’m hoping silent sane Americans rise up to stamp down this ugliness. At the end of the day I still believe humans are getting better and smarter and that Trump is a burp from a bygone era.”

On Twitter in the past 24 hours, a number of entertainment figures have not been shy about sharing their concerns.


Donald Trump

Trump’s Reliance on Free Media Coverage Puts Strain on Local Stations

“I will be funny in December,” wrote Judd Apatow, responding to a Twitter query. “For now I am more concerned with not electing a madman who incites violence and racism.”

Others have been trying to call attention to stories that have yet to gain traction. Ron Howard tweeted out a Huffington Post story that asked why the media has not been covering a woman’s claim that Trump raped her when she was 13 years old. Rob Reiner retweeted news that the woman was to come forward at a press conference on Wednesday with attorney Lisa Bloom. But as reporters gathered at Bloom’s Woodland Hills office, the attorney informed them that the accuser had decided not to come forward after receiving threats. (Trump’s attorneys have characterized the accusations as “categorically false.”)

It’s even more of a challenge to try and get some work done and tune it all out, given the ubiquitous coverage and online temptations. The stream of polling information can offer some reassurance or just more confusion.

“Can you hear the rosary beads clicking in my hand?” quipped producer Kevin McCormick.

“We live in a bubble, I am afraid,” he added. “Just talk to someone in Florida. It is wall-to-wall Trump ads.” He said that “everyone on both coasts I talk to, and even internationally, has a stomachache about it.”

McCormick said that he has weaned himself off what he called a “news addiction.” “I’m in my ‘don’t ask, don’t tell’ phase,” he said, adding that he’d made an exception for news stories about Trump and his ties to Russia.

The nervous mood at this point is to be expected following a very caustic campaign.

California’s lieutenant governor, Gavin Newsom, said in an interview with Variety‘s “PopPolitics” on SiriusXM that he and many others “cannot wait until this is over.

“It has been an enormously burdensome election in terms of the public discourse and the coarseness, and a conversation where we are talking past each other, and not to each other,” Newsom said in the interview, which will air on Thursday. “Yeah, there is a lot to be nervous about because as a Democrat, I think the consequences are catastrophic in terms of the future of this democracy if someone like Donald Trump actually succeeds and has the kind of power that is afforded a president. It scares the living daylights out of me that he is this close.”

Newsom said that he was “confident” because of the uphill climb that Trump has to “run the table” on swing states if he is to reach the 270 electoral votes needed to win the presidency. He also noted some of Wednesday’s polls which suggested that Clinton’s numbers had stabilized.

One campaign bundler who did not want to be identified said that he’s had to spend time calming donors down, but he said that “most people in the know are still confident.” The tight race also has driven more people to donate.

Norman Lear said that he doesn’t have “any sense of a person who isn’t nervous. It is very reasonable to be nervous if you are sensible.”

He penned a piece earlier this week for the Huffington Post, called “I Laughed So Hard I Started to Cry,” in which he wrote, “Day to day, as it plays out, the political/social/economic scene invites my tears. The American people deserve so much more by way of steady, apolitical, selfless leadership than is being offered them from any direction. I could — and do — cry.

“And then, through my tears, I see Donald Trump. He’d be grotesquely hilarious, if he wasn’t so f———g dangerous. Still, my tears do not end in laughter.”

This weekend, he plans to be in Florida, where he will get out the vote at Jewish senior centers and other volunteer centers.

“I think that this election, we would have been sweating it out even if it had been 15 points ahead — because we have been burned before,” said Lara Bergthold, a political strategist and principal at RALLY Communications.

She was referring to the 2000 presidential race, in which Al Gore won the popular vote but lost the electoral vote, and the 2004 race, in which it looked like John Kerry could eek out a victory but ultimately lost to George W. Bush.

Bergthold said that she is still confident that Clinton will win, citing encouraging early vote numbers and her campaign’s superior ground game. Trump’s campaign, she said, doesn’t appear to have much of one.

Her antidote to people who express their nervousness over the race is to urge them to get involved — visit a swing state this weekend, or do some phone banking.

“I think that given the heightened anxiety, the tightening of the polls, it feels better to be out than refreshing Nate Silver,” she says.

“My mantra is to take a deep breath and trust your get-out-the-vote operation, or make phone calls,” she said.

She plans to go to Arizona or Nevada this weekend. Dozens of entertainment figures are expected to caravan to Las Vegas on Saturday.

The next few days also will see a slew of entertainment figures on the stump for Clinton. On Thursday, Steve Aoki will perform in Las Vegas, and former president Bill Clinton is scheduled to speak. Stevie Wonder is performing in Philadelphia on Friday, and Jon Bon Jovi will join Tim Kaine in St. Petersburg, Fla., on Saturday.


Variety Endorses Hillary Clinton for President

Variety Endorses Hillary Clinton for President

Clinton herself will join with Jay Z in Cleveland on Friday, and with Katy Perry on Saturday in Philadelphia for mini-concert events.

One of the final campaign events in Los Angeles will come on Sunday, when Christina Aguilera will perform at a fundraiser in Pacific Palisades for the Hillary Victory Fund, with tickets starting at $250 per person.

Heather Thomas, who holds a monthly salon and political organizing gathering called LA Cafe, said that she advises those who are fretting over the election that “the best way to feel better is to take action, rather than sitting around wringing your hands. That is not a very healthy position.”

She also is trying to steer worried donors and others to Movement 2016 and Voto Latino, two groups that help direct money to what she sees as the most effective get-out-the-vote efforts.

She said that she may be traveling to Nevada or Arizona on Election Day, where she plans to hand out water, umbrellas or even portable stools for those waiting in long lines.

She’s confident that Clinton is going to win, “but I want her to have the Senate and the House,” she said.

A longtime political activist, Thomas also has some advice for those who are getting too distraught over the coverage.

“Turn off the TV, for goodness sake, and also remember that no matter what, this is still the best country in the world.”

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  1. antiscreed says:

    That’s right douchebags. Lie and lie until your sacks fall off. You’ve proven to be the clear and present enemy within America. Nothing you’ve said is true and your emotional albinism being mind numbed actors and above the line ass kissers make you worthless tio the vast majority of Americans.

  2. FX says:

    Dear Hollywood Libtards,

    The only tyrant runny for office which will destroy America is Crooked Hillary. Should you and the collective intellengence of your associates look at the historical record of the Clinton, its clear that they are nothing more than an organized crime family.

    However, if you are afraid of your dasterly deeds and pedophillia association with the Clinton being exposed… You should be afraid.

  3. D G Farris says:

    Ron Howard and Rob Reiner, now I know whose movies I need to avoid and blast. You forget where your success and money comes from. It is great to know who you really are. Intelligence is not your fame, but stupidity is.

  4. Either one of them will crash and burn this country

  5. Scott Wilson says:

    You goofball liberals don’t even realize you are in for a reality check, True you DO somethingmp will win and your “slaves” from Mmexico and South America are.going home. And some of you are actually going to have to get jobs ,God forbid, and actually produce something. Karma is a terrible thing!

    • “If Trump were to win we will see a dismantling of our democracy we cannot imagine”? The US has never been a democracy. It has always been a representative republic with an electoral college. People from Hollywood should have tried harder to learn something from history class while in school. Lincoln, Frederick Douglas, Harriet Tubman and Martin Luther King were all Republicans. Democrats fought to maintain slavery, founded the KKK, were responsible for segregation, were the party of Jim Crow, the party that interned Japanese-Americans in prison camps during WWII, and also the party that used nuclear bombs on innocent Japanese civilians.

  6. neyney60 says:

    I love the smell of Hollywood desperation. Remember guys that most of you are moving to Canada when Trump wins. We can’t wait to see you go

  7. Mark says:

    The Clintons and the Bushes are the modern day mafia families. If you still believe in either of them you are a misguided fool. Protect yourselves and your families and pray Trump can wrestle our sovereignty back from the global scumbags that want to destroy our great country.

  8. Larry Oldenburg says:

    Hollywood is one big dysfunctional joke

  9. GuillermoF says:

    Liberal maggots in Hellwood better swet, because Trump will drain their swamp.

  10. Michael pollare says:

    Sorry Hollywood we want Trump to be president the American people not actors

  11. Sam says:

    Reading this article only reminds me why I detest Hollywood. A vast majority of these people barely have a high school educadtion, but they act as if they have a P.h.D is political science and world political economy! It is beyond me how they can blindly support a woman that is clearly corrupt; Clinton is just vile, criminal and greedy.
    But, if the liberal elite want to express their stupidity to the world, that’s their prerogative. I just refuse to support it. I haven’t gone to the movies since the late 80’s, and television is just a sick joke.

  12. Alice says:

    ONLY self-interested politicians, the main stream media and a few virtue-signalling left-wingers want to stay in Europe – Oh and the Muslims because infiltrate and leech off of rich Western societies – The reason I wanted BREXIT was to avoid me or my friends being raped or killed under Sharia law – I live in London where unfortunately we now have a muslim mayor – Who incidentally I never voted for and I don’t know anyone who did – I think personally they (the left) have started rigging elections!!!!

  13. Deplorable1 says:

    Why is it that Hollywood thinks they are so much more intelligent than the rest of us? That they are so much more ‘in the know’ than we are? They want to whine and complain about his past, but where is the levity with Clinton’s. I understand that everyone has the right to their own opinions, but when people that have a media outlet speak, they should be held accountable for their words.

    • johnqpubius says:

      Some of these folks are pretty unhinged. The Republic will survive a Trump Presidency. I’m not so sure it can long survive any further politicization of our government departments and bureaus, de facto open borders immigration without assimilation, economic vitality draining crony capitalism, and cynical winks and nudges about towards outright corruption because the perpetrator happens to carry our colors instead of theirs.

      The ill informed, bigoted, unquestioned, lock step contempt shown by the academic and cultural globalist elites and their generally mindless minions (including some of the folks quoted here) towards who they perceive to be the unwashed masses in flyover country will ultimately be the underlying cause of what, I am growing more convinced by the day, will be a convincing Trump victory next Tuesday.

      Michael Moore got something right. The American public will be delivering a bigger f$#k you to the globalist elites than even the Brits did a few months ago in the BREXIT vote… and they will have deserved it.

  14. iodiner says:

    Variety endorses Hillary? There’s really no need to state the obvious, as if there was ever even a remote possibility that a leftist Hollywood rag would consider endorsing anyone other than a democrat. Lol – libs are so stupid.

  15. Abadon says:

    Contemporary Hollywood vindicates Joseph McCarthy. Thin skinned elitist types that either don’t remember or never had real jobs and are out of touch with people that just want to work and not take their neighbors money do not understand who it is that has kept them rich and free. The Left is made up of those that dont know what hard work is and those that want something for nothing. Its that group in the middle that are proud to earn their own way that will vote for Trump. All colors, straight gay or other, whatever the belief, as long as they believe in earning a living will vote Trump.

  16. Jared says:

    Amazing the left doesn’t see th irony in attacking trump over women while they still attend bill clinton rallies.

  17. Molly says:

    How does Trump incite violence? Clinton paid for all the Trump protestors. Video proof isnt enough? How is he racist? Does Ben Carson like racists? How is it that he is a danger to democracy? She’s the one rigging elections. Projectveritasproject.com.
    She’s been under FBI investigation this whole election cycle. Why does CA want that?

    • Ken Valley says:

      An upset? You mean a Landslide, right? Trump has woken up the silent majority and the spirit of America, and they will come out in droves to make him our 45th President. The hypocrite elites in Hollywood elected a done-nothing Marxist as their President, and now our country is in the toilet. President Trump will unite America and these left-wing Communist elitists can either get on board, or move their @$$e$ to Canada. Either way, we American don’t give a rat’s @$$!

  18. Abadon says:

    Terrified? Really? And HRC is the alternative? Hollywood is on crack.

  19. MissTree says:

    Who cares what “Hollywood” thinks? They’re just like the biased news media — it’s all about them losing access. It validates their sense of self-importance. Well, guess what? They’re not important. They’re just very vain.

  20. A Eagle says:

    The Democratic Candidate for Commander In Chief was the only person hauled away unconscious (and missing a shoe) from the 15th Anniversary 9/11 Memorial – a serial fabricator responsible for the violation of some 17 federal crimes, who has conspired to rig an election and paid people to violently attack the supporters of her competition.

    No, Judd, you don’t have to wait until December to be funny. Your dissociative handwringing is plenty hilarious now – it’s just that we’re laughing at, and not with, you.

    Grow up and get ahold of yourselves, for Christ’s sake. The most Iconic real estate developer in contemporary history is not Hitler; the most successful host of the longest running celebrity reality show is not Stalin.

    But your candidate’s senior thesis seems an homage to Marx. I guess you missed it.

    • WingsofCrystal says:

      Hollywood North is ready for you.

      • WingsofCrystal says:

        Sorry Eagle, that comment was meant for those that do not want to stay if Trump is elected. Vancouver is waiting should Hollywood California decide to move.

    • voodoodaddy1 says:

      Today from Rasmussen: “Eighty-eight percent (88%) of voters say they are now certain how they will vote. Among these voters, Trump has a 10-point lead over Clinton – 53% to 43%. Johnson gets two percent (2%) and Stein one percent (1%). This is the first time any candidate has crossed the 50% mark. Among those who still could change their minds, it’s Clinton 36%, Trump 36%, Johnson 22% and Stein six percent (6%).”

      Trump 2016!!!!

  21. Joe says:

    I will never understand how people could even consider voting for a woman that defended her Rapist husband several times in some of the highest profile Rape Cases in american history, then go after the Victims instead of the man that committed the crime.
    Elections are so important to Democrats that they would leave good men to die in Bengazi when there was more than adequate time to send help, just because it might have hurt Obama being elected.
    The mention of Rape in this article should also include that both Hillary and Bill Clinton spent more than thier fair share on Epstiein’s under age prostitution Plane as told by WikiLeaks.
    Liberals should be “Outraged” by the fact that tens of millions of dollars are funding Clinton’s Campaign from Countries that enslave Women and throw Gays of of roof tops.
    It’s unfortunate to be in a place in time where our entire Government seems to be corrupt, but fortunately there is a man willing to give up his “High Roller” lifestyle and shake things up in Washington.
    It is completely unbelievable that there are Americans that would vote for a Criminal because the words of the other candidate offered them, Rape, Murder, Dereliction of duty, irispossible behavior with lives of men working in another country to left to be shot, beaten and left to die in street like Dogs, instead of the Hero’s that they are, that’s what deplorable actually is.
    The People that actually have a case to not Vote for Trump are, the Mega Rich, People that have entered this Country illegally, the Terrorist in training camps across this Country, Google it, its true, we have ISIS Training Camps right here in America, thanks Obama, if you are any of these, then by all means, Vote for a Criminal, but if you are a an American that lives Pay Check to Pay Check, you NEED Trump. If not, the next 4 years are going to set you up for the 4 years after that and not one single thing will change for you or your Family. Vote for Trump, this time change has already started before you Vote, it’s not just an empty promise.
    *My spelling, grammer and punctuation are a easy target for haters to respont to, so save yourself some time and go kick a puppy instead of pointing out the odvious.

    • Luisa Volpi says:

      “If Trump were to win we will see a dismantling of our democracy,” says one leftwing semi-talented narcissist! If this nit-wit knew anything about democracy, he would know that the last eight years under Obama has seen a constant assault on our democracy by both parties. Executive actions that intentionally bypass the constitutionally mandated ‘checks-and-balances, laws, such as Obamacare passed by lying, deceit and obfuscation, in spite of the will of the people who overwhelmingly opposed it. And, thanks to WikiLeaks a backroom-pass to the view the level of corruption and collusion within the DNC, the media, and PACs. Yes, there has been an assault on our freedoms, but it has been by the same party to which the elite in Hollywood bows down. Like it or not, there is a revolution taking place in the US and a Trump administration, who is speaking for tens of millions of Americas will hopefully cleanse this nation of forces which have attempted destroy this once great country from within. Canada is just a border away and the more of you out of touch liberals are more than welcome to leave.

  22. frankenvaughn says:

    Watching these ridiculous, overpaid and sheltered fools soil their diapers is reason enough to want the Democrat Dumpster Party defeated.

    • prevere says:

      Hollywood is the center of the entitlement universe. When we, as a people, use the power of the pocket book, their entitlement days will be over and the rampant SJW mentality will fade in the rear view mirror like a road kill lump as we resume our travel on the road to our our Constitutional Republic.

  23. John From Canada says:

    The angry mobs, drunk on partisanship have allowed a conman to so easily divide them from their fellow Americans and allies.  So many have so easily abandoned the spirit of America and allowed themselves to be seduced by the vulgarity, the fear-mongering, & the fantastical lies spewed by an elitist billionaire who’s only legacy so far has been to rape the system at every opportunity.  Wake up America

    • Sam says:

      Reading this article only reminds me why I detest Hollywood. A vast majority of these people barely have a high school educadtion, but they act as if they have a P.h.D is political science and world political economy! It is beyond me how they can blindly support a woman that is clearly corrupt; Clinton is just vile, criminal and greedy.
      But, if the liberal elite want to express their stupidity to the world, that’s their prerogative. I just refuse to support it. I haven’t gone to the movies since the late 80’s, and television is just a sick joke.

    • Gfy44 says:

      F U Heh!

    • frankenvaughn says:

      Come on now, that’s a little unfair. There’s no evidence that Hillary is a billionaire yet.

  24. Yaspar says:

    What a bunch of hyperbolic drama queens.

  25. Ted says:

    We should file all of these idiotic forecasts they are making about a Trump presidency and throw it in their faces when they do not materialize.

    • Roger North says:

      Hollywood doesn’t need to worry. The fix is in. They have vote shaving software called “Fraction Magic” that guarantees a Clinton win. You can see how it works on Youtube.

  26. Ted says:

    These artistic geniuses are idiots.

  27. Jack Still says:

    At least the airline industry is happy about all the business they will be getting ,even if it is on one way international flights and they will have to fumigate the planes before they return.

  28. billfox284 says:

    Are these hollyweird idiots that blind to the mountain of evidence against H Rotten and the collusion of the state run media? On the plus side for these scared crypto commies, with Weiner and his sexting angle, they’ll have all sorts of sordid scripts ready made that their moguls would have rejected as too improbable. Maybe the more hard core should simply pack for Canada. Cheaper to film there anyway. With most of what they put out today won’t miss it if they all retire. Not one Capra or Jimmy Stewart among the lot. These scum who’ve sullied America with gratuitous violence and sex worry about Trump? Yes, these sickos must all be on drugs. America will be better off if they keep their pledges to leave if Trump wins.

  29. Keith Rockey says:

    Listen up , “WE THE PEOPLE”, who don’t give a damn about the opinions of “YOU THE HOLLYWOOD LEFTIST TALKING ARSES”, are taking this great country of ours BACK!!! Get used to the idea ,or better yet, go live in another country that cater’s to your leftist ideology! What a sad bunch you’ll be on November 9th when you find that the people have spoken. It will be so great to listen to the whining from those who believe that their opinion matters more than anyone else’s. In the end you dou#$* bags, you are so “insignificant” in the grand scheme! Here’s a tip – pack your bags and book your one way trip to bumf#*k, third world country and don’t let the “constitutional door ” hit you in the ass!!! You, Whoopi, Rosie and the likes WILL NOT BE MISSED!

  30. David says:

    I actually enjoyed “This Is 40” but I won’t be watching anything else from Apatow anymore.

  31. dbehsman says:

    This is why I support changing the copyright laws. We can starve these idiots.

  32. pauldia says:

    Our great nation needs an enema and a dose of spirit of Ipicac. Hollywood is full of wonderful human beings I am sure. Caring, open minded , talented and for the most part , eccentric and brilliant. But also highly compensated and yes, out of touch.

    With power comes responsibility. Can anyone honestly say the Clinton’s have been responsible? The laundry list is exhaustive and boring to list. Also, millions of Americans including myself received letters yesterday notifying if a 33% increase in my healthcare premiums. The Law was fraudulently induced, failed on rollout and implementation . It’s very bad Law.

    The country has now had the lights turned on and Wikileaks , Snowden , etc have become the Paul Revere of our time. Not for patriotism , but filling the void of a partisan and corrupt media .

    Trump is not George Washington , he is not even George Constanza, he is just the benefactor of the intersection of time and space. Trump is the vehicle for what seems now a majority of Americas to extend their collective middle fingers at the established order. And that’s the digit they will use to register their votes.

    I do not believe he is racist or anti S emetic . He has embraced his own daughter’s Jewish conversion and his Jewish grandchildren. The inner cities under Democrat policies are very sad. High unemployment , incarceration, drugs, gangs , failing schools, and a bleak future for their children. Trump says he will bring massive investment home from overseas to be spent in Urban America. Makes sense.

    On Nov 9th we will see the sun rise, McDonald’s will open, and the world will turn.
    Hollywood will make movies and shows , maybe a little more anti depressants will be swallowed , but all will be fine .

  33. drdarby says:

    If these Hollywood elitist scum are worried then the American people are in good hands.

  34. Morris Minor says:

    Let them eat cake!

  35. coltlending says:

    The Big Club that we little people are not a part of and that the late, great George Carlin spoke of, speaks.

    The Hollywood/Corporate Media.

    We are not talking past each other. This has become a battle against socialism and freedom.

    Trump is not perfect, but what you see in him is what you get and he is the first one I’ve seen with an America First, Jobs and real sustainable growth philosopy, in addition to a functioning Immigration policy.

    Many of the Hollywood crowd and Democrats say Healthcare is a right, even to people that illegally surge across our border.

    What that has meant to me a self-employed person who for 20 years paid for my own insurance (and tens of millions others) now has to choose between paying my Insurance or eating or paying rent on account of the un-affordable care act Democrats shoved down our throats as regular people in Townhalls across the USA told them not to mess with the existing system.

    Imperfect as 20% of our economy was, Healthcare, it served the most people at the best value, given the imperfections and it even helped the uninsured through the cost of doing so being baked-in to premiums before Obamacare. People weren’t dying in the streets. You went to a Hospital, you received care.

    Something did need to be done, but not this massive catastrophe that is imploading and pricing out people who paid in for decades.

    We needed cross state competition, Tort Reform, synchronization of procedure codes of between Physicians, Hospitals and Insurance Carriers. In addition to a reduction of the plethora of confusing coverage plans with names and numbers that make it impossible to make the proper choices in plans and a full time job verifying if your caregiver accepts your plan. We needed 3-5 basic carrierwide standardized plans and we needed to out families in charge of making their choices.

    Did I mention it’s insane to allow gatecrashers to mooch from the whole system like Gov. Moonbeam advocates??

    And, again, if it’s a “Right” that everyone has Healthcare in some Unicorn & Rainbow world, I should have the right to print money to pay for my obscene premiums and astromomical deductables.

    I haven’t even gotten in to the other crimes of this Administration, the likes of which we have never seen before and which are now coming out in to focus to those who have been busy working multiple part-time jobs on account of this Administration and Democrat socialist policies killing Full-Time jobs.

    We’re not talking past each other, we are seperating those living in reality and those living in fantasy.

    Welcome to reality Hollywood.

    Welcome to a Donald Trump World that you, the UniParty, the UniMedia and Obama built.

  36. Jayson Beard says:

    You’re in the “entertainment” business. Who gives a $#!+ what you think?

  37. Jay Walker says:

    Frightened for our democracy. That’s rich. Try this one on: The Hollywood A-list crowd is frightened that they will lose the access to the Whitehouse that they thought was their given right wIth Hillary’s assured victory. No more Clooney or Decaprio photo ops! The horror…..the horror…

  38. Kathleen says:

    Who cares what Hollywood elites think….they obviously don’t follow current events and only know the CNN talking points. Trump/Pence in a LANDSLIDE…have a nice day

  39. Willie Loman says:

    These folks really need to get out more. Their lack of perspective is quite astonishing. In today’s world of readily available information, it is as if they live in a cave, shut off from the outside world. Or, is it a mental disorder born of decades of inbreeding?

  40. PopsIsHappy says:

    I’m embarrassed and ashamed of what our great Democratic Party has given us to vote for next week. Wikileaks has forced 4 Party leaders to resign already. This tells me the leaks are true. If we lose the WhiteHouse next week, we did it to ourselves.

  41. Joe says:

    Hillary got caught cheating on the debate questions and not one apology? Not one reporter asking her is she ashamed? Not one?

  42. Kathy says:

    Newsflash:Hollyweird has always been riddled with narcissistic communists-Drain that sick swamp as well as D.C. My family have started selecting entertainment that follows our ideals.

    • “I will be funny in December,” wrote Judd Apatow, responding to a Twitter query. “For now I am more concerned with not electing a madman who incites violence and racism.”

      Oh, the drama. There is only one party that has been caught on video admitting they incite violence. It’s not the republicans.

      There is only one party who marginalizes black, brown and gay Americans for not falling in line. It’s not the republicans.

  43. Thecentralscrutinizer says:

    Ahh the HW brain brawl team waxing poetically in their profane laced drivel about people whose names most of them couldn’t spell. The HW thought police control the industry, “if you want to work you had better toe the line and obey the law.” Terminally insecure and a need to be liked by a group with average IQ’s of 50. That HW defined by the Oxford English Dictionary…….look it up!

  44. Christy says:

    It’s “eke,” not “eek.”. :)

  45. John Titus says:

    They live in such a bubble that they don’t realize they are the status quo and we are moving past them. It scares them to have a country where they aren’t in control. Trump will be a fantastic president.

  46. sosrcountry says:

    Hollywood and news reporters were upset when W. was running too.

    You know the biggest reason they kept repeating?

    They wouldn’t be going to the WH for all the parties that Dems have and W. goes to bed at 9pm!!

    That’s how shallow they are.

  47. Justin says:

    Hillary doesn’t need to go to prison…she needs to be executed via guillotine a la Marie Antoinette. Bill needs to be castrated and then sent to a Turkish prison to live out his days. Chelsea needs to make amends with her actual father Web Hubbell and then both given concrete shoes and dumped in the Atlantic Ocean.

    Finally, whatever what pillaged from the Clinton Foundation all needs to go to Bill’s real son.

  48. JEFFCOMO says:

    Attention Canada!! You are about to receive a plethora of America’s Dumbest. Some more dangerous than ISIS.

  49. Don Smith says:

    The Jew PERVERTS running Hollywood get A BIG MIDDLE FINGER from “the little people”. We don’t want your TRASH in our homes, as evidenced by Millions turning off the TV and Millions more skipping the box office.

  50. Jim says:

    Who cares about Hollywood bunch of rich idiots who get paid millions to act not important to world events. They have very little sense of how real world works

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