Clinton SuperPAC Bites Back at Trump’s Barking Hillary Ad

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Earlier this week, Donald Trump’s campaign introduced a 15-second ad interspersing a judo-performing Vladimir Putin and a jihadi terrorist with a clip of Hillary Clinton barking.

On Thursday, a Clinton SuperPAC responded with a very similar video. Instead of Clinton barking, it is Trump talking.

It’s a clip from “Morning Joe” on Wednesday, in which Trump is asked whom he consults with “so that you’re ready on day one.”

“I’m speaking with myself, number one, because I have a very good brain and I’ve said a lot of things,” Trump answers.

Then there is a shot of Clinton, laughing.

“We don’t need another punchline,” the ad says.

The Trump and pro-Clinton spots convey the same message — that “when it comes to facing our toughest opponents,” the U.S. doesn’t need another “punchline.”

The Clinton SuperPAC, PrioritiesUSA, has gotten a big chunk of its financing from Hollywood figures like Haim Saban and Jeffrey Katzenberg. It’s already produced a series of anti-Trump Web videos.

Clinton made the barking noises when she was relaying a story at a campaign event in Reno, Nevada, last month.

One person who is apparently upset over the Trump spot is the Kremlin. A spokesman said they felt “negative” about the ad because it shows a “demonization” of Russia.

See Trump and pro-Clinton spots below.

Is this what we want for a President?

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  1. Troy G says:

    What a great primary season!
    “You can always judge a man by the quality of his enemies.” – Oscar Wilde
    It appears that Donald is a Giant among Men. Why?

    The Republicans hate him
    The Democrats hate him
    The Pope dislikes him intensely (Popes don’t hate you know)
    The Brits want to keep him out of their country if he wins.
    The French are afraid of him
    The Middle East States, almost to a man hate him
    The Lefties hate him
    Obama hates him
    Hillary hates him
    Mexico hates him
    Most Central American countries hate him
    Canada hates and fears him

    And bonus points for the Celebrities who swear they will leave the country!


  2. Richard Paul says:

    Trump’s words were edited out of context. Hillary cackling away like the Wicked Witch only tells me she’s clueless. Trump might have his own limitations, but no question he’s the smarter of the two.

  3. Caz says:

    Trump’s ad with a barking Hillary was hilarious. He won this round.

  4. Lets put it this way we are talking about Donny the tweeter “man” Right? And what they are saying is Hillary can’t handle those “bad guys” One of them who happens to like Trump a lot! And the other one who happens to be dead! And I don’t think Donny killed him, right? But Hillary we can say she was there when we got rid of Bin Laden, Don’t you think? Yeah I say watch out fruit! Her bite is much worse than her bark!

  5. Joe Drager says:

    Lame ad.

  6. She doesn’t realize that hideous laugh helps Trump.

  7. Christina Nguyen says:

    ..good brain. Yes, that’s what we need is Donald’s brain! hahaha. – Independent.

  8. WillyG says:

    To the Democrats are going to try to scare old people again. Pathetic.

  9. Latrese Mcgowan says:

    How original!

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