CBS News Journalist Detained Outside Donald Trump’s Chicago Rally

CBS News Journalist Detained Outside Donald
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CBS News said that one of its journalists, Sopan Deb, was detained by Illinois State Police as he was covering the aftermath of a rally planned for Donald Trump in Chicago on Friday, which the campaign canceled as violent confrontations broke out between supporters and protesters.

“CBS This Morning” ran a segment on his arrest on Saturday, in which Deb is shooting video of police surrounding a man with a bloody face.

Deb said that he was then thrown to the ground and handcuffed, without warning.

CBS News said that Deb was charged with “resisting arrest although there is no sign of that on the video.” Deb is shown identifying himself as a member of the credentialed news media.

According to Deb, an officer placed a boot on his neck to keep him on the ground. His camera was left nearby and later returned to him.

“I’ve never seen anything like what I’m witnessing in my life,” Deb tweeted on Friday evening of the confrontations at the rally.

Speaking at a rally in Ohio on Saturday, Trump called the Friday night confrontations a “planned attack” that “just came out of nowhere,” alleging they were conducted by a professional group looking to disrupt the rally. “We would have had a problem which you would have not believed,” Trump said of the decision to cancel his appearance.

Trump complained that the protests “shut down our First Amendment rights in Chicago.”

At the Ohio rally, the Secret Service briefly surrounded Trump, apparently as a protester tried to get to the stage.

Trump’s son, Donald Trump Jr., tweeted out on Friday that some of the protesters “couldn’t even answer” why they were protesting.

That got a response from musician John Legend, who tweeted, “I think they are protesting your racist father. This isn’t complicated.”

“Here we go again,” Trump’s son responded. “That can’t be the answer for everything you don’t like. That’s why the country is so divided now!”

Legend replied, “no. It’s just the answer when racist racists are saying racist sh– and are endorsed by the KKK.”

See Deb’s video here.


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  1. Ima Right says:

    More phony made up protest and fake media journalist trying to create more propaganda to destroy
    Trump and his supporters because of the failed policies and anti America hate that has been exposed
    on the left from the demoncrap party and their progressive liberal left wing nutjobs who have taken
    over and have the media on their side and brainwashed college dopes who buy into this BS because
    they all live and survive on the hard working American tax payers for their bread and butter because
    they are fing lazy bums who can’t make a living working a real job so they will lose all their freebies
    if their party goes down in flames like the Nazis who did exactly the same thing in WWII and exposed!
    American Real Americans are fed up paying for the free party of the left wing nutjobs of demoncraps!

    • Michele says:

      Try using punctuation in your incoherent ramblings. However, even with it, I can’t imagine you’d be halfway rational. Your twisted logic and ideology makes you the lowest of the low; a prime example of the deterioration of our schools. Your support of a vile man who encourages violence for those who oppose him..,even offers to pay people to do so and to defend them in court, is beyond inconceivable in America! Your black heart, ignorance and anger is much more suited to not see is him rather then democracy! You pitiful wretch of a human being!

  2. Jack Monte says:

    Deb has never seen anything like this before? Really shows how privileged journalists are today. So many horrific things in history. You got beat up, and? Go look at civil rights pictures.What a moron. But he’s a reporter because it’s a dead career and smart people don’t go into that field anymore. Yeah Anderson Cooper is like Walter K. They have no more power than someone tweeting.

    • Michele says:

      What kind of person critiques another’s profession? A profession that is not only imperative to life and liberty for all Americans, but a profession that has specific protection in the US Constitution! Without journalistic integrity, honesty and witness you have anarchy, oppression, propaganda and fascism. Our life in this country that you pretend to love, is based on certain inherent freedoms, and freedom of the press plays a huge part in a functioning democracy. My god, you Trump supporters are the most ignorant of people! This is 2016 not 1950!

  3. Michele says:

    Trump can gloss over the injustice perpetrated on these protesters and to the media, by his gang of thug cops, security, and supporters, yet he clearly eggs this sort of behavior on. Inciting hate and violence with any and all who disagrees with him. We have the proof…I’ve heard it with my own ears! Maybe he needs to brush up on the part about assembly. My God this is 2016 America, not 1936 Germany!!!

  4. Bill says:

    Welcome to the future if this horror is elected, but he has to physically survive the nomination process first.

  5. Alex says:

    Trump supporters punch back….HA!

  6. BillUSA says:

    Racist? Pfffft. The real racist is anyone who keeps ringing the racist bell due to rumors they’ve heard. Trump wants to enforce border security – a common-sense move which I’m sure will be whined about NOT happening when our streets begin to resemble Beirut.

    I’m about as anti-racist as one could be and I don’t get the impression that Trump is one. His words are being toyed with to meet the narrative of those with an agenda that will drive our country back to the dark ages. They think the country owes them an easy life and insist that all rich people are evil. I’m not wealthy, I won’t vote for Trump – but the people of this country (especially on the left) are being downright stupid.

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