Bill O’Reilly Tries to Get Donald Trump to Reconsider Debate Decision

Donald Trump Fox News
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Donald Trump’s decision to skip the Fox News debate? Unchanged.

Fox News’ Bill O’Reilly interviewed Trump on “The O’Reilly Factor” for almost 20 minutes on Wednesday, trying to convince him to reconsider by pointing out that he was making a bad decision. On Tuesday, Trump announced that he would skip the GOP presidential debate on Thursday because of his objections to co-moderator Megyn Kelly and a Fox News press release that made a joke of his claims of journalistic mistreatment.

“You are depriving people of seeing you in a forum they want to see you in,” O’Reilly said to Trump at one point.

O’Reilly asked Trump if he would at least reconsider. Trump didn’t commit to that, and even objected to O’Reilly asking him such a question.

“You and I had an agreement that you would not ask me that,” Trump said, calling it an “embarrassing question.”

Trump instead will hold a rally in Des Moines on Thursday and raise money for veterans organizations.

Rivals like Ted Cruz have chided Trump for skipping the debate, while O’Reilly noted that should he become president, geopolitical rivals would give him a lot more unfair treatment. Trump, however, insisted that Kelly was unfair in asking a question at the first debate in August over his treatment of women.

“I don’t like being taken advantage of,” Trump said. “In this case, I was being taken advantage of by Fox.” While O’Reilly suggested that he was letting petty things get to him and had to rise above it all, Trump said that such a personality trait would carry over into getting better deals from other countries like Iran.

“It is a personality trait, but I don’t think it is a bad personality trait,” Trump said, while insisting he was not “walking away.”

But O’Reilly said that Kelly’s question was within “journalistic bounds,” even though he said he may have asked it a different way.

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  1. Pastor Burt says:


    Fox News through Bill O’Reily reached for the Bible and claimed that Donald Trump had the duty to (Matthew 5:39) “turn the other cheek.” concerning the treatment he had received by Fox News.

    No, using “turn the other cheek” is a misuse of the scriptures. Turning the other cheek does not mean that Christians are to be doormats for those who are their enemies. God never intended that His children to allow themselves to be used or victimized. In fact, appropriate scripture to quote should have been this: (James 4:7) “Resist the devil and he will flee from you.” The duty of a Christian is to take responsibility and stand firm. Christians are not to allow themselves to be abused.

    Second, Bill O’Reily also reasoned that Donald Trump had a responsibility to forgive. Certainly, Christians are to forgive. Forgiveness however is not a free ride. Forgiveness is not to be given as a license for the continuing of abuse. Forgiveness is to be given when those that wrong Christians “repent” and give their word not to wrong the Christian further in the future. In this case, Fox hasn’t done that. In that first debate, Megan Kelly was given that question from her superiors with the instruction to take Donald Trump down. Donald Trump was not a member of the club. He was not the establishment’s choice. In that first debate, the moderators were told by their superiors to end his candidacy. Fox News now demands “forgiveness” for trying to manipulate the Democratic process. Presently, “forgiveness” is inappropriate.

    Donald Trump mistake is that he is blaming Megyn Kelly for doing the bidding of her superiors. She was only the messenger. However, Donald Trump has every right and certainly a duty to demand and gain assurances from Fox News that it will return to its job of reporting the news, not in furthering Rupert Murdock’s vision of deciding who leads the country. That duty, to make those choices is for America’s voters. Take care America. Until the next time …

    Pastor Burt

  2. Matt1 says:

    Trump got scared off by a girl. That’s hilarious!

  3. Frank says:

    It’s pretty clear that O’Reilly had been put up to plead Fox’s case. They’re going to lose a ton of money from advertisers who don’t want to pay up for a second rate debate with all the GOP “also rans”.

  4. Mr. Trump was just on with O’Reilly. O’Reilly at the opening said nothing personal, just issues. He lied. O’Reilly agreed with Trump that he would not ask him to come to the debate. He lied. Mr. Trump has principles, Mr. O’Reilly does not.

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