Celebrities Slam GOP Candidates Over ‘Anti-Immigrant Fear’ in Open Letter

Donald Trump 'Anti-Immigrant Fear' Slammed by

Carlos Santana, Benjamin Bratt, America Ferrera and George Lopez are among the celebrities who have signed on to an open letter chiding GOP presidential candidates for “pandering to the anti-immigrant base of the Republican Party that idolizes Donald Trump.”

Also signing were Ivonne Coll, Dolores Huerta, Aubrey Plaza and Zoe Saldana. The letter was released on Thursday by People for the American Way, the progressive group that was co-founded by Norman Lear.

“There’s no coming back from this,” their letter states. “We’ve seen clearly that all the leading Republican candidates have sided with the far-right at the expense of the Latino community. They’re capitalizing on negative stereotypes and inaccurate information about our community in order to win votes from the GOP base.”

While the letter states that the “downward spiral began with Trump,” “stoking unfounded anti-immigrant fears,” it also says that “candidates – including supposed “moderates” like Jeb Bush and Marco Rubio – used dangerous, divisive rhetoric and proposed harmful policies in their efforts to win over Trump’s radical supporters.”
“Even if the eventual Republican nominee backtracks on his or her anti-immigrant sentiments, we must not forget that we’ve now seen that in the face of bigotry, the Republican candidates have chosen to turn their backs on our community,” the letter states.

The complete letter is here.

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  1. Ml says:

    ”Anti-immigrant fear”? That sounds odd.

  2. wiggl wagon says:

    “stoking unfounded anti-immigrant fears,”?

    The United States LEGALLY admits over 1 MILLION new citizen “immigrants” every year. They are not the problem.

    The illegals willingly and deliberately refuse to abide by the laws. They are the problem. They are teaching their children that the laws do not apply to them. That is not the kind of people that build good families and good countries.

  3. In this Obamas failing reign we have seen riots in the street, as unemployment is has become rife.

    Why is it low income Black Americans are unable to find a job; why is low income white American unable to find a job, why is low income Hispanic or Latino’s unable to find a job, why is any low income citizens or green card holder cannot find a job, because the Republican establishment and Democrats in the hierarchy class have completely disregarded immigration laws. Many American and documented immigrants know full well that Obama has been pandering to millions illegal aliens. The majority of politicians are mainly interested in getting reelected and forgotten that they are in Washington to keep themselves available to the voter.

    President Obama has caused more damage to this country, by adding another 9 trillion dollars to the earlier federal deficit. His far reaching illegal executive order has not even placed a key in the lock of the wide open access to our border and millions have poured in from every point below the Southern border. With the Obama orders the US Border Patrol have been restrained at the border, as are the local police across the country that have low esteem, and are hesitant to stop anybody in any sector. From the highest levels of government a new directive makes it impossible for agents to carry out their duties.

    For decades the Southern border has remained poorly maintained and most of the sectors are nothing but a few strands of barbed wire. My own opinion it’s a clandestine conspiracy between the two relevant parties, with a limited amount of man power that intercept a few illegal aliens. Former president George Bush made the effort to build 700 miles of double layer fencing, but that faded away. For the Republicans not to build a wall, it’s to keep a daily ration of cheap labor for their Special interests who pay their way. The Democrats who are not barring any illegal immigrants, specifically families with children– the taxpayer becomes the provider. As a taxpayer, a working taxpayer you must keep supporting CHEAP LABOR and who collects the profits, the business owners. Something over 100 billion dollars a year, that would fiscally support our senior Citizens and more aftercare for the Veterans who have been forgotten by both the Left and Right.

    The Democrat Hillary Clinton, the socialists as Bernie Sanders and the progressives will just leave a gaping hole in immigration enforcement and it’s already proven that Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio was involved with passing Amnesty. Then there is Jeb Bush, John Kasich will pledge to end the illegal alien war, but that will diminish as time goes by. Other than Donald Trump he is the ONLY strong lawmaker to stand against Congress. He will not only has the tenacity to build a wall between US and Mexico where bribery is rampant, but Trump has the guts to throw out every illegal executive order of Obama and his lapdogs and put in that 1000 mile wall, to obstruct not only illegal aliens, but recruit a new army of agents along the border. When we are talking about Hillary or Sanders, they are just telling there audiences exactly what they want to hear, but have no way of carrying these issues out. Trump just tells his people exactly how things are, and doesn’t try to present things that are impossible. Jeb Bush and the others of the establishment status will dance to the tune of their wealthy overseers and the Super PAC’s

    As Trumps said the squeaks from the environmentalists about creatures unable to traverse the wall, will have no restraint on his construction; then from the point of view within the wall, more recruitment of ICE agents to end jobs going to unauthorized labor by raids on unworthy businesses who under the impression they are exempt from being audited utilizing Mandated E-Verify. Once companies realize that they can be fined or could even be incarcerated, they will start giving out pink slips; there will be a role for informants in every business nationwide to inform that illegal aliens are stealing the jobs from Americans and then the exodus will begin.

    Trump will also take on the Overstays that seems forever have come to America disguised as the Average tourist, businessman and never left after their visa expired. New immigration laws will convert the Overstay status, to another illegal immigrant and therefore can be deported or repatriate themselves.


    Other than the fact I support Donald Trump as President, and send an article to newspapers on Facebook and also Facebook groups this Social organization has banned me temporary. I thought America was a country of free speech, but obviously it’s not tolerated by some individual Democrat, Liberal, or part of the Republican establishment. I use no bad words, expletives or anything, other than I believe in Trumps cause?

  4. BillUSA says:

    When will retards out there understand that anti-immigration isn’t synonymous with illegal immigration? They are the last people to dictate politics because they live in a fantasy world far removed from reality for most people. This is exactly why I wait until nature takes over after I’ve ingested egg burritos and vegetable juice when ever I want to hear something worth listening to from celebrities.

  5. dryedmangoez says:

    Wanting to solve ILLEGAL immigration does not equal “Anti-Immigrant.” But if they want to overgeneralize then that’s their right to do so.

    • Dunstan says:

      That’s right, dryed. Trump’s not anti-immigrant. He only described an entire group as being rapists and criminals. Look up the stats on rapists in the US. Like almost everything Trump says, it’s pure bullying, name calling and a fabrication, otherwise known as right-wing extremism, taken to the nth degree.

      • dryedmangoez says:

        Trump’s comments about Mexicans was outrageous. But my comment was directed towards the idea that all Republicans are anti-immigrant which is certainly not the case at all. It’s more about the tendency for both sides to generalize statements instead of making clear distinctions.

        Such as “anti-illegal immigration” =/= “anti-immigrant” – But neither Democrats nor Republicans ever want to make that perfectly clear since it doesn’t help with their base of supporters, unfortunately.

  6. Kevin thomas says:

    Move to south america, the current US policy is pushing jobs there so pack up and go make your land better. Put your money where your mouth is, success is the best revenge. Go help your “community”don’t just whine about it.

    • Dunstan says:

      Kevin, your response is absurd. Like Trump, you make gross (in every sense of that word) generalizations. “Current US policy is pushing jobs there (South America).” Which jobs? How many? Which industries? And what is the exact policy you’re referring to?

      I’d like to know how much of your tax dollars you’re going to spend on Trump’s wall between the U.S. and Mexico because Mexico sure as hell isn’t paying for it. And the Congressional Budget Office has estimated the cost to be extreme.

      And from which statistics are you drawing your conclusions about South America? How many illegal immigrants are from there at all? And you neglected a very salient point: Mexican immigration is down substantially from previous levels.

      Trump’s theories on immigration are positively Hitlerian but then, maybe that’s something you know a bit about.

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