Disney, Marvel to Boycott Georgia if Religious Liberty Bill Is Passed

Guardians of the Galaxy
Courtesy of Marvel/Disney

The Walt Disney Co. and Marvel Studios indicated opposition to a Georgia religious liberty bill pending before Gov. Nathan Deal, saying that they will take their business elsewhere “should any legislation allowing discriminatory practices be signed into state law.”

With generous tax incentives, Georgia has become a production hub, with Marvel currently shooting “Guardians of the Galaxy 2” at Pinewood Studios outside Atlanta. “Captain America: Civil War” shot there last summer.

“Disney and Marvel are inclusive companies, and although we have had great experiences filming in Georgia, we will plan to take our business elsewhere should any legislation allowing discriminatory practices be signed into state law,” a Disney spokesman said on Wednesday.

The MPAA, representing major studios, has already spoken out against the legislation. On Monday, an MPAA official called the pending legislation “discriminatory,” but expressed confidence that Deal would not sign it.


Captain American-Civil War

‘Captain America: Civil War’ New Trailer Reveals Spider-Man

“We are confident that Governor Deal will not allow a discriminatory bill to become law in Georgia,” said Vans Stevenson, MPAA senior vice president of state government affairs.

The legislation has spurred opposition from business groups in the state, who fear it will trigger the kind of backlash that forced Indiana to reconsider its religious liberty legislation that passed last summer.

On Saturday, Human Rights Campaign president Chad Griffin urged studios and production companies to refuse to commit to any further productions in Georgia if Deal does not veto the legislation.

Georgia legislators passed the bill last week. It protects religious officials from having to perform same-sex marriage ceremonies, and would allow faith-based organizations to deny services or employment to those who violate their “sincerely held religious belief.”

Deal, a Republican, has not indicated whether he would sign or veto the bill.

By some estimates the state has moved into the No. 3 position for production, behind California and New York. According to the state’s Dept. of Economic Development, $1.7 billion was spent on production in fiscal 2015. In 2007, it had been $132.5 million.

Update: AMC Networks, which makes “The Walking Dead” in Georgia, issued a statement opposing the legislation.

“As a company, AMC Networks believes that discrimination of any kind is reprehensible,” a company spokesman said. “We applaud Governor Deal’s leadership in resisting a previous version of this divisive legislation and urge him to reject the current version as well.”

Deal had released a statement earlier this month, before the current version of the bill was passed, saying that he would not sign legislation he thought could be used to discriminate. He has been a big champion of building up the state’s film industry, and came to Los Angeles last summer to interest filmmakers in shooting there.

Second Update: Viacom also has weighed in opposing the legislation.

A spokesman said, “Viacom is proud to champion diversity and acceptance, which are core values of our company. We have enjoyed doing business in Georgia for many years and we urge Governor Deal to continue to resist and reject the patently discriminatory laws being proposed.”

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  1. Diane says:

    I think Gov. Deal should say “Bye bye Disney. We’d rather have Jesus any day!”

    • Jonathan says:

      I couldn’t agree more. Since when is it OK to one freedom to over rule another. Religious groups have rights to, its not like there isn’t “justice of the Peace” that can preform these so called marriages, I use that term very loosely in this case. I may be Canadian but I hope the governor signs this bill it is necessary to protect religious freedom in a true democracy!

  2. Maybe it’s time for disney and marvel to understand that people care more about their freedom of expression than their half baked movies…

    • plus, if the law passes , many people will go live there, they feel safer there

      • Jerrod k says:

        And what about the even larger group of people who are no longer safe? You Bible thumpers only care about “muh rites” and do nothing but cry when you don’t get your way about something that literally has nothing to do with you.

  3. str8fobia says:

    Well then I will no longer support Disney.

    • Jim Beck says:

      Have you see Zootopia? They clearly don’t want money from bigots, so move along, child. You won’t be missed.

      • So what Beck. Disney has lost its creativity. It relies on other people’s successes and brings nothing fresh and new. Disney laid off competent and good employees and replaced them with cheap foreign workers. Disney used to have package deals and it was paid in full prices and the event was an experience. Now they charge extra no matter what package you buy and nickle and dime you for the most ridiculous things. The “experience” is more like a roach motel and if you will get out alive and unmolested by all their “special” guests. They ruined the franchises of Winnie the Pooh, Pixar, John Carter, the Lone Ranger, ESPN, and in recent history Star Wars. How many Death Stars have to be destroyed before the Empire or the Disney execs figure out that the bomb the generators trick is getting old? Disney produces yawn worthy crap. It’s label used to draw audiences and now it serves as a warning label because the brand is tarnished. Plus we all get the added benefit of “fans” like you who throw around smears like bigot. That word used to have some sting but they don’t anymore. I know the people who use them are brain fried.

  4. Angelica says:

    I think a group has the right to exclude people.. For instance a women’s club should not be forced to accept men. however when they seek to impose their exclusion or persecution of people in society then I would object.

  5. Philip Barto says:

    I sure hope that Georgia lets Disney Know that it isn’t For Sale! And that it won’t be led around by the nose by Disney Money and Desires, and won’t be told how to run State Government and affairs.

    • Jim Beck says:

      I sure hope you know that 100s of millions of dollars of Georgia’s economy is at stake, and that Disney is under no obligation to provide money to bigots.

  6. Yea, Disney knows all about fairness –> Disney says screw you to American IT workers with H-1B immigrants

  7. nancyg22 says:

    Aw, sad that I have to boycott AMC. I don’t watch or purchase anything Disney produces, and have no interest in the NFL. I also watch nothing by Viacom, but the AMC boycott will be painful. Bye TWD, TD, and FtWD.

  8. kylevpirate says:

    Lol I can not believe people are still ignorant and stupid to believe in religion. Christians are so un Christ like. You are all going to burn in Hell anyways

  9. john says:

    If the Governor doesn’t sign the bill you know he has been fully bought by Hollywood.

  10. stanJames says:

    this reminds me of the redneck’s job advertisement I found in my Dads papers . He had returned from wwii with no injuries, needed a job

    the job advertisement ended “…………….Jews and colored need not apply”

  11. Blake Henry says:

    We MUST have diversity. If we could only force everyone to see that!?! If we could only destroy any opposing viewpoint, all that’s left is the ‘right kind of thinking!
    I’m so proud that all of Hollywood has come out in force against any government that would allow people to conscientiously dissent from diversity on any grounds. No entity should be allowed to operate according to their own moral compass. They MUST obey the unwritten law of diversity.
    All we need now is a strong ruler to guide us on that path. Everything will be wonderful.

  12. Mort says:

    The US government has been using economics to disincentivize activities it deems inappropriate for a long time. That’s democracy in action folks. The scary thing about this move is that, according to this article, the Georgia bill is simply protecting the rights of churches so that they do not have to perform gay marriages. No one should be able to tell churches what they can and cannot do, and no one should tell gay people what they can and can’t do. Problem solved. Disney is overreaching here IMO.

    • m says:

      There is nothing legally forcing churches to perform any marriages, gay or otherwise. The law is unnecessary for that purpose.

  13. Cecil Henry says:

    Diversity means everyone MUST think alike about diversity. Freedom now from this coercive, enforced, parasitic, anti-white, genocidal diversity.

    Tolerance means people are free to practice their beliefs, live and associate with who they want, and YES, discriminate in the conduct of their daily lives. That is called FREEDOM

    • stanJames says:

      sound like you dont undeerstand Mort churches are absolutely protected from doing anything to which they object

      Also tresspass laws applyt – they can chase anyone off their property for even no stated reaSon or have them arrested for tresspassing

      lots of lies about this part of religious freedom ffloating around extreme conservative circles

      the marriage laws apply to all including gay couples, only for civil marriage , has nothing to do with what churches do or dont do etc

  14. Romeo says:

    Just as a state can make Laws, a film out can opt to boycott any place they want. There is always a free will. But of course free will also does not connote choosing our gender. In reality we can never choose to be male or female when we are born It is beyond the scope of humans.

  15. snakedoc01 says:

    This headline is bogus. Marvel is OWNED by Disney. So of course if one boycotts, the other will as well. Just goes to demonstrate the level of duplicity by some people.

    • Jim Beck says:

      They’re not being deceitful at all. They were trying to make the point that this concerns Marvel Entertainment, because of work they’ve done in Georgia. That’s why they included Marvel Entertainment and not Star Wars, which is also owned by Disney. Plus, even though Disney owns Marvel, much of it is still run as a separate entity that makes its own decisions, as set forth in their contract. It’s actually pretty common, and neither you nor I are privy to the details of that contract, so neither of us can really say how everything is run.

  16. ChristWasAGentileHatingJew says:

    These so-called Christians don’t even know who Christ was, or what he preached. Your religion is the religion of PAUL, not Jesus. Morons.

    Read some fucking history. Paul created all your dogma, and Jesus’s own brother James disagreed with all of his teachings. You’re so clueless it’s sad.

  17. 2tellthetruth says:

    I enjoy going out to preach on the streets for people to repent and come to Jesus or risk burning in hell forever, these crazy Hollywood companies want to hire me? HAHAHAHA! WHAT HYPOCRITES!!!

  18. 2tellthetruth says:

    HAHAHA I am a strong outspoken Christian Born again talk about my love for Jesus often will these HYPOCRITE companies hire me knowing all that???

    • Cathy D says:

      You don’t sound like a Christian. Too much anger coming from you. Jesus didn’t discriminate in any way, shape or form. He didn’t stir up division. He talked and preached about love. You are doing the opposite.

    • Brett says:

      You are obnoxious. That is why Disney and I imagine many companies would tend to walk in the other side of the street from you.

  19. Stacy Scott says:

    Keep up the good fight Christians should not bow down to these things that are against Christ I don’t care who it offends

    • Cat D says:

      Do you ever read the New Testament? Jesus tells us it is all about love, being hospitable, being helpful, to spread the Gospel, not to criticize, judge, offend or slander another and of course the 10 Commandments.
      I would bet that most of you break at least 1/3 of the 10 Commandments on a regular basis.

  20. Lawrence Bryan says:

    Why is it OK for the left to disagree with the right, but never OK for the right to disagree with the left. Religious organizations hold their beliefs to be true that a marriage is between one man and one woman. Period. You want to disagree with that, fine, but respect our position to disagree with you.

    • Jim Beck says:

      It’s interesting that you deleted he last line of your statement,which was: “Still have a problem with that? Go suck your buddies dick and fuck yourself.” I guess you didn’t want to show your true non-Christian values, huh? Knowing your true feelings means you shouldn’t have a voice, because a 15-year-old mentality has nothing of value to add to this conversation.

    • Josh says:

      But it’s not right. The left wants equality. You on the other hand want more then others. How is that right? It doesn’t matter if you disagree with it, it should still be allowed. Jesus loved everyone, and yet religions like Christianity basically insult his memory by causing the most hate in the world. You really think Jesus Christ would of walked up to some gay kid and beat the crap out of him and tell him he deserved to die like some religious people do? No. The religions we have now, and the truth has completely been lost to time, but to me, it’s obvious they were created to just keep everyone hating everyone else.

      • Jeff King says:

        Josh said; Christ would of walked up to some gay kid and beat the crap out of him and tell him he deserved to die like some religious people do? I say no, he would have healed him, and told him he was forgiven, and to go, and sin no more!

      • stanJames says:

        just another example lawrence of the right wingers claiming to be the victim when in fact they are the victimIZER

      • Copperhead says:

        “walked up to some gay kid and beat the crap out of him and tell him he deserved to die like some religious people do”
        I am 46 years old, and I have never once heard of a professed Christian doing that.

  21. lonniec30747 says:

    Has anyone actually read this bill?? Everything I saw said “faith based organization” and defined that as an entity that is qualified as tax exempt by the IRS. It also says that they may or may not…and that if they don’t, they can’t be sued in civil court. So, to tell a minister that he must marry two folks that are gay, then by those opposing this bill, he must and has no personal choice…that’s ridiculous…if a business or whatever isn’t a qualified “faith based” organization, then this doesn’t apply to them anyway. This would be interesting, two guys go to a Muslim imam and asked to be married…just sayin…

  22. I’m boycotting Marvel until they get out and stay out completely of politics.

    • Alejandro Flores-Ibarra says:

      Join DC then, their BIG movie universe will be starting in less than 24 hours and they’d LOVE to have you onboard! :D


      • Jim Beck says:

        Man of Steel was one of the worst superhero movies ever made… and Dawn of Justice has about 20 good minutes. Sorry, but as much as I love Batman and Superman, their “big” movie universe pales in comparison. Snyder made sure of that.

    • Y’know, there’s a lil’ comic book of theirs called “X-Men” that have always been socio-political.

  23. Alejandro Flores-Ibarra says:

    ….Politics and The Arts should NEVER EVER MIX!

    That’s all I’m going to say, to each their own…

  24. Gio says:

    Then take your business else where.. if it’s OK to be gay WHY IT’S NOT OK TO BE STRAIGHT and defend our rights as straight ppl. Let the GAY be GAY but don’t come around during suiting our church just bcus you feel discriminated

    • Mike Hubbard says:

      So you are fine with religious discrimination? It would be OK with you if a restaurant refused to let you eat there, or an apartment refused to allow you to rent there, or an employer refused to hire you, or you weren’t allowed to buy a house that you made an offer on, or you were refused for a loan or credit card, or a store refused to sell something to you because you are a Christian? Or would you be crying about a war on Christianity?

      • snakedoc01 says:

        Geh, could your comments be more of a red herring? A fast food worker at Chick Fil-A or anywhere else won’t be able to tell if anyone is gay. The issue is when people who don’t understand the free market want to force a Christian baker to make a cake for a gay wedding, rather than going to another baker who would provide the service.

        If people actually understood that it’s ok to not associate with who you want, and the adult thing to do is to go to someone who you believe represents your beliefs rather than whining to government about “discrimination”, some of these problems wouldn’t be happening.

      • lonniec30747 says:

        Everything I saw said “faith based organization” and defined that as an entity that is qualified as tax exempt by the IRS. It also says that they may or may not…and that if they don’t, they can’t be sued in civil court. So, to tell a minister that he must marry two folks that are gay, then by those opposing this bill, he must and has no personal choice…that’s ridiculous…if a business or whatever isn’t a qualified “faith based” organization, then this doesn’t apply to them anyway. This would be interesting, two guys go to a Muslim imam and asked to be married…just sayin…

  25. James Moffo says:

    $$$$$$ money over morals good move, NOT! Read your Bibles.

  26. PMA says:

    Sign the damn bill – other states and countries need the business !!!

  27. Z says:

    So many butt hurt bigoted Christians here in the comment section. You all cherry pick from your Bibles. Not a single one of you follow all laws and rules in it. You pick and choose what suits you best and ignore the rest. Stop whining. If your religion really is true, you will burn in hell too.

    • snakedoc01 says:

      More like ignorant people who don’t understand the Bible. It says we are all sinners and fall short of the glory of God, but Christians are forgiven by accepting Christ. But you know what it doesn’t say? Be like the world, accept sin, just because you sin.

  28. Heidi says:

    How about the left try doing this to Muslims that have businesses?

  29. strawberrygirl says:

    Let’s see Disney take a brave stand against China’s abysmal human rights record. I guess virtue signaling is easier when it doesn’t lose anything financially.

  30. anti Christian bigotry is running rampant in this country

    • Wiliw says:

      Bigotry is fine, and totally legal. I can personally dislike Christians until the cows come home and there isn’t a damn thing anyone can do about it. What I cannot do is discriminate against them in public accommodation. See the difference?

      • Jim Beck says:

        “pretend marriage ceremonies”

        You sound like a truly great friend. Oh no, wait… I meant a horrible friend. Yeah… horrible.

      • I can personally feel fearful, sad, sorry, tolerant & compassionate for activist or humble gay friends (even if they marry the flippin cows!) I can kindly sell them houses, lands, motel rooms, cars, clothes, food, pizzas, desserts, photography, make-up, etc… What I cannot do is participate in or contribute to their pretend marriage ceremonies or receptions, or let them work in ministry positions in the church. SEE THE DIFFERENCE?

      • Dave says:

        You should be able to refund to do business with anyone you wish, and that includes Christians.

        There is no right to the labor of others.

        Before you say there is, please realize that neither lawyers or doctors are obligated to take you as a client or patient (emergency excepted). Why should a photographer be forced to take a job?

  31. Sire says:

    “Disney and Marvel are inclusive companies…”, unless you happen to be religious, apparently. Typical liberal hypocrisy. They want to aggressively insert themselves into state politics and strong-arm a good portion of the citizens of Georgia because they disagree AND think they have the muscle to bully people into agreeing with them. Well chalk another one up for the destruction of free speech and our other protected rights in the First Amendment under the supposedly protective sheep’s clothing of the Left.

    Disney has nothing to be so arrogant about, as it has fallen from the great plateau of morality and ethics it once represented and embodied. If Walt were alive yet, he would be ashamed of the company as it stands today, and every elitist running the place. No one deserves rights that subjugate the rights of others, especially a greedy corporation that claims to be standing for it’s employee’s rights, when in fact they are merely looking out for their own legal interests against potential lawsuits if the bill is passed. So let them boycott Georgia. Everyone else has the same right to boycott them with their own pocketbooks as well by not giving Disney their patronage.

    • WillieP says:

      For all who are commenting have you read the Bill? Here is an excerpt from the Bill:
      To protect religious freedoms; to provide for defenses and relief related thereto; to amend Chapter 3 of Title 19 of the Official Code of Georgia Annotated, relating to marriage generally, so as to provide that religious officials shall not be required to perform marriage ceremonies, perform rites, or administer sacraments in violation of their legal right to free exercise of religion; to provide that no individual shall be required to attend the solemnization (celebration) of a marriage, performance of rites, or administration of sacraments in violation of their legal right to free exercise of religion;

      Does this need to be a law, I don’t know. I thought this protection would be granted under the separation of Church and State legal understanding. I guess Georgia want it to be clear they are not going to get involved in such matters, even if the offended party want to bring their grievance to court.

      Personally, I wouldn’t want certain ministers, rabbis, clerics or individuals to perform or attend my marriage.

  32. zinli says:

    Maybe the 76% of Americans should boycott the Anti-American Disney bigots. If the 32 states that voted in their constitution not to accept the gay lifestyle bullying agenda and the money started running short at the box office Disney would get the message. This is what we will get if we vote another democrat into the White House this next coming election. The majority of the US still does not accept this odd, unnatural, and abnormal behavior that 1.6% of the US chooses to practice. How come Disney doesn’t make more all gay movies? Why, because they still know no one will pay and take their family to see an immoral sick lifestyle. Its sad when you have to force people to tolerate something that no one wants. Give me my religious freedom as a voter and tax payer alone with the majority of Americans.

    • Jim Beck says:

      “The majority of the US still does not accept this odd, unnatural, and abnormal behavior that 1.6% of the US chooses to practice.”

      You’re wrong. There has been a big shift of tolerance, acceptance, and equality in recent years. Even many Christians are beginning to stop picking and choosing what they’re okay with and are in favor of gay marriage (the progressive ones). Just like allowing women to vote and desegregating our communities, you has-beens will have to deal with equality in this regard, too. Stick to your bigoted ways if you’d like… but you’re a dying breed.

  33. John Stephano says:

    If the governor does not sign this bill, I will make sure I never again take a vacation in Georgia.

  34. Scott says:

    Several hundreds of comments ago someone stated that this law would permit the discrimination against heterosexual inter-racial couples because that relationship could be against the “strong religious belief” wording of the bill. Others claim it’s just another variety of Jim Crow laws. With all this in mind and some extensive internal debate, I’ve come to the conclusion that they are right…..under some conditions. When Jane and BillyJoeJimBob lily-white, neo-nazi, fascist, foul-mouthed, trailer trash decide it’s time to get married and they roll up on the African Methodist Episcopal Church of Jesus Christ the Redeemer Cavalry Church of G-d and demand of the portly, black, ordained minister of the Gospel and his all-black congregation that they have to conduct the wedding because they paid for it on-line……I’ll let that marinade a while….Good for gooses, good for ganders…

  35. Dawn Coon says:

    Seriously has every one in this country lost their minds? Our country was based on religious freedom and it is guaranteed in the constitution. If you want to get married, why do you want to “force” someone who doesn’t share your beliefs to marry you or risk being sued? I understand protection of gay/lesbian rights, however lets not forget that those who have religious beliefs that do not agree with that lifestyle shouldn’t have to violate their own rights simply because you say so. This isn’t hate guys and gals this is protecting those who have a different opinion. If I recall the gay community fought to earn their rights, job well done, however that doesn’t give you the right to take others rights away from them. Each of us are entitled to believe what our faith teaches us, and the constitution guarantees that we have the right to that belief and in my opinion all those who are threatening “what they will do if it goes through” need to be sued for violation of religious freedoms. All you major companies throwing your weight around threatening those who believe different, you are no better then mobsters, terrorist, or school yard bullies trying to make others do what you want because you are powerful. Shame on all of you for trying to prevent religious freedom for others.

    • Lee Thach says:

      If your religious beliefs conflict with your job, then don’t work at that job anymore. But you chose to stay at that job, which means you either need to perform your job or quit. Take responsibility for your beliefs, instead of projecting those responsibilities onto others.

  36. Why doesn’t Disney take thier silly movie and PC buffoon hypocrite executives and film it in Iran and see what real discrimination is like…

  37. Dewoyne says:

    I’m a Christian and I believe everyone has the right to love who they want, when it comes to you and the mate you choose. Now with that being said, I also believe just like you have the right to choose who you want to date or marry. I should also have that same right not to marry you if I’m a pastor. It’s funny how the homosexual community only comes against Christianity, show me one time where they tried to get a Muslim or a Buddhist priest to marry them and go against what they believe. See it’s funny to me how homosexual want to be married by a Christian Pastor, but they don’t want to believe in what the Bible says itself about homosexuality. Leviticus 18:22 , it even cames back in Leviticks 20:13 or how about 1 Corinthians 7:2.
    Now answer this if I took an oath as a pastor to follow what the Bible say and it mentions this. But you don’t believe what the Bible say on this particular topic, why would you come to me to have me try to marry you?

    I know we all fall far short of what the Bible says Christians and all, but if I’m a Christian I have to try to live by what the Bible says the best way that I can. Don’t knock me for that, just like I shouldn’t come at you because of what you choose to believe. Just like you don’t won’t me to force my beliefs on you, don’t do it to me.
    You have Hollywood taken our stories out of the Bible and changing them just for pure entertainment, we see it all on TV, we hear it in the music, and it’s even affecting our cartoons. But your argument is, I’m forcing my beliefs on you. WoW…

    • Teheran Height says:

      But I do agree that pastors should have the right to deny marrying if they feel it’s against Christian values but that right should only be given to ordained Pastors, ministers and priest

    • Teheran Height says:

      You won’t find many other Homosexuals outside of Christianity and if you do none of them would try to marry

      • Wiliw says:

        Two of the three major Jewish sects are fine with it, one (very small) sect of Islam is OK with it, as are Hindus, Buddhists, Shinto and most Native American tribes (I don’t know enough about African tribal religions to say for certain about them). IOW, you are dead wrong.

  38. Jerry says:

    The great Disney has their panties in a wad over a policy in another state. Maybe they should pay attention to what they are doing in their over priced theme parks and let the people of Georgia make their own decisions. Disney should pay attention to fleecing their rich clients and stay out of our business.

  39. Twilight Sparkle says:

    As a person of faith, I am disgusted by the ludicrous amount of homophobia and bigotry. You faux Christians are always going on about religious discrimination, and yet you say nothing when Jews and Christians are being massacred by the hundreds in the Middle East. I for one applaud Disney, Marvel, and AMC for speaking out against bigotry.

    Cue foaming at the mouth rednecks in 3, 2, 1…

    • “Cue foaming at the mouth rednecks?” “Disgusted by the ludicrous amount of homophobia and bigotry? Faux Christians?” What an interesting “faith” you have. It encourages hostility, judging others, self-righteousness and name-calling. /applaud

  40. Adrian angel says:

    I once said that I thought same sex marriages were illogical and a fed replied: you’re the kind of person that can’t be loyal to your own kind.

  41. Greg4jesus says:

    Homosexuality is sinful according to God and the Bible, no one should support or encourage this sinful behavior at all, it actually leads to miserable lives here, and an eternity in hell for the future, not good for anyone in anyway at all.

    • Teheran Height says:

      I’m a Christian, not a Saint though but the bible teaches of all sexual acts are sinful except of husband and wife. There are also many other sinful acts that we do on a daily bases and no sin is bigger than the other except blasphemy against the holy spirit. The bible does speak on any sexual relations between the same sex is forbidden but so is swine and 75 other acts. You pinpoint which sins you want to accept. It’s not your choice or place to judge but are suppose to call out every act that you see.

    • SemperGumby says:

      Please stop trying to force your beliefs on everyone else. Christianity is not the law of the land. Nor should it be. We are a nation that seperate church and state.

      • Well said SemperGumby, however now you must turn that around and stop trying to force your beliefs on others who do not share them. They are entitled to their own beliefs just as you are and if they do not want to marry a gay individual due to their beliefs they shouldn’t have to.

  42. Robert says:

    If the bill operates as described above, then I completely agree with the first part. Pastors and priests should not be forced to officiate gay weddings if they choose not to, and there shouldn’t be a law that affects that either way. I’m an atheist, and about as liberal as they come, but this is separation of church and state. You can’t have it both ways.

    However, as much as I’m for protecting the rights of religious officials to refuse gay weddings, I’m just as opposed to “faith-based” organizations refusing employment for those who don’t share the same belief.

    First, it would be really hard to nail down what exactly qualifies a “faith-based” organization. Does Hobby Lobby qualify? Chick-Fil-A? My guess is that if the leader(s) of the business are religious enough, then their business will qualify, and they’ll be legally free to discriminate based on sexual preference, sexual identity, and religious beliefs, the opposite of what the United States supposedly stands for: equality.

    Why am I for the first part and not the second? Because the church operates as a religious organization. That’s the entire reason for its existence, to serve those who share the same religion. A priest/pastor does not serve the general public, he serves his congregation, and this service is based on his faith. You cannot then force him to violate that faith in order to perform a service that is not legally required. All that is legally required for marriage is a marriage license, which is not obtained through the church, but through government offices. A religious ceremony is a preference, not a requirement.

    Do I wish religious officials would accommodate gay marriages? Of course! I also wish the people in front of me would always drive the speed limit, but I don’t want a law to be passed that requires it. It’s their choice to drive slower if they wish, and I’m allowed to pass them if able.

    In opposition to the second part, the businesses I listed as examples are not religious organizations. They do not serve a congregation. They serve the general public, who may or may not share their beliefs. Their revenue has nothing to do with religion, aside from maybe convincing a few passionate religious people to shop there instead of elsewhere.

    Likewise, their faith does not entitle them to discriminate against people they don’t like. This is why the civil rights movement happened, and why women’s suffrage happened. Those who discriminate have always been on the wrong side of history, and we as a people have stood up time and again to declare it unjust, because we realize that if we don’t protect equality for everyone, there’ll be no one to protect ours if the time comes.

    • “I’m just as opposed to “faith-based” organizations refusing employment for those who don’t share the same belief.” what about “pro gay” institutes who fire their employees for not approving of homosexuality ? isn’t that the same injustice ?

    • MeNotYou says:

      The part about faith based organizations. Why would you want a job with a company that is against your beliefs? Reasons I come up with are it’s the only job you can get and you want to fight them. Sounds like something the group Freedom For Religion would do. It’s not about feeling persecuted. It’s about creating an issue because they hate Christians. I don’t know if that group actually hates Christians, but their actions lean in that direction. They’ll come from many states away to pick fights with people and companies that they don’t agree with. These are people and businesses just happily humming along and not causing problems. The problems are caused by Freedom For Religion. They stir up trouble and make things an issue. We need protection from people like that. Yes, that does happen more often than you think. Some people just want conflict.

      Yea, you probably do have so-called Christians who do the same thing (Westboro Baptist for instance). That’s not right, either.

    • Josh says:


      Per you questions about what qualifies a “Faith Based Organization” in part 2. Below is the term as it is outlined straight from the law…

      (1) ‘Faith based organization’ means a church, a religious school, an association or
      convention of churches, a convention mission agency, or an integrated auxiliary of a
      church or convention or association of churches, when such entity is qualified as an
      exempt religious organization under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code of
      1986, as amended.

      Bottom line, the organization must be 501(c)(3) which Chick-Fil-A and Hobby Lobby certainly are not.

  43. Georgia has came up with a new Jim Crow law geared towards the LGBT community. It seems like the South can’t get out of its own way when it comes to reinventing themselves.

    • Greg4jesus says:

      If the Bible is true than all those who support homosexuality or accommodate their sin are heading for hell forever. Those who warn them and refuse to help them commit this sin are the ones who would actually be loving them. Why would all these people want Christians who believe this is very sinful to have to serve in their weddings at all? That is bizarre!!! Why would they want them involved in their weddings at all? STRANGE!!!

      • MeNotYou says:

        The Bible is true, but just being homosexual isn’t going to send you to Hell. Denying Jesus as our Lord and Savior is what will send you there. You can be gay and be Christian. Whenever you commit a homesexual act you are committing a sin, but if you’re saved you’re saved. We’re all sinners. Jesus died on the cross for all of us. Every last stinking sinner that we are.

      • Sempergumby says:

        I hate how people cherry pick the bible. They raise hell because of an old testement rule. But didn’t Jesus remove the old testement rules….but oh you guys think that this one is somehow different than all the others. This is ridiculous.

  44. Walt Horning says:

    You know what they say, “Goodbye, good luck and good riddance.” Disney has reportedly fired about 250 ciizen employees and hired immigrant replacments. Need I say more? I already have not seen the Disney produced Star Wars, will not give my daughter the money to take her kdis to Disney World, and cancelld Marvel and Disney movies on Netflix. PC now means “pathetic crap”.

    • Jason says:

      I’m glad to know you are happy forfeiting $1.7 worth of taxable income in favor of continuing your hateful beliefs. I agree, good riddance! Bring your money to a state that isn’t stuck in the 19th century!

  45. Sonny Burnett says:

    Wait…wasn’t this the same company that was trying to ban exposed tattoos and open gay affection in their parks a couple years ago?

    • Fred says:

      Park cast members are the only ones who are not permitted to have visible tattoos. And Disney has *never* attempted to ban openly gay affection in their parks. Get your facts straight.

  46. chadsexington says:

    evidently, discrimination against one’s religious beliefs doesn’t bother these people.

  47. Hurst says:

    What is Georgia’s proposed RFRA law all about? Why do Hollywood and Disney filmakers and the NFL want to persecute Christians in Georgia when they currently do business in many of the 31 states that already have a RFRA law in place??? Here are the facts that the media apparently isn’t thorough enough to report:

    The Georgia legislature recently passed a religious freedom bill. It was a compromise piece of legislation. Supporters wanted it to apply to for-profit businesses. That did not happen. Opponents wanted specific language saying the legislation did not allow discrimination. That was added.

    The legislature compromised, but the left does not want to compromise. They want total submission.

    Disney is threatening to pull is film business out of Georgia if the Governor signs the legislation. Pay no attention to Disney operating in states that have even broader religious freedom legislation.

    The NFL says Georgia may put its Super Bowl bid in jeopardy if the Governor signs the legislation. Pay no attention to the NFL considering two other states for that Super Bowl, both of which have religious freedom legislation already.

    What does Georgia’s law do?

    It says no preacher can be forced to perform a religious service in violation of his faith.
    It says no religious organization can be forced to hire people that disagree with the religious tenets of the organization.
    It says the government cannot force a business to stay open on a Saturday or Sunday.

    It specifically says the organizations cannot discriminate against protected classes of citizens.

    The legislation also includes the federal RFRA language that Bill Clinton signed into law.

    That’s it.

    It does not apply to for profit businesses at all. It only applies to religious organizations. It prevents Christian organizations from being forced to hire Muslims; it prevents Muslim organizations from being forced to hire Christians; and it prevents either from having to hire atheists.

    But the left will allow no accommodation for religious entities. They have flat out lied about the contents of the legislation. They have spooked good people into believing things about the law that are not true.

    Now that have summoned Fortune 500 companies and Hollywood to threaten the economic future of the state.

    I hope Governor Deal will side with Georgia values and not Hollywood values, but he is not tipping his hand. Concurrent to all of this is a news media in Georgia that has run propaganda story after propaganda story on the legislation, blatantly misrepresenting it.
    -Erick Erickson

    • Josh says:

      What a fantastic summary of what this legislation is and and what it is not. Wish this could be posted on everyone of these stupid click bate articles being pushed through all these news and “news” outlets.

  48. Text the word PROTECT to 52886 if you live in Georgia to send a letter to Gov. Deal in support of #RFRA.

    Liberals are so INTOLERANT, there is not neutral ground, it’s either their way or no way. Even though there is specific language in the RFRA prohibiting discrimination the protestors are crafting a strawman argumen to scare people.

    One more thing,
    Hey Disney, Florida already has a stronger #RFRA in place. Don’t see you leaving there! I think Gov. Deal should call your bluff,

    • SemperGumby says:

      No specific language? They are now allowed to fire people over there sexuality. This is a disgusting bill.

  49. Eric says:

    Disney should stop bullying in this manner. They are basically saying that GA will lose their money unless GA chooses to support Disney views.

    • Danielle says:

      Actually, GA is trying to pass a law that allows the religious community to do the bullying. If employees don’t support the employers religious views, they will lose their job, their income, their livelihood. Disney agrees with you that bullying in this manner is wrong.

      • Greg4jesus says:

        Why on earth should Reliigious entities have to hire or keep people that disagree with their teachings, their mission? Isn’t this the very basis of freedom of religion???? Are you a tyrant wanting to crush freedom of religion? You would have made a great nazi or communist with chairman Mao’s little red book rounding up Christians for torture and jail, screaming in the Roman Colisium for more Christian blood. What a monster, how did you get this way?

  50. So basically the government is trying to control religious beliefs? If my faith does not believe in gay marriage my government will force me to marry a gay couple? I think I need to study this bill more because if that is the case how can any American agree to that? That is why so many of our ancestors came to this country in the first place. Again I could be way off on what this bill entails.

    • Άя†џяǿ says:

      The Bill is actually stating the opposite of what you just wrote. It is to protect your religion from being forced to do something that is against it’s fundamental beliefs.

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