Correction: Kristen Stewart Sundance Comments Weren’t About Diversity

Comments made in a videotaped interview Monday with actress Kristen Stewart about gender equality in Hollywood at the Sundance Film Festival were erroneously labeled on in a way that suggested she was addressing issues pertaining to diversity. Variety regrets the error and apologizes for any confusion.

The incorrect text accompanying the video was quickly amended, corrections were issued on social media and a re-edited version of the video has been published to make clear what question she was answering. The error was the result of an edit to the web page in which the video was presented without seeing the specific question Stewart was answering, which pertained to a lack of opportunities for female actors and directors.

“Instead of sitting around and complaining about that, do something,” Stewart said in the video. “Go write something, go do something.”

“And that’s easy to say,” she continued. “Like, f–k, it’s hard to get movies made. It’s a huge luxury. Who gets to just make movies? But that subject is just so prevalently everywhere right now, and it’s boring.”

Stewart was at Sundance promoting her new movie “Certain Women,” directed by Kelly Reichardt and also starring Laura Dern and Michelle Williams.

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  1. curious1 says:

    the if your bored do something, write paint is abit insulting, if a man had said that they would have been slammed
    last year HB interview she said it’s harder for women to be heard
    (but doesnt explain in what way)
    but they have their ways of being heard which are unique to them
    not sure what she means by this

    but now she thinks women speaking up for themselvs is boring

  2. curious1 says:

    2016 she doesnt think there is an issue of unfair pay?
    BUT LAST YEAR in Harpers Bizar uk she did think there was an issue, but not now?
    HP kristen was asked do you think HW is sexist kristen “disgustungly, crazy” she saidshe was so proud of Patricia Arquette oscar speach about equal pay,
    she said whe she heard that speach she thought oh maybe I should stic up for myself more, “you get to apoint where you think oh thats good for a girl”
    Im sorry but I dont believe she ever had this attitude
    HB 2015 she said she had recent offers which were laughable, “oh you want me to make the movie, sell the movie, but I dont get paid you do WTF
    BUT Forbes claiming shes the highest paid actress
    none of it makes much sense
    she was also asked how do men react she said oh they are woo hoo that they get paid more
    now there isnt an issue?

  3. mary says:

    Another of Kristen Stewart’s publicity scams. She wants a part in a superhero movie.- badly. She also feels a little pis*ed because she wasn’t nominated for an Oscar this year
    The last scam involved her mother and a Dailymail journo.
    There’s nothing wrong with negative press so long as you can ultimately control it and make out that you’re a victim..
    All speculation on my part of course but I’d bet my house that I’m not far off the mark with this actress..
    Interesting comments from some below about the ‘inserted’ question.

  4. Adavis says:

    Looks to me that Variety ‘took one for you’ Miss Stewart.

  5. Adavis says:

    Just noticed that someone else below picked up on it too. Hmmmmmm……

  6. Adavis says:

    The truth is there to see. Variety tells us they
    re edited the video. Shucks. Sounds clear to me that the question heard at the begining has been ‘added’ and does not in any way sound as if it belongs in that room. 30 minutes. Time to pick up the twitter shitstorm, make that call, negotiate and amend(sorry – correct LOL)
    Variety have been promoting this actress vigorously up until the Oscar noms. They’ve done nothing but praise her. Why on earth would they make a mistake like this? Did they hope to create this storm? Of course not. But it happened and they probably feel bad about it. Enough to oblige with editing in a replacement question? Who knows? LOL Speculation on my part. But the tone during the question and the tone during the actress’s reply are quite different.

  7. curious1 says:

    I thought the “if your bored do something” was a bit weird, she used her mum as an example,she paints
    if a man had said this he would have been slammed

  8. curious1 says:

    the question to her was “opportunities for women ,actresses and directors”
    she talked about men being paid more which makes sense as their films make more
    Im not searching and comparing, I understand action films are usually lead by men and make more money, but in general?
    I wish she had explained better or given an example,
    the answer she gave suggest there is fair pay, between men and women in similar roles etc;
    BUT last year she was asked about sexism in HW she said it was digusting ,crazy
    giving praise to the statements against unequal pay at the oscars
    that men think its funny they were being paid more for the same work
    now it makes sense they get paid more?
    she also implied last year there isnt equal opportunities for women
    twi director short stories were important to her
    now there isnt a problem its up to you, shes fine because she works hard and is passionate
    its odd she was asked about opportunities about women, directors but there was no attention, on the fact she was there for certain women directed by a woman

  9. curious1 says:

    ok, maybe I’m missing something, but I’m abit confused
    variety says she was talking about “diversity” which made people assume for some reason she was talking about racial diversity, equality,
    people were cross because it sounded harsh, if your not getting opportunities your not trying hard enough, not passionate enough
    variety have now corrected it to she was talking about gender equality,
    BUT the question was opportunities, which is “diversity”
    BUT when enews asked her about “diversity ” she said she had just been asked that shes not sure what the answer is, though she had just suggested its your own fault
    she said

    “I think an easy way to speak to it is just the industry is old so the perspective is quite narrow,” Stewart told me at the Sundance Film Festival premiere of Certain Women. “So I think on multiple levels everyone is pretty aware of that.
    “How to fix that?” she said. “I have no idea.”

    in this video talking about opportunities for women she said
    “the industry is old so the perspective is quite narrow,”
    the same as when she was asked about general diversity?

    but variety were slammed for saying she was talking about diversity?

    to enews she said “Sundance is that we are fairly untouched by the political nature of who gets the pats on the backs.”

    pats on the back, so its not about opportunities, but not having equal recognition?
    lack of diversity in the nominated films?
    am I the only one who thought there was

  10. Jenn says:

    The horrible comments that were written about Kristen because of your mistake is just unforgivable. Then you doubled down on the insult by issuing a correction thru a tweet instead of immediately posting a full throated retraction and correction. Variety is one of the most respected magazines in the business too make such an amateur mistake. She has to handle enough crap with jealous haters and she doesn’t need you assisting with their ignorance.

    I know that I will never look at Variety the same again. It was a disgrace what you did. Horrible journalism if you can call it that.

    • Gina says:

      Variety did nothing wrong. Her statement being about women is just as bad as if it were about race. She’s an insufferable, entitled brat who reeks of white privilege, no matter what the topic. She deserves to be dragged, acting like it’s so easy for women in film to just “do something.” LIke what? They’re all lazy and that’s why their films don’t get made?

      That’s how she makes it sound. And they’re so boring? I remember the last time she was bored and thought her life was so perfect, she went out and had an affair with her male married director. What’s she gonna do this time? Have an affair with a female director and destroy her marriage, too?

  11. Ronald Kelley says:

    Who was in that room? I’d like to do an analysis of that question at the top that doesn’t sound anywhere close to the room tone of the response. Haha. Good PR team.

  12. David Jones says:

    SHAME ON YOU Variety!
    Totally on purpose. Thought you guys were better than that.
    I was considering a subscription.
    I think I’ll just renew my Hollywood Reporter.

  13. musetcb says:

    Kristen deserves and interviewed and public apology. That erroneous mistake with a correction that was too little too late, has caused a ripple affect all over with people not hearing the apology. The reporter was bating Kristen Stewart by asking her a question that was not applicable to the event. She was courteous enough to give him an answer that was fine, but the name Kristen Stewart in the media seems to automatically call for embellishment! Which, of course, means $$dollars$$ for the mistake and more $$dollars$$ for the residuals that resulted.

  14. Kmal says:

    I couldn’t agree with you more, it’s totally true, do something be creative, invent yourself, though it’s easy said than done.

    You got to stand out and come up with something outside the mainstream.



  17. Grace says:

    Her comments are ignorant

  18. John Reeve says:

    This is a catastrophic mistake. The original story has spread like wildfire, and this clarification will not. If I were in her position I’d be devastated.

    • Gina says:

      She has a reputation for cheating with her married directors, this is nothing compared to that. Girl is a trainwreck. She usually has to apologize for some stupid thing she says in every interview, this is nothing new for her.

      It’s not Variety’s fault. What she says applied to women is just as bad as if it had been about race. She’s totally out of touch with reality and it shows.

  19. Lisa says:

    I seriously hope she sues you!!!

    • annna says:

      I seriously hope you grow a brain.

      • anon says:

        TO: annna, Rosie, Romana: I think you guys have been drinking too much hater-ade…perhaps just limit yourself to one glass a day for a while? pretending to know things about Kristen and spending your time writing negative comments to promote hate against her is pretty twisted. hope you can get some counseling soon because you’re displaying some serious delusional behavior.

  20. Romana says:

    I fail to see how her rambling, practically-incoherent comments being about gender equality rather than “diversity” is any better. Does Variety also not understand that gender diversity is also a hot topic in Hollwood right now? So sorry this spoiled brat finds it “boring” and apparently women would have equality if only they worked harder. Silly us. And I’ve been sitting around just twiddling my thumbs thinking it was going to happen that way!

    • SK says:

      She is a woman in the business and has been working since she was 9. She was in a franchise that she led that earned over 3 billion dollars. She routinely works on female ensembles and for female directors. She has directed a music video, earned a Cesar and a Bafta and is only 25. She has earned the right to talk about women in Hollywood.

  21. Dorothy Mitchell-Kincaid says:

    The sad thing about those of you who must speak about diversity, I know you don’t care and it’s hard for me as an African American who doesn’t have empathy nor sympathy about we are going through, I must say, “Please don’t say anything.” I often find empathy and sympathy for anything that happens to you.” I once again see the future set up that’s to come, the academy is allowing ‘white women’ to be included in diversity in the future. I have to tell you WHITES don’t know how to do the right thing.

  22. GG says:

    Variety, you apologised for the confusion. Did I misread it or did you also apologise to Ms Stewart for misrepresenting her thoughts/comments. As far as I can see she is getting all the bashing on social media by your error. Also, I think this should serve as a challenge for you — write about it, the error in your words, causing misrepresentation to someone, the backlash to Ms Stewart on social media, and the obvious pitfalls of social media. There is one simple rule that can be adhered to: think before you click.

    • Rosie says:

      Variety doesn’t owe her an apology. Her comment is just as stupid when applied to inequality for women as it was to race. She’s had everything handed to her on a silver platter since she was 9, she’s famous for being wooden and having one expression, and if she wasn’t a skinny white girl with parents who were in the business, she’d be at Olivia Thrilby levels of fame.

      She’s a spoiled, entitled airhead who proves it every time she gives an interview. Great way to pull the focus away from your director and stars of Certain Women and get all the attention for yourself. She does this every time. She made Sils Maria about her, even though Juliette Binoche was the star, she always does it. People who are planning on working with her should learn from this. Messing up promo is one of her specialties. Ask Walter Salles about how she screwed up Cannes for him and his film.

      • Rosie says:

        Some of Kristen’s fans are still stuck in 2013 when Rob dumped her because they shade him EVERY day for moving on and try to find a way to blame his fans for the stupid things Kristen Stewart says and does.

        I think the outpouring on the internet over the past two days shows you that either everyone in the world is a Robert Pattinson fan or a majority of the free world just doesn’t think she deserves any special treatment. Either way, she’s not very popular or well-liked.

      • Jenn says:

        You’re the stupid one. You think women got the right to vote by complaining about it or doing something about it? You think women stopped being a husband’s property by complaining about it or doing something about it?!

        Kristen is right. Quit your bitching and do something!!

      • SK says:

        Should we call you Harvey or age othe for this article. You change names often, but you are a well known Robert Pattinson fan that flocks to Kristen’s articles.

        You know too much about the life of someone you have hated since she was 18 and “stole” your imaginary boyfriend.

  23. RW says:

    This was a new low Variety. She has very worked hard and was finally starting to rid herself of all the baggage from the Twilight era with constant work related news and excellent reviews and you just dealt a massive blow to her reputation, all for clicks. The apology is too little too late and the damage has already been done. Hasn’t this girl been through enough already? I’m not even a fan, and I feel like this.

    And by the way, now when it’s clear that Kristen isn’t a racist, the lynch mob will now say that she’s against feminism, so it’s still alright to spew vitriol, despite the recent feminist statements from Kristen and also where she describes Hollywood as disgustingly sexist (of course then people were annoyed because she complained).

    • annna says:

      “Hasn’t this girl been through enough already?”

      Are you serious??? She”s a rich white millionaire! Go feel sorry for people who ACTUALLY deserve it. Not an incoherent pothead actress millionaire. I really hope that you are 13 yr old twihard and that explains your lack of life experience, otherwise…

  24. teedo says:


  25. 43tbd says:

    shame on Variety for allowing this to happen because all of her haters in the media and social media are eagerly spreading the lie to keep it going. your “error correction” is not going to stop it and now you’re responsible for putting a very negative label on Kristen that will be with her forever. your staff obviously had an agenda against her because the original headline on facebook was changed when it was posted on twitter making her sound racist. I will never feel the same way about Variety again…

  26. MelissaH says:

    How does this make it better? So according to this privileged idiot, it isn’t the topic of diversity that is boring, it is equality for women? What a space cadet.

  27. JustLovely says:

    Sigh. You wait JUST long enough for multiple other sites (JustJared, Jezebel, etc.) to pick up on your headline, hear just enough to misconstrue her words, and spread it around the Internet that “Kristen Stewart is racist!”. THEN you issue a correction, so you can claim innocence. Enough people are already looking for any excuse to bash anything she says, & hate her. How are you going to un-ring that bell? FYI, this isn’t doing it.

    • urgh says:

      A lot of people on Twitter saw what they did and felt bad for shitting on her. Actually a lot of people are pissed at how misleading their tweet was. They knew what they were doing. Variety has no integrity. They shat all over JLaw too. Kristens lot in life is to be pushed down for shits and giggles.

  28. Sexracist says:

    Variety tweaking facts and statements to promote their simplistic pro-“diversity” agenda? NEVER!!!!

    Stick to the money guys… we know that’s all you really care about.

  29. Disappointed says:

    You have not made corrections on social media because the incorrect tweet is still there.

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