CIA Spokesman Slams ‘13 Hours’ as ‘Distortion’ of Benghazi Events

13 hours
Courtesy of Paramount

A spokesman for the CIA is criticizing the Michael Bay movie “13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi” as a “distortion of the events and people who served in Benghazi that night.”

The spokesman, Ryan Trapani, was quoted in an exclusive Washington Post story, which also features an interview with the CIA chief in Benghazi on Sept. 11, 2012, when Ambassador Chris Stevens and three others were killed in a siege of the diplomatic compound and attack on the CIA annex.

“No one will mistake this movie for a documentary,” Tripani told the Post. “It’s a distortion of the events and people who served in Benghazi that night. It’s shameful that, in order to highlight the heroism of some, those responsible for the movie felt the need to denigrate the courage of other Americans who served in harm’s way.”

Tripani did not immediately respond to requests for comment.

The CIA base chief, identified only as “Bob,” takes issue with a key point in the movie, when he tells the six contractors to “stand down” before responding to calls for help at the nearby diplomatic compound. The movie shows the contractors waiting for more than 20 minutes before bucking orders and leaving to try to save Stevens and others.

“There was never a stand-down order,” the CIA chief told the Post. “At no time did I ever second-guess that the team would depart.” The CIA chief told the Post that he spent about 20 minutes trying to enlist local security teams.

Congressional investigators also have concluded there was no “stand down” order.

The filmmakers and Mitchell Zuckoff, who along with the security contractors authored the book upon which it is based, have defended the movie and its portrayal of the events. It starts with a message, “This is a true story.”

Zuckoff told Variety on Thursday, “We have never heard anything from the CIA other than, ‘No [the stand-down order] didn’t happen.’ These guys [the security contractors] are putting their lives and their reputations on the line saying, ‘We were forced to wait,and the record shows it.'”

In interviews, the contractors have been adamant that the “stand down” order was issued. Earlier this week, Rep. Trey Gowdy (R-S.C.), chairman of the House Select Committee on Benghazi, said in an interview with the Boston Herald that when it comes to the stand down order, “there are witnesses who said there was one and there are witnesses who said there was not one… So the best I can do is lay out what the witnesses say and then you are going to have to make a determination as to who you believe is more credible.”

Update: Zuckoff issued a statement on Friday evening through Paramount, the distributor of “13 Hours.”

“The movie and book got it right. The CIA spokesman’s comments are predictable but not remotely credible.

“If you read “Bob’s” statements to the Washington Post, he would have us believe that he neither prevented the guys from leaving nor approved or ordered their departure. That’s nonsensical on its face and contradicted by facts and logic:

“– Two of our named sources, John Tiegen and Kris Paronto, heard Bob say those words, stand down, which they shared with Jack and D.B., who already understood that they were being held back. Our two key sources are on the record, with their names, while Bob remains shielded by anonymity.

“– Neither Bob nor the CIA disputes that a delay occurred and that the guys ultimately moved out without his authorization. That, logically, adds up to a simple conclusion: he held them back and then they left without his approval.

“– All evidence — and the CIA’s past statements — points to the conclusion (included in the movie and the book) that the delay was caused by a sincere but ultimately misguided attempt to coordinate with 17 Feb militiamen. But from the guys’ perspective, based on a collective century of military experience, that was a fool’s errand because 17 Feb had failed to help Tyrone during the airport standoff; 17 Feb was on a work stoppage for higher pay during the ambassador’s visit; and 17 Feb generally couldn’t be counted on in a live-fire situation with an American ambassador’s life at stake.

“– Bob’s statements, and the CIA’s claims, need to be seen through the lens of hindsight. It must be terrible for him to live with the fact that he delayed the departure, knowing that the deaths of Chris Stevens and Sean Smith were caused by smoke inhalation, which by definition is a function of time.

“– Through the CIA, Bob refused my requests to hear his side of the story during the writing of the book. He is only now coming forward because he doesn’t like his depiction.

“– Bob might have had a different sense of urgency from the guys in part because he did not accompany them to the Diplomatic Compound to assess the weak security situation prior to the ambassador’s visit (as depicted in the movie and the book).

“– Logic suggests that Bob’s career as an intelligence officer did not give him the same tactical experience or knowledge that the guys possessed, as depicted in the movie and the book.”

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  1. Luke Skywalker says:

    The contractors are paid mercenaries they should know what they are getting themselves in to it goes back to the 60’s with independent Africa with merc’s from the UK France Belgian fighting for money. they realized from day one they will not be getting the same logistic’s as a military operation.i mean they just know that. and these contractors knew they were hired contractors not regular army. Brave yes absolutely to go to rescue the Ambo was brave. there are hundreds of mercenaries bodies lying all over Africa there is no Blackhawk to pick them up its part of the job. you sign a will to your family and you might not come back.

  2. SELMA KELLY says:

    How dare this CIA guy speak on the matter of Benghazi. He probably never saw a day of combat in his pencil-pushing life because he was too busy listening to phone calls and studying maps. I appreciate how this article highlights the strong rebuttal against the CIA’s allegation. And by the way, CIA guy, don’t make the mistake of insulting our men on the ground ever again. Got it?

  3. delete kik says:

    Hillary has been a pathological liar, since she was fired from the Watergate hearings…..from lying about being under sniper fire in the Balkans….Workplace violence in Ft.Hood….And “spontaneous demonstrations” in Benghazi…..She will be the best President money can buy…..and for $275,000 she will come to your school and talk about income disparity, and student debt…..

  4. Independent Thinker says:

    Interesting – read “Bob’s” account/comments. He was inconsistent when defending himself – came across as a very weak individual who was in leadership. He will have to live with himself (along with those who selected “Bob” to be the one in charge). So scary that individuals like this are in charge.making decisions/problem solving when major events need clear minds to brainstorm solutions. If the “Bob’s” of this world are examples of who is leading is it any wonder the U.S. is in trouble world-wide and in the United States? Yipes!

  5. I’m sure this is what “Bob” is saying now. He has every reason to lie. Our country abandoned these people to die and we’re lucky only 4 were lost that night. I’ll believe the soldiers.

  6. People KnowTheTruth says:

    I believe the soldiers/contractors, I do not believe ANYTHING from anyone in an authority position! They are FORCED to be in line with the Hillary/Obama LIES… Or lose their jobs!
    The whole administration & far reaching power of those reporting to higher up’s are so corrupt, in disgusting amounts that’s it’s almost unbelievable to think anything is truth or fact from those in command/control!


    Besides, all the PROOF that Hillary & Obama HAD CHRIS STEVENS KILLED was completely eliminated, destroyed before anything got out! There are those of us that know the truth behind this, Christopher Stevens knew the truth also… About the ARMS being supplied to ISIS via Hillary & Obama. Chris was questioning their crooked LIES…& cost him his life!

    Beware! No one is immune if you know too much. Ultimate power corrupts ultimately!

  7. Texas Fred says:

    Five CIA Security Officers who were there and CCTV recordings from the Annex prove that the stand down order allegation is a lie.

    • SELMA KELLY says:

      Really Texas Fred? Then why did it take so long for the team to move out? The Feb 17 were already on strike for more pay so why was the station chief wasting time calling personnel … who were on strike?

    • The CIA cannot be trusted for anything. Simple as that. They are not accountable to anyone in the USA. They’re an agency of a foreign power hostile to this country.

      On Tue, Feb 16, 2016 at 3:24 PM, Variety wrote:

      > Texas Fred commented: “Five CIA Security Officers who were there and CCTV > recordings from the Annex prove that the stand down order allegation is a > lie.” >

  8. bob says:

    maybe not Hollywood but I saw that interview an I believe those soldiers, no doubt about it. they were delayed an were told stand down. why because no orders could be issued with consent by the higher ups. so what else could he say.

  9. Texas Fred says:

    The movie is based on lies. Only one of the contractors actually claims he was told to stand down. The one known as “Tig” claims he was standing on the porch of the CIA Annex with the Cheif of Base, the Deputy COB and the leader of the six man rescue team when the COB told him to stand down in response to his statement that “we are losing the initiative.” In the movie, it is Ty Woods whom was told to stand down.

    The COB, the Deputy COB and the Team Leader say there was no stand down order and the HPSCI said recordings from the CCTV system in the CIA Annex backs them up.

    • SELMA KELLY says:

      Yes only ONE was told to stand down — THE TEAM CAPTAIN — TYRONE — which was the APPROPRIATE chain of command. Hey TX Fred — are you getting the message yet? No one on here believes a word you say!!

    • Of course. Hollywood has never been relied upon for accurate history. The entire crime scene has been corrupted, all testimony confused, witnesses threatened – there is no hope of resolution of anything managed by this administration.

      On Wed, Jan 27, 2016 at 4:17 AM, Variety wrote:

      > Texas Fred commented: “The movie is based on lies. Only one of the > contractors actually claims he was told to stand down. The one known as > “Tig” claims he was standing on the porch of the CIA Annex with the Cheif > of Base, the Deputy COB and the leader of the six man rescue team” >

  10. BYTOR says:

    HAHA the CIA calling the kettle black. This non transparent administration is full of distortions.That’s the crazy thing about overly liberal leaders. They cringe when their own liberal cheerleaders such as Hollywierd and press turn against them. That makes a strong statement in my book.

  11. BYTOR says:

    If these jackwipes would have done their jobs in Washington there would be no movie! This tragic slaughter would not have happened period.

  12. Eddie says:

    I left the theater wishing the cia chief would have been killed! The Obama/Clinton cover up was all about the then upcoming presidential election of the Liar n Chief! These guys are hero’s!

    • Texas Fred says:

      The contractors are lying. Eyewitness accounts and video from the CIA annex shows the Chief of Base did not cancel the rescue mission.

      • SELMA KELLY says:

        Of course he didn’t cancel the mission. The men took off whether he liked it or not, remember? Further, did the CCTV include AUDIO? And he definitely didn’t cancel it once the terrorists showd up at his door! LOL

    • If you still want to know who and what the CIA really is, The Secret Team by L. Fletcher Prouty. Primary source on CIA origins and activities.

      On Sat, Jan 23, 2016 at 6:00 PM, Variety wrote:

      > Eddie commented: “I left the theater wishing the cia chief would have been > killed! The Obama/Clinton cover up was all about the then upcoming > presidential election of the Liar n Chief! These guys are hero’s!” >

  13. jack trace says:

    the stand down is minor compared to the youtube video. how can anyone defend that lie

    • Texas Fred says:

      During the attack, the attackers said they were mad about the video.

      • SELMA KELLY says:

        Well they’ve been cutting off heads for a decade because of videos. But anyway, that’s not what Hillary told Chelsea. … and the Egypt diplomat, is it now.

    • The actual narrative in this case is that “Hillary and Baraq deliberately and cold-bloodedly fabricated a false cover story to conceal their incompetence or complicity or both based upon an otherwise highly accurate and frank video depiction of Mohammed and its effect on Muslims and that they continue to evade the truth.” Both are guilty of high crimes and misdemeanors and should be prosecuted, not elected or allowed to continue as President of the United States.

      On Thu, Jan 21, 2016 at 1:20 PM, Variety wrote:

      > jack trace commented: “the stand down is minor compared to the youtube > video. how can anyone defend that lie” >

      • Texas Fred says:

        During the attack on the diplomatic mission, the attackers told witnesses they were angry about the video.

  14. I can’t wait for the sequel when Michael Bay revisits the plethora of attacks on American Embassies and Consulates that occurred during the prior administration…. Oh wait that will never happen because it doesn’t fit that narrative that everything is the fault of Obama or Clinton.

    • BYTOR says:

      It doesn’t fit because those attacks you’re trying to validate were in Iraq and Afghanistan were during a war that Congress approved including the left end votes. The difference is an election year was at stake and those morons claimed a video pissed off a certain religious sect instead of calling them the coward Muslim hating twits terrorists they really are. I recall another incapable Democrat leadership had the same issue at stake in Iran in 1979 Argo ring a bell?

    • Earl Green says:

      Did all those attacks never receive help from an official American military force. No troops were ever deployed to help in Benghazi not even a US transport to pick up the dead, Take away everything else but realize that no help was sent. These guys decided to go on their own.

      • Texas Fred says:

        A drone was dispatched to Benghazi.

        A six man CIA team from the CIA annex went to help the diplomatic mission.

        Dozens of local militia went to the mission to help the Americans.

        A team from Tripoli was sent. One of the team members was killed at the CIA Annex.

        The Libyans provided fifty heavily armored vehicles to escort the Americans from the CIA Annex to the Benghazi Airport.

        Libyans provided the C-130 that transported the Americans from the Benghazi Airport to Tripoli.

        Military assets were ordered to move toward Benghazi, None were able to get to Benghazi in time to help.

  15. Jay Jeffries says:

    Yes, I’m definitely sure Michael Bay (who completely distorted the Pearl Harbor truth, to the point of ridiculousness while creating events that didn’t happen & creating characters who never existed) completely told the truth here without the slightest bit of distortion. And, I’m sure the CIA officer in question, who was involved in the actual operation, was COMPLETELY wrong, and the script writers & Bay obviously know more than he does while in their limousines headed to another coke fueled hollywood party…

    • BYTOR says:

      Pearl Harbor did suck but what truth did Bay distort exacty? The bombing of Pearl Harbor?… that happened so did Dolittle counter attack on Toyko.The movie shifted the time frame characters were fictional so what it as a love triangle story based around WWII. That said yeah it still sucked.

    • Sounds like Bay has hit his stride pandering to the lowest common denominator. Relying on Hollywood for true history is like relying on a used-car dealer for reliable transportation.

      On Thu, Jan 21, 2016 at 12:25 AM, Variety wrote:

      > Jay Jeffries commented: “Yes, I’m definitely sure Michael Bay (who > completely distorted the Pearl Harbor truth, to the point of ridiculousness > while creating events that didn’t happen & creating characters who never > existed) completely told the truth here without the slightes” >

  16. Danny Janis says:

    Always remember that the CIA, by the nature of its business, engages in the distortion of the truth. Never lose sight of the fact that the way to tell when a spy is lying is by carefully watching his lips; if they’re moving, he’s lying. Only those who were present at the time of the incident knows the truth. Everything said after the fact is merely commentary. Including this comment, obviously. Signing off now.

  17. Mary says:

    There WAS an order to stand down and Gen. Ham refused to obey that order. He was soon arrested.

  18. chrismdyer says:

    Yeah I really trust “Bob”, I really do.

    • Texas Fred says:

      The contractors are lying.

      After the Chief of Base supposedly cancelled the rescue mission, he proceeded to request a drone, gather intelligence, assess the situation, formulate a mission plan and try to contact the local militia. ,

      • SELMA KELLY says:

        Wait — I thought you said in an earlier post the COB did “NOT” cancel the mission. Now you’re saying he did? In the article above it states also … “Neither Bob or the CIA deny there was a delay” or that the team moved out “without authorization.” Are you feeling OK, Fred?

    • Pete Parks says:

      Bob is like the guy named Bill that works tech support from Pakistan.

  19. Henry Cook says:

    I had the distinct honor to attend a movie Sunday that reached to the very core of my soul. The very brave men who were there in Benghazi led the director and the actors who portrayed them through every second of that 13 hours of hell. They were abandoned by the State Department. Hillary Clinton and Barak Obama deserted them in their most critical time. They didn’t care about Ambassador Stevens or anybody else in that compound. The literally fought for their lives. The Alamo had a better chance. In all fairness, they did sent a drone in. An unarmed drone. A drone that transmitted info with a 30 minute delay. Bless their Hearts. Where was Obama?? Nobody knows! The white house photographer is omnipresent in the White House. He would have been where the president was. Where are the pictures? Why haven’t they been released of that 13 hours. They have been requested. Everyone in the Whitehouse referred all requests to Josh Ernest. Josh Ernest would not return any phone calls and has refused to give a straight answer. The straight answer is, they weren’t there. They stood back and refused to act. Here’s the most troubling part, according to the parents and loved ones of the dead. Hillary and Obama both told them it was because of a video that didn’t even exist. WHY?? WHY WOULD THE FAMILIES LIE ABOUT THIS? WHY WOULD “TIG”, “OZ”, AND “TONTO” LIE ABOUT THIS? Hillary and Obama are the culprits! They are the liars! They BOTH should be arrested, tried and convicted for against America. Do yourself a favor. See 13Hours.

    • Texas Fred says:

      The movie is garbage and the contractors are lying.

      The contractors demonstrated courage on that awful night.

      They dishonored themselves by fabricating the lies presented int the movie.

      • Nick Civetta says:

        Buddy you are so passionate about the CIA telling the truth and 4 nonpartisan military officers are lying. Recognize your own bias please. I honestly have no opinion about Hillary or Obama but I’m not gonna turn my head to the overwhelming evidence that there was in fact a “stand down.”

  20. Ckelly says:

    We as Americans should be embarrassed by the actions of the CIA Station Chief and our governments lack of response. President Obama and Secretary Clinton knew this happened yet did NOTHING to save our people. The only thing they have done, along with “Bob”, is to try and cover up their mistakes. That is a crime in and of itself. A tremendous debt of gratitude is owed to the six who saved the lives of the CIA personnel and military personnel.

  21. Rune says:

    “Congressional investigators also have concluded there was no “stand down” order.” No, congressional investigators chose to dismiss testimony that said there was, and exclude it from their reports. There’s a difference.

    • talljohn777 says:

      Everybody keeps looking to split hairs. The real issue is that Obama never gave any “GO order” to send in the Cavalry, which is exactly the same thing as a “stand down order” and that is the problem. Obama sat on his hands and did nothing. That is the issue and the travesty.

  22. None dare call it treason

  23. JH says:

    Unless that CIA “spokesman” was on the ground that night in Benghazi, he simply needs to shut up.

  24. Sn says:

    You are missing something. Stevens was castrated and sodomized by the Muslim s. Why not the whole truth?

  25. Wingman says:

    Remember, the CIA Chief is appointed by Obama. Of course they are going to deny, lie, cheat etc. since that is the record for all the appointees in the Obama administration. Hillary is a PRIME example.

  26. winstongalt says:

    It is predictable that a bureaucrat would deny that a stand down order was issued, and somehow attempt to share in the credit that should be reserved for those individuals who really did take action. Obfuscation is what bureaucrats do and action is what heroes take.

    It is also predictable that Variety would make the statement that congressional investigations claim that no stand down order was given, while not explaining that it was actually partisan dem politicians that claimed that they could “find no evidence” that a stand down order was given, while other members of the committees refused to sign of on a clearly biased and faulty report.

    Sorry, when multiple individuals on the ground heard the order, and that’s compared to politicians who are members of the party in control of the government that gave the order (and who were no where near the action) – to not immediately dismiss the bureaucrats and accept what the eyewitnesses reported (consistently and uniformly) is not just a matter of opinion, it’s a matter of complete and total disgrace.

  27. mattzcat says:

    So, 13 Hours is “a distortion”. That is a rave review considering that all of the official stories are outright lies. Immediately upon hearing the news, I went through over 10,000 Google search results and could find no prior mention of any “Ambassador” Christopher Stephens or of any U.S. diplomatic presence in Benghazi. Even the Libyan government had no knowledge of their existence.

    It sounds to me like CIA agent Stephens was involved in international war crimes and anybody who went to his aid would have been considered an accomplice.

  28. HillBILLary says:

    The CIA knows what they did and dint do they followed the orders from the puppet masters and let AMERICANS die. These three hero’s are all telling the same story the truth.,

  29. soexcited says:

    The CIA has a lot of nerve slamming this movie…the CIA is the most shameful it has ever been in the history of their existence. The CIA under obama’s presidency has fallen shamefully, they are a disgrace to America.

  30. Ted says:

    ‘They are not covering for Obama nor Clintons or what is hiding in the Bushes in as much as they are covering for the Globist’s and their utopian dream of a new world order (NWO)

  31. paulejb says:

    CIA political hack echoes his bosses in their coverup of the debacle at Benghazi. That’s not news.

  32. Iamfox says:

    Bob is the convenient villain. There never was a “Consulate” in Benghazi.State had a “special mission desk” in Benghazi that was located in a hotel suite.State ran its business out of a hotel with rotating personnel…no permanent personnel.
    The security situation begins to deteriorate.The hotel situation is no longer secure.State somehow begins to use a CIA leased safe house estate/compound as its “Special Missions Compound” (SMC).
    Bob runs the “ANNEX”..excuse me…Not So Super Secret Covert intel gathering & operations base.
    Bob’s primary concern and responsibility was his mission and his personnel.Bob was reluctant to send out and possible loose all or part of his security team…hey thats obvious.
    The real responsibility & punishment should be assigned further up the “food chain” be it state / cia / africacon / west wing / oval office.
    And yeah Bob is probably a huge tool.
    Finally, go see the movie again,,,,,,but take a clueless liberal with you…..make them watch start to finish.

  33. Neal says:

    Bob is hiding from fear of exposure through his pseudo-name. He lives by control and fear, and is a nameless face representing those who are fearful of openness, making a statement for the puppet masters who own him.

  34. John Connor says:

    Oh wow, the CIA is accusing someone of distorting the truth! LOL no really it made me LOL.

  35. Jimmie says:

    “need to denigrate the courage of other Americans who served in harm’s way.” denigrate those who at the time of decision hesitated and condemned some 30 people to torture and death….ignore those who did NOT hesitate and saved the lives of many

  36. robert g says:

    Hillary lies – people died.

  37. flounderaz says:

    I rank that “I was looking for militia” right up there with the Youtube video.

  38. When will be honest and stop covering for Obama?

  39. Ainsley Harmsworth says:

    2 Samuel 11:15 – And [King David] wrote in the letter, saying, “Set Uriah in the forefront of the hottest battle, and retreat from him, that he may be struck down and die.”

    None of the people in charge even thought as much as one second before ordering people to stand down. Avianco Air Base was only an hour away. We had military advisers in Tripoli. This was about the U.S. intelligence community, under the influence of people with ties to the Muslim Brotherhood in the Obama administration, attempting to negotiate an arms deal between the Libyan “freedom fighters” and ISIS through the Turkish consular office. When it went bad, Clinton just wanted it to all go away, wrapped up nice and tidy with a fake story about a You Tube video. Shameful

  40. smitaroo says:

    Saw the movie – was the Chicago Bears mug on Bob’s desk a plant to point to who Bob is?
    Was the women the only person at the CIA compound asking for military support? Knowing how the contractors acted I can not imagine anyone serving for our country would not have gone there to help. Something is rotten in Denmark.

    • soexcited says:

      EXACTLY, thank you!

    • Dean Winchester says:

      They were trying to cover up all of the US weapons that were stolen that were going to be shipped out to Syiera ,including stinger missiles.

      • Karnak says:

        Can anyone here who actually knows what the hell they are talking about say that sending a rescue team of 6 guys to face an unknown number of attackers without heavy weapons or any possibility of reinforcements, would have ended well for the Ambassador or the rescue team? It was likely the right call and Bob likely did not want them to leave the CIA compound and thin out his defenses even more with little likelihood of the Ambassador being rescued.

      • Karnak says:

        No Stingers. US Weapons are not the issue. Soviet era MANPADS are, those were in abundance in Libya.

  41. Tomas says:

    Who should we believe, the families of the four dead Americans and the men who risked their lives to save them or the CIA? It’s seems people in DC lack integrity, honor and courage.

  42. Beckwith says:

    “13 Hours” was made by the people that were there.

    Remember, the Director of the CIA is Obama’s personal spook who sanitized Obama’s passport files in 2008.

  43. Miguel says:

    “Bob” is a political hack who speaks for the criminal organization currently inhabiting our Once-Sacred White House, and which purposefully screwed up the whole Benghazi thing b/c of the pro-ISIS type crimes this Al Capone-inspired administration has conducted across the entire Middle East from the very beginning of it’s days in office!!!!!!!! One only needs to read a little about The Frankfurt School’s devious “intellectuals” to understand the evil spirit behind our White House criminal’s motivations!!!!!! Benghazi is just a tiny part of The Evil of Obama! This said by a no-longer-life-long CA democrat!!

  44. FrancisChalk says:

    At this point, the CIA station chief in Benghazi, “Bob,” is so invested in the Obama Administration (Obama and Hillary) version of events that he can in no way be treated as a credible source. Two simple questions for “Bob.” (1) Explain the cause of the delayed response by in the contact security (who were all former military) to the attack on the main embassy building where Steven’s died? (2) Did you at any time report that the source of the attack was initially a “protest,” and if not, what did you do refute this very publicly stated inaccuracy by the President and National Security Advisor?

  45. GhostOfCicero says:

    “Spokespeople” for gov’t. agencies are like the “political officers” in the former Soviet military. They are political appointees of the current administrationadministration who make sure the line gets toed publicly. Personally, I’ll take the word of those who got shot at, watched their friends die & lost a US Ambassador due to the inaction of the “higher up” political hacks at Foggy Bottom, Langley & the Pentagon.

    The book and the movie accurately encapsulate how the State Dept./Foreign Service/Diplomatic Corps, indeed the whole of the “give peace a chance-niks” of this liberal gov’t. treat our military, our vets, our Secret Service & CIA Security agents. Which is to say, LIKE GARBAGE.

    Amb. Stevens, Woods, Dougherty & Smith were hung out to dry by an administration who was so dead set on perpetuating the “Bin Laden’s Dead, Terrorism is Over” meme for their reelection on the one hand, & keeping their little Libyan version of “Fast and Furious” gun running to Syrian “rebels” as “nonexistent” as possible on the other.

    Yet ANOTHER shameful event where liberal/regressive administrations have hung guys out to dry in a pitched firefight. The “Blackhawk Down” incident, & Bubba’s political calculations as to tactics, equipment & ROE, which lead to the deaths of 19 Rangers, Delta operators & Army 160th SOAR pilots & crew, as well as the total loss of 2 ACTUAL Blackhawk helos. The Benghazi Debacle is no different in principle & cause.

  46. djw663 says:

    What was so wrong; did they not show the video that set off the spontaneous attack?

  47. bikerdogred1 says:

    If the CIA doesn’t like the movie than that sounds like a badge of honor for the movie and the director.

  48. And the cia never lies ! Who was sitting behind Powell as he assured the world that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction! CIA Director Tenant! And he earned his expertise as a: Ya he was a political pick from the senate! Great choice!

  49. alexandron says:

    What’s far more important in the government than the CIA is CYA.

  50. Pat Kean says:

    State Department personnel are not the cream of the crop. Consider how well they advised everyone from Eisenhower to Obama. One series of cluster you know whats after another. I have ran into these types before. The movie picked up on this really well – one scene where a CIA Harvard grad describes one of the contractors as a piece of meat, an animal, who is only there to protect those who run things. It sums up a point of this movie that sheer arrogance of CIA and State personnel leads to a lot of mistakes like Benghazi. This attitude also exists all over the political elites in this country. Attending a Chicago function a friend of mine witnessed this first hand. I did at many private functions on Maui, Democrat leaders who run this State are just as arrogant, and very ignorant of a reality these men in Benghazi knew well.

    The movie’s depiction of events is likely more accurate than not. Six expert men saved more than two dozen American lives that day. Hillary Clinton lied to the faces of the mothers of two of them for political reasons. That is another demonstration of the validity of the contractor’s statements, and the self serving response by the CIA head that day.

    • GhostOfCicero says:

      I can remember my Dad telling meme, upon his return from a tour of duty on Saratoga on Yankee Station during Vietnam, he & my Mom were stationed at Annapolis & were invited to some Admiral’s “who’s who” cocktail party in DC. My Aunt, (Dad’s lil sis) was at the same party with her date from State. My Dad was in his dress whites & was introduced to the Date from State by my Aunt. When my Dad reached out to introduce himself & shake hands, the Date from State replied, “Oh, you’re the baby killer”. My Dad, being an officer & a gentleman, & in attendance of an Admiral’s party, simply looked at my Mom & said, “Time to go”.

      That was in 1973. The same low level State Dept. schmuck who called my Dad a “baby killer” is undoubtedly some sort of “luminary” in the self contained world of Foggy Bottom. And its certainly obvious that those of his political ilk are the same slime who’re currently running our beloved Republic into the dumper.

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