British Notables in Entertainment React to Brexit Vote: ‘Goodbye, U.K.’

British Notables in Entertainment React to
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“Goodbye, U.K.” That’s how “Harry Potter” author J.K. Rowling summed up her reaction to the shock of Britain’s vote to withdraw from the European Union.

The results of the referendum dubbed “Brexit” by British media sent notable figures from entertainment and media to social media to express their feelings. The general sentiment among showbizzers vocal on social media tilted toward negative, after a divisive campaign and vote that fell along generational and partisan lines.

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“The Late Late Show” host James Corden was among those questioning how the decision will impact future generations. “I’m so sorry to the youth of Britain,” Corden said via Twitter. “I fear you’ve been let down today.”

There was much discussion about how the decision would ultimately affect prices and dealmaking for British companies. As actor Hugh Laurie observed via Twitter: “England fans will be paying 25 quid for a bottle of beer by Monday.”

Rupert Murdoch, 21st Century Fox and News Corp. chief, stayed silent on Twitter in the wake of the vote that prompted Prime Minister David Cameron, a Conservative, to resign.

A number of commenters, including “Game of Thrones” star Lena Headey, likened the sentiment among pro-exit voters in Britain to the support across the Pond for Republican presidential frontrunner Donald Trump.

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  1. Hi everyone, it’s my first visit at this website, and piece of writing is genuinely fruitful designed for me, keep up posting these content.

  2. Ken says:

    The British people destroyed the future of their youth with this vote. The old Brits showed the world again what kind of mind-set they really have: Isolationist, arrogant, nationalist – a superiority complex. They don’t want to be part of a modern, international, equal, globalized and cosmopolitan society – so be it. The EU doesn’t need them. The Brits are so stupid and irresponsible, they could be dangerous within the EU.

  3. Charmaine says:

    On a personal note, when these celebrities work full time, are threatened with redundancy year after year due to government budget cuts and can’t afford holidays, cars, the electric bill or some days even food to feed their kids – then I might give a damn what they think. Of course they can have their opinion like I can have mine. I voted remain but I stand with the leave decision. Why? Because that’s democracy. I trust the system to look to the future, for the EU to see that reform in the way the unelected officials treat their citizens is needed. To appreciate that what is good for one country is not always good for another. Cohesion over expansion. I could go on. Change is scary but compliancy is worse.

    And to those who without consideration have taken to declare over 17 million wrong;- I’m astounded you don’t see the irony in your own statements of bigotry and hate. If you can’t open your minds to even wonder why so many wanted out… total disregard for others opinions, that’s not the England you know either is it?

    • Brandon says:

      Charmaine, I would like to this that the slim majority who voted to exit knew what they were voting for but I would feel more comfortable with that had there not been so much googling going on about the meaning of the vote in the aftermath of the vote, From all that I have read, it was a lot one exits having second thoughts. So I don’t agree it;s about bigotry or hate from the people who voted to remain while it was a lot about bigotry and hate for those who voted to leave. But you are right, now that the vote is taken, why not make the best of it. Or not. Apparently the vote was not binding. Just a thought.

    • Rossie says:

      Charmaine. I wish there were more people in the world like you.

  4. alex says:

    Now Great Britain can focus on the Commonwealth. GB belongs to the world not Europe. I vote for the US to join the Commonwealth – it’s multiracial and shares much of the same values plus a common Alwxlanguage.

    • What commonwealth?? You mean the one without Scotland ans Ireland (which is about all you had left other than a few Islands in the Carribean).

      • Alex says:

        Here are the members states of the Commonwealth of Nations: Botswana, Cameroon, Ghana, Kenya, Lesotho, Malawi, Mauritius, Mozambique, Namibia, Nigeria, Rwanda, Seychelles, Sierra Leone, South Africa, Swaziland, Uganda, United Republic of Tanzania, Zambia, Bangladesh, Brunei, Darussalam, India, Malaysia, Maldive,s Pakistan, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Antigua and Barbuda Bahamas, The Barbados, Belize, Canada, Dominica, Grenada, Guyana, Jamaica, Saint Lucia St Kitts and Nevis St Vincent and The Grenadines. Trinidad and Tobago, Cyprus, Malta, Pacific Australia, Fiji, Kiribati, Nauru, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea, Samoa, Solomon Islands, Tonga, Tuvalu, Vanuatu and of course, the United Kingdom

  5. So James Corden thinks we are letting the youth down- shame ‘The youth’ couldn’t be arsed to get out of bed and vote then. Their own future obviously not that important to them.

    • Scott Aitchison says:

      Yes and I’m sure you have done your detailed research of the under 30s turnout figures before you made this very insightful comment. And besides, the UK has an ageing population which means it’s physically impossible for the youths voting to remain to win even if every single one ‘got out of bed to vote’. It is ignorance like this that will lead us into an economic hell in the next few years.

  6. As somebody who lives here and one of the 75% of the under 30s that voted remain, I’m with James and the test of them… the youth have been let down, we, the English have let the union down but worst of all we have let ourselves down… I’m with Ben Winston. 3 months ago we were laughing and pointing across the pond at the hot mess that is Donald Trump, but apparently 51.7% of us, wanted exactly what he was offering to America, and to make matters EVER worse, Farage the village idiot now wants to loosen gun laws…. we really are becoming American. I’d rather be a sensible European any day of the week. Bigotry and ignorance have no space in the 21st century.

    • Paul Kenyon says:

      When the muslims start to kill British citizens on a large scale you’ll wish for the good old days when Britain still allowed private gun ownership. This was a vote on immigration pure and simple. People are sick and tired of muslims ruining the country. Now you have a chance to reclaim your sovereignty and hopefully make Britain great again, without muslims of course.

  7. michael hanley says:

    oh wow, all the so called big celebrities that have left the uk, gone to usa and other places where they can get big money deserting the uk for profit now think they have the right to comment on the decision of the majority of the people of the uk in a derisive manner … how dare you, all of you.

    • chris says:

      Well, Michael hanley, I’ve never been to the UK in my life, but I still have the right to an opinion and to comment.

  8. Hilarious, all these comments from prats who don’t even live here

  9. In Variety’s irrelevant whine when things don’t work out the way they would like, they write an article about the opinion of “Notable British” reactions. Not only did they use the opinions of one side only (No Elizabeth Hurley or Michael Caine here), but they also included the silence of Rupert Murdoch who is not British, he is an Aussie. Lol.

    This is Democracy, it is not the end of the world, live with it. Pull up your big girl panties and move on with it… is not the “end of Britain”. It is not a war against youth. It is not something that was only voted for by idiots. What a bunch of whiney losers.

  10. Carlotta says:

    Seriously, what a pack of whingers.

  11. michael says:

    Xenophobia has won in Britain and it’s been running around the rest of Europe for some time, meaning if you are not white (Muslim, from Africa, etc) you are not allowed to come to or live in Britain and all of Europe according to the Xenophobic, anti-foreign groups in Britain and Europe.

    • Brett Smith says:

      Wow, trying to turn it into a colour thing…how predictable and sad. Not wanting unlimited immigration is not Xenophobic or Rascist. Its common sense. Its nothing to do with skin colour. If you’ve skills this country needs you’ll always be welcome, if you want access to benefits and to the nhs just by turning up you can job on. Playing the race card is pathetic.

      • Vic Cavin says:

        Ignorance is also at the root of this and given the research that’s done scientifically you’ll no doubt have discovered that EU migration (UK has no control over) are net contributors (they put in more than they take out which means they subsidise the rest) to the welfare pot.
        While it’s always been a points based system for non EU migration to the UK that the UK has 100% control over and according to a leading Leave Tory this is unlikely to change any time soon.
        All right Jack

      • Graham says:

        Here, here!

  12. BillUSA says:

    Oh my, the sky is falling. We may as well take down Union Jack and fly storm warning flags.

    Get a grip people. This was going to happen somewhere, somewhen. Don’t be mad at the Brits. Be mad at having to bail out Greece. Socialism is poison to capitalism. Unhindered immigration destroys economies. Radicalized Islamists bent on jihad cause panic and near-anarchy. I’m glad the smart British people decided to secede from the EU because it (the EU) morphed from the idealized version of its 1950’s birth into 1990’s Continental Welfare.

    Oh, and if any Liberal is upset about this, I thank you for making my day. I’m so sick of your idiotic ideologies tearing apart the fabric of our once-mighty society here in the States.

    God bless England. God bless America. May greatness one day return!

    Trump 2016!

    • Vic Cavin says:

      Capitalism is a poison to humanity. THAT’s for sure

    • Rod Strong says:

      You really have no idea how the world works, do you?

      • Babs Chandler says:

        Enough is enough! Pre 1973 we were Great Britain. Pro 1973 we were Britain, ruled by Brussels, rich got richer, poor got poorer. 2016 – the Great has returned – Great Britain! Do these celebs really think we never managed prior to 1973? Half of them were not even born then. Now we can prosper again, fishing boundaries can be given back, farmers can make a living, – stop moaning, we finally have our country back – for good!

  13. sammy says:

    The UK like most of Europe is suffering from the disease of socialist policies and multi-culturalism causing them to be taken over by radical Muslims jihad bent on radical Islam. Just look at the facts – London just elected a Muslim Mayor; their are neighborhoods where native-born citizens are being attacked by young Muslim men who have taken over. The EU was a half-baked idea started in the 90’s but it’s failed because extreme left wing liberal political leaders have failed. The UK has always been an outbound looking people. Good for them.

    • Paul McDermott says:

      Give me proof not guess work how do you know farmers will make a living and the rest yo listen to people like farage who earns his money from the European union and employs his German wife as his secretary at uk taxpayers expense

    • Wolsley says:

      Some facts for you:

      – The deciding factor in the referendum results was actually the swing of left-wing Labour Party supporters in the North and Midlands to vote leave; therefore this result is NOT about a rejection of left-wing ideals.
      – The common European market dates back to the 1950s, when Europe stood together to create unity after the war; it then had forty years to evolve before it became its current incarnantion. It is NOT a ‘half-baked idea’.
      – There are NOT ‘neighbourhoods where native-born citizens are being attacked by young Muslim men who have taken over’; I live here, that simply isn’t true. Many ‘young Muslim men’ are native-born citizens, actually, and I am sure some of them are criminals – as are some of all of our native-born or not native-born citizens of all races, religions and nationalities. Nobody has ‘taken over’ any of our neighbourhoods.
      – Our London mayor is very well-respected with a large approval rating; his private religion is incidental. 75% of Londoners voted to remain in the EU, so clearly they don’t have a problem with being ‘taken over by radical Muslims jihad bent on radical Islam’, as you put it.

      I hope you never become a victim of the same horrific vitriol you expel on others.

    • Kate says:

      having a Muslim mayor doesn’t mean that mayor is involved with any terror group or people. You just latched a few terrible people onto an innocent guy because he like a billion other people are Muslim. People are so quick to blame liberals when things get sloppy but again that isn’t the only cause here. This has been building for a longtime and it has nothing to do with a Muslim politician or liberalism. If we don’t try and move forward EVER, then we’ll never know new ways of life. We’d never had known what works and what doesn’t work.

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