Bill Clinton: GOP ‘Slobbered All Over’ Hillary Until She Ran for President

Bill Clinton Fundraising
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Former President Bill Clinton said that there has been a lot of “road rage” in the Republican and Democratic parties, but that Hillary Clinton is the most qualified and best prepared to take office as president in unsettled times.

At a rally at Bergamot Station in Santa Monica, Clinton also mocked the GOP portrayal of his wife as the “wicked witch of the west,” even though Republicans “slobbered all over” her until she left the state department.

The former president campaigned in the Los Angeles area all day on Friday, including stops in Burbank and Woodland Hills.

He didn’t mention Clinton’s Democratic rival Bernie Sanders by name, but said that “we need to go into this convention as a unified party.”

“This has been a very hotly contested primary in case you hadn’t noticed,” he said.

The former president attributed the disruption in both parties to frustration with “squeezing wages,” and anxiety over diversity. But he said that it was a problem that has been “going on everywhere,” not just the United States.

He said of the GOP strategy of attacking Clinton — throwing “mud” at her — will wear thin.

“The problem with this kind of stuff is it works until it doesn’t,” he said.

Clinton spent much of his speech going over his wife’s policy prescriptions — including for debt free college tuition — while spending the last five minutes on politics. 

He recalled winning the California primary in June, 1992, and being third in the polls — to President George H.W. Bush and Ross Perot — only to rise to the top several weeks later.

“She is in way better shape compared to Mr. Trump than I was in 1992,” he said.

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  1. Jacques Strappe says:

    Hillary Clinton IS the most qualified and prepared candidate to be president by a gazillion times over both Lunatic Donald and Crazy Bernie combined. Suck it to all the delusional, racist, sexists haters out there!

    • EricJ says:

      So, who is the more “Racist sexist Trump-supporting hater”?–Anyone who hates Hillary, or anyone who hates the new Ghostbusters movie? ;)

  2. S. Scott says:

    Yes. The GOP “slobbered over” Hillary as a way of elbowing Obama who has been their punching bag for the last 8 years. C’mon Bill, nobody believes you actually fell for that transparent good Dem vs bad Dem stunt. Oh, I see, you’re just pretending.
    Bernie 2016!

  3. Alex says:

    Trump is doing the back ground checks on the Clintons the MSM didn’t do then…and isn’t doing now. Trump, talk radio and social media is telling the 18-49 crowd what kind of people the Clintons REALLY are, and they’re listening, this is why Sanders is doing so well. The MSM is going to do MORE damage to it’s reputation coming to the Clintons aid again.

  4. Occultology says:

    I respect his opinion, because, after all, Bill Clinton is an expert at slobbering all over women.

  5. Cores says:

    I would vote for Trump 1,000 times before casting a single vote for Hillary Clinton, and I used to be a democrat.

  6. EricJ says:

    Actually, the Republicans were literally -obsessed- with the “nightmare” of Hillary running from the days Bill Clinton left office. Some assumed she’d be the next nominee immediately after Bill, and perpetuate a “Clinton dynasty” that had such a charismatic Democratic hold on the public.
    Every pre-election from ’00 to ’16, the mantra we heard from the Republicans was not “Who can we get to retake a Conservative majority?” it was, quote, “Who can we get to beat Hillary in the election?”, even when she wasn’t running.
    Even when Obama’s runaway popularity in ’08 made it clear Hillary wouldn’t be getting her superdelegates, John McCain still gave us the Crazy Alaskan Log Lady because they were convinced Democratic voters demanded a candidate in a skirt.

    Even now, Trump knows his best rhetoric to pull ahead is that Republicans would STILL rather elect a frantic undereducated lunatic conman than the Return of Bill Clinton.

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