Bernie Sanders Gets Trounced in California But Vows to Fight On

Bernie Sanders Gets Trounced in California
AP Photo/John Locher

Coming off a lopsided loss in California on Tuesday, Sen. Bernie Sanders vowed to continue his fight for the Democratic nomination all the way to the convention.

“We are going to fight hard to win the primary in Washington, D.C., and then we take our fight for social, economic, racial and environmental justice to Philadelphia,” Sanders told the crowd at a hangar in the Santa Monica Airport, which cheered wildly. “Thank you all! The struggle continues!”

Though Hillary Clinton claimed victory in the Democratic primary at a Brooklyn rally earlier in the evening, Sanders gave no hint of winding down his campaign, nor did he acknowledge her insurmountable delegate lead.

“I am pretty good at arithmetic and I know that the fight in front of us is a very steep fight,” he said. “But I will continue to fight it.”

It was the answer the crowd wanted to hear. Earlier in the evening, amid reports that Sanders had sought a meeting with President Obama on Thursday, it appeared the senator might be preparing to drop out. Sanders was losing the California primary by more than 20 points when he took the stage, about 45 minutes late. As they waited for him to arrive crowd, the crowd struck a defiant tone, chanting “The media is corrupt!” and “Bernie or bust!”

“He should take the fight to the convention,” said Susan Hartley, 71, of Santa Monica. “The longer he stays in, the more leverage we have for the revolution we need.”

However, for some there was a hint of resignation as the California results showed a massive victory for Clinton.

“He is so far behind at this point, we know what is going to happen,” said Mila Todorova, of Los Angeles. “I’m just happy he got his voice across. He was the one true and honest person out there.”

In his speech, Sanders did acknowledge the importance of defeating Donald Trump.

“We will not allow right wing Republicans to control our government,” he said. “The American people, in my view, will never support a candidate whose major theme is bigotry.”

But he quickly added that defeating Trump is not his only goal: “Our mission is more than just defeating Trump. It is transforming our country.”

Nancy DelFavero, a Clinton supporter, said she empathized with the Sanders camp’s disappointment.

“I hope everybody can bury the hatchet and come together,” she said. “We just can’t have Donald Trump as president. That’s the bottom line.”

Her friend Neal Dickens, a Sanders supporter, acknowledged that the party needs to unite. But he also argued Clinton should heed the 45% of the Democratic electorate that backed Sanders and modify her approach to certain issues, such as campaign finance reform and health care.

“There has to be some negotiation on both sides,” he said. “She’s gotta extend the hand if she wants our support.”

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  1. James says:

    The democratic primary has been a fraud and this is no victory for feminism. Polls showed the 2 in a dead heat 6/6 and then suddenly she wins by double digits amid rampant voter suppression and deliberate media malpractice. Not only is democracy dead in the US. Mainstream media has become a sycophantic propaganda machine for its oligarchy that would make third world dictators proud.

  2. Je Vizzusi says:

    He is addicted to his own millionial moments that have recreated his political plight. His Socialistic ideals are dead Congressional speaking so he has taken his fight to the children of our future. The problem is he is in the way of the Voted Democratic Nominee. He will have his way in Philadelphia at DNC and maybe even introduce Hillary as the next President of the United States. That’s the personification of Unity within the party and he must adbide.

  3. GKN says:

    And here I thought California was a liberal state.I blame Jerry Brown for endorsing her, and handing the country to big pharma, fracking, and Wall St. on a platter. I know he knew better, from his past run-ins with the Clintons. Shame, shame, shame on you, Jerry.

  4. nancyclair says:

    It makes me sick the way the media chose Clinton and forced her on us.

    • It makes me sick the way people like you insist that people are too stupid to vote.

      For years I have been so frustrated with right-wing nut-jobs denying the legitimacy of the Obama presidency because the media had tricked the majority into voting him into office.

      Nancy go and say hello to your true brothers and sisters in politics. They are not progressives – they are white supremacist nut-jobs.

      • GKN says:

        Crappy, you must’ve missed the hundreds of articles and VIDEOS on the internet about the millions of people who came out to vote (3 times the usual number), who suddenly discovered they were no longer ‘registered’ as Democrats when they tried to vote for Sanders (3.2 million suing in NY alone), or who saw their vote for him turn into one for Hillary before their eyes in Chicago.

        It’s not just the corporate-owned media who lied and did constant propaganda for Hillary from the start. Hillary and her lobbyist owned party cheated like crazy throughout. Thousands of people filmed and shared all that. And obviously, they are leaving the Democratic Party in droves. Good luck, Hitlary! You brought it on yourself.

  5. What Bernie Sanders has to say to our nation is very important. Even though he won’t get the Dem nomination, it’s wise of us all to pay attention to what he has to say. He speaks to issues which affect all of us.

  6. RHB says:

    Any respect I had for Sanders has evaporated, he is embarrassing himself and is coming off as out of touch and totally unrealistic. Save your self respect Bernie.

  7. J. King says:

    Bernie says he is good at arithmetic, but this is kind of beyond that point. There is NO arithmetically viable path to the nomination for him unless something very dramatic happens. About the only things I can think of in that regard is if Hillary is indicted or has a heart attack. But if that happens, he is back in play anyway. So, since the dramatic is pretty unlikely it is time for him to get with the $#*&% party unity program unless he wants Trump to be president.

  8. Anybody want to bet that ol’ Bernie has some connections in the FBI and knows that the FBI is going to indict Hilary?

    • Je Vizzusi says:

      Interesting theory. FBI must prove that a specific email threatened the security of the US and prove that the email was compromised. This ain’t happening folks. And if she is charged for having a illegal server, Obama can use Executive Action to have charges dropped. The only email I saw was she was discussing what dress Chelsea should wear to her baby shower. True Bernie may be hanging in just in case but the longer the Investigation, the longer the chances of a indictment.

  9. john says:

    What were the numbers in California that constituted this “Trouncing”?

  10. dave beck says:

    I think alot of people are seeing a dark side to Sanders. He is showing poor judgement and is somewhat dillisional. He is a very sore loser.

  11. Ted Trent says:

    #CorruptBernie He has left millions with the false hopes. Talk about corrupt. Promise millions of free everything and leave them with nothing. #FalseHopesBernie And he doesn’t even know when to quit. Keep it up Bernie. You’d make a good preacher. #CorruptBernie #FalseHopesBernie

  12. Ted Trent says:

    This is exactly why I didn’t vote for Bernie. Though he is a nice man, his ideas aren’t based in a reality I relate to. When you lose a race, you don’t keep running as to give people FALSE HOPE in winning. This is EXACTLY the problem I had with his entire platform. He gave people FALSE HOPES. He got people to buy into an America that isn’t there yet. #FalsePromisesBernie What is he going to keep fighting people he things he is going to win? It’s the same thoughts he had regarding FREE everything. If you just believe…you shall receive everything for free.

    • GKN says:

      Ted, that’s pretty retarded reasoning. It means everyone who’s ever lost gave FALSE HOPES – like Shillary against Obama last time.

      And you still don’t get that FREE everything is not the point. It’s about getting the taxes and Social Security we already pay spent on US, and our needs, instead of giving it away to zillionaires, who never get enough, apparently, since they want it ALL.Making them pay 30% or so in taxes, like the rest of us, instead of 13% or NOTHING would make much of his program work in itself. Get a clue.

  13. I think Hillary should pick Bernie Sanders as her running mate for the election. If she did that she would definitely become America’s first female President of The United States. Here’s to you MADAM PRESIDENT.

    • Je Vizzusi says:

      I don’t think so.. they are not together enough even though the issues they find most important are close together. He doesn’t want a VP job. He can make more waves, create new Bills and become the peoples advocate for Social change away from The White House.

  14. Sheila McRae says:

    Fighting is what Sanders, with his goons are all about. His goons don’t know it yet but this is only about Sanders and nobody

  15. jJames says:

    Very few Democrats are happy that Hillary the corrupt media queen is skewing the election with paid Super delegates and rigged ballot boxes…….I will never vote for a liar and criminal and neither will my Family.

    • fletch says:

      “Very few Democrats are happy that Hillary …” I guess even fewer democrats like Bernie …. otherwise… Why did Hillary Win ? She has More Pledge Delegates, She has more votes. Are either one of these statements false ?

      • Je Vizzusi says:

        Actually at DNC, once delegation is aligned with said Candidate by each State.. then the vote is Official. Everything now is presumptive. That’s why Bernie won’t bow out..

    • Kenneth Sandale says:

      “Very few Democrats are happy that Hillary the corrupt media queen is skewing the election with paid Super delegates and rigged ballot boxes…….I will never vote for a liar and criminal and neither will my Family.”

      • Kenneth Sandale says:

        Oops, I quoted a comment I was critical of, and hit the post tab before I replied.

        It is not Clinton who is trying to rig the election. She would win if superdelegates did not exist. She won millions more voters than Sanders. Ironically it is Sanders who is trying to steal the election. Early in the campaign he said superdelegates were undemocratic, and that the voters should decide the nomination. But now that he was trounced by the voters it is HE who is appealing to superdelegates.

        He lost. He was THOROUGHLY rejected by the voters. He lost California. He lost Texas. He lost Florida. He lost NY. He won a few states like Wyoming, Alaska and North Dakota. It is time for him to just go away and stop being a sore-loser pest. Go Bernie, Go!

  16. Rocky says:

    It’s a very sad commentary on American society that so many millions of people are willing to ignore serious issues with Clinton’s character – or rather, lack of it! She’s a corrupt, unethical, arrogant, pathological liar being investigated for committing multiple federal FELONIES, yet voters are either too stupid or too punch-drunk on the Klinton Kool-Aid to care! What does it say when we are willing to let people of such low character even RUN for president, much less make that person the presumptive nominee for the Democrat party???

  17. Gary Damron says:

    Hillary hasn’t won the nomination,she only has 2184 pledged delegates,corrupt system,corrupt Hillary!

  18. hubcapUSA says:

    I love all this “the sky is falling” BULLCHIT.
    We survived Obama.
    We’ll survive Trump.
    OR Sanders.

    Clinton will be a non issue because if justice ISNT served on her ass, this country WILL be torn to shreds by the rage of the people. From BOTH sides of the aisle. Well, everyone except Camp Hillary.

  19. AlMac says:

    I think Bernie knows that not only is the system rigged, but the results of many of the primaries were also rigged. He has never made this public, but deep down inside, he knows. There were so many improprieties in many of the primary results, it makes me wonder why there was never any investigations into this. I am not some kind of conspiracy nut. The proof is out there.

  20. Stan Allen says:

    Yesterday, during the California primary. I and several other voters were denied ballots, all of us democrats, while republican voters had no problems, several dozens of which voted while myself and others waited to “clear up the problem. (it was not resolved.)
    Perhaps Bernie was correct in stating that the establishment had stacked the deck against him. This sure felt like malfeasance to me…

    • Jackie boston says:

      Why is it that every time bernie loses something is wrong with the state’s primary process? The ones he wins are perfect. If democrats got a shitty deal in California. Maybe those votes would have gone to Hillary.

      • hubcapUSA says:

        Its not every time Bernie loses.
        Its been that way since day one of this primary season with this traitor to our democratic republic, Ms Wasserman-Schultz. Her handlers decided Clinton will be your nominee, Like it or not. And she made it happen.

        No one to blame but your own corrupted party. NOT Trump. NOT the GOP, and NOT Bernie Sanders for calling it out.

        Democrats have shown the people that they are as ANTI AMERICAN as they come and will do whatever it takes to make THEIR agenda come to reality. Even if this does mean destroying what little values this country has left.

  21. brownieinec says:

    Sorry to all the Bernie Bolsheviks, but no revolution during this election cycle. Take your ego and revolution back to Vermont, Bern.

  22. Blasius says:

    Assuming the odds happened and Bernie won, reform can only happen peacemeal Passing through congress is another thing.

  23. billy1 says:

    Sanders is a jerk. Couldn’t even bring himself to congratulating first female Presidential nominee. Instead blew over $220M in donations and lies to his supporters about his chances to win the nomination. Next he’ll come back to the DNC expecting it to cover his campaign debts. LOSER!

    • Hector Ortiz says:

      He did not “blow” the contributions. Instead, like a crafty gonif, he put every single member of his extended family (wife, step kids, biological bastard, etc.) on the campaign’s payroll and paid them massive salaries for doing, well, not so much other than laundering the money for him.

      While siphoning off millions of dollars into one’s own pocket might not seem like a lot in truly progressive, wealthy, globally relevant California, with its $15 an hour minimum wage, $2 million tear-downs and billionaires on every street corner, that’s a lot of Shekels in heroin capital Vermont with its paltry $9 an hour minimum wage.

      He made out like a bandit, literally. Know that your $27 donations will be put to good use, feeding artisan dairy products to Bernie’s Hut wife.

  24. lindsey says:

    She’s effectively the nominee but she still doesn’t have the requisite 2383 pledged delegates. He effectively blocked her from locking the nomination. 6 weeks till super delegates vote. Unfortunately, looks like the FBI investigation is going to limp slowly past that date.

    • Randall Ng says:

      I agree with billy1’s comments that Sanders is a jerk. He should retire to an old man’s rest home……geezus, just embarrassing seeing him on the podium…just an old geezer trying to win his moment of fame in this election year before he disappears into a Sr. Citizens home. Nothing more and nothing less

      • Lou says:

        Really, he is only 3 years older than Hillary Clinton and he looks much more attractive.

  25. Robbi Gomes says:

    Stick with it Bernie, she should be indicted very soon.

  26. omeimontis says:

    The voters in California sent Sanders a strong message. They want him to realize that he has been soundly rejected. Sanders has no clout. The Democrats will move on. They are going to win with or without the vote of nutty Sanders supporters who fail to realize the danger of a Trump presidency. In fact Al Gore was in a similar situation but he won the popular vote against Bush 16 years ago, despite Ralph Nader taking votes from Gore. It was in fact the conservative Supreme Court justices who installed Bush into the White House. The same thing cannot happen this time because there are only 4 conservative Supreme Court justices on the bench. Hillary Clinton will be the first woman to be POTUS.

    • Ted Nugent says:

      bullshit. don’t compare Nader and Sanders. Sanders has raised more money from small donors than any candidate ever.

  27. Time for this old fool to go back to his retirement job in the United States Senate!

  28. Scott Green says:

    Bernie, which part of the process do you not get? You lost now go away.

  29. kobefan2014 says:

    Why won’t he just give up. he can’t win and is out of funds.

  30. CritthinkrUB12 says:

    The AP knifed Bernie in the back. This is why there is a rule about releasing results before west coast states have finished voting on general election days. Bernie should definitely not give up until Hillary is indicted for arrogantly violating many federal security protocols just for her convenience, and setting up a paranoid private server to dodge FOIA laws. The Democrats had any number of prominent women in government to nominate who achieved actual accomplishments and more importantly possess integrity. But the Democrats cravenly chose not to, as a sleazy means to an end, of winning no matter what the cost to their personal honor & self-respect. Hillary supporters equate “being there” will actual experience. The are delusional. Hillary had one epic foreign policy fail after another. If that was a good resume then captains that wreck their ships, would be given another ship to command. That does not happen for a reason.

    • Mark says:

      @CritthinkrUB12 – While I agree that the AP should have not announced anything. It didn’t make a difference. The margin of victory in California was sealed in the mail-in count. Those mail-in votes overwhelmingly chose Clinton. The walk in vote was evenly split. It’s hard to accept things when you feel you’ve been slighted. Time will only tell and you have a choice to make now – which of two evils will do most damage to your future.

  31. Doug says:

    I am not a Bernie fan. Never have and never will be. I understand that that he wants to pull the Democratic party further to the left but let me ask a question – how well is this working for the Republican party pulling further to the right? Not well at all. The majority of people are Centrist and by Centrist mean moderation and compromise. In today’s world this doesn’t mean anything. But it should. Moderation and compromise gets things done. Extremism only succeeds when those values are forced on people and the long results are not pretty. I have been happy with what President Obama has accomplished and I look forward to what President Clinton can accomplish. I do not look forward to what a Trump presidency would accomplish – it would be a one term disaster.

  32. Nick says:

    “did, he would posture policies that
    would generate GROWTH. As the nation improves, all would benefit”

    Trickle down doesn’t work. Didn’t work for ronnie-boy reagun, won’t work for drumpf.

  33. stizbiz says:

    Its time for Bernie to hang it up, as much as I agree with him concerning the role of super delegates, and how they can go against the will of the people, in reality, Hillary has more delegates, so the only way the super delegates would be going against the will of the people is if they switch and vote for Bernie, who, lets face it, has won less delegates, And i dont see Hillarys super delegates switching from a lifelong Democrat to one who became one in the last year because it was more convenient to run for the presidency. Now people are saying he should stay in and run as an independent….. why didnt he run as an independent from the beginning then?
    I was open to Bernie at first but then he just kept going on about Hillary and her speeches and what she was paid, and her releasing her speech transcripts. If she was in office at the time of the speeches Id be interested , but she was a private citizen, and if some kind of huge bombshell about what she said existed, Im pretty sure it would have been leaked by now. Anyway Bernie can try again in 4 years but he wont be the nominee this year.

    • Jack Vance says:

      He stayed on the topic because he knows the transcripts would prove Clinton is a liar. No, that’s not entirely correct, it would FURTHER prove that she is a liar. But apparently being a pathological liar is okay if you’re the anointed one. The real shame is the single honest person in the campaign on both sides couldn’t get it done and few seem to even care.

  34. Good job, Bernie. You stayed on topic, developed one heck of a following and survived the “socialist” and “communists” labels. And recruited a young army of new liberals that should help in local elections. And, I agree, it’s not over yet.

  35. earlybird5 says:

    Mr Bernie Sanders must be aware of the fact that revolutionary ideas usually don’t prevail through smooth USA like democratic process…Its a capitalist society controlled by MONEY …The more you have the more effective and prominent you get …. Worldly life is dictated by worldly possessions …unless the system breaks completely , in that case you might get a dictator thrown up by some kind of emotional appeal or a group/party of ideologically charged radicals giving the majority of the down trodden people some hope of survival. USA might have gone down morally and basic core value wise but its capitalist fiber is intact.Mr Sanders hesitation in accepting the status quo and the power of the super delegates is because of his firm belief and strong faith in his one point agenda of bringing the class difference to a minimum. All said and done Mr Sanders should act sensibly and pragmatically by accepting Mrs Hillary Clinton as his Presidential candidate and start campaigning for her.

  36. JP377 says:

    Well, i support Bernie. And in no universe can i support Hillary. We, the people, need to stop voting in terms of keeping other people out, or because we vote for a letter after someones name. 1st of all, Trump is more left and hillary. 2nd, hillary shares nothing with Bernie politically, so why on Earth would i vote for her? Trump has more in common with Bernie, at least on a handful of issues, than hillary. So it makes sense that if i’m going to vote for someone other than Bernie, it’s going to be Trump.

    • Jackie boston says:

      Pick a side between Trump or Hillary! If you don’t…welcome to the United States of Trump. Better start building your crosses now. Everyone goes back to being bigoted and racist. Hope Trump doesn’t decide you are not fit to have the rights he does. Bernie had some wonderful dreams. We became a super power and most weren’t possible.

    • Bill says:

      So let me think for a moment. You are saying that Bernie is a racist, a bigot, a mysogynist? Or do you agree with Trump’s free trade policy where Trump already gets all his clothing made overseas? Or perhaps Trump’s tax proposals? Oh that’s right, Trump won’t release his returns. Do you ever wonder why he doesn’t do that? Trump is a billionaire(maybe). Do you actually think that he can relate to you and I in any way, shape, or form? Wake up!!!

  37. Khantil says:

    Why this election in both parties all these stooges type candidates. Bernie is supposed to go to doctor and his entire central nervous system to be checked out. Not just brain. Super idiot.

  38. David says:

    He is a Democratic Socialist like as in Canada. You fear mongers are really desperate.

  39. Naturo Free says:

    “I am pretty good at arithmetic and I know that the fight in front of us is a very steep fight,” he said. “But I will continue to fight it.”—> Bernie you keep fighting I will keep fighting as if we don’t fight we will be mowed down once again by our trusted politicians.

  40. Al Sanchez says:


    Take it from a lifelong Democrat who voted for Obama. . . . How can anyone vote Democrat anymore? They have bowed down to illegal aliens — everything they want they get. Yet, our own Vets and American citizens get less, and have to pay for the illegals here! Now, is that Progressive? I don’t think so!!

    Al Sanchez

    • Douglas says:

      I believe you were a lifelong Democrat like I believe the Tooth Faerie is real. If you paid any attention at all to anything other than propaganda from Fox News you would understand that it is the GOP controlled congress pulling the rug out from under vets, not Democrats and certainly not Bernie Sanders. You do understand that we have 3 branches of government and not just a president, right? I’m always amazed by people who believe the problems in America begin and end with “illegal aliens.” If you understand anything, try to understand this: You don’t “pay” anything, not even one thin dime for “the illegals,” as you put it. Unlike what Fox News would have you believe, immigrants who live in the USA and did not enter legally receive $0.00 in any government benefits… no welfare, no healthcare, no food stamps, no unemployment, nothing at all.

      • dz says:

        NOT TRUE …illegal aliens get free schooling for their children, free lunch.breakfast, free medical because they go to hospitals who cannot refuse care and we the insured pay for the non payers…they have children here who become USA citizens and then they get $$$ for those children via social security when they qualify for special ed in schools….schools do not have to report illegal aliens and generally accept whatever documents are presented…I am sure there is more!!! I want our country to allow people to come here…..legally

        as far as our Congress…….the us & thems are in bed together w/ big pharma, and many other special interest groups…they do no longer represent the people or the majority interests…..our 2 party system no longer works

    • Sam says:

      Well, I and my family voted for Obama, but Now I will vote for Trump who I believe is not as crooked and opportunistic as Hillary Clinton.

    • Yura Arkadev says:

      It’s not his mouth that is dangerous – it’s his mind. He feels it is OK to go after individual journalists and federal judges when they don’t do what he wants. How is it different from Putin or North korea or any other third world dictator? This is what REALLY dangerous about this man – he is in his own personality cult, like the best of them. Nothing else really matters.

  41. Rick says:

    As an independant but supporting only democrats for the past 16 years it is going to feel very strange supporting a character like Donald Trump. The democratic party has hurt our nation so bad in trusting Obama that not only am I embarrased I voted for him twice, I also feel responsible for creating such a mess that it doesn’t even matter how bad Trump may seem to be, we have to chance it. I’ve been trying, like so many in our country have, to let the democratic party know if Hillary is really their choice, especially over a much superior candidate, Sanders, I will be
    forced to vote for Trump. It’s like that is exactly what they want.
    Now, as the race appears to be set, even though there is with great reason the lying, murdering, GODLESS,woman could be looking at jail time, the democrat party turned their back on right, on fellow democrats, and on God as bad as Hillary did and want to shove evil down our throats. We might as well no longer worry about being kind to all Americans since they don’t care that is how they make us feel and find a way of fighting back. Even if that means another civil war. This distruction is worth blood shed in our country.

    • David says:

      I laugh when Tea Party members in the bag for Trump try and pretend they are independents. First thing you note is that can’t even spell it..

    • Barbara says:

      I think you need to reconsider your comments. Do you really swing from Bernie Sanders, an upright man who is decent and highly intelligent to a right-wing Republican who knows nothing about the world he’s almost in the position of dealing with, a man whose only tactic is to downgrade and insult people and entire races, a man who has done nothing to earn his own way in life who is now accepting dark money? You’ve fallen for all the hate-mongering against Hillary. Think. Why is Bernie Sanders a Democrat? I expect you are a Republican writing this nasty piece.

      • hubcapUSA says:

        So. You think Barack Obama has done a swell job as President, right?
        Well, he came to power with LESS EXPERIENCE in the REAL WORLD than Trump.

        And, as you have already stated before… think Obama has done a good job.

        So, is it racism, ignorance, or blind loyalty to party that doesn’t allow you to see that Trump actually brings MORE to the table than a charming smile and smooth talk that makes progressives swoon?

    • Jeremy Michaels says:

      You don’t sound like anyone who ever voted Democrats, or most especially ever voted for Pres. Obama. Hillary isn’t looking at jail time. She’s going to be a good president. You should take all the anti-Hillary propaganda with many grains of salt. She’s not shoving evil down anyone’s throats. Civil war would be evil. Shedding blood would be evil. You contradict yourself so many times in your post.

      • Mike Miracle says:

        Oh yeah a good president that will crush whatever credibility we still have in the world. She is one of the most corrupt people in politics, but you keep that california dreamin.

  42. Bernie Sanders is the first political jew to denounce zionism, which is enemy of the American People. He is our Secretary of State. In this respect I am posting this article to remind Americans what these zionists are doing to us.

    By Aviroce
    Oren Liebermann of CNN brags that “Ben Gurion: the world’s most secure airport.” (May 29, ,2016) Even Americans are told to seek help from the rogue state when it comes to security of police departments including police training. When it comes to a jew, you should expect he is selling something. In this case, this zionist is selling Security within a Fascist State, Security within a Tyranny to apply within a Democracy. There is a great difference between a Democracy and Fascism, great difference between a Democracy and a Tyranny.
    In a Democracy, a man has rights and privileges. In a Fascist State, man has no rights and has no privileges. In a Tyranny, there is only Death and Suppression. In a Democracy, a man is Innocent until he is proven to be Guilty. In a Fascist State and a Tyranny, man is guilty and cannot prove his innocence. In a Democracy, you talk first then you shoot. In a Fascist State and a Tyranny, man is shot first and no talk later. These Zionists want our fellow Americans to become obedient to Fascism and Tyranny.
    I have seen how many police departments dress their police not in a police uniform but in a military fatigue. A police man is in a military zone. fighting a war A policeman shoots first and then gives a sense of self-defense later and we are supposed to take his version of safety and security as if Americans have no rights. The main problem with such “Military Security” is the fact that it brings unrest and rebellion within a Democracy. In fact some targeted group may resort to organize gangs to treat the military police as guilty and should be killed on sight. What is good for the goose is good for the gander. These targeted groups have rights and they are willing to shoot the crooked enforcers. War. War. War everywhere.
    In fact the zionist organization , enemy of the American People, is selling death, rebellion, crime, and destruction within the United States. This Zionist organization should be abolished within the United States, a bastion for Democracy, and Civil Rights where men and women have equal rights and violations of rights renders punishment for violating civil rights of others.
    Oren Lieberman is a Lieberman must be a relative of senator Lieberman who was supposed to be appointed a Secretary of Defense by Republican President of the United States converting the United States of America to a tyranny under the zionist organization. Notice that a Lieberman was appointed by thug pm of the rogue state as a Defense Minister to complete the Fascist Cabinet in the rogue state. The previous minister was removed from office because he prosecuted a savage soldier who shot several rounds in the head of a paralyzed incapacitated Palestinian all lying on the ground. This reminds me of the thug encouraging and inciting jews and their military to force-feed gasoline to Palestinian children and ignite them to blow up and out!! That is legitimate in the Tyranny, the rogue state led by the thug pm who should be himself be eliminated as he is endangering jews and non-jew and he is a danger like Adolph Hitler to Humanity mounting Nuclear Bombs on a German submarine and roaming the Mediterranean Sea showing off and instigating war crimes against the Human Race. After all, the rogue state, the Fascist State, the Tyranny has 250 Nuclear Bombs itching to launch them any time against Humanity. Disarming the rogue state is priority one. Only Russia can do that with TARGET:TELAVIV AND ONE NUCLEAR BOMB. (See my articles on this strategy.)

  43. Bernie, help your supporters by releasing the names/emails/phone numbers of the super delegates so we can convince them to support you!….remember, Hillary IS NOT the nominee yet…that is decided at the DNC!

  44. I don’t think I can vote for someone who has taken so much money from wall street and corporations and the rich. They are all full of shit, but Bernie Sanders………I am 63 years old and was told as a kid, if it looks like crap….smells like crap…….its crap………………..we need change a real revolution to take back this country from the one percent and we will when people start starving because of no jobs and money.

    • Naturo Free says:

      yes we need to let the SD’s know.

    • Al Sanchez says:

      Bernie, convince your supporters to vote for TRUMP!!! Not, Hillary!!!

      • hubcapUSA says:

        I think they either stay home or vote Trump, of you ask me.
        Even her own party, outside of blind loyalists (feminists, lesbians, and old women) cant stand her, and NO ONE trusts her.

        But, hey….TRUMP is the real boogyman, right? Even though he DOES come to the table with much more experience in the real world than Obama brought to the table.
        Just calling it as the reality deals it. Sorry if this is hard to digest.

  45. JAMES says:


  46. Jason Green says:

    The reason Bernie got “trounced” in Cali is that the night before The AP sabotaged him. My advice to Bernie supporters is if he doesnt want to go Green Party start the November Write in campaign for November NOW!. I think it would be historic. And the Media would be forced to put him in the debates. Then Bernie can really say what he thinks about Hilliary. Clinton are BILLIONAIRES. THey hide it in their TAX FREE “slush funds”. And she has violated the law specifically Art 8 US Code 2071. IN Section B if indicted she would be automatically DISQUALIFIED for running for public office.

    • Hector Ortiz says:

      Ah, good, another retelling of the “stab in the back” fib.

      Ironic, under the circumstances.

      There is one simple reason Sanders and his moronic rabble lost by such a huge margin all across the country. Most well-adjusted people learn at an early age to accept personal responsibility for the outcomes of the decisions they make. Bernie and his yammering chihuahua pack never accept responsibility for anything amiss in their lives. It’s the billionaires’ fault or the banks’ fault that their lives suck. Never their own fault for failing to have the dedication, work ethic, intelligence, diligence and self-discipline to succeed in this, the easiest country in the planet in which to achieve success. Seriously, the bar is so low here you’d think it was bots dots. If you can’t find happiness here in this land of milk and honey, the problem is no further away than the nearest mirror.

      There are more Americans capable of making suppressing self-indulgent impulses in favor of longer term attainment than aren’t. So long at that is the case, marginal finger-pointing candidates like Sanders will never gain the support of anyone but marginal members of the electorate.

      I get it. Your life sucks. Your career prospects suck. But that’s because you suck. Not because life sucks.

  47. TROGER says:

    The comments on this article is precisely why Clinton did not like the fact that the AP called her the Presumptive Nominee on Monday. It allows the delusional, idiotic Sanders supporters to not accept reality. Hillary won. BY A LOT!! His speech last night only further proved that Bernie is a delusional, radical, lunatic that is only interested in one thing and one thing only. Furthering is radical agenda. A majority of the country does not buy into his agenda. Hell, not even a majority of the democratic party agreed with his agenda. Get over it Bernie. You lost.

  48. nancyclair says:

    Bernie Sanders posed a real threat to the California Pipeline. This pipeline was painstakingly constructed over the years by establishment Democrats and it has been carrying gravy from Washington DC to California for many decades.

    No politician from either side wants to be thrown off of the luxury liners they sail on, in the Sea of Red Ink they created. It works well for them to cheer from the decks as they toss scraps off the bow and tell us how proud they are of Americans who are struggling to keep their heads above water.

    Captain Bernie would have made those people walk the plank. Hillary says she is very interested in studying the possibility of tossing us a lifeline that would be permanently tethered to the anchor line of the ship she sails on, the SS Goldman Sachs.

  49. Toney Mideas says:

    The sun fried the brain of people in California- voting for any Clinton with the corruptions surrounding them does not say much about the brain waves of Californians…

  50. Royal1 says:

    The democrat establishment will let Bernie go a little further as long as he bashes Trump but in the end he will throw his followers to crooked Hillary

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