Sanders Campaign Targets Clinton’s Clooney Fundraiser in Letter

Bernie Sanders Fox News Town Hall
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Bernie Sanders’ campaign is targeting the huge sums asked of donors wishing to attend fundraisers that George and Amal Clooney are hosting next month for Hillary Clinton.

In a letter sent to supporters, Sanders’ campaign manager Jeff Weaver wrote that donors were being asked to spend an “obscene amount of money to attend,” according to The Hill.

“In the movie ‘Ocean’s 11,’ a gang of lovable thieves successfully heist $150 million from a vault in the basement of the Bellagio Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas,” Weaver wrote. “Fueled primarily from high-dollar donations, Hillary Clinton has raised more than that in this campaign, and is now enlisting the support of George Clooney (Danny Ocean) to pad that total at a dinner event that will cost people up to $353,400 to attend.” Weaver also sought donations in the letter, albeit he noted that the campaign has relied on small-dollar sums.


Hillary Clinton Returns for L.A. Fundraising

According to Politico, that is the sum that those who want to sit at the head table are being asked to raise or contribute for an April 15 event in San Francisco that the Clooneys are hosting. The money is being raised for the Hillary Victory Fund, which includes contributions to the Clinton campaign, the Democratic National Committee and state party committees.

The next night, the Clooneys are hosting Clinton at an event at their Los Angeles home, with tickets priced at $33,400 per person. The campaign also has been holding a contest in which winners can win entry to the event. The L.A. event is co-hosted by Jeffrey and Marilyn Katzenberg, Steven Spielberg and Kate Capshaw and Haim and Cheryl Saban.

The Clinton campaign responded with a statement.

“Hillary Clinton has made it a priority to raise money for Democrats up and down the ballot and we’re grateful to the Clooneys for helping us support the party with this event. We hope that Senator Sanders joins us in sending the money he raises off our event to other Democrats.”

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  1. swsimpson says:

    The Clooney fundraiser is not only for the Clinton campaign but also for democrats across the country to beat tea-party right-wing extremists. It is a fundraiser for the Democratic Party. Sanders himself has attended fundraisers with millionaires and billionaires on Martha’s Vineyard and the Hamptons in the past himself. Hillary has raised hundreds of millions of dollars to help “lower ticket” democrats win, and Sanders thinks that is “disgusting”. Meanwhile, Sanders is taking a trip to speak at a conference at the Vatican (a political stunt- who is paying for the trip?), the institution with one of the most corrupt banks in the world; a institution that hides molesters in Rome to avoid prosecution; an institution that perpetuates poverty by banning all forms of birth control except for the most archaic (ineffective) rhythm method. Bernie Sanders is a hypocrite.

    • Clooney agrees that it’s ridiculous to have this kind of money in politics! … but George, you’re either part of the problem or you’re part of the solution. Can’t be both. Furthermore, Jeff Weaver said lawyers will be in touch with people associated with the Clooney fundraisers, as Hillary is hoarding 2/3 of the money raised for her own campaign.

  2. Jody says:

    Bernie is misleading his followers into believing that Hillary will do anything to get more money, yet HE is the one who is “buying elections”, as Chuck Todd put it. Bernie wants money out of politics, but he himself is raising and spending MILLIONS of dollars each month like there is NO limit to how much money he can get out of poor, naïve people.

  3. Carol Ottinger says:

    Hillary’s fundraising is for money for the DNC and other Democrat’s who are running. Bernie raises money for his own campaign only. Apparently he’s not interested in helping the DNC but still wanting favors from them!

    • greedywench says:

      Exactly. There is a cap on the amount of money she can take from the dinner, the majority of it goes to the DNC and local elections….which is in VITAL need of funds to ensure a Democratic Congress for the next four years. Is he that clueless or just hungry to win? How does he think he can pass his pie in the sky ideas witthout his fellow Democrats helping out…oh wait, he’s not a Democrat. This explains it all.

  4. Rebecca Grabenstein says:

    The only people at this dinner, sitting around the table should be the Clooney’s and the Clinton’s…

  5. LeMike151 says:

    I’ll be voting for Trump if Bernie doesn’t get the nomination.

    That all the republican neocon warhawks are going to vote for Hillary instead of Trump is immensely telling. I still hope Bernie wins though.

  6. The Democratic Party is a neo-liberal, third way fiscal conservative outfit that we, progressives despise. All of you old boomers are fading away and we, the millenials are taking the party over by storm. Guess what? We are progressives. We have progressive values and everything the Clintons and the “New Democrats” of the 90’s stand for are vomitive to us. The demographic trends are in OUR favor. We already won. If Bernie wins, we win, and IF, big IF, Bernie can’t make it, Clinton will be conditioned to either be progressive, or lose the election. Because we are NOT voting for a fiscal conservative like Clinton EVER. Check out your internet and watch what happened in Washington Sate and Alaska by a landslide.. Yeah, those people are overwhelmingly not voting Clinton, so if she wins, it’s a phyrric victory…. Raise funds for the Democratic party?? WE are NOT cheerleaders for fiscal conservatism, we are not right-wing Democrats, we are progressive, you dimwit! We are the LEFT, not center-right Democrats. Bernie has never been a democrat, as it should be! Because he is too decent to be in such a snake party. The only reason we are inside it now is only to literally destroy it as it stands NOW. The Democratic party will be a party of the Left or it will be NOTHING, mark my words. This is a hostile takeover of the party. don’t you understand politics?? The nomination for November is barely half of what’s at stake these primaries. What’s at stake is the future of the party. The Democratic party these rich leeches fundraise for is an empty shell for corporate lobbysts and special interests to rule politics. Do we fund-raise money for “other” candidates other than Bernie? You clearly don’t understand politics at all. That comes in 2018, when we present primary challenges to all democrats in the house from the left to unseat them.. How is that for raising money for “the party”?.. Your stale old “party” is a sinking Titanic, because we are sinking it from the Left. How you like that now for an explanation?

  7. “The money is being raised for the Hillary Victory Fund, which includes contributions to the Clinton campaign, the Democratic National Committee and state party committees.”

    This right here. When Bernie Sanders magically decided running as a Democrat wouldn’t sully his independence purity any longer, the idea was that like Hillary, he would help raise money for other Democratic races. So for him to go on the stump and act like all this money is going to just Hillary is more of his lies, half truths, and nonsense.

    The fact is, much of what Hillary has raised has gone to other Democratic candidates. You know the ones you actually need to help get an agenda passed when you aren’t Bernie the Savior who says he can wave his magic wand and get all to do his bidding.

    He has not raised one cent for any candidate but himself. Yet, he says Congress will do his bidding as if he has intentions of becoming the Shah of America. Considering his love of the Sandinistas and Fidel, I wouldn’t put it past him.

    He has admitted he only ran on the Democratic ticket out of convenience, so for him to act like this is something it’s not is just more hypocritical Bernie.

  8. Mark says:

    Liberals like Bernie because he’ll get the government to pay for things so they don’t have to. I don’t mean just personally but Hollywood and Dot Coms will get out of so much it’s crazy. Bernie will actually be the best thing for union busting because once government is paying for things you won’t need them.

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