Anti-Donald Trump Campaign Gains Steam With Celebrities

Donald Trump
Matt Baron/BEI/Shutterstock

A day after Donald Trump received the endorsement of political celebrity Sarah Palin, he’s garnered what could best be called non-endorsements.

Harry Belafonte, Eve Ensler, Danny Glover, Kerry Washington, Rosie O’Donnell, Michael Moore Jane Fonda, and Lily Tomlin are among those lending their names to the Stop Hate Dump Trump campaign, with the goal of calling out the candidate for “hate speech, misogyny, Islamophobia and racism.” But the organization also is taking aim at the way that the media is covering Trump, whether through excessive coverage or by treating him as entertainment. Kimberle Crenshaw, law professor at Columbia and UCLA Law Schools, also is involved in the campaign, and others who have signed on include Alice Walker, Gloria Steinem and Jonathan Demme.

“Trump is a frontrunner candidate who promises to ‘build a wall’ on our borders, humiliates and denigrates Muslims, women immigrants, racial minorities as part of his ‘stump speech,’ allows protesters to be beaten at his rallies and in fact encourages hostility toward anyone who disagrees with him,” Ensler said in a statement.

She said that they intend to “put the media and political institutions on notice that they are accountable for normalizing Trump’s extremism by treating it as entertainment, by giving it inordinate and unequal air time and by refusing to investigate, interrogate or condemn it appropriately.”

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  1. James C Davis says:

    All of America needs to band together and stop trump from running for Pres of the US. I know he is the Great White Hope.and it’s to bad that’s who he is supporting him.White Racist Bigots,he lies about everything.In fact he lies better then he tells the truth.If he was a person of color he would have been run out of party a year ago,But being he is white it’s alright.

  2. Bayardo says:

    If Donald Trump become president, is going to be the next Berlusconi….

  3. Lynelle says:

    The more people and the media Dump on Trump – the more I am convinced he is the man to be our next President. I don’t trust any of the established people – either in the news media nor in our government.

    • Vee says:

      Really, so you think Delusional Donald should be the next president simply because people and media dump on him. How about the fact that Trump is a delusional racist pig that dumps on everyone that doesn’t agree with him.

  4. Charlie says:

    Are you kidding me? Ironic that Islam is the most mysogynistic, intolerant ideology out there. Stone women for adultery, cut hands of thieves off, they practice apostasy and if you have seen what many of these immigrants have done to the various European countries, you would pretty accurately predict what is in store for you due to your need to be known as “nice” and tolerant. Islam is a huge problem, it is a 7th century ideology being pushed upon a 21st century society and it mixes about as well as oil and water.

    • Shayan says:

      Are you kidding me? Do modern Muslim countries like UAE do this??? NO THEY DO NOT! In fact they are tolerant to Christians unlike your pathetic ignorant ideology.

        YOUR’S. TRULY,

  5. L k says:

    Yes we should all listen to the bonehead Hollyweird
    Elites they are such a smart bunch. It’s alright for them to spew out venom but yet try and prevent free speech when it comes to others. Or to use offshore trusts, tax havens, and transfer funds to wives or civil partners as tax dodges but everyone else should pay their fair share. How about we quit supporting slime like you along with the other crap that comes out of Hollyweird.

  6. Bud Laurent says:

    nobody cares what those steers, queers and communists want. let them vote for hilly in prison

  7. Annie Gill says:

    And we should really listen to Hanoi Jane who turned on our soldiers in Vietman? Go pound salt Fonda…fade into the shadows yesterday!!!

  8. Libs Suck says:

    Who cares what those limp fools have to say?

  9. ruggio says:

    Hanoi Jane…that Bitch who helped the enemy torture and murder our captured soldiers…all you dumb celebrities who live in a bubble, go to hell…or better yet, follow Whoopi out of the country, you especially Jane, you evil bitch…you younger people who don’t know Hanoi Jane in all her glory, look it up…she is a disgusting traitor…in earlier years, traitors were hanged.

  10. Trump sucks! says:

    Jane Fonda is great and Trump is a dangerous psycho who needs to put out of his misery!!

  11. Mike Curtin says:

    They are correct trump the fraud is a hate full thing, No a serious candidate go to web site all he posted is on immigration. Actually more Mexicans are leaving tan arriving. Shows his delusional scary side by stating n]he never asks for forgiveness. Raping of wife as she states cheating on wife a normal person would ask for forgiveness. Scamming millions eminent domain deals. The way he attacks like a little girl hateful. Do not vote for something that was a draft dodger college drop out full of hate as president. Can not have a thing in control that is not aware of nuclear weapons.

  12. Tatlyn says:

    Trump’s naivety appears to be humorous to his counterparts, but he is only making a fool of himself, and adding fuel to the fire!

  13. Raphael says:

    Hanoi Jane and her surviving Weather Underground members embedded now in the white house, they will never stop whittling away at our country, and mind you they’ve done an outstanding job over the past 8 years especially. Only when they rear their ugly heads indicates that there is a threat to their plan. Since the dawn of the WUO on the late 60’s, to the pardoning of it’s members by Clinton (Linda Evans and Susan Rosenberg)and continued to date by major college professors; John Kerry now the clueless United States Secretary of State put in place by Obama. SO blatant, in our faces, yet so blind. Hopefully America will get it right in 2016, if the laws haven’t changed to drastically by Obama to allow a democratic vote process, I’m not holding my breath. Liberals slithered in, it hard to get rid of rats once infested.

  14. JPeck says:

    Good old Jane Fonda, she could screw up a one car funeral. And Kerry Washington. ?? What do they know about the bureaucratic “bone heads in DC”. Just more high priced actors, who make tons of money, and have NO CLUE, nor do they care about the real people in this country. And they will vote for the BIGGEST liar, (H. Clinton), who thinks the White House is her “Entitlement”. OMG,what a bitch.
    So take your hate campaign and shove it where the Sun doesn’t shine. Trump might just be what this country needs. He does shoot his mouth off, but he needs to get the nomination first. He knows how to get people together, make them accountable, and make a damn decision..Look at Flint Michigan – over one year the EPA tells the city their water is poison. Does the state EPA do anything ??? Hell no -99,000 folk’s, mostly black, and poor, get screwed, and now all the politicians are pointing fingers. Where the hell is someone to say “GET THE JOB DONE” ??? Enter Trump. Get it fixed to save the people, or “YOUR FIRED”. Now the Obama appointee is resigning. Give me a break.

  15. gkn says:

    Where do we sign on? (Unless you have to be a celebrity.)

  16. puddintame1 says:

    The GOP just keeps getting more and more extreme pandering to the fascist elements in their party who will not be sated until someone like THIS tyrant wannabe comes along.
    He needs to be stopped by someone before he gets completely out of control.
    The WORLD thought Hitler was charming.

  17. Lena Grose says:

    Let’s all dump Fonda And vote for Trump. TRUMP 2016. Remember what she did. She supported the enemies and not the us troops in the 60’s

  18. DEEDEE says:


  19. DEEDEE says:

    TRUMP 2016!

  20. DEEDEE says:

    Read some history. Jane Fonda betrayed our POW’s. As she “inspected” the POW’s several handed her slips of paper with messages to their families. This hateful traitor gave these notes to the captors of the POW’s. SHE BETRAYED OUR SOLDIERS. No matter how you feel about the Vietnam war, for her to sit on the side of the enemy and support them is the very definition of TRAITOR!!!

  21. Linda Taylor says:

    Trump needs to keep his day job. He and his followers are everything that the article stated, that is the truth. His philosophy is despicable and full of hate. People talk about divisiveness; he has spewed his rhetoric and has spread his venom to his follower, just like Hitler. We know what Hitler did and his propaganda! People on this post talk about Trump being honest and represents American belief. He is a liar and don’t represent all of America. He is incompetent and a danger to society.

  22. shultis says:

    i’m all for dumping Trump but the republicans want the White House even if it means getting Trump as their candidate which tells all of us just how much Washington, Congress needs to be dumped.

  23. mary skrha says:

    He is not a hater; he’s telling the truth.

    • Virginia Dobbs says:

      Harry Belafonte, Eve Ensler, Danny Glover, Kerry Washington, Rosie O’Donnell, Michael Moore Jane Fonda, and Lily Tomlin?…LOL Hanoi Jane and Michael the Blob? Laughing! Needed the humor. Thanks.

  24. Emilio Largo says:

    Hilarious – so you think that name dropping a few blacks & Liberals are going to urge the rest of us sane people to sign some dopey crowd funded online petition? Is this the very best you got?
    Yeah – them hens from the view hold clout globally too. Good luck with the campaign fellas

  25. Handsome Jack says:

    #StopBlackLivesMatter and #StopIslamicApologists first, ok?

  26. Ann says:

    They did not give up their rights. They support or not support what they want just like any of us I am not a supporter of Mr. Trump and find him offensive.

  27. scoooby says:

    Why not #Stop Hate Dump Hollywood – be a real activist for a cause – like lack of diversity in major acting roles in Hollywood #whiteoscars – not a political pawn for the DNC.

  28. Madge Schmid says:

    I don’t undestand why an actor or actresses seem to think they know more about politics and feel their opinion is more important than the rest of the country .Just because you are seen everyday on tv doesn’t make you more important.As for Jane Fonda all the vietnam vets could care less ,they remember how she became a traitor in their eyes .What right did she have because she was an “actress”. We are tired of your liberal views ,that it’s ok for people to break into our country and we support them .Ask the families of the people that have been killed by terrorism what they think.We aren’t racist but why is it ok for a black man to kill a cop but not a cop kill a black man .If you want justice and to help blacks take your mouths to Chicago where around 500 blacks are killed each year by other blacks in a no gun zone .What a joke you people with all your money are .Why aren’t you helping more by giving people a place to live ,our homeless and veterans .We average hard working americans dont care what you think.When the war comes to this country and it will because of Obama Your money or your stardom won’t be able to save you.You have no idea how the REAL world is .

  29. Kent says:

    These people are throwing gasoline on the fire they seek to squash out. They are entertainers, let them entertain us. :)

  30. Go Trump !!! you’re just mad because he speaks the truth

  31. ThankGodILiveInCanada! says:

    Dear Trump Supporters! Your right, Trump does have a right to his opinion…but you know who else believed keeping a group of people who had “bad Guys” amongst them out of his country? HITLER! ‘Lets just temporarily put the Jews in a Ghetto just until we get the country back on Track!’ Sorry, Trump doesn’t want to put them in a Ghetto, he just wants to ban them from coming in. Don’t be dumb people, Racists aren’t people who understand what they think is wrong and do it anyways. Racist are people who think they are right. HE BELIEVES MEXICANS AND MUSLIMS ARE THE CAUSE OF AMERICA’S PROBLEM!!!! You can’t get any more Racist then that!!!

    • ruggio says:

      You have your shit wrong…he believes that the country is being run by stupid people. He is right. Go back to Canada and educate yourself before sticking your nose in something you do not have all the facts about.

    • Emilio Largo says:

      You live in Canada ‘Tard. Get off our front porch. This don’t even concern you.

    • Handsome Jack says:

      Yeah and so was Mohammed. You realize the irony of comparing Trump to Hitler because he’s suspicious of the ideology.. that influenced Hitler. Sure you’re on the right side? Calling Trump hateful because he’s opposed to a group who have hate inscribed in their doctrine?

    • Suzane says:

      All the TRUMP haters are just blazing mad because he speaks for the people. What do the celebrities even know about the everyday person and what their struggles are? The good people of this country have been trampled on, spit on, sued, and treated disrespectfully long enough. Take your racists comments and anti-Christian hate and leave America if it bothers you so much. Christians have been persecuted long enough and it’s sad how many accuse them for being haters, racists, bigots, etc. when actually it’s the other way around, they are the TRUE victims and Trump is just bringing that to the forefront.

      • Suzanne, you’re kidding right? You’re right about one thing. The good people of this country have been trampled on, spit on, sued, and treated disrespectfully but by the very people you seem to support. I am guessing the only “good” people of which you speak are Christians, those people of God who are racists, bigots and haters who follow very little the commandments of their God.

  32. Vivian Saulnier says:

    Like everything else that spews from the mouths of liberals, they accuse others of the sins they themselves commit. Who’s piling on the hate about Trump and his followers? Who’s intolerant when he and his supporters express their point of view? Who tries to force them to shut up? When you point a finger at someone else, remember that 3 fingers are pointing back at yourself. Hypocrisy, thy name is liberalism!

  33. Using their celebrity to raise awareness for those in need is one thing. Getting involved in politics and creating even more hate, and even more segregation is very misguided and dangerous. I am getting extremely irritated by privileged Hollywood folks telling me what I should and shouldn’t believe or do. When they walk in my shoes, and see what I see, then we can talk. Until then, they should just keep doing their overpaid jobs.

  34. DewJay says:

    I have to laugh. Here we have a group of wealthy actors and musicians, who have no idea what daily middle class life is like in 2016 and have no idea about the daily insecurity of losing their job or their home, sitting around in fancy restaurants, on sunny beaches, in their huge houses, driving their fancy cars, and who themselves have held questionable political views (been to Vietnam lately Jane Fonda), telling us, the middle class who gave them that celebrity, that we should dump Trump who is running for POTUS just because Trump and the middle class want an end to illegal immigration and want to make sure that no violent Muslims come into the USA. You celebrities are pathetic with your army of lawyers, security personnel, bankers, and groupie ass-kissers. You have the right to vote for who you want and the rest of America has the right to vote for who we want. Stop using your celebrity to deny others their constitutional right to freedom of speech. The reason many of you are speaking out is because (1) you are old has-beens who need the publicity or (2) you have a new book, album, or movie coming out that you’re trying to promote. Maybe the middle class should start an anti-celebrity boycott of you!!!

  35. judiwth says:

    Counting Trump followers allows us to see exactly how many bullies there really are in this country. The language is crass, the words are frightening and no, they haven’t been “made that way,” they are ignorant and lazy in their thoughts and actions. It is harder to embrace caring ideas, people who are different than you, ways that are unfamiliar, than it is to reject them.

    • Emilio Largo says:

      Counting comments from individuals like yourself allows us to wonder where exactly drinking water should be avoided. Genetically deficient you are. By the way – “Ignorant and Lazy” are the people your liberal kind embrace . . . .

  36. james says:

    Liberal celebrities are against the Republican frontrunner.What a shock.

  37. Susan Creger says:

    All you haters of TRUMP..can stick it! He will be the best POTUS ever!! He tells the truth… and all of you just cant accept it!!! You all would rather believe Hillary… What a freakin joke she and Sanders are! TRUMP/PALIN 2016 DEAL WITH IT!!!!!

  38. baldylocks723 says:

    The more these leftist morons rail against The Donald, the more people flock to him!!! Good, we NEED a real, legal president after the eight years of Obmama and her incompetence.

  39. Louis Mayer says:

    Gee, you’re right Jeni. For a moment there I thought one of the celebs was the Fonda that had a photo taken at an anti-aircraft cannon when visiting with the communists. I’m getting old now so it is probably just poor eyesight.

  40. Randy says:

    Those videos of hispanic kids attacking Trump, then the kids from his rally used provocatively, sick, disgusting, racist, name calling, deceitfulness, lying, bias, twisted,
    Insulting, messed up, remember CNBC national debate, the list of sorry crap throw, or made up against him from medias, leaders on both sides, 2 to 3 billion dollar election cycle pissed, people, think someone has to buy someone, this has never been , just cant be…..Trump has all races of followers, every demographic, some more than others, We The People, By The People, For The People, we got to here by politicians,..
    Ronald Reagan, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Bill Deblozio, and more have been some of the greatest Presidents of all times…Trump has drove through life helping others, and you should check it out……many people are suprised…..Trump 2016
    PICK HILLARY, CAN IT BE WORSE????? we are not dumb………..its money……..smells

  41. Alex says:

    …but they had NOTHING to say about the scandal going on at SAG.

  42. Greggan says:

    CNN has become the defecto Trump media center. It praises his successful political strategies and tactics while failing to illuminate his intrinsic messages of hate and exclusion. It’s shameful to watch the so-called news media pander to anything that will enhance ratings.

    • Josie says:

      I believe that these celebrities are the people illuminating the “intrinsic messages of hate and exclusion” that the left in this country pushes on ALL who do not agree with them. It’s shameful that when “We the People” express our dissatisfaction with our president and all the other corrupt politicians in Washington, there is no tolerance~only hate and we are simply dismissed as stupid, bigots, and racists. Just like you live in this world~we do too! And, this is not a world that I believe is conducive to Peace, tolerance and freedom.

  43. Moose says:

    Do these “celebrities” REALLY think anyone cares what they think? How about some comments on the stench of West Hollywood and the looking-the-other way of the pedo-enablers they all know?

    • henri says:

      well you not only read the article you commented on it, so at some level you cared.

    • jeni l gray says:

      These celebrities are citizens of this country and have a right to express their views just as you did in your comments.

      • DewJay says:

        Jeni. Yes, they do have the right to voice their opinion but they exploit their celebrity, that we gave them by watching their movies, buying their book or albums. They get world-wide media attention to voice their opinion and you and I get a comment thread on a webpage. BIG DIFFERENCE!

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