Vladimir Putin Backs $4 Billion Theme Park The Magical World of Russia

Vladimir Putin Backs $4 Billion Theme
Courtesy of moschanko investment co/goddard group

Vladimir Putin, the President of Russia, has given his blessing to plans for a $4 billion theme park in the country called The Magical World of Russia, which is being developed by two Los Angeles-based companies, Moschanko Investment Group and Goddard Group.

The theme park, which will be built on 220 hectares of government-owned land on the border of the Kaluga and Moscow regions, was presented to Putin for his approval by the governor of the Kaluga region, Anatoly Artamonov, last week, according to the Kremlin. The project will be entirely funded by private investors, including Moschanko.

The theme park has as its theme Russian folklore, culture and history, and will include hotels, a waterpark, and a number of other attractions, including a recreation of several of St. Petersburg’s best-known historic buildings.

Gary Goddard, founder and chairman of Goddard Group, said in a statement: “Using Russian folklore, legends and history, we are actively working to make this a theme park that will reflect the culture and lore of Russia — and one that will be built to a quality level equal to, or better than, any other world-class theme park today.”

Goddard Group also designed the $3.2 billion Studio City resort in Macau, China, which launched in October, and a yet to be completed Cirque du Soleil resort in Mexico.

Plans for the Russian theme park first emerged in 2011, when it had a lower projected cost of $2.5 billion, and a different intended location.

“I am happy to see my long-held dream of creating a true theme park and resort for Russia finally becoming a reality,” said Gene Moschkovich, the founder of Moschanko Investment Group, who heads the consortium developing and managing the project.

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  1. Mary A. Akin says:

    IT is such a precious heart that wants to have a beautiful place like this for his country .

  2. David says:

    The best attraction is going to be the Russian athletes shooting up steroids

  3. I loved Russian when I visited family friends there. I adore and highly respect Putin. I wish the US would stop trying to dominate and control other countries and their leaders.

  4. Jeff Schultz says:

    the main attraction the KBG tour. You go in, but never come out

  5. dave beck says:

    Im sure the first billion goes to Pukin. Like the Olympics, it will be built with straw and mud. People in Russia are living off cabbage and bathtub vodka. There is no way they can afford to go.

  6. How Do you Invest in Russia?This is a super thing for them. Those people must be proud of their leadership.

  7. Alana says:

    Hey you all Russia haters – how did you explain in your Disney Land American negative parts of History? You have plenty!

  8. zoe deo says:

    When does it open? I’d like a job. They need one of these in the US for cultural expansion. It is a global economy now.

  9. Dan Young says:

    And you thought the lines at Disney are long . . . We’re sorry, but all ride broken.

    I can see it now: oligarch and nobility living off the backs of the masses land, famine land, religious persecution land, gulag and Siberia land, and all around misery land.

  10. Frank Speaks says:

    I have been to Russian and it absolutely NOT a welcoming place. However to be fair, since it is a matter of time until Russians are forbidden to go to any other country, mostly due to their own drunken, piggish behavior, they need to create their own stolen version of Disneyland.

    What is hard to understand is that since Russia reinvents its history on a regular basis, the park will never be able to be finished as they event new triumphs and enemies. Also I have to guess that the Cinderella Castle rip-off will be called Putin’s Palace. Lastly it could only be a true Russian theme park if they sell Vodka at 10 meters at the park.


    • Psychologically it is clear that you are the one who has problem with Russian. What a clear dick head racist.
      I am living in Russia now. I have never experience any racism and talking about drinking. People drink every where so shut up and forget the stupid stereotype that your grandpa told you.

  11. Maria Kastelli says:

    Why is the project being financed by the American companies? There are many Russian billionaires that should be investing their money in this project.

  12. Jack says:

    Beautiful Park!

  13. Edward Mercer says:

    This is hard to believe, because its insane. Russia is not exactly a welcoming and friendly place. Corruption is socially and culturally acceptable. And, how will they portray the execution of the Romanov’s children? Or, the starving of the Ukrainians? The pact with Hitler? The gulag system? I could go on and on.

    • Blah blah blah says:

      Why are you so stupid Edward?
      “Russia is not exactly a welcoming and friendly place.” Have you ever been there?
      “Romanov’s children?” Are you f**ing kidding me? How about some slaves and natives that was killed just for being of what they are?

    • Maria Kastelli says:

      \What’s Romanov’s family got to do with this? They were murdered by the Bolsheviks, communists, don’t you know history?? Starving Ukrainians?? Crawl back to your basement, troll.

  14. Thac miller says:

    Hollywood and the government are putting cameras icams their contact lenses they put on people’s eyes and screw them up so bad and they tell them people that they’re going to kill their family if they don’t kill for them this is what’s happening in the America right now orchids schools malls theaters even the killings and Florida and their temper killings in Los Angeles are all done by evil people out of Hollywood if you look up parent cameras you will see they’re putting cameras but they’re also putting microphones and speakers and when they talk to you you can hear I’m like they’re right there on the outside of your head because the eyeballs hook to the eardrum if you know what I mean I have told the FBI several times about terrorism it’s all locally done by evil Hollywood people

  15. Nathan says:

    Vlad the Annexer strikes again. What he did for the Winter Olympics, he’s going to do for theme parks. Disney had better watch out! Hahahahahahahahahaha…

  16. Paul Smith says:

    Putin is the man !!

  17. Welcome to Putlerland, have a pleasant stay!

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