President Obama Says He Respects Britain’s Decision

Barack Obama Orlando Shooting
AP Photo/Pablo Martinez Monsivais

LONDON — President Obama, who had urged British voters not to turn their backs on the European Union, said Friday that the U.S. would “respect their decision” to do so and that the “special relationship” across the Atlantic would continue.

Obama said that, despite their upcoming divorce, the U.S. would continue to regard both Britain and the E.U. as “indispensable partners of the United States.”

Britain’s membership in the North Atlantic Treaty Organization remained “a vital cornerstone of U.S. foreign, security, and economic policy,” Obama said. He also commended the E.U. for promoting stability, prosperity and democratic values.


Barack Obama Orlando Shooting

Brexit Aftermath Coverage

Still, Britain’s vote to leave the E.U. is a major disappointment to the White House. The U.S. has long regarded Britain, its closest ally, as a bridge to the rest of Europe and sees its usefulness as diminished if it is no longer a member of the E.U.

On a visit to London in April, Obama encouraged Britons to vote to remain in the trading bloc and warned that, if they left, their country would be sent to the “back of the queue” in terms of striking a new trade deal with the U.S. He said his first priority was to seal a trade pact with the E.U.

Although Obama is generally popular here, many Brits bristled at what they perceived as a foreign leader telling them what to do.

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  1. ItsJo says:

    Here in America, there are TOO MANY Like Obama, who want to tell England what They should do. I do recall that it was Obama who gave BACK the “bust of Churchill” and embarrassed ALL of America, as we did consider the UK one of our Best Allies. He went on to ‘reprimand those in the UK who wanted to be free of the EU, and rightfully so. Who would want Belgium telling them what appliances they NEED to operate in their own homes? BOTH Obama AND Hillary “wanted the UK to STAY in EU” Face facts.

    It was Trump who said the people should do what is best for their country and they were being USED by the EU, as is the rest of the world. Note, that the “EU and the Globalists have the MOST TO GAIN BY BEING IN CHARGE OF WHAT ANY NATIONS DO OR DON’T DO.” Is THAT freedom? NO, it is NOT.

    Of course, now that the people of the UK have spoken, the Liberals there, and in the Media(America) are pushing for the whole issue to be REVERSED. Stand your ground UK….the PEOPLE HAVE SPOKEN, AND MUST BE RESPECTED. Liberals have also set back America’s Freedoms, and we are dealing with their BAD CHOICES.

    With regard to Variety, it is Amazing to me, that the likes of Holly-woodheads, like Clooney, Harvey Weinstein, Ruffolo, Damon, Affleck, etal. would THINK that backing the Criminal Hillary is a good thing.
    Are you people that REMOVED from what is happening with Obama/Hillary in charge? What about HER
    using a ‘faux global charity-that is NOTHING but a “Money-Laundering Scheme” do you NOT GET? She, like Obama is pulling the wool over ALL of your eyes, as she claims to care about women, helping the little people….Geez, wake the Hell Up, and realize she ONLY cares about AMASSING MILLIONS OF DOLLARS FROM WALL ST./ANY NATIONS IN”PAY TO PLAY” that have a Horrible Track Record of KILLING GAYS, JEWS, Christians and they ARE COMING TO HOLLYWOOD TOO. DO YOU THINK YOU WILL BE IMMUNE FROM THEIR KILLING DESIRES? SHE BACKS THESE PEOPLE…MUSLIM RADICALS, and is Against Israel…….Last I checked…Weinstein is Jewish, right?

    Clooney raised funds For Hillary, then says that “Too much money is IN politics…what a fn Hypocrite.”
    AFTER HE raises money for her… other words… should stop…it’s too much $$$ in politics. Idiot-

  2. Nanny Mo says:

    It isn’t his concern. Who cares?

  3. Tripp Fell says:

    That last line. That’s it exactly. Mr. President, stay out of it. RIght or wrong, it doesn’t matter, just keep your mouth shut. This is precisely what gets us into trouble with the rest of the world time and time again. AND this is a bipartisan failure of enormous magnitude. In truth, the republicans are even more determined to stick America’s nose in other countries’ business. It’s absurd. America is not the police force for the rest of the world. And this translates to an even bigger issue. You want to stop ISLAMIC terrorism? Get out of the Middle East. Let them have their caliphate. And watch those animals eradicate themselves in the process. The world will be a better place….

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