China Reportedly Bans Korean TV Content, Talent

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China appears to have confirmed that it is to ban South Korean content from its TV screens in reprisal against the Korean government’s decision to deploy the U.S.-made Terminal High Altitude Area Defense missiles.

State-owned China Central Television (CCTV) reported that SARFT, China’s broadcast regulator, had banned the airing of Korean TV shows with effect from Sept. 1. Some social media sources, however, said that the news report was a fake.

South Korea says THAAD can only be used defensively, and is necessary to deter or defend against attack from North Korea. On Wednesday North Korea fired a missile that landed in Japanese territorial waters.

China opposes THAAD deployment, which is scheduled to take place next year, as it says the missile system’s radar can be used to spy across borders and into China.

Variety has also been told that Chinese-Korean co-productions and talent are to be restricted as part of the reprisal measures. Several Korean companies said that their Chinese partner had been given verbal instructions from China’s Film Bureau that planned co-productions would not be approved.

China has become the biggest export market for South Korean TV content and music acts. Chinese producers and broadcasters have also been in exuberant competition to buy Korean intellectual property from comics to movies to remake or to co-produce. And several Chinese companies have acquired stakes in Korean outfits in order to have priority access to Korean content and talent.

The regulatory measures had an immediate impact on the shares of leading Korean talent agencies. YG Entertainment stock dropped nearly 9% on Tuesday to a 52-week low of KRW33,800. SM Entertainment also hit its year low of KRW27,650. Both have recovered slightly since then.

Despite the massive interest in Korea’s cool contemporary content, China’s state news agency Xinhua said that there is popular support for the anti-Korean measures. “A recent survey showed that more than four-fifths of Chinese people would support the ban on the appearance of South Korean entertainers in Chinese TV programs if the government does so. It reflects Chinese placing love for their home country before popularity of entertainment stars,” Xinhua reported Thursday.

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  1. John says:

    Communist Chinese gov’t has always been jealous of South Korea’s influential entertainment industry. While China churns out crappy products and entertainment South Korean products and entertainment are highly received.
    China has the audacity to ban South Korean products and entertainment in protest over South Korea wanting to defend herself from crazy North Korean missiles. Can anyone blame the South Koreans for defending themselves? Especially since communist China has continued to support their fellow commie North Korean buddies. Communists Chinese are brainless drones who just follow their repressive gov’t which denies their own freedom. No wonder democratic Taiwan don’t want to be part of China. China is the biggest threat to democracy around the world.They support terrorist organizations or countries. China routinely hacks into Anerican and other gov’ts or companies. Chinese companies illegally copy products without permission.
    Free world citizens should boycott junk Chinese products. Buy American, Korean, British but China.

  2. Jason says:

    That’s not very nice, I hope this isn’t true. In the immortal words of my niece, roughly translated from Chinese, “But we love Korean shows, please don’t take it away!”

  3. Bob USAFret says:

    China, like all communist countries does not like capitalist countries, even though they have some weird form of communist controlled capitalism.

    • Wei Senni says:

      China like the country that respect China, whether it’s communist country or capitalist country.Because the time have changed, China has already pay not attention to the form and only care about whether sincerely treat each other or not.

  4. Avery says:

    As an American who has lived on the mainland for over 10 years I can truthfully say anything posted by CCTV, whether a statement of fact or polling are outright lies. 4/5 ths want KOREAN TV AND CONCERTS that is a FACT. Probably 4/5 of CCP members want a ban, but they are less than 8% OF THE POPULATION so they are marginal at best and the CCP for a long time has only been about protecting themselves and not the people. But BLIND NATIONALISM is alive and well in China. They are told in their schools half-truths and lies about their History that makes the WEST a DEVIL (especially the USA and JAPAN). As a people they believe it is now their time to RULE Asia and the world by their rules that they make since the WORLD has kept China down on purpose…They believe this nonsense. THey do not bother to look at their recent History and look at the CCP as who was and is holding them back to be accepted as stakeholders in the world. BLIND…LEMMINGS

    • But the U.S. Govt, Pentagon and NATO really is the devil. Hundreds of thousands in South Korea have protested this THADD nuclear missile on their soil because they’re the ones who will die first! and they’ve protested for the US to stop their yearly War Drills meant to provoke, a deadly tease against North Korea. Who in their right mind wouldn’t be afraid of the only country in the world who used the Nuclear Bomb on the innocent Japanese people, the U.S. is the devil. Who has a coalition of warplanes right now bombing countries and people being killed in the process, or forced to leave their homes and livelihoods and live somewhere else? The U.S. is the devil and to change this immoral and unacceptable reputation around the world, they must reform themselves psychologically and set it right.

  5. I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I do understand the Chinese government on this one. Imagine if someone placed this type of weapon in Cuba? Of that’s right – the Soviets did – and we almost went into World War Three over it.

    There is no need for this type of provocation, and the US needs to stop this kind of behavior. It’s making us look like War Mongering lunatics. And lets be honest, if US troops were not present this long after the Korean War, the peninsula would have signed a peace treaty by now.

    I just think that China is wrong to punish the entertainment industry, who are essentially on their side in this issue.

  6. Our US Govt is pushing other big countries into War that could literally end our civilization. Having US Nuclear Weapons placed around the world for defense is insanity. If nuclear weapons are used we’re all dead, so who in the hell are they protecting and kidding! Stop it now US, stop. South Koreans have protested this dangerous insane THADD deployment because it’s provoking and unnecessary. Your US Generals live and go sleep dreaming for Wars, the only thing they know and killing hundreds of millions of people, to them it’s called collateral damage, to me it means murder and crimes against humanity! Stop NATO, no more Wars, life is precious and God gave life to us all no matter where we are born.

    • Angelo says:

      You know what Dorothy you have to be thankful to US like it or not they are the police man taking care of world community I would rather see the West run the show than communist China who is a bigger evil and has no regards to human life you will never be a super power unless you let your people rule and not he CCP LOL

      • Samuel says:

        Oh please China might be evil…but at least they do not have the holier than thou attitude like the US…trust me looking at the US politics is running right now.I’m not sure you guys can maintain the superpower status for too long.

  7. harry georgatos says:

    And to think China is on the verge of buying into the Hollywood studio system. Hollywood is prepared to do sleep with the Right and the Left with dictators and Liberators for that box office dollar. A deal with the devil.

  8. poindexter says:

    The whole world should just leave the PRC; let them rot; they need us, not we need them.

  9. Esther says:

    My whole family and friends in China love Korean dramas. They won’t be too happy about this…

    • Scout Sandy says:

      Are you serious? Have you been in China and sure you know about their people’s attitude to this so-called defensive THAAD missles? Chinese people take the national self-love conscious to priority than anything

      • Chen (@scout sandy) says:

        I’m Chinese, so I know that may be true under most circumstances, but based on my social sphere, we really love Korean things and we haven’t put much thought to the Chinese media for this matter.

  10. Ed says:

    It’s about time! Hit them in their pockets and see now if they’ll listen to dad.

    • Hello says:


      Your comment is disturbing and just wrong.

      • Hello says:

        @Jon Nailor

        I was responding to Ed, who seems to celebrate this bully move by China. That is why I said his comment is disturbing and wrong. You and I are in agreement about China’s wrongdoing.

      • Jon Nailor says:

        I think you miss who was boycotting who. China backs North Korea. China boycotts SOUTH Korea entertainment industry because of the defensive THAAD missile system they are installed to protect against North Korean missiles.

  11. Joe says:

    “Defensive”? Shameless.

  12. greatbigballzzz says:

    Downfall of the communist party is imminent. most chinese teenagers are fanatical about their korean idols and they will sacrifice their life to be able to watch Korean drama and listen to korean music.

    of course those old toads and turtles in politburo would not understand how classy and amazing korean drama is. they lost their soul a long time ago

  13. Keve Keve says:

    Sanction against South Korea which sanctions North Korea. Karma….

  14. Ben Thompson says:

    Good news for Chinese TV viewers as the Korean drama is appalling.

    • Caught You says:

      With your incorrect grammar, you don’t sound like a white “Ben Thompson,” you sound more like a Chinese lackey typing up propaganda for China.

      Chatting with my friends in the mainland, all of them are very angry about what China is doing, so the bogus poll of “four-fifths of the Chinese people supporting this ban” is nothing but state level brainwashing.

      • Chen (@Chinese) says:

        You know you can’t trust that poll. It doesn’t make sense because if you talk to people in China, it paints a very different picture. We know many Koreans and they’re very nice. My relatives have voiced their sadness if Korean shows will really be banned.

      • Chinese says:

        Nonsense! Where is all ? Surely 86% chineses people approval to ban Korean entertainment, you can see this survey in weibo.Because too many Korean stars earn so much money in mainland while they don’t respect China, as if they have two faces.

  15. amon says:

    Don’t you know that all superpowers defy and violate international laws? The US did so in wars against central america and bombing small southeast asian countries. The loss of life was horrendous, while the only loss in boycotting entertainment is money.

  16. Cassie says:

    When will people realize that ultra nationalism has never been good, has never benefitted its people, and will destroy countries and all of their relations. Don’t forget, China is literally the only reason that North Korea still exists. Without their backing, NK would have fallen apart during the cold war. As someone who was born in mainland China, it’s disappointing to see this, but sadly not unexpected.

  17. Craig Long says:

    The reason for a ban is quite clear. China has expansionist ambitions. You can’t have a country close to Chinese borders that has the capability of defending itself.

  18. Jon Nailor says:

    So, it is bad for South Korea to defend itself, but ok for North Korea to bomb a foreign country.
    Hey China, better get your lapdog under control before the world does it for you.

  19. Martin says:

    I have said it once and I will say it again… Sometimes I want to see the world just burn, and I want Smores while I watch it happen. I know this is dark, and brooding, but when humans put animals lives above other humans, people killing police officers with the “Black Lives Matter” movement, and Hillary vs Trump election. Maybe it would be better if an Alien Race came to destroy, so we as a common species come together and be brothers and sisters. I guess we all forgot 9/11 and how we banded together as a nation. Now we all want to kill each other again.

  20. TWICEisTRASH says:

    EXO and NCT better cling to that worldwide appeal and release english songs real quick

  21. c o says:

    Thi is just screaming for a nicely drawn editorial cartoon.

  22. langstonq says:

    Meh, Americans have been told lies in schools since the nation was founded.

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