‘Days of Our Lives’ Rings in 50th Anniversary

Days of Our Lives Anniversary
Courtesy of Sony Pictures Television

Since September, longtime fans of NBC’s lone remaining daytime drama, “Days of Our Lives,” may have noticed some changes. Favorite characters are returning to Salem, the storytelling pace has picked up — the show even looks different. That’s pretty exciting stuff for a show celebrating its 50th anniversary Nov. 8.

“We made some changes with writers and producers and decided to raise the bar with the look of the show, the performance aspect of the show, and where we’re going with the stories and characters,” says producer Ken Corday, whose parents, Ted and Betty, created “Days.”

Not only have fans noticed, but so has the cast.

“It’s like a whole new show,” says Kristian Alfonso, who’s played Hope Williams Brady off and on since joining the cast as a teenager in 1983. “Until a few months ago when these new producers and writers took over, financially there were so many restraints. Now we have new sets. Before, sometimes I’d be in the same set for three days. Now I can be in five different sets in one episode.”

She says cast members are so happy with the show’s new direction that instead of just reading their own scenes, they’re reading entire scripts and asking about each other’s storylines. “When you see that happen, you know something special is happening because we’re not just thinking about our work that day,” she says. “We’re excited.”

Throughout the years, “Days” has maintained its “bread-and-butter formula” of focusing on family and the redemptive power of love, but the narrative has changed. “In the ’60s and ’70s, it was much slower-paced storytelling, with fewer characters. In the ’80s, there was the blossoming of what would become the ‘super couples.’ And in the ’90s we had Jim Reilly’s advent and the far-out ‘Days of Our Lives’ with demonic possession, people buried alive and multiple personalities,” says Corday.

“We made some changes with writers and producers and decided to raise the bar.”
Ken Corday

While Salemites grow nostalgic preparing for the fictional town’s bicentennial — which just so happens to coincide with the soap’s 50th anniversary — viewers are being treated to flashbacks of bygone eras. The old clips underscore the evolution of daytime drama.

“Forty or fifty years ago, scenes went on for four or five minutes as the organ music was swelling,” says Steve Kent, senior executive VP of programming at Sony Pictures Television, which produces the show with Corday Prods. “At the time it was compelling, that’s why it stayed on the air. But you have to keep evolving. That’s why we’re constantly updating.”

Changes in technology have also helped the show evolve. Instead of shooting live-to-tape, Kent says each camera now has its own output, and the editing system allows for rapid intercutting between cameras. “It’s much easier to do non-linear editing and play with time,” he says. “Using this technology to help storytelling is something we’re playing with, and using effectively.”

“We work longer and harder, but in fewer days than we did before,” says James Reynolds, who’s played Abe Carver — the longest-running African-American character on television, daytime or primetime — since 1981. “Scenes are quicker and shorter.”

When he and Alfonso joined the show they shot one episode per day. “Now we do a lot of shows during the course of a week, and we work very far ahead,” says Reynolds. “There’s a lot to keep straight.”

Because the show tapes six months ahead, episodes written by new co-head writers Dena Higley and Josh Griffiths only began airing around Labor Day.

Griffiths says being a lifelong “Days” fan was helpful when he and Higley started. Their first move was giving some underused longtime characters better stories and bringing back iconic characters, including Bo Brady (Peter Reckell), Steve “Patch” Johnson (Stephen Nichols) and Andre DiMera (Thaao Penghlis).

“I’m trying to keep the focus on the characters the audience loves, while creating the next generation of characters. The next generation needs to be integrally tied to the iconic generation so they’re not coming out of leftfield,” Griffith says. “It’s keeping it connected to history.”

Penghlis, who joined “Days” 34 years ago as another DiMera, Tony, was surprised he was asked back. “I never thought I’d be going back. I thought it was over, actually.” After all, his characters, Tony and Andre, had been killed off six times, collectively. Then he met with Corday and his new team.

“There was something about going into Corday Prods., being embraced, and them telling me how and where the story was going — I just went, ‘I love this,’” he says. Now that he’s back on set, he says, “I’ve never seen a team this complete. I’ve never seen writers who blend in with the actors, study their personalities, and then go back and write about them. I’ve never seen producers who are as hands-on like Albert Alarr is.”

Nichols, a fan favorite during his initial run from 1985 to 1990, was lured back in 2006 but left in 2009 when a new producer took the show in a different direction. He hoped he’d be invited back for the 50th anniversary. And indeed he was.

“I’m thrilled, but the icing on the cake is that the show is better than it’s ever been,” Nichols says, adding the behind-the-scenes dynamic reminds him of his early days on the show. “We have another group of people who’re working well together. It’s a well-oiled machine, and everyone is supporting each other.”

Just a few years ago, soap operas looked like a dying breed. But DVRs and digital streaming breathed new life into the genre, letting fans watch whenever and wherever they like — NBC even has an app for it. That, coupled with the recent production investments, are encouraging signs to “Days’” fans.

“In an era where having a show return for a second season is considered a major success story, the 50-year run by ‘Days of Our Lives’ is simply extraordinary,” says Jennifer Salke, president of NBC Entertainment. “We’re so extremely proud of the show’s longstanding relationship with NBC and its connection with viewers all around the world.”

Hoping the excitement surrounding the 50th anniversary bodes well for renewal, Corday says it’s almost incomprehensible that this little show his parents started is still going strong.

“My father thought the show would last maybe a year, and before she passed my mother said, ‘Gee, it’s great that we’re going to be on the air 20 years,’” he says. “Soon I’ll be standing on a stage saying ‘We’re golden.’ Who knows what the future holds, but what an achievement to endure that long in such a difficult medium.”

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  1. Judy Durre says:

    This is so fantastic ! I know I started watching Days with my Mom when I was a teenager. When overwhelmed with almost a dozen soaps to choose from, I only added 2;. I never stopped watching Days if our lives, and I still look forward to watching it every day that I can.
    Thank you all so much for keeping it interesting, and on the air.

  2. Peggy C C says:

    I started watching Days at 13, I’m now 67. I never got involved in any other
    Daytime soap no matter how hot everyone said it was. When the cast came to Atlanta to celebrate 45 yrs, I was there taking pictures with all of the characters. They were all so warm and welcoming. I bought the book and they all signed their picture in it for me. I’m consider myself Days Of Our Lives number one fan and everyone in my life know it. I met the new writer and told her how excited I am about the story line and the faster pace that they are now moving with the story lines. Thank God for new technology. It was very hard to keep up during school years and college (I actually scheduled my classes around Days), and when I started working and had no way to record it (was not possible during many of those years) so I had to call my Mom to bring me up to date.

  3. Pam Flowers says:

    I have been watching Days of our lives since 1965. I love that it still has the love story to bring each of us back each day!

  4. Phyllis says:

    Yes please bring back Melanie! Although Teresa is changing Melanie is a better fit to Brady. And love does not die that easy..

  5. Diane Harris says:

    Please bring back Melanie! Would hate to see that Brady is too weak to resist Teresa. Seriously, can Brady even consider a serious relationship with someone who almost killed his dad! Thought Brady was so in love with Melanie!

  6. donna says:

    Been a fan since High School.Like previous fan stated I think the young kids Ciara,Theo and Aidens son should been left on the show. Ciara looks so much like Hope and Theo was a real part of the show and I do not mean the new kids.They seem so distant and nothing like the younger kidsthey played the parts so long they owned them and we all love them.I could almost quit watching do to that.
    These new writers should thje fans know what they want and its not newer people doing the parts of Ciara and Theo.Put them back on.
    Also I hope Sunny is going to be back on.
    Hope they take Ben off .Never liked him or his Dad.
    Chad neds to stay on.
    Shame they killed Page off.
    They should talk to fans before switching things all over the place,
    I hear Dr Joana is leaving too.SAD!

  7. Fan says:

    First, the music on Days is first rate, far ahead of other TV shows. I was happier with the writing for the past couple of year before the recent changes. I preferred more wit and realistic situations the audience could identify with. Seeing Sonny visit Will in the hospital was a breath of fresh air, but now gay marriage has been eliminated. I feel that the progressivism and anthropological flair of the show was abandoned. Where is Maxine in the anniversary? Why isn’t a long running African American included? I agree with the others about the sudden aging of the children. I thought the child actors were great as they were. I hope the child actors didn’t feel devastated and fired at such a young age, when everybody liked them. I like the resemblance between Arianna and Sami. Too much death and gloom – I had wished the show would go in a lighter direction with continued insight, more realism, wit and fun.

  8. Nanci says:

    The new writers have given Days the feeling of watching a night time drama. I can’t wait for the next day’s episodes Thanks for making my Days happening due to my forever love of watching Days of Our Lives..Congrats to you all

  9. L. Lu says:

    Days will be renewed for one year at a time from now on. This is a much improved soap and is better than the others on the air right now.

  10. L. Lu says:

    As all soaps do, these characters were aged to blend in to future stories.

  11. Debra Pounds says:

    I want to know how Sierra & Chase turn into teenagers in less than a year. Really far fetched.

  12. Maggie Wildman says:

    Oh please tell me that Hope did not die on today’s episode. Can hardly wait until Monday to see what happens.

  13. Pat says:

    Enjoying Days new story lines. Glad to see some of the old actors back, especially Bo, Steve. The young kids were aged too fast! Please save Brady from Theresa!


  14. Sharla Rempe says:

    I am almost 54 years old. My mother watched Days from the beginning so I have literally watched it also. I think my earliest memory of the show was when Susan’s baby died from falling out of the swing. Naturally, as I went to school I had to miss out on the show except during breaks when I could catch up. With the advent of the VCR, I could tape and watch at night. Now I am able to watch most days or catch up on my computer. My grown son knows who most of the characters are and sometimes asks what the storylines are. We both cannot believe the show has lasted for 50 years. I hope it will continue for another 50! Congratulations!

  15. Leslie says:

    DOOL is my favorite! I’ve watched it since my teens .. So a long time! Please keep Peter Reckel and Steven Nichols! Bother add so much to the show. Their absence has been awful. Things are great again on Days! Happy 50th Anniversary! You are Golden!

  16. Melissa says:

    Days is must see TV! Love it. Hope its around for another 50 years. Congratulations to all involved.

  17. Linda Thornton says:

    What Joan Melton said!! Keep the REAL Bo!!

  18. Joanne Melton says:

    Can you please do whatever is necessary for Peter Reckell to stay with DOOL? He is the one and only true BO for Hope. We’ve really missed him, and for him to come back just to leave again is just too sad for us. Please give him an offer he can’t refuse!!! We want them to be happy and a family again.

  19. I have been a long time fan of Days of Our Lives, I have grown with them, I have always been a no.1 fan, so much love, hurt, death, marriages ,divorces, threw the yrs. and then see so many leave and see ones who have been of show coming back just thrills my heart, i miss the actors who have left the show, but as time goes on Days Of Our Lives will grow better, So on celebrating 50yrs.of this wonderful family, i am wishing for a next 50Yrs. Congratulations Family of DAYS OF OUR LIVES

  20. Anne Travi says:

    I have been watching Days since it started , I am 84 and still would not miss it. Happy you have brought back some oldies. They are still the best. Congratulations to everybody.looking forward to today’s show, so exciting.💜

  21. Laurie says:

    I have been watching Days since 1965. I love the show especially the charàcters. When they cry I cry..
    When Kim and Shane got married I used their wedding song by Gloria Loring and Carl Anderson which was “Friends and Lovers”. Back in the 80’s I went to the taping of Days. I was exciting for me.

  22. Jill says:

    I love the current changes! The suspense, drama around the people of Salem and of course, all of the old characters. I started watching Days when it first began & followed all this time! Keep up the new story lines-very good!

  23. sue says:

    My Grandmother watched Days from it’s very first show. Everything stopped during her “story time”. I made it part of my life thanks to a boyfriend (that’s right), back in the 80’s. I love all the characters and the direction the show has taken of late. My dream is to be on set and meet them all.

  24. K says:

    I hate that Ben has been made a murderer on Days, I though he and Abby were good together. Now is a good time to bring back Jordan, who I REALLY miss. Her brother needs her now and she and Rafe were so good together. Rafe needs a good woman.

  25. Lori says:

    I’ve only been watching for about 5 years. I like seeing all the old clips and the history. Hating the new direction of the show, with the kids aging 7 years overnight. While I understand and enjoy some of the story lines geared at teens/young adults there’s much better ways to accomplish this

  26. Susan Hales says:

    I love Days been watching for 31 years. But can I just say I miss the little kids especially Ceira and Theo. It really messes with my head when you make these kids grow up so fast overnight. I’m having a hard time getting use to the fact that they aged like 5 years over night. still loving Days drives my husband and family nuts but that’s their problem. Here’s to another 50 years!!!!!!!

  27. Lynn says:

    Sorry but the new writers have made a shambles of this show. Killing off characters left and right, taking cute and humorous children and turning them into surly teenagers overnight. It is too much. I read the updates because it only takes a couple of minutes but never again will I waste 5 hours per week on this show.

  28. Donna Stowe says:

    I wish Kristen would come back. My favorite.

  29. Lori Johnson says:

    I love days of our Lives have been watching since I was 17 back in 1987.

  30. Monte Walker says:

    This is all great news. Glad everything is changing – I really thought DOOL was going to die – but maybe now it will continue and be like the good old days and even better

  31. kathy sharpe says:

    Beautiful. Excellent production. Favs are back. Writing is crazy exciting. Don’t know the politics of the soap world but the changes are going to bring a —-load of daytime Emmys to the DOOL family. Fabulous

  32. Amanda says:

    Oh Happy Days!

    I started out watching the CBS soaps as a kid with my family before Days. Once Days came into my viewing life in the 90s I was immediately hooked.

    If there are few things that are lacking in the current Days there needs to be more romantic-passion scenes, stop making the female characters like Hope so dumb and watered down and find the future feuds and villians for the years to come.

    Other than that, thank you Days for making a fan out of me for the last 25 years.

  33. jan says:

    i have been watching since i was 7 y/o and that makes me a forever fan. i turned 57 11/3/1958. glad it is still on.

  34. Gina says:

    This is Days of yesteryear.You could tell they had new writers…way to go Days!!!

    • 4ever DAYS says:

      My comment was a mistaken reply to yours. I’m sorry.

    • 4ever DAYS says:

      I think comments like yours turned people away from DAYS. For so long the GLBT were saying DAYS was on fire because of the gay characters and if they were dropped the show would really suck because nothing is worth watching except the gay characters. Do you understand? The gay characters brought new viewers quickly and drove away old viewers slowly with the constant bragging. Do I have a problem with gay characters? No, but if the show is going to create viewers with a sense of arrogance and entitlement, then DAYS did the right thing by dropping the characters and storylines which proved to be too controversial. However, I don’t think Will should have been murdered, but it did create good drama. In the end, DAYS is a hundred times more exciting. Don’t bite the hand that feeds/fed you.

      • Colt says:

        “Don’t bite the hand that feeds/fed you.” Really? Oh so we are supposed to be grateful that it only took Days 46 years to fiiiiiinally depict gay characters in Salem? And Because that sounds like what you are saying.
        I’ve been watching Days since elementary school with my mom. I’m in my mid forties now. And after decades of being ignored, I was finally proud to tell my friends that my soap was seriously moving into modern times and accurately depicting my life and my experiences. Finally! It was even made more rewarding when the show started winning Emmys again. They had not won Emmys for best drama in like 25 years!!!!
        They did not have to kill Will Horton. They could easily have let Sonny and Will make up and move off screen to Europe together, like hundreds of other Salem couples before them sailing off into the sunset. They did not have to kill Will, and like a viewer elsewhere in here said, they did not have to stuff his body in a trash bag! That other poster hit the nail on the head. They didn’t stuff Serena in a trash bag! They didn’t stuff Paige in a trash bag! Only Will. How can they even explain killing off the son of Sami & Lucas, who we watched grow up before our eyes. The kid had family ties to practically every single character in Salem!!! And then they throw a big party only a couple of weeks later when the dirt on Will’s grave is still fresh and everyone is laughing about it. And you wonder why fans gay and straight are pissed off? And Sonny being the son of Justin and Adrienne and nephew to Victor and cousin to Abigail and JJ, gets sent away. And Paul no sooner finds out he is the son of John Black, and he barely gets a small handful of scenes with John and Brady before he disappears almost completely too?
        Then you mention entitlement. Well, if you would like to address a group of viewers with a sense of entitlement, look no further than how certain “straight” fans speak to the gay fans on the social media threads for Days, during the entire coming out story of Will Horton and the emergence of WilSon, and later PaulSon. The level of vile hatred gay fans received whenever WE spoke in support of Will, Sonny, Paul (and Derrick, and Brent, etc) from a very small but very vocal group of viewers spoke volumes. Kate and Sami and EJ and Daniel could have sex with everyone in Salem they were not related to and they applauded. Sonny hugs Paul or gets kissed by his husband and they lost their minds and their dentures!! They were slapping down Bible verses (often misquoted and completely taken out of their context, mind you) and screaming about how inappropriate it was, and how it had to be taken off the show. You gotta be kidding me! Do YOU not SEE the HYPOCRISY?? EVEN IN YOUR OWN REPLY????
        By killing Will, and ruining Sonny, and doing God knows what with Paul and Derrick, the writers and producers are sending the message loud and clear that straight fans of this show (no matter how recent or how hypocritical) matter way more than the gay fans who have waited patiently for decades for their turn to have characters to watch and enjoy. By killing Will in the most grisly and thoughtless way possible and chasing the other gay men off the canvas, it is the same as endorsing that very small but very vocal group of fans who screamed to de-gay this show. And I’m sorry but that just sucks. Those sands of the hourglass are supposed to keep falling not stay stuck in the 80s trying to capture an era that is long since over. Gay characters can exist in Salem just like they do in every other town in America. This current writing team has done a horrible thing. And the sad part of it all is they aren’t writing anything at all exciting or fun or romantic. It’s all just so lame now.

  35. pam blackard says:

    been watching since day one, now that bo and patch are back I am hoping they stay, I want to see the older characters we have watched for years not all the youngsters. see the story lines around your core group of the ones like bo and hope patch and kayla etc, give rafe more exciting things to do

    • James says:

      The feeling I had when Is saw Will getting murdered was the same thing that I felt when I saw Doug die after Ste’s flat blew to smitherins in the middle of a party in Hollyoaks. I was hoping he and Ste would finally be together after everything they’ve been through, including having experienced their own triangle with their “Paul Narita”, Brendan (played by the magnificent Emmet J Scanlan).

      But life goes on and hopefully brighter things are ahead.

      RIP Will Horton (11/16/1995-10/13/2015). You were only 20 years too young.

    • Shirley Lamb says:

      I agree, I stopped watching 8 years ago. They got rid of all my favorites, kept with rediculous storylines. No one was happy anymore. They need to stop bedhopping so much. Keep couples together and have them work through their problems! nothing like old fashioned love storyies like the Horton. Tom and Alice Horton were excellent role models. Need more of that these days!

    • Instead of expecting everyone in the Universe to change to your way of thinking, etc why not utilize the efforts of the writers, actors, producers, etc. in the gay community and provide equal entertainment made up of the very people they are portraying. I should think it would be a virtual welcome to have people who believe what they are saying and doing to be in charge of what they want. Don’t try to push your way onto the establishment….do what you want to be by doing it yourself and making something of your own. I am not saying anything more than when you drive people away who have been watching for half a century, why on earth would you be content to try an obviously mismatched grouping of people. Be adventurous and entertain those who enjoy what you are presenting! Just an opinion, but I think perhaps one for consideration.

      • Apparently you think you speak for everyone in the universe and think everyone should come around to YOUR way of thinking. You don’t speak for everyone and never did. Clearly you think that what you consider to be the establishment has some sort of sole ownership in this show and that the show should only reflect people like yourself, members of this alleged establishment. Well here’s a news flash for you, there are many fans of the show who are just as equal in this world as you are, who are equally a fan of DAYS, who have not seen themselves reflected in the show and want to. These fans did not just arrive in the world when Sonny returned to Salem. They have been there all along, some of them have been watching DAYS for as many years as it has been on the air. They have been there all along with everyone else, not watching some show only for gay people. Sounds like you are suggesting a separate but equal show for gays. Where have I herd that before? It is time to open your eyes to the real world. Gay people are everywhere and always have been. There is no reason that DAYS should not represent the real world. It can not stay stuck in the past forever with its eyes closed. Its future success will be measured in balancing stories that attract all people, not just the closed minded establishment, who remain stuck in the past . If it doesn’t, it won’t be long until we will be see the final grain of sand pass through the hour glass.

  36. Theresa Walczak-Pingitore says:

    Been watching for years. Haven’t seen Jennifers living room for awhile, has the clock been cleaned?

  37. Mollytanner says:

    DAYS seems a lot more well balanced and I definitely feel the guts of it more than the last few years. Caroline running around town is hilarious. Anytime Susan Seaforth Hayes gives a speech I feel all the history and heart behind the words. Robert Scott Wilson and Billy Flynn have been operating at a high level. I can’t wait to see the arrivals of John Paul Lavoisier, Vincent Irrizary and Tamara Braun.

  38. Jen says:

    What happened to the story line where Eve was going to make it look-like Jennifer was insane or mentally ill. They didn’t finish that story. I miss the little Cierra. Will shouldn’t of been killed off. Too bad Eve has to go. Bring Jack back.

  39. D Reade says:

    Stop blowing all this sunshine and rainbow nonsense up our butts. The writing is now plodding and ridiculous. This supposedly “new and improved” DAYS is nothing but a post-Holocaust of all the gay characters that made DAYS win the Best Daytime Drama Emmy 2 out of the last 3 years… and won two of the portrayers of the gay character a total of 4 Best Younger Actor Emmys.
    The horrific new headwriters Dena Higley and Josh Griffith changed the character of loving and sensitive Sonny Kiriakis completely, had this amazing father act uncharacteristically and abandon his daughter to move away to Europe, not once but TWICE.
    These same hacks have killed the legacy character of Will Horton off in the most despicable way, strangling him to death after being knocked almost completely unconscious and totally unable to defend himself. Then to add insult to injury, the killer stuffed his body in a trash bag like garbage and disposed of him. None of the heterosexual characters murdered during this storyline were degraded and dehumanized into such a manner. This shows the blatant homophobia heading the new writing staff.
    None of the new storyline shifts, including turning both Ben and Aiden into psychopathic killers, have made much sense. But the way they made four central gay characters essentially disappear almost overnight, by either murder or character assassination.. has left me feeling disgusted.
    Happy Crappy Anniversary DAYS. Hope you enjoyed wooing back all your geriatric fans who are soon to die off. Because the fans who have been loyal to you in our 30s and 40s are no longer watching this awful show.

  40. Judy Kusler says:

    All the Days of My life I will love this show. A few years were rather strange,but now that it is more pertinent I fell in love all over again. I have watched the entire 50 years (and my husband and children still laugh at me!) A real thrill is that Stefano’s henchman Bart has moved to my small city and is teaching acting classes,but I have yet to meet him! I love vacations when you return home and you have at least 10 shows to binge on!

  41. CM says:

    The show has definitely improved…and it’s mainly due to the return of Bo and Steve. Seeing those two together on an adventure really brings back memories of the “glory” days of the 80s. I hope they both stick around for a long time. When Nichols initially returned as Steve in 2006, they gave him a TERRIBLE storyline…you couldn’t even recognize the character. It’s great seeing the “Patch” that was so popular originally again. The only thing missing on the show right now is Shane/Kim…and Jack. I wish they’d bring back Jack…heck, I don’t think we ever even saw his body after the elevator accident…there was no open casket funeral or anything. Bo/Hope, Steve/Kayla, John/Marlena, Shane/Kim, and Jack/Jennifer…those 5 couples made the show. The one thing I don’t like is the rapid aging of the kids. Not sure why they’re keeping around Chase after the current storyline wraps up…for some reason he reminds me of Will (and that’s not a good thing). The actress playing Ciera seems ok. The guy playing Joey is HORRIBLE though…bad acting and he doesn’t even look like a child Steve and Kayla would have. The cliche “teen with an attitude” doesn’t help. If they want to focus on a “younger” couple…then I think JJ and Gabby have potential…if they do it right and they don’t just hop into bed together. Abe’s new daughter and Rafe might could make a good couple. Rapidly aging Theo is just odd though…as well as Lucas being with Adrienne.

  42. Cathy says:

    I say it is about time that Ken decided to move in a better direction, also when Dena was writing for the show before she did a horrible job, so I hope that this time it is different. I love seeing the old characters come back, it isn’t stagnent as it was before. Keep up the good work, I am happy with it’s improvement.

  43. Sue Lauer says:

    I love days, but I am disappointed that ceiarra and Theo grew up so fast. The young lady who played her is great and gives the girl spunk. Sami “grew” up on the show. Bring back the kids. Another thing since you are making it look better, when people get coffee in the to go cups, could you at least fill the cup with water? Oh, and the purses…put some stuff in them! Woman carry more than cell phone’s and keys. That’s all, otherwise great show

  44. Christine VonGonten says:

    So so happy to ready the great news about the new goings on at DAYS. I’ve been watching everyday since at least 1978, and would be heartbroken to think that it could ever by off the air. Love seeing all our beloved old characters come back and hopefully they will stay around. To see Bo and Steve acting the same way to each other brings us right back to where we were years ago.. Love, love, love it…. How about Vivian, and her side kick…Coliope(?),,,I heard maybe Jack…Let’s get back into competiion with GH…. we used to kick their butt…. we can do it again…. we’ve got it….let’s go….THANKS…..

  45. Lisa says:

    I have been watching the show for years also.. I find that alot of the young cast is getting killed off or written off liked sonny, will, paul and paige. I understand bringing back some of the past cast but with the new generation of watchers we miss those younger cast members.
    I agree that it make no sense to make Ciera and the other children grow up. We all watched Ciera grow up on the show as a fiesty little girl and the new Ciera doesnt fit the part.
    Sorry to see the younger cast leave to make room for the seasoned past to come back.

  46. Linda Williams says:

    I have watched Days for the 50 years. It is so fun to see all the couples coming back together again. Just wish they didn’t have the kids all of a sudden grow up. That was to fast considering Bo has only been gone for 3 years. But I do like the new direction. Too bad we no longer have Samantha.

  47. I have been watching since I was a teenager. Now that I’m retired I watch every day and look forward to my special hour. I forget about the challenges I’m facing. Thanks . Love the new direction.

    • Anita says:

      I’ve been watching for 35 yrs I stopped watching after they stopped making story lines like bo and hope, jen and Jack etc it got to weird and far off from what it was now I’m loving and getting excited about it again

  48. Carol says:

    I have been watching this show since day one…I am glad to see so many of the old cast being brought back…I did not like it when the show got bizarre and they killed off a lot of good cast or sent them to insane asylums. I do not like how fast they have had Ciera grow up…much too fast. I know they do this but in two weeks to age 8 years is not good.

  49. Carolyn Cowart says:

    I watched the very first episode and haven’t missed very many in 50 yrs
    You could say I’m a hooked fan

  50. Ginger says:

    I’ve watched DOOL since the first show when I was in college. I even arranged my class schedule so I wouldn’t miss it. I bought one of the original recorders so I wouldn’t miss any. When I married my husband 18 years ago, he made fun of my watching. Now he’s also a fanatic. Thanks for bring Bo and Steve back. Can’t wait to see what’s next.

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