TV Review: ‘Knock Knock Live’

Knock Knock Live Review on Fox
Courtesy of Fox

Not since the Publishers Clearing House giveaway has a television program exhibited the depth of feeling and production values of “Knock Knock Live,” a Fox series that asks the non-musical question, “So will some people watch Ryan Seacrest host pretty much anything?” Conceived by Simon Fuller, the show tries to take advantage of a live component to foster a sense of unpredictability but proved simply numbing in practice. Celebrities seemed willing enough to participate – hey, who wouldn’t want to play Santa Claus? – but after sitting through the introductory hour, when “Knock Knock” knocks next week, don’t answer.

Fox clearly has a kinder, gentler brand of reality TV in mind this summer, with this series premiering the same week as “Home Free,” another show with a “Queen For a Day”-type vibe. (The episode included a segment with the host of that show, Mike Holmes, one of the many shameless plugs and product placements scattered throughout the hour.)

Still, the unrelenting giddiness in the field – and frequent reaction shots of Seacrest staring up at the screen with a goofy grin on his face – will test the patience of even his loyal fans, and might require a trip to the dentist.

Seacrest’s accomplices included Kellie Pickler in Nashville and “The Tonight Show” alum Ross Mathews in scenic Covina, Cal.. David Beckham and Common also took part in segments that amounted to heartwarming human-interest stories, only with a sizable handout at the end.

The tears, not surprisingly, flowed freely. But the games and stunts – such as spraying $25,000 into the street, or having a couple try to decipher a message in Cantonese – were really just time-killing affairs, designed less to foster any suspense than rather transparently stretch out the interactions in between doling out the cash.

Being live, of course, is considered one of the ways to neutralize the effects of delayed DVR viewing, which makes experimenting with the form logical. Yet “Knock Knock Live” plays like a cautionary tale (are you listening, Neil Patrick Harris?), demonstrating that just training a camera on unsuspecting folks, plastering “Live!” across the screen and tossing money at them isn’t enough.

People obviously love walking away with unexpected money, but in an hour that really called for the host to smooth over the rough spots, Seacrest merely demonstrated how little personality he brings to this sort of exercise. In fact, with so many dollars flowing in different directions, would it be rude to ask how much it would cost, ballpark, to make him take a break for a while?

TV Review: 'Knock Knock Live'

(Series; Fox, Tue. July 21, 9 p.m.)


Produced by XIX Entertainment and Dick Clark Prods.


Executive producers, Simon Fuller, Michael Herwick, Allen Shapiro, Mike Mahan, Mark Bracco, Stijn Bakkers, Nicolle Yaron, Ryan Seacrest. 60 MIN.


Host: Ryan Seacrest

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  1. someguynamedrachel says:

    hate ryan sea crest and that annoying freak ross mathews. yuck

  2. Cynthia Scarboro says:

    Me and my daughters were sitting watching the show and all they kept saying was I wish somebody would come knock on out door and give us some money. I told them, “Yea I wish they would to but that ain’t happening here in Chester!” There’s alot momma could do with $100,000 dollars. Pay some bills and take is on a vacation which we never been able to do. I told them one day we:ll be able to do some things but I’m going to bed cos I gotta work in the morning. I could hear them talking about if they knocked on our door. They were saying O wonder how you get on the show. I’m a single mother living paycheck to paycheck and still barely making it. By the grace of God I’m able to provide for my children and my grandchild. The struggle never ends but I’m never going to give up. My motivation is my kids and they may not have all they need but I try. There are times that I have to decide who gets shoes one week and then buy for the other two the following week. My girls are very understanding and that’s a blessing. I just wish things were a little easier financially.

  3. Shelia says:

    Dear Ryan,

    My parents are both battling cancer. On the 31st of this month they will be married 58 yrs. We recently found out that Dad’s cancer is in his bones, and he is not doing well. My Mom, has a rare type of lung cancer that is inoperable. Most people with her type of cancer only live 6 months. My Mom has been dealing with hers for 3 yrs now, and it has really taken a toll on her physically. My Mom’s wish has been to meet Patti LaBelle. She thinks that Ms. LaBelle is a beautiful person inside & out. Just to be able to sit down and talk with her for a little while would be the greatest thing that could ever happen to her. If you could make that happen. She would talk about it for the rest of her life. Shelia

  4. Robert says:

    Hey Ryan, my name is Robert.I want to nominate my mom she became a single mom not knowing she was pregnant from my brother.. She worked until the last day of her pregnancy I see how she works hard and all her paycheck comes to us, just the other day I went with her to see if she can get a lower car payment she said it’s been hard with 7 kids and no help from my dad and my other siblings father. I see her tired we had to move back in with my grandparents and it’s been hard to be here and get adjusted but where can we move to? If my mom could nearly make it. I feel bad for her but I see her struggles and I wish I could help her! I seen your show and I though about my mom. Please help my mom out. My mom deserves it she has been thru so much pain and agony not to say her struggles of everyday to work just for us she has no time for herself!

  5. Dear Ryan, there is a young boy with a deadly disease. His name is John Hudson Dilgen and he is 13 years old. He is in excruciating pain everyday and he still has a smile on his face. He has EB better known as Epidermylosis Bullosa. His family has been fighting a losing with Governor CUOMO! Traditional medicine does not work to take away his pain. He needs Cannabis but Governor CUOMO won’t allow it it for his
    DEADLY DISEASE…. It was brought to my attention that this beautiful boys CORNEA recently fell out! The Governor stated in 2014 that he wanted to help people with SERIOUS ILLNESSES … How much more serious does it have to be??? He has a video…. Butterfly Boy. Please watch it…. It brought me to tears. It was shown on the show, The Doctors. John is also a Rangers Fan. I would like to nominate John Hudson Dilgen for a KNOCK KNOCK in Staten Island, N. Y. Sincerely,
    Valerie Gregorio

  6. I would like to nominate my mother in law Sharion Robinson she is 62 years old survived breast cancer and is such a hard worker we struggle alot but all try to figure out something she has a daughter my spouse Kelli Lovin who has had alot of problems me and my mother in law work alot all the time to make ends meet and its still not enough she is my biggest role modle in my life because she tries and no matter if its just soup and a sandwich she always has food on the table she is my inspiration for life I have always wanted to get her caught up on bills so she could spend money for her she never buys anything for herself cause we never have extra money but she still tries to keep her head high she means the world to me

  7. Dorothy Morris says:

    My name is Dorothy Morris and I would like to nominate my pastor Paul to receive a new fan for our church he is a very good person he is always working around the church and is always handing out food in the neighborhood he deserves this and more the only thing I am asking fir myself is to have my teeth fixed thank u for listening I hope to hear from u God bless

  8. danny says:

    dear ryan I am a friend of timothy bergerons and I nominate him for a nock nock visit and he is a hard worker and a true friend and he deserves it and like to see him get his dentures and a car but he is the type of guy that you ask for help and he does it and never asks for anything in return he really likes the potiact g6 hard top convertables . and would be a blast to see him get something in return for once.

  9. Kate McKee says:

    Let’s see: A bunch of rich people using poor people as entertainment on live, national TV. Sick. Seeing those people on that one cul-de-sac crawling around on their hands and knees, grabbing as much of $25K as possible really made me ill. And the one musical guy who came to his door in his tie led me to believe he wasn’t as surprised as the show would have us believe. Not a fan. I hope the show dies quickly.

    • Vic says:

      Exactly. It was all so contrived and out of touch like Seacrest himself. The lamest part is no one was really that poor or that bad off. From the looks of it the money in the cul-de-sac was going to be spent on SUV payments and Starbucks. Might as well have Carson Daly giving obese people lifetime passes to Applebees. It was contrived charity for plastic causes.

  10. celina troutman says:

    love knock knock awesome show

    • Judy Stryker says:

      Love Knock and Ryan. I Live In Ewing, New Jersey In An Old House That Needs Lots Of Repairs. Did my Bedroom with my fix income but needs a flat screen TV in there . Also need my backyard fix and cemented and have a porch put out there with s swing fory Grandbaby and to Prevent Flooding From Another Flood, Storm Or Hurricane. Thanks Ryan

  11. Alice fierrosheart says:

    Hi my name is Alice everybody call me abby I really enjoyed your program knock knock tonight it was very refreshing to see that their are people that are caring and really want to help people that need a lift because sometimes they are not noticed I don’t know if this is the way I can myself nomate my son and Daugther in law so here it goes my son an daughter are the glue to family they are always their for me and my husband and daughter and her family and his brother and family two yrs ago my husband had a heart transplant he died for 15mins and was bought back and was add addmitted to mayo hospital in phx till he recived his heart my son helped me move from Maricopa az to perioa to live with him so he could make sure that I would be taken care of and when my husband recived his heart and was discharged we went to live with him and my daughter in law and granddaughters we had a benefit for my husband to pay for his meds that he would need if it wasn’t for my son and daughter in law I really don’t know how I could of made it they organized the benefit put money out of their pock to make it happen my son makes sure that all his Neices and nephew have what they need he is always taking care of us all resently he took us all on vacation to San Diego for a week to mission bay wow last time we as a family went on vacation was when he graduated from the mcrd marine cor that was like 22yrs ago my son is a beautiful humble loveing guy and is very giving along with his wife I would like for my son and wife to get a knock on their door I am hoping that you read my story and if so thank you so much for reading it

    • Jacquelyn Ortiz says:

      Dear American Idol
      Hi my name is Jacquelyn Ortiz short for Jackie hello to Ryan, judges, American Idol staff and fans. Hope all is well?! As for me bless thankful grateful. Living life to the fullest extend, focus trynna maintain. I’m a single mom of two beautiful little ones whim I was bless with. Every day I have a todo list. That’s wat keeps me going. Will I like to be in Hollywood yes who doesn’t. I wish everyone the best of luck love you guys. One

    • Evelyn Rivera says:

      I have a niece and nephew with two little ones. My nephew is the sole provider they live in a small two bedroom apartment in the Bronx. Needless to say as a sole provider there is very little to go around after the bills are paid. They are really wonderful young adults trying to make ends meet. It would be really great if knock knock would knock on their door.

  12. Jackie says:

    Dear Ryan,

    . my name is Jackie ,I’m single and sew and clean peoples houses walk dogs, u name it I do I can’t do what I use to. I’m losing my home lost my car I lost my mother , I’m help raise all my grandkids they r scattered 14 in total. I have tried to patent 2 ideas not having much luck it broke me I tried to publish children’s books I love to write and draw and love kids I have them around me pretty much all the time wether they r mine or not I’ve been called everyone’s street mom cuz I do clothed them Ryan all i wish for is a stable place and job I can’t do much eye sight is going but would like to enjoy what time I have left and to take care of my children 2 girl 3 boys but I’m happy just for being here now for them I would love to get a knock knock one day but not to sure where I will be god bless u all for helping so many people thank u Ryan.

  13. Pleas Martin says:

    79 years old need help me and my wife are raising a 14 yr old grand daughter

  14. How come they only go to people with nice homes in fairly rich neighborhoods. Why don’t they come to South Philadelphia?

    • Vic says:

      Because it was sterile charity for plastic problems and Ryan didn’t want to get his hands dirty.

    • Richard N says:

      My first thought was, so true! Then I realized that don’t want to get killed, robbed, raped and/or have their vehicles flipped over and burned! Go 867er’s!!

  15. Whitney nails says:

    Hey my name is Whitney and I’m 26yr old I have 3 girls and I work hard at trying to pay bills and make sure that my girls have everything they need. But that’s just not enough. I really need your help please. Please call me

    • Richard N says:

      Every thing they need isn’t enough? Why would you want more than you need? When will it be enough? There are others who don’t have anything they need besides oxygen and maybe vit D via the free daytime lighting provided by the star.

      Btw do we receive any measurable benefit from the other stars or the moon reflecting the Sun’s light?

  16. sherri ohara says:

    helllo my name is sherri mymom could use help. she works her butt off shes 74 and needs help with bills. i have ms and cant work. . i clean and do house sruff.can someone call me

  17. James says:

    This is a very disgusting show!
    Very disgusting indeed. Putting hard working people on their knees in the asphalt ,fighting for cash with their neighbors . What evil person thought this was a good idea? Ryan Seacreast I betcha. This would involve a lot of mind numbing drugs to green light it.

  18. Judy Stryker says:

    Would like to nominate myself for the KnockKnock Live Show. have had many health and financial struggles over the last 13 years since my first stroke. After that I started to loose my home to State Auction and Foreclosure. Had to spent over $5000 to file about three Chapter 13 bankruptcies.. Then came both Hurricane Irene and sandy. Had no Home Owners Insurance cause i could not aford one. Was faced with lots of damage og the roof, ceiling, mold and mildew, severe flooding both times, loss rugs, tons of clothes we never got back, furniture , beddings , appliances, kitchen cabinets etc.

    • Judy Stryker says:

      I could really use KNOCK KNOCK to keep me from having another stroke. So far I have had three small strokes, and two full ones since 2002. I have a lot of stress in my life because of lack of financial resources so all it does is make me sick, and my blood pressure is always high. Please Help me And my Family Ryan. I live iin a very old home in New Jersey that needs repairs.

  19. vinny coletta says:

    hi i would love to nominate my daughters angela age 13 and my daughter alexa age 11 who both have incredible hearts towards people and animals they both volunteer many hours a week to help rescue dogs and cats ,they both enjoy music,singing and are big fans of taylor swift and justin bieber ,i would love nothing more to make there dreams come true on meeting them or something amazing,i am a disabled fireman and a paramedic,i volunteered for 23 years with the holbrook fire dept and moved up the ranks to first assistant chief but had to resign from my position due to falling off of a ambulance and breaking my back which i had to undergo several surgeries so it has been hard on my 2 little girls but getting through it so anyway my dreams are there dreams and would love a dream like this to come true and it would last a life time thank you and hope you consider them for a knock knock :)

  20. Nancy Meree says:

    I would love to nominate my daughter Kandra Hutto. She has started her life to move to South Carolina to be here to be near and help take care of me because of my disability with epilepsy l. She left her job and walked from be here for me. She started living here in a 12×25 storage building and has added some on to even make it liveable. She is best daughter in the world to give up everything to help me live a healthy life. Please Ryan reach out to her and let her have a better life and have a better place to live for all she has done for me. I don’t think anyone has ever came to this small town to reach out and help others. Thank you very much.Nancy

  21. Shammie Johnson says:

    I nominated someone but not sure if it went through, will you send me an email?

  22. Jacques Strappe says:

    Unleash the dogs when Seacrest knocks.

  23. Mary says:

    Yes this is a good show. I wish if I was one of them. I am really in need right now but I am happy for those family that got something. I like the family that got $100,000.00. I can use some of that to pay all my bills and don’t have to worry when I am going to get pay again to pay some of my bills. It is true that the families were not surprise at all because they knew someone was coming to their house so they act normal. This is not for everyone. Nobody is as lucky as they are. I just keep praying that one day I will be better. Good bless everyone.

  24. Adrienne Cook says:

    Knock Knock live is a good show however not one family seemed real surprised. Each family seem to expect knock knock to show up. Everyone was neatly dressed, the 7 year old boy was jumping up and down before the door even opened. This makes the show a bit boring. I am just providing suggestions because I see the show’s potential. Make it more real and believable when it comes to families not expecting you to show up.

    OK, I have a story for you and if you showed up, trust me it will be a notifiable suprise because my parents will not be dressed up nor sitting right there at the door.

    My mom has 7 children that she birthed, however she has many more because they draw to her becasue she will feed a vilage, no matter who you are. However she has NO time for herself. (at all) she cooks every day, three meals a day. My dad is on dialysis and my mom’s gives him in home treatments 5 to 6 days a week. She lives off social security and lives check to check however manages money well. She has been doing little projects at a time in between her busy schedule of taking care of my dad. He’s alive today because of her dedication to his treatments, she just want to be comfortable in her living environment. She lives in a really olde home with 1 bathroom. She has a really bad knee but the only room in the house she find total relaxation is upstairs. She will be going upstairs after she complets renovation. She really needs a stair lifter chair, another bathroom and money to live. She lives in Martinsville, Virginia.

    I really hope you get this story because my mom and my dad are good people and will help anybody and everybody even with little or no money.

    I do hope the show receive good ratings.

  25. Fran says:

    Show was a totally mess. My favorite is how everyone is home and all of them all come to answer the door.

    • Justsayin' says:

      Let me get this straight, a family nominates their next door neighbor for a prize. Ross Matthews shows up in the neighbors front yard with a huge crew (Seacrest said it was sixty) They open a Brinks truck and shoot out $25,000 for anyone standing there to grab and the next door neighbors who nominated the family never came out of their own house, never noticed all this going in the middle of their street? Ok then.

      • Richard N says:

        Ugh, I missed a little. Never noticed they were the ones who nominated them.

        Also, that 25 inch air cannon blowing money that was released with more pressurized air makes a ton of noise. Not to mention the the back up alarm beeping and the other things mentioned.

  26. Judy Stryker says:

    I am a disabled single parents who received lots of damages from Hurricanes Irene and Hurricane Sandy in New Jersey. Loss all my furniture, appliances, washing machine, carpet, roof , cabinet and children bedding a and clothes. Spent all I had to continue living there. Had no insurance was faced with loosing my home with Foreclosure. I’ve been in and out of the hospital because of strokes and congestive heart failures from all this stress. I Need Knock Knock To a Reach Out And Lnock On My Door In Rwing New Jersey. Please Come Ryan. I Need A Miracle To Help Me Make It.

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