TV Review: TLC’s ‘Jill & Jessa: Counting On’

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TLC yanked “19 Kids and Counting” from its schedule in May, then cancelled it two months later. The Duggar family, however, has clearly become as attached to living their lives on TV as the Discovery-owned network was to having them on its schedule. Enter “Jill & Jessa: Counting On,” a trio of specials that kicked off Sunday, ostensibly focusing on two of the Duggar daughters, but also offering a parade of direct-to-camera interviews with their siblings. Oddly constructed, these programs clearly mark a trial balloon on whether the lucrative TLC-Duggar made-for-TV marriage can be saved.

For those who need a refresher course, a 12-year-old police report was made public that revealed Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar’s son, Josh, had molested five girls, including his sisters, as a teenager. A subsequent disclosure – as part of the Ashley Madison hack – prompted Josh to confess having extramarital affairs and an addiction to pornography.

Because of the Duggars’ forays into conservative politics, including Josh’s work for the Family Research Council, there was no shortage of schadenfreude in the news and Duggar’s admission of hypocrisy. But however embarrassing all this might have been to the family, the Duggars have become big business, to the point where Discovery had to take a write-down for the “content impairment charge” associated with cancelling “19 Kids.”

All that provides a backdrop to the first of the three specials, which suffered from a kind of conspicuous schizophrenia. While all of the interactions were focused on big and happy events in Jill and Jessa’s lives – the former’s move to Central America with her husband Derick, the latter preparing to have a baby with her spouse, Ben – the direct-to-camera interviews all seemed to begin with some variation of the question, “So what have the last four months been like for you?”

Not surprisingly, the responses – not just from Jill and Jessa, but also, spaced throughout the 90-minute telecast, siblings Jinger, Joy, Jana, John David, Joseph and Josiah – reflected surprise, hurt, disappointment, and an occasional glimpse of thinly veiled hostility toward the media. But the mood swings were betrayed, almost comically, by the music: Jaunty banjo riffs when the sisters went out to shop for baby gear, alternating with maudlin piano strains when they addressed those painful last four months.

Noticeably absent, meanwhile, were parents Jim Bob and Michelle, who were seen briefly in the tease for next week’s installment, which promises an interview with Josh’s wife, Anna. From that perspective, this episode almost felt like an appetizer – a taste of the scandal, with the main course yet to come.

The inevitable conclusion, after watching a program TLC failed to make available in advance, was that everyone here is trying to have it both ways. Like so many participants in reality shows, the Duggars can lament the intrusions into their privacy, while leveraging their fame – and Josh’s notoriety – through this more carefully controlled format. And TLC can try to take the high road by canceling “19 Kids,” only to further milk the franchise by essentially reviving it during this pre-holiday window — under a different name that, naturally, still includes “Counting” in the title.

Then again, being famous, and on TV, can be another kind of addiction. And once an audience has bought into a property like “19 Kids,” scandal, whatever the personal toll, is just another form of promotion. At least, that’s the modern media reality that TLC appears to be counting on.

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  1. Shari Harris says:

    Just a family using God name to make money. TLC has not learn anything from the Duggar family. Will not watch any show on TLC until they gone.

  2. christi donovan says:

    Shame on you TLC, you are slowly but surely working in all the Duggars. When the show first started it was just about the 2 married girls, now everyone is starting to “show up”, how shallow that you overlook the weirdness of this family just for ratings, plus the fact you are padding their pockets. I wonder how many convicted perverts are being paid a salary??????

  3. Love the show please work in Michele and Jim Bob we are starving to see them and all the little ones The girls ,we would love to see how they are growing and the little guys too. Try to have some family party that we can see and hear everyone again. I know you are trying to work it in slow but all the fans are ready to see the whole gang PLEASE I sure missed and needed my Duggar fix !!

  4. Tess greathouse says:

    Hi how I can get married I love too wach you on tv it makes me feel happy do you want to be my friend

  5. Mary Erickson says:

    This show is really boring. Don’t care about Ben and Jessa with their “taco” date night or having light fixtures installed or anything about Josh and Anna. I like Jana, but won’t waste my time watching this show !

  6. Marilyn says:

    boring, boring, boring

  7. T says:

    pls take this show off the air along with ALL advertising

  8. gigi says:

    I was looking 4ward to watching jill and jessa counting on but really not liking the parents jim bob and michelle on or hearing about josh updates they mislead us making us think it was about jill & jessa married life i will not watch anymore if they continue to do updates on josh or have the parents jim bob and michelle on the show let the girls do the show even have there sisters on but not all of the duggars

  9. Ana Reyes says:

    no more idiots we got more than enough no more shows like this bunch of losers.
    we don’t want to see more of this people,none of them. get a real job…..losers
    stop having kids. stop using God for your convinece

  10. Stacia Aldret says:

    I was impressed with the character of the Duggar ‘s under such negative publicity scrutiny that few can truly endure. Strong Christain values truly do provide the armour necessary for this kind of attack. I enjoyed the show and admired the continued strength and honesty of the family. I don’t enjoy or wish to see innocent people be harmed because of their beliefs or values. Their association with Josh does not make them evil.

  11. Lee says:

    The Duggars judged others incredibly harshly and slandered an entire segment of Americans as sexual predators simply because they didn’t like the way they dressed. I won’t even go into their cult’s misogyny, bigotry, and outright hate mongering.
    They have judged, their judgment has come, and it is righteous.
    Over 950 companies specified they didn’t want to be associated with the specials or any future programming related to that family. They’re toxic and TLC needs to staaaahp. Just stop.

    • Tammy White says:

      Another show for this family ???? Are you kidding me ? The last thing they need is another reality show. Enough is enough !! They need to concentrate on healing their family and get the heck off of TV and out of the spotlight, !!! Time to act like the good Christians you claim to be and listen to the message the Good Lord is telling you !! GET YOUR FAMILY OFF OF TV !!!!!

  12. Jane Smallin says:

    personally, I’m relieved that TLC has the courage to respond to the many of us who respect the Duggers and are openly dealing with the hurt and disappointment this has caused. Many families are suffering some problems that their children have, and the fall out. Because they are open about their faith, they are moving targets for the “stone throwers” who would have us believe they live a life with challenges, hurts or disappointments. Their hope to “appear perfect” is nothing but a lie to themselves. Pray for this family and see that Christians also have disappointments, and failures, but it should only bring us closer to the Lord. After all, the Duck family was renewed, and their behavior is not the most appropriate.

  13. babarishka says:

    Jill and Jessa? I didn’t know who they were until a second ago, and truthfully, I could care less. What is much more concerning to me is that TLC’s sister channel, Discovery, pulled a BBC documentary called “Conspiracy of Silence” at the last moment at the behest of some anonymous politicians that was scheduled for airing in May of 1994. “Conspiracy of Silence” recounted the horrifying story of the infamous Franklin scandal in Omaha, Nebraska in the late 80’s/early 90’s, in which a child prostitution ring with ties to D.C. was uncovered and then subsequently whitewashed by authorities, with the approval of local Omaha media who demonized the child/teenage victims. Key witnesses/victims were intimidated not to testify by the Omaha FBI. Gary Caradori, the primary investigator was killed in a mysterious plane crash along with his 6 year old son as he was returning from D.C. to Omaha with evidence in hand that tied D.C. elites to this pedophile ring.

    The truth is, people in the highest positions of power are usually sociopaths and many are pedophiles. If this sounds nuts, I guess you haven’t heard about the recent scandals in Britain regarding a pedophile ring with ties to big wigs in which much of the evidence was somehow conveniently deleted by the U.K. government. Similar scandals regarding pedophile rings with ties to political and other elites have occurred in countries such as Spain, Portugal, Belgium and Scotland.

    People want to believe that their political leaders are decent people. Yeah, there may be a few bad apples but they’re not all demons and most care about us, more or less. Well, most of them are indeed sociopaths; it has always been this way throughout history. Today’s sociopathic leaders are simply a little more adept at hiding their insanity, but it really doesn’t take all that much research to uncover their true nature. Why would people seek positions of power in the first place? A few may be do gooders, but most seek power because they crave power – simple as that. Until the human race learns about sociopathy in high places and shirks off as one its eternal socio-political Stockholm syndrome, we will continue to be reamed at best and rended at most.

  14. sally says:

    Another point TLC ignores..Jill was PREGNANT prior to marriage and yet they push abstaining from sex prior to marriage. Where were the bodyguards??? I guess they were with Josh. Jill revealed how far along she was and that would have been impossible when they were married less months than she was pregnant. Count people..pull this show.

    • guest says:

      @Sally-learn how to count when it comes to conceiving a baby. There was NO pre-marital sex between Jill and Derick, NONE. Conception is calculated from the FIRST day of the last menstrual cyle. She conceived on their honeymoon. They got married in June, and she had Israel in April, that’s 10 months!.

    • guest says:

      Jill was NOT pregnant before they got married, she conceived on their honeymoon! So much judgement towards this family.

    • That’s not true. She was a month married when she conceived.

  15. rose White says:

    Really? Jill & jessa counting. If the show was cancelled & pull, how dear you attempt to circumvent what transpired. Stop trying to reinvent which is obvious. Are you going to put a show together for Bill Crosby wife & daughter? ? Honey Boo?? You would not. They should NOT be on tv either, now TLC you are a hypocrite. ..

  16. Guest says:

    I am more saddened by those who are bigots against Christianity and the way they have attacked this family relentlessly with such hate and evil over the past months online and off. I find the bullying, slandering, assumptions, stalking, making up false stories posted by sleazy on line tabloid magazines, mocking, disturbing memes of the Duggar children and family, just plain tragic and reprehensible. What ever the Duggars woes and problems are, there is no excuse under the sun for those who bully them. Those bullies are evil incarnate, and are responsible for the majority of the pain this family has gone thru and still live with. I never thought we lived in such a world where people could be so cruel to a family with sweet kids, but we do. Stop the bullying people and become human beings instead of a pack of wolves

  17. Mary Baswell says:

    I was an avid fan of TLC but I refuse to watch anything with Duggars..”19 kids and counting” was suppose to be cancelled… If “Honey Boo Boo ” was cancelled, so should this.. The family tried to cover up Josh’s molestation and Should never be on again..Hate to miss”Little Couple”

    • Drea says:

      Man we have every right to say what we want about this nasty family. And I also find a lot of so called “christians” that do the most wrongful and hypocritical things. And they have a point they wouldnt bring back honey boo boo so why bring back these girls as well. Now how are you going to stand by a molester? You cannot sugar coat what the did and your talking about quit being judgmental and act human you call doing this such crap he did is human? I call it pyscho pervertive and shouldnt be walking the streets! Well guess your in the same boat as them and if it happened it to you or someone you loved you would let it pass like it wasn’t no such big deal and you wouldn’t expect no one to say a thing about it. Hope you never have kids because you don’t seem to make the wises decisions. This show must be banned!

      • Geri says:

        Why don’t these people GO AWAY? Don’t they understand that people are sick of them and what they stand for. I will never watch anything that they are in.

  18. I watched 15 minutes of the program and what I noticed was Jill saying, um, uh, pausing to think, putting her head down and grasping for words……common signs of someone who either has been rehearsed and is trying to remember or someone who is lying. She said things which were dull and boring…there was nothing of interest to me. I hadnt watched TLC the prior day in protest/boycotting and havent watched since. One thing I did notice was only one sponsor—-the rest of the time when the program was not showing was scads of ads for other upcoming programs which told me the sponsorship was ver low….good all efforts to stop this creepy family paid off. Shame on TLC for airing any of them at all.

    • Mrs. Gibbons says:

      The Duggars are over. The two couples still on the air, indeed do good, I’ll give Derek and Jill that. Who knows what the other husband does? This show, the people and content, is no longer amusing. Molestation had better be taken seriously by TLC or other shows will lose their audience as well. These two gals are victims, but we have heard their story. And Anna the biggest victim of all is hanging on. You must be kidding me! Make them go away!

  19. Witchepoohshelly says:

    After watching the special I was appalled at the fact that not one of those Duggars bothered to even mention one word of care or concern for their sister in law Anna when they were rehashing what they felt after finding out their brother Josh had not only been unfaithful but was addicted to porn.It was all about them, almost as if Josh wasn’t married and the father of 4.Its not their Christian values that disturbs me at all, Its all the truth or facts they carefully omitted while filming.What Jimbob succeeded in doing was portraying his family as though they were this ever giving self sacrificing near perfect unit.Now that the world’s found out the truth, Duggars are backpedaling, expecting all to forgive.Fine! But cant we do it without continuing to watch them on T.V.? Jimbob you would have faired alot better had you let people know you believe in corporeal punishment instead of hiding many of your family’s truths. Makes you look sneeky and dishonest.kinda like how your son Josh was w his indiscretions.I think it makes the public question just what kind of example you’re setting.With that being said, I feel like it’s best that you and Michelle spend your time carefully parenting your children that are still in your home maybe consider allowing your older girls the opportunity to be plain old sisters instead of mini mothers.Stay home and be mom and dad rather than jet setting all over doing speeches and autographs. Jimbob said he felt God wanted him to do the show, does he stop to listen anymore? Cuz if I didnt know better, I would have to guess God’s telling you ; You’ve been blessed beyod measure but now its time to just be a husband and a father in front of your family and not the cameras anymore.

  20. Guest says:

    I am more saddened by those who are bigots against Christianity and the way they have attacked this family relentlessly with such hate and evil over the past months online and off. I find the bullying, slandering, assumptions, stalking, making up false stories posted by sleazy on line tabloid magazines, mocking, disturbing memes of the Duggar children and family, just plain tragic and reprehensible. What ever the Duggars woes and problems are, there is no excuse under the sun for those who bully them. Those bullies are evil incarnate, and are responsible for the majority of the pain this family has gone thru and still live with. I never thought we lived in such a world where people could be so cruel to a family with sweet kids, but we do. Stop the bullying people and become human beings instead of a pack of wolves.

    • Frances says:

      Their type of Christianity is not the norm. Women are totally subservient to men. Married women must be available for their spouse’s needs 24/7. Unmarried women are always held responsible if a man gets aroused. They cover their women from head to toe in baggy clothes–after all men can’t control themselves. All the males in the family have dominion over their sisters regardless of age. They don’t educate their women so much so they couldn’t possibly survive in the job market and deny them the possibility of going to college. A woman’s sole purpose is to marry, have babies and obey men.

      Both Michelle and Jim Bob attended a regular High School. Michelle was a Cheerleader, she wore short skirts and she a bikini to mow the lawn–she experienced a normal childhood and teenage life. Was she damaged or tarnished–no. Yet, both she and her husband deny their children of all the experiences they had.

      They are not Christians but members of a cult. They are good people but still members of a cult.

    • thedorkone says:

      But that would involve Michelle actually doing that parenting thing, something she clearly loathes, since she has a long history of handing her own infants off to children the moment they’re weaned.

      • Margaret says:

        I see you know very little about history when there was large families. The older children always cared for the younger children. My mother was the second oldest in a family of nine. She took over the household chores as well as caring for the babies, while her mother worked in the fields.

      • Drea says:

        Oh and BTW “guest” They wanted our input and judgment the day they agreed to put their pathetic family on air. So get out with your stupidity!

  21. CMarks says:

    Unbelievable that TLC is so desperate as to put this totally dysfunctional family back on TV. I’m surprised that they were able to find sponsors. The entire brood would be much better off out of the glare of the spotlight. You can be sure that Papa Jim Bob is pushing this “trial ballon” as hard as possible to get the litter back on the reality show gravy train.

  22. Suzanne says:

    They have no clue what sexual abuse is about. TLC is letting them do a show about sexual abuse. Please get real.

  23. Janie says:

    I wish the girls and Anna all the best in their lives. That being said, I won’t be watching.

  24. bh says:

    It’s very dangerous to have a window blind with a cord near a crib. Someone should alert the Dillards.

  25. carney says:

    I had to turn it off because of all the “like”… Very annoying!

  26. Stacey Woodward says:

    people will sacrifice everything for money…sad sad sad
    Shame on tlc blocked that station.

  27. MarinMichael says:

    The Duggars main source of income is their promotion of a far right wing evangelical lifestyle that attacks anyone who doesn’t live their lives according to their interpretation of some version of the Holy Bible. Much of what they believe has been rejected by American society, even most Christians outside their particular narrow minded sect. Now that their facade promoted and supported by the media for the sole purpose of making money has been exposed The Duggars are attacking the media that made them. Most of the mainstream media that offered them exposure has run for cover. However, TLC is desperately trying to recoup their MILLIONS of dollars in lost revenue by soft pedaling their return to television by feeding America parts of the story that are not so offensive. GIVE IT UP TLC! If you do find a sponsor for a new show they will immediately suffer a boycott by reasonable Americans who will no longer put up with the promotion of this sexist, homophobic, patriarchal point of view being rejected by more Americans every day. I don’t have a problem with the Duggars living their chosen lifestyle, but it is no longer acceptable for them through TLC to promote their lifestyle of hatred for others through love for self on national television.

    • Chan says:

      Why are non hetero sexual people so threatened by these girls?

      • Chgobmw says:

        Looks to me, like its most of America whom doesn’t like this Very Hypocritcal Family… It has nothing to do with one’s own sexual orientation.
        But when Duggars push their own agenda on others who are unlike them, disregard the law, and continue to judge others, people will begin to “push” back….

      • Lee says:

        Margaret, I don’t know what kind of skeletons you have in your closet, but mine don’t include child molestation, enabling/minimizing child molestation, bigotry, misogyny, or hatred.

        This has nothing to do with Christianity. This is about felonies, real crimes that were committed and hidden. They were so busy protecting their reputation and their son that they forgot they had daughters.
        No matter how you slice it they were horribly, horribly wrong and failed all of their children.
        I wish them no harm, I truly dont, but they need to get themselves sorted out and live their lives away from the cameras. It’s time.

      • Margaret says:

        So says you. I am a Christian and I still have respect for this family. No one said Christians are perfect. I imagine you have a few skeletons in your closet, so let he who is without sin cast the first stone.

  28. Harry says:

    Folks, NEVER FORGET. this is a family that THINKS cheating on a partner is worse than Incest and Child Sex abuse. Remember, Josh Duggar is, was, and always will be a incest/child sex abuser that this family hide for years. Josh, Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar broke so many felony laws that would have put them in prison for many years to come if not for statute of limitations. Child Sex Abuse can only be stopped when those like this family are stopped from spreading the WRONG way to deal with child sex abuse. All child sex abuse victims, past and present, are being harmed every day that goes by with any member of the Duggar family spreading their vile position on incest and child sex abuse.
    Anyone, including these two young women, protecting a child sex abuser like their brother Josh become part of the problem.

    • Southwest Missouri says:

      Before TDC promoted this family the should have done background checks on the parents. When the high school reunion episode was aired you might have noticed some folks in the group gathering acted politely put off by their attendance… or her attendance and cameras. Many of you may have seen the pictures of in her cheerleaders attire. Even when I was in high school (65 to 69) cheerleaders were the most promiscuous and that has not changed to even this day. Comments were made by her daughters about how wild she once was. That is only part of the story. Has anyone wondered why her side of the family is rarely mentioned or helping out? Ever wonder why she did not move away with her family when the moved away why she was a minor and she magically met and fell for him and they married and she changed to please him? Her sister is one of the people they talk about as not being Godley. This also brings up her story of why she decided to have so many children. Did she really have a miscarriage while on birth control? Did not Josh, the oldest child, have the curiosity to see, know and experiment in what went on in that small three bedroom house they lived in prior to the first airing of 14 Kids and I Am Pregnant Again. The rerun airing of that episode really made me see how hypocritical they became and yes, like others have said, are addicted to the money, the travel and other amenities that being on television brought them. TLC might have lost millions in advertisers and viewership, but they will lose more if the continue to support the manipulating ways of the adult children who have become so addicted to the celebrity level they have become. A recent episode on Law and Order hit it right on the head. Their story was about The Baker Family and their reality show called The Baker’s Dozen. They too were riddled with a scandal (watch the epidode) about a near identical situation with a different outcome but so many details the same. Even scenarios that could be true of the subject family to make one think of how much wool has been pulled over the publics and TLC’s eyes. Fact remains they are trying to protect their brand so that they can continue promoting women to be subservient to men, stayed uneducated and learn to make money off others, and hide secrets that would tell well informed and educated children and person’s that this way of life is just plain devious and wrong. Just my opinion because I live close enough to their home town to know more than someone who doesn’t live close could know and when I saw that episode of 14 Kids and I Am Pregnant Again I was shocked by the implications it brought up and it was shortly thereafter all he’ll broke lose for them. I hope they can all heal and move on with a normal life that doesn’t involve the media and trying to explain away the actions of the parents that promoted such actions of the oldest child because of his curiosity that grew into a problem of addiction.

  29. Elaine Wycoff says:

    The show shouldn’t have been cancelled in the first place, just showed that no family is perfect and also showed the Christian way to handle problems, quite different from secular media. To punish the whole family was stupid in the first place. Glad to have them back on!!!

    • Anabella Trujillo says:

      True no family is perfect, but the abuse the girls endured by their brother was horrific. Why weren’t they protected from this monster? Jim Bob and Michelle protected their son, Josh. All three should have been held accountable for their actions. And now Josh is in treatment!! God forbid he perps on his own children.
      Im tired of the Duggars. Please go away!!

    • I am glad that after this mockery of three programs is over we will never see any of the Duggar hypocrites on tv again…..YAY

    • Sharon says:

      Are you saying it is the Christian way to hide sexual abuse and let it continue on with your own children? Thank God I can call myself a Catholic.

      • Margaret says:

        I for one hope they have many more shows to come. I would rather watch a Christian family then all the sex and violence that goes on in most the programs on tv now. Only sin sick people can put down on a Christian family, because of something that happened in the past and was handled the way they felt God was leading them.

    • anna says:

      Are you kidding? No family is perfect but incest molestation is a crime punishable by prison time. Age 15 is not a young boy and there are many who are in prison for far less. The women are uneducated and subservient and must dress appropriately so men do not get wicked thoughts. They all hate Catholics, Gays, Lesbians and Transgenders (who molest little children) and Jews. They follow “Training up a child” which is horrendous and the children admitted that the parents used the rod on them. Have you watched the video? I cried, it is horrible. Blanket training is horrible. The little girls had to raise 24/7 not just help their baby siblings to adulthood. Little girls are not capable nor do little girls have the maturity to raise babies. They would be unable to comprehend and truly understand the milestones that babies, toddlers and teenagers need. The parents effectively took away the only childhood these girls had. They will never be able to make any decisions pertaining to their own lives. It is quite sad and disturbing. I am sure you would never do the same to your children. Who covers up incest molestation especially when Jimbob stated on record that any sexual or incest abusers be put to death. He stated this the same year Josh molested five little girls and if you read the police report, what he did to his five year old sister would make you weep. They love the publicity, the money and the fame but they throw shade on the media. They can’t have it both ways. Either they want national attention and everything that comes with it or they stay out of the limelight. Hypocrites do not fit well within the bible. They are extremely wealthy yet they begged for even $5.00 donations.

    • you twit. says:

      They shouldn’t have had a show in the first place they are unabashed criminals and that reflects badly on TLC so Iit was a wise move to cancel. you also need to consider the fact the lost so many sponsors the fact counting on is getting as much air ime as it is is miraculous.

    • b says:

      The whole family swept their sexual pervert son/brother under the carpet so no one would find out – now, look what has happened to him and look at what he has done. And he’s capable of doing much worse. Good Christian’s my donkey!!!

  30. b says:

    OMG – I watched this new episode of the Duggar Girls on 12/13/2015 and thought how rehearsed everyone’s speech was. They all said exactly the same thing, being very careful of word choices. Seemed very fake to me. And worst of all, Jill and her husband kept talking about how extremely DANGEROUS it was in Central America where they were taking their baby to while they do missionary work. What responsible parent takes a baby to a known dangerous area to satisfy their need to preach. Very disturbing. I hope TLC doesn’t continue with this family any more. They have nothing to say, they have nothing more to contribute, and we should all move away from them now.

    • Jane says:

      I recognized where they are from one of the pictures that was shown. I have been to where they are located. Yes, there is a lot of dangerous things that could happen there, but only if you are not smart and careful. I believe they have taken the appropriate steps to make sure they are safe and out of harms way. :)

  31. Carolyn says:

    My prayers are with the Duggar’s. I am glad that TLC offered an opportunity to let Jill, Jessa, Anna and some of the other Duggar family members share their heart’s about what happened. What Josh did was so hurtful, sinful and beyond words to Anna and their children. The hate comments sadden me as well and so prideful. My prayers are for redemption and healing for the Duggar family. We all fall short of the Glory of God, and I am so grateful for the hope God provides through His Son, Jesus Christ for all of us especially during the holidays..

    • sally says:

      I agree, religion is not a reason to take your family to such a dangerous place. The show was very rehearsed and depressing with all the tears. I used to watch the show but glad it’s off the air making room for something with more substance. Derrick looked awful, marriage seems not to agree with him. He is already talking about having more kids. As other readers stated, they should all get real jobs. All they think about is multiplying. Who will be supporting Ana’s 4 kids? Probably we will.

      • you twit. says:

        What Josh did was a felony what his parents was a felony as well. Actually all three of the aforementioned comitted many felonies.

  32. Waleska says:

    I love the duggars and those whom are free of any wrong doing or any sins may they throw.the frist rock….no one is perfact!!! But please let them be ….yes they went threw hell and back 12 years ago!!! Thet delt with it then its not right to go back….The duggars are not hypocritical nor are they bad people….why are you condemning the whole family for one persons mistake…They never said nor portrayed themselves as being perfact!!!! In reference to Josh Duggar crucify him not the whole family ….He is the one with the problem not his parents and not his brother’s and sister…So back off!!!

    • Fedcamper says:

      No one is “perfact”? You demonstrate that quite graphically with your horrendous errors in spelling and grammar. They may have “went threw (sic) hell and back” as you say, but they clearly did not deal with it. Josh needed real counseling, not more quasi-religious brain washing. The parents failed him and the rest of the children, and are dealing with the consequences now. The fact that they allowed their pride and greed to motivate them to expose their lives on television only magnified their misery when the truth about this not-so-wonderful family was revealed.
      No one is perfect, indeed. But no one is excused when breaking the two most horrific social taboos: pedophilia and incest. They knew these things had happened and chose to do a “reality” show anyway. Well, welcome to reality. They have only themselves to blame.

    • Karen says:

      What is it about them you love?

  33. Greg says:

    Love ’em or hate ’em, the truth is that NO ONE was meant to live their life in front of the camera.

    • you twit. says:

      When Josh was molesting his sisters his dad was running for congress and was saying incest should be a capital crime, yet they waited until AFTER the statute of limitations on Joshes crimes had passed to bring him to the police. And felonies are not mistakes stop pretending they are.

      • Southwest Missouri says:

        Thumbs Up.. There shouldn’t be a statute of limitation for this kind of thing. Just shows they are probably hiding more and the kids are making themselves part of a further lie.

    • Karen says:

      Sorry, Greg, that was supposed to post under Jane @ 8:49 pm. I agree with you.

    • Karen says:

      I didn’t know that not being on tv is “suffering”. They chose to put it all out on tv to make a buck, so they chose to be criticized. Don’t like the negative attention? Then they could have chosen to stay off tv. The fact that they didn’t is more telling to me than anything that they are more interested in making money from the scandal than in healing. :

  34. Deb says:

    Why anyone wants to support these people by watching these shows is beyond me. They act all sweet for the cameras then spew lies and hate in their real lives. They promote their twisted family values of failing to educate your children and oppressing women and ignoring abuse until someone finds out about it. It’s sick and perverted.

  35. sasha33 says:

    TLC should be ashamed for bringing this mess back. They need to look for real jobs. Glad to see there were no sponsors for my viewing.

    • Sarah Wise says:

      I don’t have cable TV thank God, but when I had a chance to see cable TV in motel rooms traveling on my job, I watched awestruck TLC’s One Thousand Kids to Abuse and Counting…

      The buddy system in particular stunned me, handing over a newborn to a sibling to raise; blanket training, second-hand clothes and shoes and cut rate food. The awful Joseph Fritzl type father, who knows what he really is up to? The kids make fun of the mother, in front of her, and behind her back. And when she gazes at her husband, it’s not with love, probably plotting instead on how quick she can disappear in South America. The mom’s whispery ‘I’m dumber than you know what’ is a pose, she’s smart and she doesn’t like any of her circumstance!

      Why do people watch this? Movies and TV shows nowadays aren’t sickening enough?

  36. Catherine says:

    I refuse to watch any program that glorifies this hypocritical unit. They are a cult of hateful grifters who deceitfully use “Jesus”and storybook psalms to lure the uneducated Christian extremists into their world. They have been vocal in their hatred of Catholics, non-Christians, the Gay community , Planned Parenthood and the list goes on. In addition they skirt around the issue of sexual moleststion and incest–issues their son has expertise with. In addition, TLC & Discovery support these vile people. My ethics have me boycotting the TLC/Discovery corporation. Hit it where it hurts. In the ratings. the only litter worth looking at us s litter of puppies-not a litter of uneducated grifters.

  37. If one could make a list of the million things they could entertain themselves with, watching these backwoods backwards thinking descendants of Ma & Pa Kettle should not even be on your list. Oh wait, that would be an insult to the Kettles so forget that. Watching reruns of the Kettle films would be infinitely more worthwhile than checking in on America’s biggest brood of misfits.

    What TLC, the garbage king of U.S. TV, is hoping for is your blind but loyal ignorance being fed and mesmerized and paid for by that big screen in front of you. That is for whoever was stupid enough to associate themselves with this mess by being a sponsor.

  38. Fluffy says:

    It was utterly boring.

  39. Jane says:

    This family has been put through hell and all you can do is criticize them. They have to work through this as would anyone in that situation, and just because something bad happens doesn’t mean life stops! Just because Josh screwed everything up majorly, why does everyone else in the family have to suffer any more than they already have!
    I thought it was a great special on how things are right now in their lives, and I’m looking forward to the next two specials. They need to be supported right now… Not further knocked down.

    • Jan Brewster says:

      The Cult of Duggarville is not only the lowest rung on the human evolution – they are a DANGEROUS cult. They have an agenda to get into positions of power – and get their crazed beliefs to control others. Please people – do NOT give them any more attention. This cult will die out as the kids grow and see all that they are missing of a full and rewarding life.

      • Margaret says:

        You call it a full and rewarding life out in the world. This old world is full of sin. Christian people have always been put down on by sinful people who think the things of the world are more important then serving God.

      • You twit. says:

        Sweeping it under the rug is not working through it.

      • fed-up says:


  40. Eileen Beyer says:

    There are upcoming “specials” staring Jill Dillard and Jessa Seewald. This whole family should be removed permanently from TLC, and production of this show must cease. This controversial family should not be allowed to speak regarding the alleged sexual abuse and deception within their family through TLC, for financial gain, or not.For TLC to allow these people any limelight will be condoning their sick and twisted behavior as a whole. TLC should focus on the other great shows they offer, and cut ties completely with the Duggar, Seewald and Dillard families. Time is running out…….Please sign…….Thanks

  41. Disgraceful cult family with no education and no jobs grifting their way through life while promoting a patriarchal, misogynist, anti LGBT culture that reproduces like rabbits and blithely passes along any parental or educational duties to the female siblings. Intellectually and emotionally stunted by their dutiful adherence and attendance at ATI, Gothard sponsored brainwashing conferences and camps for the cheekier offspring, they reign in their large difficult to manage broods with Pearl’s “Train Up a Child” aka break their will child abuse. And let’s not forget those phony fund me missionary forays to save the “heathens” from Catholicism. Addicted to being in front of the cameras, TLC obliges their twisted lifestyle and motto: “Hey it sure beats getting a legitimate education and job!” This is one reality we can all do without!

  42. Your description of the episode being schizophrenic is kind of a true portrait of their lives right now, no? Immense lows intertwined with happy milestones.

    I’m not sure how you’d depict it any other way.

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