TV Review: ‘I Am Jazz’

I am Jazz TV Review TLC
Courtesy of TLC

The three months since Caitlyn Jenner’s Diane Sawyer interview have seen an outpouring of transgender coverage and programming, including ABC Family’s “Becoming Us,” Frontline’s “Growing Up Trans” and Discovery Life’s “New Girls on the Block.” With Jenner’s E! show arriving this month, TLC joins the band with “I Am Jazz,” a sensitively constructed series (in an admirable departure for the attention-seeking network) built around 14-year-old author/activist/soon-to-be-high-school-student Jazz Jennings and her family. Simply told and heartfelt, the show should add a welcome dimension to the education process, capturing the challenges associated with sexual identity at such a vulnerable age.

Beyond Jazz, the Jennings brood includes her older twin brothers and a sister who is just starting college. Grandma and grandpa are also a regular presence, being supportive of their granddaughter while occasionally struggling to get their terminology and pronouns right.

The heart of the show, however, comes from Jazz and her mom, Jeanette, who is proud of her daughter and understandably protective of her. When the two are having lunch, and a teenage boy walks by referring to Jazz under his breath as a “tranny freak,” Jeanette nearly jumps out of chair, with Jazz having to calm her down.

There’s also a nice interplay, as presented, between Jeanette and her husband, Greg, who are both quite articulate in discussing their experience as parents. “There’s a lot of things we’ve confronted that we had no road map for,” Greg says.

Perhaps foremost, the series largely eschews the sort of staged encounters often associated with such fare, easing into situations like a bowling excursion with the girls where Jazz worries about the decision to invite boys along, since, as Jeanette has witnessed, boys aren’t nice to her. The one significant exercise in sleight of hand, really, is in burying the lead in journalistic terms, making Jazz out to be an ordinary girl when she has achieved considerable celebrity via YouTube, a children’s book and an OWN documentary, all making her a spokesperson for transgender youth. An interlude in which she hosts a book signing, notably, waits until the fifth episode.

Yet despite that omission and the inherent unreality of having camera crews invade a family home, “I Am Jazz” manages to convey universal feelings, from Jazz’s apprehension about high school (“I’m very self-conscious,” she says) to Jeanette saying that for all the unanticipated issues raised by having a transgender child, “I’m going to do whatever it takes to make you happy.”

At the book signing, an older transgender boy says what a difference it would have made to see a book like “I Am Jazz” while growing up. In those moments, even allowing for the massaged and manipulative aspects of the genre, this feels like a series that will do some good. And while TLC has frequently sought to make noise by chronicling the excesses of human behavior – from cartoonish hillbillies to polygamists, from pageant moms to absurdly prolific families – with “Jazz,” at least, the network has struck the right notes.

TV Review: 'I Am Jazz'

(Series; TLC, Wed. July 15, 10 p.m.)


Produced by This Is Just a Test.


Executive producers, Aengus James, Colin King Miller, David St. John; co-executive producers, Sarah Levine, Shanta Mayes; producer, Taylor Garbutt; senior story producer, Carrie Vandiver Skor; lead editor, Eric Johannsen; camera, Meagan Stockemer. 60 MIN.


Jazz Jennings

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  1. Donna says:

    What an amazing family you have Jazz and your mother is the most wonderful parent a child could ever have, she is a true advocate for you and other’s that the world deem different. I see your struggles with depression and self doubt, I see a true genuine spirit, warm, loving, please don’t view yourself in a negative way because that is not the truth of who you are. See yourself through love not the useless words of critics that are trying to cripple free spirits like yourself, continue to pursue the breath of fresh air that you are, live for you and the people that love you.

  2. lorawise50 says:

    Why do people have to be so mean, all Jazz wants to do is try to live a normal life like anyone else, as a parent I to would do what I had to, to make my kids happy. Jazz don’t be down on yourself. Keep your head held high and be proud of the person you are. There is always someone out there who want to say hurtful things, if it wasn’t about transgender they would find something else. You are so blessed to have the parents you have. Bless You All

  3. Tami Mayo says:

    I have been seeing the previews of “I am Jazz” and heard them say that insurance wasn’t going to cover the sex change operation. My question is…Why on earth would insurance pay for it? There are so many necessary procedures that insurance won’t pay for and they would expect a child’s sex change should be paid for? This is one of the most ridiculous things I have ever heard!

  4. Bob Lob says:

    This show must be pure propaganda. Instead of finding ways to decorate our body parts, scientist should try and change our genetics (X,X) and (X,Y) lol.

  5. Dayton car says:

    wonderful comment !

  6. chloe barnes says:

    It is so terrifying to me, that adults (medical practitioners, no less) could take a child‘s natural curiosity and their unique nature, and utilize social constructs to construe the most outrageous lies ever, lies that would subject a physiologically healthy child, to a life of doctors, experiments and mutilation. Removing the biological parts endowed by nature to provide individuals with basic necessities and replacing those parts with artificial, non-functional ones, which far from working for the individual, might in fact work against them. It is, nothing short of a travesty and as it regards a child, it is not only unethical and unjust, but should be considered and treated as criminal.
    When did girls become reduced to such social constructs as ‘PINK’, SPARKLES” and ‘DOLLS’ and what pray tell, is a ‘Female Brain’, what does that look like? The only thing a female brain could be is a brain in the head of a girl or woman. All these material things are nothing more than social constructs; they can never define or tell us, who a person is. These social constructs are nothing girls were born with; they are completely separate from biology.
    There is an insidious campaign, being waged against reason and rational, where truth has become, enemy number one, we are now even called upon, to question what is self-evident, what we can see plain and clear with our own eyes.
    In order to transition to a woman, one would first have to be a girl, with the physiological details this entails and vice versa as it regards a man. I will speak as the subordinate, I’m force to be, but I will continue to stand, in defense of the truth.

  7. Judy says:

    This is a sick show…it is a whole movement going on to change the human species..the mother just wants publicity, otherwise she would have kept this private. She is very masculine and the husband is extremely feminine looking and acting.

  8. peewee says:

    this is a sick show take it off the air

  9. hayley says:

    You are a pretty the way you are

  10. Marie says:

    Your a sweet kid, I even get it, be careful because, straight guys want all girl parts, I’d maybe revisit this after a lower surgery if u want a boyfriend. Don’t put yourself in a situation . I’d be scared if you were my daughters. There’s allot of acceptance but, I know my acceptance is not even what my mom, most my friends or even my kids or my husband even would be ok with, I’m 41 and a mom of 4. My kids r 19-10. Just be careful .

    • Joe says:

      Rape by fraud is very serious
      He needs to be warned that using cosmetic procedures to trick heterosexual men into homosexual sex is illegal, immoral, and very dangerous. Male rape victims can get violent

  11. deb says:

    aw, why would any want to talk about or want to watch a tv show about this, somethings are better handled inside the family, better yet between parents and child, not even other family members, Do you all need money or fame that bad to put your child out there to be called names or talked about in a bad way. I wont watch the show to be watched in our home. That perfect little girl probally never a worry before the show.

  12. carole says:

    Will that childhood of taking hormones cause some serious health issues some day? Should the parents maybe have let him grown up first?

    • stacie says:

      I absolutely agree with you Carole! When I stumbled across this show on T.V. I WAS MORTIFIED!!!! I am an extremely tolerant person, and I personally can relate to the transgender situation. My partner of 8 years was born a woman, yet she feels she is a man inside. HOWEVER, as a mother and a nurse I cannot fathom what sort of parent would let their child start taking hormone therapy prior to puberty!! They could have been sensitive and explained HE can do whatever augmentations he wishes to do AFTER he is grown.
      There are soooo many things that bothered me about this show. As I stated, I am with a woman who relates to being a man- and my brother is homosexual. So I am not a closed minded conservative in the least bit. But I am baffled by the mother’s actions. During the episode I sadly came across, “Jazz” complained to her mom the boys don’t want to date/hang out with HIM. The mother than proceeded to state she was hurt the boys won’t give HIM a chance/date????!! So let me try to wrap my head around this. You are entitled to have your son parade around as a girl, but the boys in her school are not allowed to prefer heterosexual relationships?? They are now homophobic because they do not want to date a boy? I think that makes them straight- not prejudiced! My daughters are not allowed to date and/or wear make up at 13 or 14- and they are real girls!!! Why is your preteen wearing make-up, whining about wanting boys, and taking hormone therapy??! THANK GOD the doctors will not allow a sex change until HE is an adult. If you want to allow your son to live as a girl, teach HIM to be a lady. Take the makeup off, explain dating at 14 is not necessary- and respect the wishes of the straight boys who do not want to date a boy. I fear I may sound insensitive/intolerant; but I honestly feel the parents and JAZZ are an extreme case of intolerance!!! Shame on you for trying to shame the boys in your school and insinuate they are homophobic and/or intolerant!!

      • Rose says:

        Wow. I’m shocked as a gay woman you would be so intolerant. It’s baffling to me that same sex couples want acceptance but can’t acceptance transgender people. Just remember EVERYONE is human and wants to be happy and live their lives as they see fit.

        As for the gross inaccuracies you are pointing out, the mother allowed the child to go on hormones to keep HER from going through puberty. She said it was a very tough decision to make and the parents thought it would be much harder on Jazz to go through puberty and try to transition then. More surgeries to correct more obvious manly looking attributes.

        As I’m sure YOU want to be accepted in this society, So do transgender folks. And I am a conservative.

  13. Dashawn Gray says:

    There will be plenty of times where Jazz will feel left out- like when girls are talking about their periods and cramps and things of that nature. The mother needs to stop expecting the world to change to accommodate her child. Jazz is not going to have a perfect life just because jazz is transgender. Happiness comes from inside. You can’t find in a penis or a vagina. It pains me that people think that being a girl can make you happy. when it’s tough being a biological teenage girl period. Society is very judgmental of women you want to be one so bad, well here it is.

  14. Al says:

    You know, when I first saw ADs for this show…..I was PISSED. Then, I watched a couple of episodes, and I can tell you this shit is S A D. As one watches the everyday plight of this “boy” you see the struggles (totally created by the dumbass parents-specifically mommy). Here is this kid…….being pushed and coached by mommy who wants another girl…..and the parents, doctors, counselors, siblings, and any other positive elements of the show are simply dangling this “carrot” of being a “girl”. As one watches, the sad realization is THIS KID WILL NEVER BE A GIRL……N E V E R. Once you ponder that…….and watch the mother especially….you can’t help but feel sad. The mother says over and over……..”Jazz said to me…..Mommy am I a boy or a girl? HELLO – the answer should have been YOU ARE A BOY! This is just another nail in our coffin in terms of our country’s morality. The country is going down swirling………plain and simple. Sorry Jazz…….you are a dude. Embrace your true self, and that will set you free!

    • Al says:

      And it is pitiful the way the kid is being exploited……..Mommy having him do a book signing, and dealing with a bunch of weirdos! Why not keep thios personal and quitet so the kid can live in peace? Spokesperson my butt! The parents are greasing the wheels! LOL I wanna slap the shit out of both of the parents! LOL

      • stacie says:

        Thank you Al!! I am glad to know I am not being judgmental or closed minded as I am watching this and thinking to myself, “what is wrong with this mother?” She is a sad excuse for a parent- indulging her son with pity and acting like HE is a victim because the boys in his school don’t want to date/hang out with HIM. I only watched it for 10 minutes, because I was hoping the mom would put on her ‘adult head’ and say to the little boy, “just like we respect your wishes to be a girl, we must respect their wishes of wanting to be straight.” When in the world did people become homophobic and/or intolerant simply because they are straight????!!

        Here is a crazy proposal I have to this “mother.” If you are doing this to show to spread tolerance and understanding, give the money TLC is paying you to charity and/or associations that help ADULT transgender individuals. Allow your son to live as a boy for a while, and then if HE still wants to be a girl at 18, start the hormone therapy. Shame on the doctor who feels this is ethical to give a CHILD hormone therapy BEFORE they even enter puberty!!!

  15. Rod says:

    I am jazz on tlc the parents, are setting there boy up for alot of problems in the future. It really saddens me the parents allow there children to engage in these behaviours, and exspoliting there children as a money maker.on tlc. God created this child who is a boy he was born a boy and always will be a boy. That will never change. The parents can act like this lifestyle is alright Fooling people who watch the show and fool themselves. But they cant fool god. God loves everyone but god does not love the sin in gods eyes this is a abomination these people will have there place in the lake of fire because of sin which is,a part of this, lifestyle. But the good news they can repent and be saved turn away from this sin and turn to jesus christ and be saved. but this is a boy he think he is a girl but in truth he is,a, boy he was born a boy he always,will be a boy that wont ever change no matter what anyone thinks. Truth is truth and thats,what it is. Thankyou.

  16. Hi Jazz. I am so sorry for the horrific people that are in this world. I am so proud and happy for you that you are able to be yourself. You have A loving and supportive family. God bless all of you. People are gonna be ugly. Those people are ignorant. This ignorance, unfortunately has gone on for centuries. With different races, religious beliefs and serial orientation. People like you are doing so much for your community. I have a Grandson that is Gay and our family is just as supportive as yours. We just want him to be comfortable in his own skin I love you young lady. Please keep up the good work and remain strong. These people have the problem. Not you. Things will fall in place. I promise. You will find your perfect man one day. It will come. I know it.

  17. Joyce says:

    please take this trash of tlc and once I see it is I will tune back in

  18. marie says:

    oh please, “educate” us about “transgender”,,,, like her “assigned” sex wasn’t right, so totally ridiculous, I do think it is interesting to note that the mother is very domineering while her husband has a totally feminine looking face.

  19. Rene says:

    Why would a heterosexual boy want to date jazz if he’s not gay – I can’t believe she expects boys to want to date a “girl” with a penis??? Ridiculous – crazy – I’m not sure what transgender people want

  20. Laura says:

    I am a school counselor and licensed child therapist. I have not yet worked with a transgendered child in over 15 years of practice, although I am sure I will in the future as the public becomes informed. I am watching the show to learn more about this subject and specifically how schools can meet the needs of transgendered youth. My first impression of the show is that this family, particularly the mother, has some serious boundary issues. The emphasis on sexual conversation between parents and children and siblings is not typical. In most families, 14 year old girls do not discuss breast size and attraction with their older brothers. Something is very odd about this. I hope this family has some professional intervention. These parents don’t seem capable of maintaining healthy family boundaries for any of their children.

    • stacie says:

      Thank you Rene and Laura!!! These were my exact thoughts as I watched this show. I was greatly offended as a mother of three daughters when I heard the mother say how her poor son/daughter was being discriminated against because he boys will not give her a chance. I have a daughter HIS age (13, going on 14) and I do not want any boys to “give her change.” I do not allow her to wear makeup at that age. My daughter has told me she is the only 8th grade girl that doesn’t wear makeup. If I know it is not appropriate for my 13 year old daughter to wear makeup, how in the world does this “mother” feel it is appropriate to have her 14 year old son wear makeup- while infesting HIS mind that the world is intolerant because the boys don’t want to date HIM.
      As for Laura’s comment, I completely agree there are no healthy boundaries here!! When the parents were talking about buying their SON a sports bra (which was just odd because he shouldn’t have breast) I was just like, “what in the world are these people doing?? They are talking about shopping for their son’s bra on T.V.??!!! Gosh, there is so much wrong with this situation. TLC is a channel that will be blocked from my home!!

  21. Ginger says:

    For the parents to exploit Jazz is cruel and she will be bullied until she gets the surgery! It’s just so very WRONG to tell the world when it should be a family secret. So don’t whine about the wrong attention since you people brought the negitve on yourselves!

  22. peewee says:

    take this show off the air it gross if you are born a boy be a boy same if you are a girl be a girl

  23. I didn’t know what to expect from this show but I came away hooked. It’s told honestly and without sensationalism (a refreshing change). I am now recording the series. Kudos to TLC for finally getting a reality show right.

    • Glenn Henderson says:

      How can anyone say that TLC got this show right? For the life of me, I still cant understand it! This show, although claims to be, is not a true reality show of a TRUE Transgender individual in my opinion. This is a show in which the mother of a baby boy, decided to change him into a girl. How much more does the mother need to say to give her guilt a voice, this is her wishes, and this poor child ended up the “victim”. Even in this recent show, she said in Kindergarten, the teacher used to tell the mother to please not dress this boy in girl clothes!!! Then the sports, they wouldn’t let him play on the girls team..Hmmm, wonder why? Where would he get changed? Which locker room? Then she says, in more than one comment, Jazz used to ask me…”What am I?” “A boy or Girl” and she would say…”What do you feel like?”…..Well, what the hell do you think he feels like? You dress him up as a girl, grow his hair in, make him believe he is a girl…what do you think he will think? Of course he will say girl, you made him feel like that. it’s all he knew!! A common boy, raised as a boy will never ask that question unless you made them feel like their gender was in question. This show should be called, “Let me show you how I abused a child” I would honestly think, a TRUE Transgender is an individual who is old enough to decide on their own what they choose to be!! Not to be raised as the opposite gender. Listen to his comments on TV, no boys like me, no one wants to go out with me, most boys are afraid to go out with a transgender! He can hardly get boys to even hang out with them. In all reality, kids are cruel, even if a kid wanted to go out with him, they more than likely never will because they are afraid of the abuse to follow. If another boy is gay, they most likely will not show their true colors while in middle school! This show is just crazy, they are glorifying a version of child abuse and now they are trying to do what they can for acceptance by showing it on TV and making others feel bad for this child. The parents should be arrested, they are the people who should really be evaluated. I understand everyone saying they feel for the boy, as they should, he has a rough, rough life ahead of him until he could go out on his own and find a partner, or until they send him to a good therapist to deal with all the problems that are ahead. Until then…wish him good luck!! He’s gonna need it!! Oh…and hope the mother burns for what she did to this child!

      • marie says:

        It’s true, I couldn’t believe she allowed him to wear a girl’s bathing suit to his birthday party because he wanted to and it was “his birthday”.

  24. Linda Graovac: I am a 68 year old mother and grandmother. I am so proud of you and your courage to help forge a path for others who will follow in your footsteps. It’s going to be difficult but obviously God picked you for the job because he knows you will bring this issue to the front and aid in educating the ignorant with the hope some day soon we will all except everyone’s differences. Keep your chin up and your pretty face smiling. I’m praying for your safety, acceptance and hoping you will be treated as you should with respect. Best Wishes Honey.

  25. Jazz. I am a 65 year old grandmother. I am so proud of you for telling your story. You will be helping many others in the same situation. Be true to your self. You will have a hard road because of others ignorance. Kids can be cruel, but your are a very strong girl. You also have a very strong family. You go girl.

  26. Confused says:

    I have 2 issues with the first episode of the show. First, the “tranny freak” comment was too audible to be that of a random passerby and the fact that it did not occur near the families home in Coral Springs but in Boca Raton lead me to believe that it was staged. I am not saying Jazz hasn’t been the subject of comments, but that event did not seem authentic.
    Second, a big deal is being made about Jazz going high school. Jazz attends a charter school (with her brothers) that goes from 6th – 12th. Therefore it will be essentially the same kids in 9th that she was with in 8th because she is not changing schools.
    This contrived controversy hurts the show.

  27. PDBHDK says:

    Anyone notice the grammar/spelling mistake. Relax, grammar police haters! I’m just curious if other people noticed it. I think grammar is being ignored in school.
    Now, since someone is going to post some “stay on topic” comment, I thought the article and show was interesting. I don’t think religious groups should judge. Jesus came to redeem us, not condemn us. Who are we to judge this family? I’m not walking in Jazz’s shoes. She’s not walking in my shoes, being on the Autism Spectrum. I can’t judge anymore than anyone else can. I think we could understand each other. I’m actually asexual – not really attracted to men or women. People think that’s “weird”. I’ve also been bullied my entire life.

  28. darlene regalado says:

    Everyone has there own opinion, and yes he/she is young but the way i see it if it makes her happy even know she will be criticized by people an her family is backing her up then i say let her be. Maybe somewhere down the line she will feel that she was wrong but until then its her life her decision so let her be

  29. Theres morally correct and then theres absolute disgusting crap like this, dude your a DUDE!!

  30. Maybe I haven’t read through enough but was Jazz born male or female physically?

  31. Joanna Mullinix says:

    I can’t believe the parents let her get treatments so young it’s crazy and it could be dangerous for her.

  32. C.S. Perkins says:

    Unfortunately this young girl’s story will follow her around for the rest of her life. High School Kids can be very cruel and having a TV show about it will only make it worse. He Mother seems to be delighted that her little boy is now a little girl. I have no problems with it other than she is very, very young and it may make it tough on her in high school.

  33. TLC will bite the dust like more and more “channels” are doing. The cable companies that carry this trash are crumbling under the onslaught of people dropping cable and satellite and going with online options where PICK and CHOOSE is the mode…….

  34. beth garcia says:

    I understand she identifies as a girl. I have no problem with the transgender or gay community. I have family members who are transgender or gay. However, although she identifies as female, jazz is not. She does not experience all the physical, emotional and hormonal effects a female does. AND she never truly can. But I am not going to put her down for her choices. Let her be happy.

    • Kendra Smith says:

      “However, although she identifies as female, jazz is not. She does not experience all the physical, emotional and hormonal effects a female does. AND she never truly can.”

      See that’s where you’re wrong. Aside from periods and pregnancy, we actually do experience these things. Hormonal replacement therapy (often abbreviated to HRT) is basically the undergoing of a second (or more likely in someone like Jazz’s case first) puberty, including all the raging hormonal things that come with it. Two years in myself and they are going crazy right now. Emotionally, mentally, etc. When people see me, they just see a girl, because that’s who I am. About the only thing I can’t experience or accurately discuss are changing a tampon and giving birth, but everything else does actually happen.

    • pssssst. you family is really screwed up as are you….i wouldn’t broadcast it….it gets public where you work/learn/shop, etc….be some real problems..

  35. crystal says:

    I think that this show will be a good one haveing people to feel good about being in there own skin and not afraid to show who they really are and maybe it will stop people from bulling somuch.

  36. beurocratic bull shnit says:

    this show is crap they took smoking adds off tv to and said it was marketing to minors. I feel the same way about this show. just saying from a personal experience with my 3.5 year old son I was watching discovery channel with me and this (JAZZ) commercial came on and he turns around and asks me if he can choose to be a boy or girl. i had to simply tell him he chose to be a boy in his moms belly and he’s a boy. kinda pisses me off cause I know he would have never had this thought and or question had he never seen this crap mind altering tv add\show. mind you before they air these shows they post disclaimers saying this material may not be suitable for kids but they sure let these tv adds air all over with the same affect as the show would leave on a small impressionable mind dosent take much as I seen from my son. take this garbage off the air

    • babarishka says:

      I try to be open-minded, I really do. I’m not religious in any way. However, it sees that over the last year or so, the msm has been inundating us with all things lgbt. This nation just made gay marriage legal. It seems that Big Brother is preaching morality to us. I don’t need one of the most corrupt governments in modern times pontificating to me. This government murdered over a million innocent Iraqi civilians – men, women and children – over non-existent WMD’s (and Bush even JOKED the none-existent WMD’s). The last entity I need preaching morality to me is Big Brother and its lapdog msm. They are also trying to create a race war. Divide and conquer is a very old game, used by tyrants to distract the commoners from crimes in high places (like fast-tracking TPP, which will further rob us of our economic future and sovereignty).

      Is it also a coincidence that Illumination Productions has come out with their Minions movie, the theme of which is that “it’s good to be evil,” or something to that effect? Is the Illuminati really whacko “conspiracy theory?” I’m starting to wonder. If Jesus actually turns out to be real, this country has much to fear.

  37. A says:

    This is disgusting. Trying to lead our children to believe that they’re transgender?? They are CHILDREN. Their bodies haven’t even fully developed AND they’re going through a difficult time full of changes with their hormones. Of course they’re going to question things because they’re still. Figuring .out. who. They. Are. This society has no backbone. We want to jump the gun and claim our children have ADD if they can’t sit still. THEY’RE CHILDREN. Now we want to call them transgender if they’re a young boy playing with barbies. THEY’RE CHILDREN! This nation and this society needs to grow a serious backbone and needs to get back in the word of God, rather than rejecting it. I mean just LOOK at the state of this troubled society.

    • PDBHDK says:

      She was born male. She’s identified as a girl as a young toddler. She was diagnosed with gender identity disorder several years ago, at age 5, I believe. She’s on medication to develop certain body parts and prevent the male puberty process.

  38. LD Brown says:

    Wow! The comments. What has this person done to you to cause such angst? Reminds me of a few people I overhear saying very negative things about gays but will smile and laugh with LGBT people we work with or will spend a whole paycheck to buy clothes, bags and shoes designed by gay people such as Michael Kors, Christian Louboutin, Tom Ford, Karl Lagerfeld, etc.

  39. G. Smith says:

    I will no longer be watching TLC. This takes the cake.

  40. observer says:

    so happy that this show is airing! jazz and her family are brave and will help so many people by sharing their story. absolutely LOVED the OWN series where Lisa Ling met Jazz and brought her story to the forefront. one question/note about this article: in the intro paragraph the author states that this show is about the challenges of representing “sexual identity at such a young age” when in fact, being transgender is about gender identification, which is separate from sexual preference. (i.e., one can identify as either male or female, regardless of their sexuality. sexual preference (i.e. gay, straight, bisexual or any of the rainbow of preferences people are born with in between) is a separate category all together. i believe it’s important that the two are described to people (especially a population who might just be learning about transgenderism, and who wrongly think it’s about HAVING sex rather then about BEING a certain sex) as separate, and that transgender children know that they were assigned the “wrong” sex long before they develop sexual preferences/maturity. at least from what i’ve read/researched/witnessed. otherwise, glad to see the mainstream coverage of this important issue. we should love and embrace everyone and never judge one another. rock on.

    • Jane says:

      Observer, I totally understand and get where you are coming from. What I am really concern with after seeing the first episode is how the mother reacts to people who don’t want their children associated with Jazz. I am wondering if this mother be okay with any of her sons dating a girl like their sister (Jazz). I am also a bit confuse how Jazz want to identify as a female with big boobs but already feel she want to keep the male sex organ….with that said, she feels rejected by the straight boys in her class. I cannot understand why feel this way. Most of the boys seems straight and want girls with everything female, I really feel the mother is doing a poor job in that area by not addressing this. The mother, so far wanting to protect Jazz, giving some false hope in the type of person that will be attracted to a person like Jazz.

  41. Scott smith says:

    This is certainly the demise of america Trans genders? Wtf it’s gross and we definitely don’t have God’s blessing you idiots!!!!

  42. dddd says:

    this is sick

    • Rose says:

      We don’t? How do you know? Did God tell you? If God created man and woman, then why did God instill gender identity issue, which is a mental illness, into this young girl? Perhaps she’s on this earth as a test to see how people treat her. You get an F.

  43. Rev. Jay says:

    No the ungodly and unchrist like part of this whole thing is you ultra conservative right wing christians always troll these stories. If you were a true christian you would not be judging. The only judge is your god, leave it to him and stop spreading your hate and anger on a person you dont know. This is why people take their lives. To me th sad thing is you all may even have a transgender family member or even a gay one. So sit down and think before you all spread your so called truth. My other thing is if your bible has 233 english translations how many other translations are there. In all my bible study there were books taken out and books that were added. Also before you tell me I am a godless person. I am Ordained and my god is a kind and loving god. So I will pray for your enlightenment.

    • Vickie says:

      Amen Rev. Jay. The Bible clearly says Judge not, lest ye be judged…

      • Rose says:

        Couldn’t agree more. I consider myself conservative Republican and I am taught love and tolerance in my church. I watched this show to see what it was about and to try and understand this issue. My heart goes out to this family. They are doing this show to educate people. If anyone says they are a Christian and spew hate, they should be kicked out of church. Second, if God created man and woman, then He created Jazz, right? So Jazz didn’t choose this mental illness, it was instilled in her. So poeple hate God’s creation? Who are we to judge?

  44. Dominique says:

    Jazz is indeed a boy. I do not like the fact they were able to make a show about a little boy that became a little girl. It is doing nothing but telling young boys that it is okay to be a little girl. And it is not ok at all. Yes God does says love each other as they are, but God also clearly stated that a man should be a man, and a women should be a women. God is not pleased with the way the world is becoming. I know as Jazz parents that they are supposed to love Jazz no matter what, but they are also supposed to teach what is wrong and what is right. But at the end of the day, that is her life and when its all said and done she has to answer to God noone else.

    • I didn’t realize that God was directly communicating to us through you (“God is not pleased with the way the world is becoming.”). Nice to see you have the “inside track”. And to the haters, I AM being sarcastic.

      • Rose says:


        Where did God state that men should be men and women should be women? Do you realize the Bible was written by MAN, not God? If God created all people, then why did God create Jazz with gender identity issues? If God didn’t create Jazz and the devil stepped in and instilled this in her, should we hate or try to love her and accept her as she is? Isn’t that what God would want us to do?

        If you are talking about God then the Bible and Jesus preach love, acceptance and not hate, ignorance and intolerance. maybe you need to open your mind and educate yourself.

  45. Jocelyn dacal says:

    Jazz I think it’s so cool that your not afraid to express yourself I would ever have the courage to express myself like that you are an inspiration to younger and older kids!!!

  46. Eugene Nix says:

    That is a boy.
    Not a girl.
    It has a deep voice and they are chemically suppressing it. That “mother” should be brought up on charges.

    • Glenn Henderson says:

      I agree 100%, the parents chose what this child will be, they have twin boys, they wanted 2 girls. A child is a child, they don’t know what a color or a toy represents when they are playing at such a young age. So when my boys play with a pink toy, I should put a dress on them? They made this boy into a girl!! I laughed when the mother cried when she said “Jazz” wanted to put her hair in pigtails at 4 yrs old and said she looked beautiful….Why would you have a 4 yr old hair long enough to be put in pigtails?? Because you sick woman wanted a girl instead of a boy, so let’s play God and put a dress on him and give it pink shoes to play with…lol So crazy!! How do you say at 1,2,3,4 yrs old he knew he was a girl…Whats wrong with you?? Think, just think when will HE date? when will HE meet another? No time soon or in the near future.. You gave an innocent child a life of hell and insanity before he actually had a chance to decide for himself what he wanted. You should be arrested for child abuse, that is what you did , you mentally abused your child to make him think he is now a girl. Of course he feels fine with it, it is what he knows, how he was brought up!! Your a sick woman mom! A true Trans-Gender makes their own mind what they want to be when they are old enough, YOU CREATED THIS!! You sick sick sick woman!

      • Rose says:

        Glenn you are grossly uneducated on this topic. Maybe you should watch the show, you might learn something. I am a conservative Republican and decided to tune in to understand it before I judge. I have compassion for this girl. She has gender identity issues that she was born with. Her parents did NOT CHOOSE this for their son, their son believes she is a girl trapped in a boy’s body. The parents are trying to understand the issue and doing the best they can with the information they have. The only sick people in these comments sections are the angry judgmental people who hate someone without any facts, research or understanding of the topic. We are all human beings. Let’s stop the hate.

      • anonymous says:

        You have no right to judge who they are and God loves you for you. And really it’s her choice to do that it’s her life not yours so stop judging because if you are religious then your judging and putting down God’s children.

      • says:

        O.k, understand this, I am not judging him, I am judging the mother of him, she made him into a her, he didn’t choose it!! Can’t you see that? God didn’t make him a girl, God made him a boy, his mother (the female God) made him a her! If you have a child who has a sister and he plays with her Barbie, or puts on her pink shoes before he can walk, do you automatically say…oh, he is transgender, he should be a girl…No!! It’s a child playing with what’s in from of him! To me, this is not a “Trans Gender” child, this was a boy who had his mother make him into thinking he should be a girl. Leave Religion, God and everything else out of it, it was that sick woman who made Jazz into Jazz, he was transformed before he even knew what gender meant. I really feel for him, he will never know what a normal childhood means, what it represents or anything else about it. All he will know is rejection, stares and glares and until he really figures out why and who did it to him, that is when he will really grow into what he decides to grow in to.

      • Jane says:

        Totally agree with you Glenn Henderson. Jazz is totally confuse and now it will get more difficult in the teen years. The mother is not handling what she created properly to assist a smoother transition. She is trying to protect Jazz from the truth that even Jazz so call friends are already seeing.

  47. Yes this show has an agenda. The agenda is not to be ungodly. In fact it is to do what God wants most. To love and accept people as they are. As a father of 5 and a grand father of 5 I have seen plenty when it comes to decisions that the younger generation both make and accept. I fully support people being themselves as long as it isn’t hurting or manipulating anyone. I give Jazzy all the respect in the world. Do your thing girl, be you, and spread your happiness and honesty all over the world. Do worry about the haters. They are just unhappy with their own lives.

    • Oops don’t worry about the haters. Darn typos.

      • Jane says:

        Jimmie Pachmayr, I don’t think people are haters because they express their opinion like yourself. I read all the comments and most of them are concern for this person, the message it is really sending and how their society is being shaped. It also seems to me that if anyone don’t accept what is presented it makes them bad or haters like you say. I beg to differ.

  48. Richard carter says:

    What and unGodley show pushing and agenda. Next show will be inter my gay agenda how stuid of them.

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