‘The Walking Dead’ May Have Just Killed Off Major Character (SPOILERS)

Spoiler warning: Do not read on unless you’ve seen “The Walking Dead” episode 603, titled “Thank You.”

Did “The Walking Dead” just say goodbye to one of its most enduring characters? All signs certainly point to yes, after this week’s episode saw our group of intrepid zombie herders split up to try and make it back to Alexandria, which came under attack by the Wolves in last week’s installment. While Rick broke off from his allies to retrieve the RV, Michonne and Glenn were tasked with leading Heath, Nicholas and a bunch of Alexandrian redshirts back to safety — but, in typical “Walking Dead” fashion, things didn’t go quite according to plan, ending up with Glenn and Nicholas trapped on top of a dumpster, surrounded on all sides by a horde of walkers, which prompted the skittish Nicholas to shoot himself in the head to avoid being killed by the undead.

That act would’ve been forgivable in itself, since no one’s shedding any tears over that guy, but in the process of falling, Nicolas took Glenn over the edge with him, toppling them right into the center of the assembled zombies, who proceeded to tear him apart with the prerequisite geysers of blood. It wasn’t the goriest death the show has ever inflicted on one of its characters (that dubious honor still goes to Noah), but even if we try to rationalize that maybe some of the entrails we saw being dragged onscreen were Nicholas’ and not Glenn’s, it would still take more than tricky editing to get our hero out of that sticky situation.

While comic book fans have been anticipating a much crueler death for Glenn, the show has never adhered too strictly to what Robert Kirkman has written, and the episode certainly foreshadowed the former pizza boy’s demise, opening on his desperate flight through the woods; giving us a brief glimpse of the pocket watch given to him by Hershel in season two; throwing in a couple of mentions of poor Maggie waiting back home; and allowing him to send one last message to Rick via walkie talkie — where he even managed to slip in an affectionate “dumbass” — which was how the duo first made contact way back in the show’s pilot. And that’s not even counting the repeated reinforcement of Nicholas’ unraveling mental state, since the guy looked like he was on the verge of a panic attack all episode long.

You’ve got to appreciate the cruel poeticism of Nicholas inadvertently being responsible for Glenn’s death now after purposefully trying to kill him last season, especially after Glenn went against his better judgment and tried to give the cowardly Alexandrian a second chance (probably why Nicholas’ final words to him were “thank you”). Crueler still is the fact that no one else was around to witness their deaths, which will leave lingering doubts about their fates. Most of the group had given up on Beth before they finally found her again (just in time to see her get shot, because “TWD” is pretty much the most sadistic show on television), and I’m sure Maggie will be holding out hope that he’s holed up somewhere, or perhaps was captured by the Wolves. It’s hard to imagine that she won’t go off the deep end, having lost her father, sister and husband in a fairly short space of time. It’s also possible, since Glenn was lost outside the walls, that he’ll return as a walker, just to twist the knife a little further. When Rick warned “they aren’t all gonna make it,” there was no way he considered Glenn could be among those casualties, and the loss will undoubtedly affect Rick almost as much as Maggie.

I’m not sure whether it says more about me or the show that despite Glenn being one of my favorite characters — and one with so much to live for (unlike Abraham and Sasha, who seem to be goading death on a regular basis lately) — his death didn’t elicit the same sense of loss in me that Beth and Tyreese’s did last season. The moment was certainly given weight, and Steven Yeun’s performance in the episode was heroic and harrowing in equal measure, but with every new death the show piles on, the less impactful it seems. At this point, it feels like only losing Carol would devastate me. I think it’s just that I, like many of the survivors on the show, have become inured to the violence and misery that punctuates the lives of these characters on a weekly basis, which isn’t necessarily a shortcoming of the series itself, so much as personal taste. Or I’m dead inside — totally possible.

Like last week’s brutal and transfixing episode, “Thank You” also served to thin the herd and get rid of some of the hapless Alexandrians who couldn’t adapt fast enough to survive. Since I had a hard time remembering most of their names, I’m not opposed to this development, especially because Corey Hawkins’ Heath was one of the few to make it home in one piece, and one of the few characters memorable to make an impression. Attempts to develop some of the characters by giving them relationships or acts of heroism were too little, too late to make any real difference. (Sorry “David”?)

One humanizing moment that did pack an emotional wallop was Rick’s discovery of a jar of baby food in the pocket of one of the Wolves who attacked him — raising a moral quandary, given the lengths Rick has gone to in order to protect his own children. Was the Wolf a father, too, or simply grabbing any food he could find — or was it a more ominous clue that the Wolves have their eye on Judith, if they hadn’t already grabbed her?

Much of the episode focused on the lingering mistrust between the Alexandrians and Rick’s group, despite Glenn and Michonne’s efforts to save the stragglers — and while it likely won’t do much for diplomatic relations that Michonne only made it home with two out of probably a dozen civilians, hopefully the survivors will understand why Rick’s group is so paranoid after the Wolves’ attack. Daryl’s willingness to abandon his mission and head back to Alexandria was also a potent reminder of just how attached he’s grown to their new sanctuary and his place within it, to the point where he deliberately disobeyed Rick’s orders and left Abraham and Sasha alone with thousands of walkers on their tail.

The episode also left Rick in a fairly tenuous position — after fending off an unexpected Wolf attack at the RV, the vehicle failed him right as the walkers caught up. Could he be snatched up by more Wolves, tossing him out of the frying pan and into the fire, or will he take his chances doing his best Running Man impersonation and try to hoof it back to Alexandria? With the most able-bodied fighters already wounded, exhausted or dead, now certainly isn’t the best time for thousands of zombies to descend on Alexandria’s walls, but will Rick manage to lead the second group away, or will the Alexandrians have to hole up — or worse, abandon the town altogether — if the walkers come a’knocking?

While the first episode of season felt self-indulgent at times thanks to its extended run time and infuriating flashback structure, the last two episodes have been pure adrenaline, reminding us how thrilling the show can be when our characters are on the defensive. Michael Slovis’ confident direction kept up the momentum from last week’s episode, providing particularly evocative flourishes when seeing the world from Nicholas’ traumatized POV, and Angela Kang’s script gave us some standout moments, especially from Glenn and Michonne. Her powerful confrontation with Heath in the pet store allowed her a rare chance to voice her perspective and reiterate just what the group has had to suffer through while managing to retain (most of) their humanity. How long that can last after their latest loss, however, remains to be seen.

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“The Walking Dead” airs Sundays at 9 p.m. on AMC.

What did you think of “Thank You”? Share your reactions below.

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  1. Phillipine says:

    I’ve never enjoyed any other series like the walking dead its my favourite series ever, I just cant stop watching it, I could stay the hole day in my room watching it. Rick is the master of all I like.

  2. Rob Hattan says:

    I say nobody will see what’s coming. Bet a handful of U.S. Marines pop out of that dumpster and roof tops raising hell and let the body count skyrocket. OoHRAH Corps! GET SOME

  3. The body they were eating wasn’t Glen. He will crawl under the dumpster and get away.

  4. Raine says:

    Sooo Love that you cast Jeffrey Dean Morgan! !!!!!! Love him, nice job !!!!

  5. Raine says:

    Glenn and jerkface (sorry dude) are on a trash dumpster….when the two fall off of the dumpster, falling to the ground Glenn lifting his head screaming seeing , guts . Showing a small glimse of the area under the dumpster .Glenn is small enough to sqeeze under that dumpster. All I can see in my minds eye, is a manhole leading to the sewer under that dumpster. or better yet a hole in the bottom of that dumpster he can climb up into ,and walk outta there mowing walkers over with the dumpster!

  6. Mike says:

    Glenn still has a bag with a flare gun in it somewhere nearby and I wonder if Jesus from comic might make an appearance.

  7. Kim Albin says:

    Sit on the edge of my seat, even though Glenn is gone. Please…don’t make him a walker !!

  8. Maggie says:

    Do you gusy watch TWD? If you did you would realize that it’s episode 66 not 603.

  9. rickie glenn says:

    my question is how did the priest go from being with michonne after getting shot to being rescued by morgan back in Alexandria to back to barely escaping with michonne in the town was this a snafu on the part of the producers or what?

  10. Ken says:

    Where’s Rosita?

  11. Julie Hendel says:

    I think that Glen will get saved. The whole “dumbass” callback is there not to be poetic but rather to remind us of that episode. After Glen saves Rick, Rick asks him why he did it. Glen replies (I paraphrase) “I guess I hope that if I’m ever such an f’d up situation that someone would stick their neck out for me”.
    TWD uses that type of device. An example is the similarity between the season 5B scene when Rick was going off in Alexandria, acting crazy, waving a gun and ranting about being in charge and then Michonne came up begind him wacked him unconcious. This was a direct parallel to the season 1 episode 2 scene when Darryl ‘ s brother (apologies, forgot his name) is on the roof of the department store with the other scavengers and he starts waving a gun, ranting about being in charge and Rick comes up behind him and wacks him unconcious.
    My guess is that this is a halucination (no bullets left for suicide). Although they are in great peril, they aren’t dead. I’m guessing the flair gun will play a part in their rescue along with a new character who sticks his neck out to save them just as Glen did in the “dumbass”episodes for Rick.

    • Panko1 says:

      Or by saying “dumbass” Glenn was actually referring to himself as well, like when he made a dumb decision to risk himself to help Rick who was dumb enough to shoot his gun to attract more walkers. And now Glenn had made a much more dumb decision to thrust Nicholas who could have him killed three times. 1st when left Glenn behind watching his friend die. 2nd when shot Glenn. 3rd When he leads Glenn to the wrong direction so he can have them both killed. Only Glenn would be dumb enough to trust someone as dumb as Nicholas, Rick would never be that dumb, so now by saying “dumbass” Glenn is referring to himself.

  12. You people need to stop saying Glenn isn’t dead, just stop. Please! I went back and watched this same part about 30 times, now Glenn’s shirt is off white ok, Nicholas’s shirt is brownish. Whilst Glenn was laying on the ground screaming in pain, you can see the color of his shirt(go back and watch it again if you don’t believe me) getting ripped up gushing blood like a water fountain. And even IF that wasn’t Glenn getting his guys eaten, there would be absolutely NO possible way that he could escape that. So to all you people out there saying ” oh haha yea the walking dead is just teasing us”. I got news for you Glenn is DONE! End of story.

  13. Richard Kellie says:

    The random deaths of TWD’s main characters is the primary force driving the nail biting suspense and intense following. To remove this aspect would definitely lead to a decline in interest. It’s kind of a post apocalyptic America’s got talent. And if we’re to expect it to follow the Zombie genre, EVERYBODY DIES!!!!

  14. js4strings says:

    Nicholas didn’t have any bullets left in his gun (You can hear the 2 clicks after Glenn pulls out his knife and the same scene you see Nicholas pull out his knife before getting up on the dumpster). unless he’s the fastest one hand re-loader on the planet, the last minute of Glenn’s demise is likely a hallucination where Glenn knocks the crap out of him to wake him up.

  15. jabinhawkins says:

    Glenn was screaming as though in terrible pain. Dead. If he’s not dead, then it was just cheap drama, and that means they are just trying to play with us rather than tell a good story.

    • peanutlee33 says:

      No offense here…but I’d be screaming in agony too, if my buddy just shot himself, collapsed on me, and pushed us both over, into a horde of hungry walkers. And Glenn had screamed and cried in agony before….during Noah’s death, last season

      • jabinhawkins says:

        My only rebuttle their would be that Glenn is a seasoned member of the group. If they were chomping on…Mr…you know, that other guy, then he would’ve realized that it was his final chance to get away as screaming is only going to draw the walkers to him.

  16. Barbara says:

    One way to watch to see if he is alive is to watch for a smoke screen. Glenn said in the store before he left that he will send a smoke screen if he is ok. I really think he is alive. I will have a hard time watching the show without him. I watched the show three times. I think he is. Please let him be alive.

  17. Caye says:

    What happened to the “trick” of smearing oneself with zombie guts therefore rendering one “invisible” (or unsmellable) to the walkers? Michon and the group in the pet store, as well as Glen and doofus could have all used this technique.

    • Amy Vu says:

      Don’t you know? Once the characters use a clever technique that’s insanely brilliant, they can never use it again.

  18. Walker says:

    I was so sad when Glenn died. Definetly my favourite charachter that was alive this season(until now). His place can now be taken by Carol(since she’s developed a lot, from a woman getting beaten because of laundry to a woman killing 5+ Wolves with a knife) or Morgan “the guy with the stick”(if you don’t remember him from the 1st episode, he saved Rick).
    I would like it more if they killed Sasha or someone else, BUT WHY GLENN?! One of the most iconic charachters and the most interesting one. He is one of the rare people who’s family we didn’t even get a chance to meet. I hope there is a twist and he comes back in a way(unlikely), that would make the series more unpredictable.
    This is the most unpredictable show I’ve ever watched. It can sometimes be a pain in the ass, but it’s mostly interesting to watch :)

  19. Tracey says:

    Bull crap they kill Glenn off why I wanted him to stay on walking dead excellent seris Glen is our major character I wanted to see more of Glenn caring how he kept the group together I wish amc directors wouldn’t have kill Glenn off

  20. Flip5ide says:

    Maybe he will show up in the hospital in Atlanta like Beth did.

  21. Carl says:

    Glen isn’t dead. That was Nicholas on top of him. Plus, no major character has died in such a casual way on this show. When a major character dies they’re surrounded by other cast members and everything is ultra emotional. This was a tease. The walkers will finish devouring Nicholas and not recognize Glen because he’s covered in Nicholas’s blood so they’ll all scatter and Glen will be saved.

    • If that’s Nicholas on top of Glenn, then the zombies would be more likely to eat Glenn.

      He’s squirming around and screaming so they’ll obviously notice him, and he’s covered in human blood, which would be like BBQ sauce to a zombie.

  22. Jack says:

    So my theory is that after they get up on the dumpster with no ammo left in either of their guns , indicated by the 2 clicks we hear from nick’s gun, it becomes Glenn’s dream. The whole episode was based on Rick telling them to get back to Alexandria even if it means leaving people behind. So that’s Glenn dreaming about what would happen if he doesn’t push nick off the dumpster to save himself . And I think the next time we see that part of the story it will be the 2 of them on the dumpster and Glenn pushes nick off and saves himself

  23. Pissed says:

    congrats on spoiling your spoiler by having Glenn Dies in the title of your article… Nicely done.

  24. leo says:

    glenn didnt die nicolas was ontop of me and there eating his body instead and covering him dam ppl love teasing glenn death lol

  25. Michelle says:

    Please don’t think glenn is dead considering what they went through from the beginning of the show holiday walked as zombies amongst the zombies doesn’t seem right that he will let him lead the way I believe received his reckoning instead of running away and leaving his friends to die he actually saved a life with his death by covering Glenn Glen has been in tighter situations I believe he’s going to make it back

  26. goblow says:

    VARIERTY – Thanks for FK’n up & revealing the spoiler in your search links – Idiots!!!

  27. Heather says:

    Your Headline in the search in reveals a the spoiler.

  28. LOLOL says:

    (Possible Spoilers)

    Tho it can never be 100% creditable I do not think glenn is dead.

    IMDB can normal be a good website so unless they are trying to trick people who check it, Glenn is featured in every episode this season so must be credited in every episode unless we get a flash back every episode… but that doesn’t sound fun

  29. Fie says:

    wow. even if you post a spoiler warning at the beginning of the article, it still shows up in Google search

  30. zack says:

    Honestly I’m like 90% sure he’s alive. This show has great writers, and you can’t even freaking tell if he died, if a character such as Glenn were to die, they would give us a more finalized death scene. If that is how they decided to off him, I’m very disappointed with the writing.

  31. Caroline says:

    I dont think glenn is dead maggie has lost to much she cares about in only a couple episodes and i don’t think this wasnt glenns last battle when he falls to the ground u can see the most of the parts coming out are lower parts and it looked like he was being pulled by the chest so it obviously wasn’t him…. I would have to disagree with u yes carol is an important character to me but i would start a war if beloved Daryl was killed off in season 6!!

  32. Brenda says:

    I am still hoping that those were not Glenn’s guts and that he somehow managed to escape. He and Darryl are my favorite characters and I don’t think I will watch anymore if Darryl dies too.

  33. Yosh says:

    He lives.

    1. Glen doesn’t struggle.
    2. Walkers push bin over his body while struggling to get at Nicolas’ corpse.
    3. Bottom of bin is low enough to scrape corpse from Glen’s chest causing walkers to continue to eat Nicolas and ignore Glen.
    4. Chekhov’s (flare) gun distracts walkers and signals others.

  34. markus says:

    poor gleen he saves nicholas and he accedently got him killed he die horribly

  35. Emily Edens says:

    I completely disagree he’s dead. This Is my theory but I may be wrong but some of my points are valid. See when both Glenn and Nick fell, Nick would have landed on top of Glenn and I thin they were not eating Glenn. I believe they were eating Nick, who would have been on top of Glenn because of the way they fell. It did not show a far away angle or below the abdomen of them “eating” Glenn only his face cringing. Glenn wasn’t cringing because they were eating him, he was cringing bc they were eating Nicks dead body which was on too of him. You may be asking ” If he didn’t die then how would he escape?” Well Glenn would be covered in Nicks blood which would make him unnoticeable to the zombies and they would ignore him, believing he was one of them which was proven countless times most memorable in season 1 where Glenn and Rick covered themselves in blood and guts and walked through the horde of walkers. I hope you enjoy my theory and it may clear up as to why they NEVER showed Glenn’s obituary on Talking Dead.

  36. Ken says:

    They tried to keep us guessing about the true fate of Lori.At that time, the shooting was off screen and her body was nowhere to be found.Flash forward to the last moments of Episode 603 and it seems way more obvious that even if Glenn was using Nicolas’ s body to cover him up, you clearly see as the camera pans back, thousands of walkers.There is no possible way to get out of that situation unless you can fly like a bird.
    Then there is Rick:
    Will he get out of the Winnebago alive?
    As they said on “Talking Dead”, Rick never usually looked “defeated”, that is until, Episode 603.

  37. Ra1d says:

    He isn’t dead, Nicholas fell on top of Glenn, walkers were tearing Nicholas apart as Glenn was screaming in desperation, he will likely pass out(shock) covered in shit ton of blood Nicholas’s organs/body parts and walkers will think that he’s a walker due to a major smell of blood coming from him.

    • Cam Robertson says:

      People really don’t pay close attention to plot details. If Glenn was covered in human blood he would be feasted upon too, especially in the middle of a feeding frenzy. Remember when Shane was trapped in the school bus? How did he lure the walker’s heads into range of his knife? That’s right…by smearing his nice fresh non-walker blood on the door of the school bus. If Glenn gets out of this by some “miracle” turn of events involving dumpsters and the like, the show will have lost all credibility. If I’m right, sorry to burst your bubble..

  38. joejitzu says:

    My take: Glenn is dead. Around the season finale, when the walkers finally invade Alexandria en masse, and folks are scrambling to survive, running around like mice in a maze, and getting separated from one another, and tension is at its highest – Glenn will come shambling up to Maggie. And Maggie will have to put him down.

  39. HKLEGEND says:

    He’s still alive! It was Nicholas being eaten and he crawled under the dumpster!!!!!!!!!!!!

  40. You do realize that the spoiler is actually in the url, as well as the title of the page…

  41. Flip5ide says:

    I think both Nicholas and Glenn are still alive. You don’t need all of your intestines to live. They will definitely power out of that horde of zombies. However, once they do, I fear they will just end up in another alley with Glenn still looking to the severely injured Nicholas for directions around town. But they will eventually escape once they go through another suicide and lose a few more organs. Then the new doctor in Alexandria will fix them up.

    Or, perhaps they escape, but Nicholas attempts to kill Glenn again realizing his strategy of cutting and running was way better than trying to do the right thing with his new life coach always chirping in his ear.

    • Tubwimbo says:

      Dude, did you even watch the episode, or is this just a huge troll?
      First of all, the moment you get bit, you’re gonna die soon.
      Second of all, NICHOLAS F***ING SHOT HIMSELF IN THE HEAD. How would ANYONE “survive” that?

      • Flip5ide says:

        Well the lack of concern over Nicholas is very disconcerting, but yes, I was totally kidding around. It is the only way I can get past the fact they killed off Glenn to a bunch of loser zombies. I am amazed how they still can get trapped by those mindless fools, but I guess if there are enough of them and you are in a town with tons of dead ends, then I guess it is possible.

      • Jasonsc1 says:

        If you can’t sense the Sarcasm in that dudes comment You need some Help. I know Sarcasm is Hard over the Internet but 99% of People can see he was being Sarcastic. Wow

  42. tj says:

    Classic tv show deception..glenn fell into group of zombies..the other idiot that shot himself was on top of him when they fell..what u saw was the zombies tearing the other guys body apart on top of glenn. To make you think it was him..glenn is screaming. Im sure he will be saved. At no point did i even think glenn was being killed. He will be killed in a way more epic death..book it

  43. Johnny says:

    Maybe it’s just hope talking, but I’m not so sure Glenn is dead. If he is, his death was the most pointless and meaningless death in the entire series so far.

  44. John says:

    Glenn didn’t die… he was under Nicholas.

  45. Dawn M. Goodman says:

    I was furious with Nicholas as another one of his cowardly acts caused the loss of a second life. First Noah now Glenn experiencing the full agony of being completely ripped apart while Nicholas barely feels a thing. Maggie will be mad with worry when Glenn does not return. One of the group members will probably find Hershel’s watch or he’ll be a walker and that’s how they’ll know what happened to him.

  46. Tristen says:

    Why did Glenn dye? It is stupid he was covers in blood so the walkers should have thought that he was a walker!!!! Remember at the beginning of when the walking dead was being born Glenn and Rick went out coverd in blood the walkers didn’t reckegnize them. I think Nicholas should have landed on Glenn and the walkers ate him instead. If you see this show it on talking dead to see if viewers agree with me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!😡

  47. Anna says:

    Here’s a thought TWD producers/writers: go and actually READ the comics, maybe then you’d not have to kill off a very popular character to keep it fresh.
    Heath is another character that they’ve messed up (like the embarrassment with Deana/Douglas!)

  48. Anna says:

    I was completely shocked and gutted to lose Glenn, but I was actually thinking that they needed to ‘trim the fat’ as it goes.
    They had too many characters doing too little.
    Carol is a character that needs to go in my opinion…she’s just tired, boring and predictable.
    Oooo, she’s going bad! [voice drips with barely concealed sarcasm]
    Carl and Daryl are my two ultimate favourites (along with Maggie and Michonne) but TWD always has this ridiculous way of killing off characters because the writing gets stale.

  49. Wolf Barclay says:

    I have no knowledge of the comic book, But I don’t like the way Since this show has become Quote unquote popular, the characters That appear the weakest The dumbest The most useless, They still appear Every episode, with the best teeth the perfect hair And yet nothing good To provide the story much less anything relevant To say But for The fact The show isn’t real

    I think the premise of the show is fantastic in the way that it opens the possibility of bringing out Most obviously the absolute best and the worst of what humans are capable of under the worst circumstances

    I wish the writers would stick to a script that favors survivors of the fittest, & not who appear sexy or marketable in the eyes of potential popularity & ratings

  50. Pauline says:

    You cant kill glenn no way no. I love him and rick and all the major players sometimes their story is essential to viewers following the show we dont watch it for the walkers just the fact that some normality could be found in a new cruel world.

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