Amy Schumer Says She’s Sorry. Don’t Believe It

Amy Schumer Twitter Apology: Why She's
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'Trainwreck' star flips from defiant to repentant. What gives?

Will the real standup comedian known as Amy Schumer please stand up?

After she apologized Monday to one of her Twitter followers for a joke about Hispanic men, it’s difficult to reconcile the “Trainwreck” star with the same woman who struck a more defiant tone just last week in the face of similar criticism about some of her more racially charged humor.

“I am not going to start joking about safe material,” she stated in a lengthy explanation offered via social media on June 28 in the wake of a commentary in the Guardian that took Schumer to task for having a “shockingly large blind spot around race.”

But what a difference a week makes. When criticized on Twitter for a joke in which she observed, “I used to date Hispanic guys, but now I prefer consensual,” she took quite a different tack, apologizing profusely. “I am taking responsibility and hope I haven’t hurt anyone,” she said.

Schumer also made clear that the Hispanic joke was written two years ago, and that she had “evolved as an artist” since then. If a comedian distancing herself from her earlier work citing a personal evolution sounds familiar, it’s because the same sentiment was expressed in March by another Comedy Central personality: Trevor Noah.

The incoming “Daily Show” anchor employed that PR tactic when some of the more off-color jokes he told earlier in his career came back to haunt him shortly after being named to his new post. But judging how quickly the firestorm that engulfed him was extinguished, this conciliatory pose has perhaps been proved effective enough to be borrowed by another comic.

But what’s so regrettable about the “I was young and dumb” excuse is how deeply it runs counter to the prevailing ethos among comedians to have the freedom to be as politically incorrect as they want to be, and not to say they’re sorry when someone’s feelings are inevitably hurt.

That sentiment was at the core of the message Schumer delivered in her first Twitter salvo on the subject, but either she’s changed her mind or is being excruciatingly careful not to fan the kind of flames that can get out of control quite quickly on social media when it comes to comedians and politically incorrect humor.

This is a very delicate time for Schumer, whose career just shifted into overdrive after critics finally caught on to her brilliant Comedy Central series in its third season. Now she’s on the cusp of taking herself to the next level with a starring role in “Trainwreck,” a Judd Apatow movie getting great buzz.

In short, the last thing she needs at this moment is the kind of backlash that could hurt her at the box office. That probably explains her fake apology better than any kind of change of heart.

You could chalk up her about-face as an isolated example to one specific joke, as opposed to her entire body of work. But what’s troubling is the joke in question is illustrative of the very style of humor about which she previously seemed unrepentant.

“I played a dumb white girl character on stage,” she explained regarding her jab at Hispanics. “Once I realized I had more eyes and ears on me and had an influence I stopped telling jokes like that on stage.”

But contrast that with her previous explanation. “I enjoy playing the girl who time to time says the dumbest thing possible,” she said in her explanation the previous week. “You can call it a ‘blind spot for racism’ or ‘lazy’ but you are wrong.”

Which is it, Amy??

Schumer has too much at stake at this juncture in her career to stick to her guns and tell her critics the thing they don’t want to hear: The jokes in which she traffics in racial stereotypes are made in the context of a persona she shouldn’t have to disown just because there are people who fail to capture that nuance in her act.

When she mocks male Hispanics as the dumb white girl, Schumer isn’t asking you to laugh at male Hispanics; she’s asking you to laugh at the dumb-white-girl perception of male Hispanics. It’s a stereotype nested within another stereotype.

It would truly be a shame if Schumer is sincerely distancing herself from the humor that put her on the map in the first place. Schumer has come too far in the world of comedy to start backing down now.

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  1. Cindy says:

    Everything is very open with a really clear clarification of the challenges.
    It was truly informative. Your website is very helpful.
    Thanks for sharing!

  2. Cousin to upCHUCK Shumer, that really says it all. Screw her and her anti-gun diatribes, along with her pet rock congress-cousin Shumer.

  3. herp says:

    or you could learn to take a joke and realiZe no one is forcing you to watch her acts. in the words of jim norton you dont walk through a museum and throw blankets over art work you find offensive no one is forcing you to watch amy schumer. despite a sense of entitlement apparently shared by the pc majority of this country she doesnt have to apologize or change anything about her act cause no one is forcing you to watch her at most they have to post that some offensive material may be present. once again the variety shows itself as an overly biased pc nightmare who is willing to shame an innocent woman for reasons of personal morals and entitlement.

  4. What makes Amy Schumer the talented artist that she is, is her sarcastic, self-deprecating, real person approach to comedy. Her humor is the humor between a group of friends, but delivered professionally, and fantastically. The “racist” tones in her comedy are in reality extremely liberal satires of society, and anyone who misses that is honestly not intelligent enough to appreciate her work. I’m a fan and an admirer of Amy’s because of the very humor that she is apologizing for, and I would hate for her ‘maturation as an artist,’ an attempt to pander to people who can’t understand her style, to depreciate her work.

    Jonathan A. Mase
    Suffern, NY

  5. Kevin Patrick says:

    Calm down, she is a comedic genius. I do not find this joke to be racist. It’s based on her own life experience. Comedy is great way to deal with the terrible treatment of women she is referring to ,and those behaviors exists in all races. People joke and stereotype to deal with pain. We do have freedom of speech in this country, some people have forgotten that as of late.

  6. George says:

    This is a horrific joke. If she wants to be brave, may a gay joke. You’ll be in a camp for gay youth hearing their stories before night fall.

  7. Anonymous says:

    And no one has commented on the racist who wrote this article. Essentially the writer is telling Amy to be true to her racist self and expressing concern that she is trying so hard to apologize and explain her faux pas.

  8. anonymous says:

    Just because you say something offensive on stage with a microphone doesn’t mean its funny or its comedy.

    Your not funny and will never be like Brian Regan, Jerry, Jim Carrey etc.

  9. EditorInChief says:

    How do outlets let you get away with internet idiocies like using two question marks in a row? “Co-Editor-in-Chief” – that’s amazing.

  10. amimissing something says:

    i’m as anti-p.c. as the next person but if you imply that all “hispanics” are rapists, especially with the current rape hysteria, don’t cry when you get called out. how is this even a joke?

    to me, something is defensible if it is funny or insightful or both. but if it’s neither, then you should apologise once you realise that and move on. that’s the difference between the amy of last week and the “post-rape-accusation” amy. racial jokes are not off-limits, but stupid statements are.

    i don’t know why the writer of this article failed to see that even though it seemed like he got it, until the last two paragraphs. also, commenters here are defending racial jokes wholesale without realising that not all comedy is equal. do those obama-and-michelle-as-monkeys-eating-bananas emails tickle your fancy?

    even if you are 7, these things are neither funny nor thought-provoking. they are just circulated amongst obama-loathers for schadenfreudic reactions (though it’s not quite schadenfreude, i know).

  11. Perry D'Marco says:

    It’s “totally” okay to say, “White people suck,” if you are playing a “Stupid Mexican.” Perry Miguel D’Marco

  12. Maylin says:

    Huge fan of fancy comic Kristi Hughes. Have you seen her California Drought or Fat People bits?
    Comics need to “standup” for their material.

  13. dmj says:

    What kills me is when people act like there are absolutely no lines in comedy that shouldn’t be crossed. I like edgy comedy just as much as anyone. when Louis CK was on Saturday Night Live joking about pedophiles, I thought it was funny because all pedophiles are actually horrible and they should be mocked. But if he started joking about little kids enjoying it, that would be too far for me. But if I started to see that the majority of America didn’t even like the part I didn’t mind, I would at least do some soul searching and ask myself If I was wrong. And If I still didn’t think I was wrong, I would just go to the small venues where that comedy was accepted. I still wouldn’t be mad at people who felt offended and feel like the masses should be forced to accept it. The truth is, everyone has their line. Maybe yours is a black comedian telling jokes about enjoying killing cops for fun, or maybe a Muslim comedian joking about enjoying the carnage of 911, or maybe your line is a man joking about enjoying beating and raping women. All horrible things, but my point is, there are lines for everyone and there should be. The problem is some of you don’t agree with the new lines that the majority of America has set. it’s not just a few people on line. If that was the case, this would be swept under the rug and it wouldn’t be a story. What’s really happening is the majority of America is starting to wake up to it’s long history of casual attitudes towards racism and how maybe it’s not so harmless after all. Maybe to you it’s the inconvenience of having to search out for your brand of comedy, but to others, it’s the hope of any sort of racist attitudes or stereotypes no longer being tolerated in civilized society. just like you have the right to hear and say whatever you want, people also have the right to reject it. don’t be a dinosaur, evolve, or don’t and die off with the rest of your kind.

    • squck says:

      Thank you for that post. And,yeah, Schumer’s joke was out of line—it especially isn’t funny with that stupid loudmouth idiot Trump hollering about Mexican people being “rapists” ‘and such. Also, she needs to talk responsibility for what comes out of her mouth (as well as any other comedian saying stupid racist jokes) and not try to claim she was hiding behind some Dumb-white girl persona BS. If you said it, you shown own it. Period.

  14. a6pack2014 says:

    to many people have swallowed whole. the kool-aid of the lib. PC right. it seems that any white person that even thinks about a racial joke or comment.. out comes the PC Nazi’s to vilify them… while at the same time black racist are left alone. no matter what they say…. hypocrites….

    • squck says:

      I’m tired of white people whining about PC this, PC that. The bottom line is, being politically correct is simply being respectful of other people’s cultures and simply respecting them as people,period. What’s so damn hard for white folks to understand about that?. If I as a black person don’t think some racist BS is funny, then I don’t think it’s funny, because it’s BS, and it’s disrespectful to me as a black person. And screw that stupid “black racist” comment—white people,for most of this country’s history, could not only go around making fun of black people and any other person of color in a hateful and nasty way, they could also do literally whatever the hell they wanted to them and get away with it. That’s why we no longer tolerate racist jokes because of the weight of a horrible history behind it. Black people put up with all that s*** for the majority of American history—now we’re not taking that s*** anymore because this is our country too, and we have the right to be respected because we helped make this country what it is today. So you can take your stupid whiny comments and go shove them somewhere we can’t even se

      Bottom line, a lot of white people hate PC-ness mainly because they’re mad that they can’t get away with being as openly racist as they used to be. That’s the real reason y’all hate it. I also don’t like how some of these new white comics try and claim that they’re being ironic when they say racist jokes—-uh, no, you aren’t. You’re still saying stupid-a** racist jokes.

  15. Cath says:

    We are debating Amy’s PC faults and Comedy Central just renewed “South Park” until 2019? Politically correct, anyone? The network knows its audience.

    • Bill D says:

      I’m equally tired of people defending PCness, especially in the comedy arena. Yes, comedians are supposed to be funny as a bottom line but we all know that his highly subjective. Many also try to be irreverent, offensive, stinging, and being politically incorrect, and that invariably offends and turns off some.

      Yes, I’m glad certain behavior is not tolerated in public or even private settings any more. If being PC were simply about being respectful, not many would have an issue with it. But where it goes awry is the deeming what is ok and what is not throughout all of society.

      What I and others resent is the belief that because *someone* finds *something* offensive, they consider it their “right” to have it removed from the public square although others may see it in a different light or, at the very least, are willing to tolerate it because the marketplace of ideas should not be so self limiting.

      It’s the lecturing attitude and the thin-skinnedness which is eye rolling, at the very least. Your post continues in that tradition. Not only do you deem it racist (when I think you really mean racial) jokes unfunny but you then imply that being black and racist is tolerable because of history. And predictably you claim to want to be respected as a group but then tell a whole other group what they should or shouldn’t complain about. Great irony.

      It’s comedy, take it or leave it. I don’t find Dane Cook, Jon Stewart, or Kevin Hart particularly funny, but I would never presume to proclaim to the rest of the world that they shouldn’t say what they say.

      As someone who appreciates a wide variety of humor (notice my so-called race has nothing to do with it) I hate PCness and it’s not because I “can’t get away with being as openly racist as they used to be”. It’s because of the presumption that I was or I would want to. And, when it comes to comedy, it’s that someone is going to try to tell me what i can and cannot find amusing. No thank you.

  16. Cath says:

    Isn’t part of the problem with that joke that it plays into Trump’s “Mexicans are rapists” theme? It makes people more sensitive to it than they would have been two years ago. Comedians who walk the “fine line…do not cross” method of comedy are few and far between. Comedy usually offends someone. Context also plays here. A comedian can say something outrageous with sarcasm but the printed joke can read as a seriously held belief. She should have just owned it and said no more. None of that “I was young and stupid” nonsense.

  17. drizworld says:

    God! Dear Ms. Schumer! Comedians are first and foremost Anti-Politically Correct, your apology, though came from your heart, and I took it to be the case.
    However, apologies aside, its HISPANIC SLURS BASED ON A FICTION CHARACTER ( and if you read it , and hear it as such, than no offence . So please evolve as an artist, but don’t forget for a bit, that comedy is , was and shall be a bona fide, prime, and hilariouslky anti-politically correct stand, as well as it should. And if people don’t get it- It’s their loss. Dror

  18. Can we stop crying PC police every time someone criticises you for being racist? You are a racist. If you want to tell racist jokes, go ahead. But don’t cry persecution because people dare have a negative opinion of you. That’s not a new age social media thing ok.

    • Bill D says:

      No we may not. Just because one cries “racist!” doesn’t make it so. I’d say about 10% of people actually understand the meaning of the word. Yours is the old definition of an alcoholic: if you admit to being an alcoholic you are one; if you don’t, you’re just in denial but you’re still an alcoholic. Circular argument which reinforces the mistaken belief that so many people are so-called racist.

      • Lester says:

        All this excessive PC crap was started, and continues to strive, because of the oversensitive gay population, especially glaad who finds any and all gay jokes “vile.” They’re ruined the boy scouts, marriage, and now comedy. Some pride.

    • Tony says:

      How dare you generalize and jump to the conclusion that someone is a racist for telling a joke. Comedy is often about lampooning stereotypes and shocking people through extremes – that’s what cartoons are! There is a massive difference between somebody joking about a group of people and actually believing it in real life. You do not know Amy Schumer or any other comedian in real life.

      Also, the problem is not that other people aren’t allowed to have a negative opinion of her. If you don’t like the joke, that’s fine. What’s not fine is labeling her a racist and trying to silence her through special interest groups, petitions, etc. in an attempt to damage her career. I think your opinion on this topic is idiotic, but I wouldn’t try to stop you from expressing it by trying to hurt you or your livelihood in some way.

  19. Ronnie says:

    What we need are group of 4 comics to go on tour around the country and call it The no apologies un-PC tour. Comedy has always been cutting edge when it addresses current situations. The problem now is that with social media, a small group gets offended by everything and then they are supposed to apologize for it. A smart person would realize that Schumer’s joke was a dig at Donald Trump but PC police would have you think otherwise. Comedy is dying unless someone makes a stand.

  20. Ella says:

    All the people complaining in the comments have missed the point that the author is actually defending Schumer’s right to make jokes about hispanics:

    When she mocks male Hispanics as the dumb white girl, Schumer isn’t asking you to laugh at male Hispanics; she’s asking you to laugh at the dumb-white-girl perception of male Hispanics.”

    The article even ends by encouraging her not to “disown” her white girl “persona” and “to stick to her guns and tell her critics the thing they don’t want to hear:”

    “The jokes in which she traffics in racial stereotypes are made in the context of a persona she shouldn’t have to disown just because there are people who fail to capture that nuance in her act.”

    Finally, it says:

    “It would truly be a shame if Schumer is sincerely distancing herself from the humor that put her on the map in the first place. Schumer has come too far in the world of comedy to start backing down now.”

    TL;DR: Wallenstein is PRO-AMY, and you all need to start reading the whole article before commenting.

    • dmj says:

      No one’s saying she doesn’t have the right to say whatever racist thing she wants, this is America. We’re just saying that if she wants to be successfull in mainstream pop culture, she shouldn’t. Sorry Ann Coulter fans, even the appearance of racism isn’t vouge anymore. But you still have Fox “News”.

      • Archer says:

        Yeah, because Fox News is the ONLY terrible news station, in regards to the purely pitch perfect creation that is MSNBC.
        CNN isn’t great, they’re flawed, but I’d rather take them over the absurdly, deeply agenda-driven Fox News and MSNBC.

  21. dmj says:

    First off, let m say, I absolutely love Amy Schumer! I think she’s hilarious, but I think in this case she did the right thing. It’s very easy and short sited for someone from one race to tell someone from another race what they should be offended by, when they don’t have to live in the world as that race. when you live in an atmosphere where you’re the minority because your race, religion or sexual preference, it can feel very threating and disheartening when you hear someone mocking or insulting what you are. I get that from her and others, they are very high brow, nuanced jokes, meant to point out things in our society. But for every smart person that gets it, there’s a dumb frat boy or flat out racist that doesn’t get the deeper point and further validates their idiotic views as something acceptable in greater society. Because the truth is, no one can truly know what’s in anyone’s hearts and minds. when that sort of thing goes unchecked, people like Donald Trump, Paula Dean and Rush Limbaugh are like, hey why can’t I say that, she said it, I didn’t mean it that way either. Maybe we should just leave the black jokes to the black comedians, the Jewish jokes to the Jewish comedians and so on and so forth, because in those cases if they secretly do mean the jokes in a hateful way, you can guarantee their insulting themselves too. I’d just feel more comfortable laughing at Amy’s Bill Cosby jokes if I’m not worried that she might secretly feel that way about all black men. I think she’s a lot funnier and smarter than that. I fell in love with her show on comedy central and maybe I missed it, but I don’t recall any Latino or Black jokes. I think the offense from jokes can be directly gauged by how much those people have been through and how much their still going through it. Just because some things have always been accepted in the past, doesn’t mean we should keep doing them. Black face was also once acceptable.

  22. Tiffany Snow says:

    So Variety is now a PC Police enforcement arm? Schemer is DOA. Next sacrifice please!

  23. What did Lenny Bruce die for? To have a bunch of socially and comically tone deaf talentless fops crush any authentic voice whenever that voice achieves some measure of success. If these ethnic prudes are so upset at Schumer’s jab at Hispanic men where were they when Lisa Lampanelli introduced the joke in a somewhat different form 20 years ago? And remember ‘political correctness’ was a term coined by a neo-conservative think tank here in DC to discredit altruistic behavior.

  24. Sanman says:

    Amy can get hired as Donald Trump’s speech writer……

  25. Sanman says:

    Amy, please leave my three amigos alone!

  26. Tom says:

    Classic comedy club material. But 99.9 percent of people have no idea. But even putting that aside, it’s no more racist and much more clever that Trevor Noah’s tweets.

  27. JR Bull says:

    Amy is ‘Tosh’ FUNNY. If you want family friendly go back to watching Fox. If you want some editing or to watch a guy Pay not to use people with vaginas –go watch Fox kill off another dog & blame it on the new Ted-dy bear movie. The apology was for her not for you; she felt bad in public; that–like the wrong people making money–happens when shit hits water.

  28. Sanman says:

    Amy is now doing non-offensive jokes like, ‘why did the chicken cross the road?’ and, ‘who’s buried in Grants tomb?’ Or, ‘take my wife please!’

    • Cath says:

      But won’t Grant’s ghost, all chickens, and wives object? And how extremely sexist were those “wife” jokes anyway? They were stupid and sometimes funny which is the point of “bad” jokes. Groan.

  29. Sanman says:

    Every time Arnold Swartenegger leaves Amy’s comedy show he always tells her,, “I’ll be back.”

  30. lbaram says:

    I find this article overly speculative and critical. The only reason I came upon reading this is we use Wallenstein’s work at my school as an example of “sub-par” journalism and media reviews. I actually think does bring up some interesting points- just tilts more on the side of “hating” vs writing.

  31. Jane Agriculture says:

    Variety is joining the PC wagon and trashing Amy.

    Shall we arrest her and put her in stocks in the village square so the staff of Variety can throw stones at her?

  32. Leon says:

    Belived in you. Not believed I you. I hate this god damn auto correct crap. Amy you sold out and broke my heart. Why? Say it ain’t so. Say it ain’t so shoeless joe.

  33. Leon says:

    Hey look the female Richard prior being a complete and utter hypocrite and alienating her fanbase for one sensitive person. Amy you were great. Now I am going to boycott you you PC toting jerk. I believed I you. I had hope. Now I rather slit my own wrists. Thanks for completely ruining everything you stood for and made me believe again. In comedy and in America. Get bent.

    • Aflacduck says:

      Female “Richard Pryor”……. To compare her to the brilliant, and utter Brilliance of Richard Pryor is a sad state of what people view as Great comedy- Nothing against Amy Schumer, she will be pushed aside as Sarah Silverman had been for her by the next “big thing” this time next year.
      It is frightning what people might say and think of Lenny bruce, george carlin, a young robin williams, bill hicks, andy kaufman, rodney dangerfield, If they had been doing comedy today. They would be in flames from the new PC world where people can sadly not even laugh at themselves.

  34. MGD says:

    I’ve lost all respect for her now. Not because of her jokes. But because of her sellout to suckcess! She should have told the SJW’s to take their money and shove it up their a$$es!

  35. Sanman says:

    When Amy was a waitress she asked me, are you ready to order. I said yes & I then asked her if she had frogs legs & she said yes. So I said you must have a lot of trouble putting on your shoes. LOL

  36. Tom Levier says:

    The media has been singing the praises of Amy Schumer since her TV show premiered. She’s been featured in every magazine and on every website. She’s got her first movie with her name above the title coming out in 10 days. She’s on the brink of superstardom.
    But…there’s a pretty good chance all of that fame and adoration could go away if she’s labeled as a racist.
    She’s apologizing to save her career before the SJWs tear her apart.

  37. David K says:

    what a total fake apology. I’ve watched quite a lot of her stand up and it’s 98% offensive. someone is looking out for her movie career and the bottom line at the expense of her comedy. disappointing

  38. ... says:

    This overanalysis of a pretty white woman being allowed to make racist jokes (because her entire schtick is shock value from a pretty white woman saying dirty words) is ridiculous. The “I’m playing a character” defense is also ludicrous, as Amy Schumer performs under her own name and makes absolutely no distinction between Amy Schumer the person and Amy Schumer the performer in her act. She’s getting defended by critics because they like her and while it’s nice that they like her, it makes articles like these all the more eye roll-y.

    • Bleheh says:

      Just because stand-up comedians go by their names/stage names, does not mean the personality they show onstage is who they actually are. Bo Burnham’s shtick is being full of himself and insulting onstage (“Many people pigeonhole me as a ‘stand-up comedian’, I prefer ‘prodigy’.”), but he makes it abundantly clear that it is a character. If you think that how people act when entertaining others is the same as their actual personality, you’re pretty shallow.

      • mdumas43073 says:

        Next you’ll be telling us that Jack Benny wasn’t really a cheapskate, Gracie Allen wasn’t really a miser, Dean Martin wasn’t really a drunk, and Paul Lynde wasn’t really g– …oh, wait.

    • Asdf Jkl says:

      … So you think everything Stephen Colbert said on the Colbert Report was actually awful? He used his name too. She says things she doesn’t mean to get a reaction. I feel like I’m pretty politically correct but this shit has gone to a new level of insanity lately. She’s only a racist if she actually meant what she said. She doesn’t mean what she says.

  39. She has nothing to apologize for. If Lisa Lampanelli had made the same joke, we wouldn’t be having this conversation.

    • khowse says:

      Uh…hate to burst your bubble Asdf Jkl but from the beginning, Colbert let it be known he was “in character” during the years he was doing The Colbert Report. Which is why, when he was selected to replace D. Letterman, it was also WIDELY reported that he would be dropping the “character” he created and do the show as himself. So…do you live under a rock or or should we just respect your authority on the subject of poop given these comments/your believing Amy Schumer. Read the article again Sherlock…she can’t have it both ways. I mean, the excuses she gives are the exact ones her contemporary, Andrew Dice Clay gave back in the day before he was labeled a racist/sexist and run out of town. So, given how enlightened we are today…if this kinda intolerance didn’t pass then, why the hell should it now?!

      • MGD says:

        Well what do you know an ACTUAL Socialist Jacka$$ Whiner! I never thought I’d see one! Take your politically correct nonsense and shove it up your bee yu tee tee!!!!! Moron! Where is the gulag you are going to condemn Schumer or asdf jkl for their thought crimes,eh comrade? I know! Alaska! Because we know who used to own Alaska don’t we! ;) Bugger off you stupid Stalinist!

    • MGD says:

      Thank you Joan for your common sense! As Chris Titus said in Norman Rockwell is Bleeding: You people need to lighten the f–k up!

      • khowse says:

        Whoa…slow down there MGD & save some exclamation points for the rest of us LOL. But hey…thanks a lot for making yourself the poster-child for all the small minds who resort to excessive raging and simple-minded name-calling when they can’t engage another in a rational & intelligent debate. If I may suggest, next time…just type everything in caps like every other self-righteous internet douche does. But, if I may educate you a little (and yes…I will keep it within, by your post…your 3rd grade education) I didn’t condemn anyone…they did it themselves. As Asdf Jkl made a claim about Colbert that wasn’t true (that I & another poster called him on) and Schumer who indicted/alienated herself based on her flip-flop. So, maybe you should take a moment from all the hatred you spew…step back into reality & put the blame where it belongs!

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