Woody Allen to Create His First Television Series for Amazon

Woody Allen
Michael Stewart/WireImage

Amazon Studios has signed Woody Allen to write and direct his first television series.

The “Untitled Woody Allen Project,” a half-hour series, has received a full season order from Amazon, with episodes to be written and directed by Allen. The series will be available exclusively on Amazon Prime Instant Video in the U.S., the UK and Germany.

“Woody Allen is a visionary creator who has made some of the greatest films of all-time, and it’s an honor to be working with him on his first television series,” said Roy Price, vice president of Amazon Studios. “From ‘Annie Hall’ to ‘Blue Jasmine,’ Woody has been at the creative forefront of American cinema and we couldn’t be more excited to premiere his first TV series exclusively on Prime Instant Video next year.”

Added Allen, “I don’t know how I got into this. I have no ideas and I’m not sure where to begin. My guess is that Roy Price will regret this.”

Allen is repped by ICM Partners.

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  1. dvgf says:

    He doesn’t have an idea?! That’s too bad…
    Becouse last time it happened he created his last film “Magic in the moonlight”‘, and it was boring…

  2. Rose says:

    I can’t wait to see this. If it is good it will be very very good and if it is horrid it will be a hilarious joke on Amazon.

  3. For everyone commenting about how Woody Allen abused Dylan Farrow, the only ‘evidence’ supporting that allegation is the memory of a six year old while in the other corner there is written decisions by psychologists that Dylan Farrow story was most likely forced upon her by her Mother, there’s a court ruling that Woody Allen is innocent and there is the fact that Dylan Farrow’s brother claims that it’s all nonsense and that his Mother was behind it all. Woody allen relationship with Soon Yi Previn is however messed up in my opinion.

  4. Lost Values says:

    Remember Amazon supporting the book “The Pedophile’s Guide to Love and Pleasure: a Child-lover’s Code of Conduct”? Now Amazon is supporting Woody Allen who is an accused child molester of Dylan Farrow. Bill Cosby is accused of raping many women and Amazon drops him? Great standards.

    • Drucilla says:

      That was Netflix which dropped Cosby, not Amazon. Also, accused does not equal guilty, especially when one is found not guilty.

  5. jack sparrow says:

    That old pedo isn’t dead yet? Anyhow shame on Amazon

  6. Sara Lewis says:

    This seems like a terrible idea and a PR nightmare in the making. He doesn’t even have an idea for the show, Amazon just wants to be in the Woody Allen business? Maybe hitch your wagon to a different star Amazon, one with fewer implications of pedophilia tied to it. I would bet money this show never gets made.

  7. greg le duc says:

    If we are lucky, this will be the next SEINFELD.

  8. Atomic Fury says:

    Shame on Amazon and Variety for allowing a pedophile to make his films.

  9. IG says:

    Added Allen, “I don’t know how I got into this. I have no ideas and I’m not sure where to begin. My guess is that Roy Price will regret this.”


  10. Nancy Noonan says:

    Absolutely will not watch Amazon as long as they support woody Allen. Netflix has more honor.

  11. Path_guy66 says:

    Amazon just lost a long time supporter. Woody Allen and Dianne Keaton can go get lost in dark holes of their souls and I wouldn’t miss them.

  12. Dan Rivera says:

    I don’t know of any pedophile charges against Woody Allen. I basically know him as the mosted gifted of storytellers. I’ve followed his films for years. His Big Three (IMHO) are “Match Point” (2005), “Paris at Midnight” (2011), and his enduring masterpiece of bittersweet comedy, “Bullets Over Broadway” (1994.

  13. Blah blah blah. No charges filed, move on. Sick of the internet insta-lynch mob. Try making sure your own kids don’t get abused, how’s that?

  14. Fran Epperly says:

    I will cancel my subscription to Amazon Prime. I will not support a child rapist and I cannot believe Amazon supports him. Anyone who cares about children cancel Amazon.

  15. ralph lewis says:

    is the name of the show SUGAR DADDYS

  16. Tommy says:

    Hide your daughters…

  17. D. Bennett says:

    @WoodyAllen gets a tv show & is called visionary by @netflix & @BillCosby books more comedy dates while free as a bird! Apparently you can make a really good living as a sexual predator in Hollywood.

    • Drucilla says:

      Lena Dunham details the horrific sexual and psychological abuse she dealt to her little sister for at least 10 years in her book and not only continues to have her HBO series and work with big stars, but was defended by most mainstream news sites, the online community, and even A-listers like Jimmy Kimmel.

  18. George T. Everette says:

    I Believe You

    It does not matter who your father is.
    It does not matter how young you were.
    I don’t care what Barbra Walters thinks.
    It does not matter if the police could do nothing.
    I have seen the way he looks at Bechet and Manzie
    and Soon-Yi can’t protect her adopted daughters
    The way Mia Farrow protected you.
    You said what needed to be said,
    I believe you,
    Maybe his victims will take heart.

  19. Penny says:

    Woody, go away. It’s over. Really.

  20. freethegop says:

    Straight from film to discount. That makes sense.

  21. Jersey Prophet says:

    Same kind of crap that allows serial rapists like Bill Clinton and Bill Cosby to roam around untouched by law? Listen, don’t lecture me on civil rights! This is not a court of law. This is a personal decision I made not to patronize abetters of abuse. Allen married his step-daughter. That’s plenty for me, regardless of Mia’s charges. I make choices based on personal values.

  22. GayMedia says:

    Didn’t all of Hollywood just (try) to get Roman Polanski, an actual accused, charged, admitted and convicted child rapist a free pass just two or three years ago? And gave Bill Cosby a pass for …oh… 30 years, until 20-plus women came out with accusations? Anyone looking for the child molesters and rapists who Corey Haim and Corey Feldman say preyed on them? Not so much? – and Woody Allen who has been accused by one person in his lifetime, never charged, and who many people (including the accuser’s brother) say it is not true and that her nutcase mother put those ideas in her head. The nutcase mother, BY THE WAY testified in favor of Roman Polanski in 2005. Where’s that famous, “innocent until proven guilty” crap they always trot out when Hollywood likes the accused?

  23. Jim F says:

    Woody Allen? NBC cancelled Bill Cosby’s project – he’s available too, Amazon. Maybe you can set up an overseas studio and hire Roman Polanski and complete the trifecta.

  24. A.C. says:

    Anything produced by Woody Allen will not be watched by anyone in my household. Why Bezos would hire a controversial person like Allen to produce anything on Amazon is beyond me.

  25. Jersey Prophet says:

    Last year Amazon Took my Money. This year, I Run

  26. preuser says:

    The smell of money trumps morality sadly even at Amazon ! Woody Allen should be in Prison !
    I hope the project fails !

  27. Jerry says:

    Does anybody really care about this pathetic old pedophile weasel?

  28. Say it isn’t so… I was just getting comfortable buying products from Amazon. Guess I will delete my account with them. Sad.
    How anyone could support this pedophile is beyond me.

  29. Jim says:

    Don’t see any need to patronize an organization which gives credence to someone who molested children and won’t admit it. I won’t be buying any TV series produced or starring Woody Allen.

  30. halfbakedlunatic says:

    This is very interesting. I’ve been a lifelong Woody Allen fan, and happily consider “The Purple Rose of Cairo” to be somewhere in my top five favorite movies. His recent stuff has been good, but not especially ground breaking. I’d love to see what he does with an Amazon series.

    • Bony Hurdle says:

      One of my favorites too, halfbaked. FYI, the blu-ray is being released by Twilight Time next Tuesday (Jan 20). It’s limited to 3000 copies, so I already pre-ordered.

  31. Beefeater says:

    Isn’t he considered a genius or something in France?

    Or am I confusing him with someone else?

  32. jim says:

    Let me guess. Judd Apatow will remain silent about Amazon joining forces with an accused pedophile, yet will continue to speak out against Bill Cosby. I wonder what the difference is between the two….?

    • Rainbow says:

      Judd Apatow? Who is that? Is that someone important in this business whose opinion matters? Didn’t think so.

    • Benny Ace says:

      The difference is that one of them stands accused only by the decades-old memory of a six-year old child egged on by her vengeful mother, with zero evidence of such behavior at any other time in his 50+ year career. The other has been accused by more than 20 adult women who don’t know each other yet tell similar stories regarding incidents which took place over a period of 40 some-odd years.

      Hope that clarifies it for you.

      • Marcus says:

        Oh, and another thing, @Pablo: According to Mia Farrow’s autobiography, Woody Allen had little to no contact with Soon-Yi until 1990, when Farrow herself insisted that they spend more time together. He had nothing to do with raising her, and barely knew her until she was 18.

      • Marcus says:

        @Pablo There’s no evidence to support that Woody Allen started a relationship with Soon-Yi before she was 18, whether you believe it’s delusional to think so or not. It should also be noted that they did not live in the same house. Is it strange that they met and fell in love this way? Yes… but love is a strange thing. And yes, it is love. They’ve been together now for more than twenty years, having married in 1997, and have two beautiful adopted daughters together.

      • You conveniently forgot the OTHER daughter he raped, molested, and married when she got to legal age. Imagine how deluded you must be to think Woody Allen only started a relationship with Soon-Yi when she turned 18… imagine how deluded you must be to think a man having a relationship with his daughter (and yes, she was his daughter. Legal papers or not, HE RAISED HER IN HIS HOME) is OK at any level.

        As of 4:45PM today, Judd still hasn’t said a single word about Woody despite tweeting and retweeting over two dozen times today since Woody’s show was announced.

  33. Par4Course says:

    Despite his long and illustrious movie career, Woody seems less than optimistic about his TV production abilities. If Woody gets on fully on board, Roy Price will have no regrets.

    • Joe D says:

      Lots of supposition and assumption. You’re entitled to it, but don’t expect everyone else to have to follow you down that rabbit hole.

  34. Deguello Morte says:

    What is wrong with these people.??!
    Allen’s enablers are even sicker and more perverse than he is.

  35. Janet says:

    Added Allen, “I don’t know how I got into this. I have no ideas and I’m not sure where to begin. My guess is that Roy Price will regret this.”

    I agree, Roy price probably will regret this project.

  36. tony says:

    The pedophile network. LOL

  37. I won’t support him for two reasons. The second reasons is that he’s boring.

  38. Joe Cocker says:

    My moral compass PROHIBITS me from supporting this child molester. Up yours, Amazon!

  39. so says:

    Perv. As a viewer, you have to say no somewhere….and I say no to supporting this jerk.

  40. Petra says:

    I wonder if Tina Fey and Amy will be applauding when this pedophile wins his next Golden Globe.

  41. Refreshthetree says:

    I will never again watch anything made by that creepy perv.

  42. ragu4u says:

    How’s about Woody doing a comedy about an incestuous pedophile?

  43. Joe D says:

    This is good news. I look forward to watching it.

    Now, if only Amazon (or Netflix) would approach Joss Whedon about a “Firefly” spinoff/prequel series. Yes, the “Serenity” broke even (“only”), but the Firefly audience is built in and the community is extremely passionate and active (look at the sales of the recently released board game and the buzz for the upcoming online RPG). A series like that would gain instant hype for the respective platform with the all important technorati.

      • Petra says:

        Thanks for that valuable piece of info, Schmocker – er, Woody.

      • frank says:

        @ Joe Cocker
        Soon-Yi was not his step daughter, Allen and Farrow were never married nor did he take responsibility for her children as a parent figure.

        It was a deeply acrimonious breakup between Allen and Farrow and Farrow, who’s always been a couple cards short of a full house, fed information to Dylan out of spite and created false memories.

        The whole story is tragic but it’s only allegations, even the DA wouldn’t prosecute because there was insufficient evidence, and why is that? Because it didn’t happen!

      • Shmocker says:

        what are YOU doing? The man is innocent, so up yours!

      • Joe Cocker says:

        What are you doing??! This vile man screwed his daughter, married his stepdaughter … your support for this creep reflects poorly on you.

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