A&E’s H2 Channel to Become Vice

&E's H2 Channel Become Vice
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A+E Television Networks’ H2 is about to fade into history.

The Hearst and Disney-owned media company is expected to close the book on the extension network to its History Channel and instead turn it over to Vice Media to stock with lifestyle-themed documentary programming aimed at the millennial set, according to a person familiar with the situation. The move follows A+E Networks’ decision last year to become a minority shareholder in Vice Media, which continues to gain traction for its you-are-there shows that tackle hot-button issues and take viewers to new corners of the world in immersive fashion.

The channel will launch in early 2016, according to reports. The New York Post previously reported the intended change to H2. A+E did not make executives available for comment. Vice did not respond immediately to a query seeking comment.

The deal is not entirely unexpected. A+E bought a 10% stake in Vice last August, and one outcome suspected at the time was a takeover of one of the networks in A+E’s portfolio.  The deal expands the impact of Vice Media CEO Shane Smith, who has successfully taken the product he co-founded as a Canadian punk magazine in 1994 into a hard-hitting digital platform.

Vice also recently announced plans to air a five-day-a-week newscast on HBO as part of a four-year content pact, which will likely launch in the fourth quarter of this year.

A+E is facing some challenges heading into this year’s annual upfront market. The company’s suite of networks, which also include Lifetime, History, A&E and FYI, saw its commercial ratings among primetime viewers between 18 and 49 fall 21% in the first quarter of 2015, according to Bernstein Research analyst Todd Juneger, who also suggested A+E has been loading more commercials onto its air in order to meet audience guarantees.

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  1. barbarafromnyc says:

    Vice – I don’t watch it. History Channel, I watch it virtually every day. When I miss an episode of one of my favorite history shows, I go to on demand and catch up. This is a very bad decision.

  2. mnleona says:

    I am not alone in my thoughts. H2 was so interesting. At least add another channel if you have to keep VICE.

  3. Mike Peterson says:

    Well, the Nielson ratings should be coming soon. I am curious how this “experiment” will turn out.

  4. Francine Haas says:

    Vice has been on the air for 5 months and no one likes it. Bring back H2…I was in Costa Rica last month and they have H2, so it’s not like it has been scratched, completely. The satellite server didn’t have vice…Thank God!!!

  5. Dr. Bernice Dzuba says:

    Oh Disney and A+E how you have fallen.
    I liken this move to closing down a school library and replacing it with a drug house sponsoring gay orgies.
    When did beloved Disney turn into a drug dealer on a school yard?
    Walt would be heartbroken.
    You have decided that a perceived profit potential is more important than our young people.
    Your greed has saturated and corrupted whatever souls you had.
    I am also blocking all A+E networks as well as Disney and espn.
    Even if you reverse this move and issue your former viewers an apology, many will still hold you in contempt.
    You have violated our faith and loyalty.
    You can no longer be trusted :(

  6. Maria Reyner says:

    Does anyone know where you can stream all the shows that used to be on H2?

  7. Brandon Westbrook says:

    And as of today, 4-30-16, I actually noticed a vice program aired on the regular history channel.
    “vice world of sports”, really, on history channel now?
    So it appears that there is actually an agenda, to not only have displaced h2 with viceland, but now encroaching into the history channel as well.
    I will bet that there is a new ceo of history channel trying to sabotage it also in order to make another brand for history channel soon, apparently these ceos are not concerned with the viewers of h2 and history channel.

    Just for the record, I dont care if viceland has it’s channel, good for them, but I wanted our channel as well.
    Like many others, I have become a bit disgusted with A+E networks now and am also Boycotting all of their channels, viceland, a+e, multiple lifetime channels, fyi, and soon I will boycott history channel.

    On a positive note-
    I recently connected my tablet to my tv, and now I am watching more online stuff, amazing how much is online these days to watch.
    I have a smart tv also, but i can do more with the tablet.

    **(tablet with wifi and hdmi output + long hdmi cord to connect to tv = touchscreen remote with endless online content.) Is my cheapest way to do it.

    You can also connect your computer to your tv, even wirelessly, and there are yet more options like appletv and others.
    And yes, you can still see many h2 shows online (for now), but vastly more than those shows as well.

    This whole “rebrand has actually prompted me to begin my liberation from cable tv.
    And so far, I am actually happy to work it all out.

    So, I wish to thank A+E CEO Nancy Dubuc (she made the decision to hijack H2), for wrecking my cable tv viewing time, and also thank her for giving me the motivation and means to no longer watch any of her channels.

    • Maria Reyner says:

      Thanks so much for posting this. I’m finally getting around to trying to figure out why I’m getting this lame channel VICE instead of H2. I really liked that Henry Rollins show 10 Things You Don’t Know About History…and many of the Founding Fathers stuff they did on Friday nights. I can’t believe A&E did this and I intend to avoid all A&Es channels too. Talk about dumbing down a network. I agree with you that at least it was the final kick in the pants to drop Comcast content and stream. Thanks again for the overview.

  8. Rod Mershon says:

    Bring back H2

    • Gary Heisley says:

      Viceland Sucks,who is the idiot that replaced H2 with this POS show?

      • Maria Reyner says:

        Nancy Dubuc, CEO, who obviously doesn’t give a rat’s ass about viewers. Hope they can her when the network loses tons of money because no one is going to watch that lame channel.

  9. Happy I Have Netflix! says:

    Nope…not gonna do it! Wow, this is clearly a case of not understanding or caring about their viewership. Vice is really bad….I mean REALLY BAD. I sure do miss history on the “History” channel. I can go to YouTube and get better programming for free!

  10. Will True says:

    I for one think Vice Channel programing is worthless junk. If this type of programing is what millennials
    like they are welcome to it. I will not pay for this.

  11. Ken says:

    Vice is a worthless bunch of crap.

  12. Carmine says:

    another channel is born…. wow let’s remove history and knowledgably stuff and add bullshit…
    This is another reason to spin off from my cable…. just did it.
    thanks for you guys I’m saving $89 per month…

  13. Andrew Moscaritolo says:

    I wonder if our voices will be heard on this forum it says that a&e’s commercial ratings dropped in early 2015 I believe. Aside from the fact that Ellen page and the bearded guy and whomever else made a deal with a&e and/or history it makes me wonder why they blamed the ratings drop on H2. I’d have to say even from reading the last few posts that many people enjoyed H2’s programming and I believe the drop in ratings could have possibly been from perhaps one of a&e’s other stations. An example would be History As said by someone before all they play is American pickers and pawn stars that’s not history for one and those shoes suck in my personal opinion. Did the people who made the decision to murder our beloved H2 even consider that H2 may have been the only good channel a&e has left; nowadays atleast. Or HAD I should say they let H2 go without hesitation for an awful channel that they hope will bring in certain viewers while losing who knows how many loyal H2 viewers in the process. I am bewildered by this action taken by a&e and even though I am not a millenial I am a young man between 20 and 39years old and I find no relation, interest, or any value in any show on this viceland. At first I couldn’t bring myself to watch it then I had too and after I saw the little girl smelling the marijuana plant my research was done it’s not even worth puttin on viceland as backround noise. I bet the people who run a&e know it’s crao they just had to do something being shareholders well I hope it fails misstably and another channel picks up ancient aliens and America unearthed, all the H2 programs we love and a&e goes down the tubes. Well I have said my piece if anyone actually reads this please consider the strong following H2 had and maybe by some miracle you people will all come to your senses over ther at a&e tlevision. Thank you for your time. – a former H2 enthusias. Whose only reason to watch cable television was the great programming on the former channel known as H2

  14. anthony Bulero says:

    Damn autocorrect on my phone I meant the man with a beard* lets his daughter smell the pot plant and the other mistakes were that tanned autocorrect as well makes me as aggravated as viceland

    • Zak says:

      Well said Andrew! I want to “congratulate” Nancy Dubuc for flushing down the toilet A&E Network with her decision. What a horrible, and above all ignorant CEO!!! You will eventually make History alright…like the most un-successful business woman in all of the TV networks! Loser!!!

  15. anthony Bulero says:

    I couldn’t not say it better myself. I am completely opposed to vocal and and my only reason for watching cable telvision was mostly for the shoes on H2. Weedequette or something is one show on viceland and I saw one scene where the man with a heart has his daughter smell the marijuana plants and everyone’s laughing oh how cute. Ya millenials alright. If the people that a&e are targeting with this joke of a television station , viceland, are actually the generation that represents our future, then we are all in big trouble. Sincerely: An angry H2 lover.

  16. MLT says:

    The programing on Vice is very juvenile and I don’t think their target audience kids like my millennials don’t even watch TV! they watch youtube all day or netflix. second they are trying to shove this programing down our collective throats. they feel the need to “educate” us to the brave new world. hours of programing detailing how the LGBT community is mistreated, smoking pot is so cool… oh yes.. that was cool when i was in school in the 70s etc. There is literally thousands of channels on my local branch of comcast put H2 on one of the “I uses sticks to build mud huts” channels and just tell where to change the channel for vice to H2. You will then accomplish both goals 1 keep your existing H2 viewers and add the “millennials ” you crave

  17. TTM says:

    I miss H2 greatly, it was one of the few shows I actually watched on the satellite TV. The switch seemed to occur with no warning, and I do NOT like it. Vice is nasty and I would not let my dog watch it. NONE of the H2 shows so far have been shown on the history channel, which continues to show non history things like pawn, ice truckers, ax men. What a joke, and what a huge huge disappointment.

  18. NJL says:

    I mentioned the H2 being replaced by Viceland at work and couldn’t believe all of the people that were dismayed by this asinine programming move. Horrible shows to replace Universe type shows. Idiots.

  19. Jacques Roman says:

    This is my 2 cents’ worth about the H2 Channel being replaced with Viceland:

    I am dismayed that the H2 channel has been removed from the channel lineup and replaced with Viceland, a totally useless and inappropriate-for-TV channel that I cannot bring myself to watch.

    I want H2 to come back with my favorite programs — the Universe, Ancient Aliens, the history of the world and so many more programs that have become part of my TV viewing experience. Shame on those who have made the decision to replace H2 with Viceland, without first surveying their viewing audience.

    You want Viceland? Fine. Add it as a separate channel, but do not take away my H2. Viceland offers ludicrous programming aimed at a sub-culture that I, for one, am absolutely not interested in. Please bring back H2.

    P.S. I don’t expect a reply. All I ask is that, whoever in the cable programming hierarchy might be reading this, pass this on to your upper management personnel who, obviously, have very little understanding of what their cable audience wants.

  20. Robert Franklin says:

    Ultimately, The decision to takeover H2 was made by A&E CEO Nancy Dubuc. Vice has been trying to get its own channel for a while now, and would have taken any channel they could get. It was Her decision to wreck H2 in favor of Viceland. While on Her watch she has turned all of A&E networks into crap. Once A&E was a respected award winning network, now their flagship is Duck Dynasty and similar shows. Thanks Nancy, i hope you let your kids watch Viceland.

  21. Brenda Oaks says:

    It sucks, bring back H2

  22. AP says:

    Let’s face it ladies and gentlemen, cable TV is only catering to the lowest common denominator with an IQ of -5,000 and this rebrand of H2 proves my point. Viceland is a JOKE! Nothing but a bunch a bearded men rapping about food, smoking pot, and gay junk. What a WASTE OF MONEY trying to appeal to an age group that is not and will not subscribe to cable TV just for this. Thank god I cut the cord a year ago, nothing worth paying over $100 a month to watch.

  23. Jeanie says:

    Wow. What a freak show !!! If you want to watch shows about drugs 24/7 then Vineland is for you. How is this anywhere near the quality of the H2 shows. What a stupid thing to do. I’m so pissed I could puke blood. I watched soooo many great and informational programs on H2. Bring it back please.

  24. TESS says:


  25. Fred says:

    I want H2 channel back

  26. Goob says:

    Short and sweet! Vice land is horrible!

  27. Tom says:

    I don’t like the new channel line up where can I find where the good old programs are aired

  28. David says:

    Just wanted to say that the new channel that replaced H2 is crap!! Y’all took a good channel and screwed it up! Me and my family watched H2 more than any other channel!!! 😤

  29. Diane says:

    The H2 channel was a favorite in my household, taking up probably 50 percent of our viewing. This change came as an unexpected shock – and the replacement channel is pure crap. Very sorry to see the H2 channel fade into the sunset and even sorrier to see what it has been replaced with. I would support any efforts to see H2 returned to the line-up.

  30. craigrlang says:

    I’m truly sorry to see the H2 channel be replaced.
    Even that wouldn’t have been so bad if the replacement were of reasonably high quality. Unfortunately the channel that replaced it is – to put it kindly – of very poor quality. And that is like calling the sinking of the Titanic a boating accident.

    I’ve glanced at the programming on Viceland a few times and each time my stomach has turned. I find it hard to believe that most from ages 18 to 30, the stated target audience, would even find it attractive. To me it is simply repulsive.

    Whoever made the decision to make this change should be summarily fired. And even that would be too kind.

  31. Rebecca says:

    I agree with 90% of the people who HATE, HATE, HATE, HATE, HATE, vIce land. WTF??? What in hell do these mellinnIals do anyway, everyday, besides sit on their ass and wait for unemployment and/or any form of payment they can get to make their silly ass lives any “better” by DOING NOTHING than watch programming that SUPPORTS their vision and entertainment? And YOU THINK that a show or programming furthering this belief is going to help them? God help us! I do appreciate knowledgeable television and THIS AIN’T IT. What is f’ing wrong with you jack-asses? Sincerely, Rebecca

  32. D says:

    Amen Smith! So where did the shows we loved go – huh??????

  33. smith says:

    Why not replace a shopping channel instead of removing a good history channel. That is the problem with the world today. You should ask for the viewers choice instead of giving us a poor channel. Its not a good choice.

  34. Laura says:

    Perfect example of “dumbing down America.” Keep it up.

  35. larry says:

    I’m saddened to see the replacement of the good programming, that was offered by the H2 channel, with the revoltingly poor choices of VICE. The Noisey, That’s Delicious, Weediquette and Vice Essentials are examples of these poor programming choices. Please return to a formate similar to the History or H2 channels. I enjoy good educational, nature, and even cooking shows, but can not tolerate this tripe you now offer.


    Please bring back H2. Some of us baby boomers do not want or need VICE TV. WE want History 2!

  37. Terry Beeler says:

    Variety chanel is garbage I loved H2 it was the only chanel that actually showed history progam .

  38. Derreck Durham says:

    H 2 was my favorite channel left . History A&E and Discovery have really went down. I use to like watching all four channels. Vice land really sucks and everyone I no feels the same way. You are going to keep losing rating on all the channels.

  39. Chris says:

    A and E needs to reverse the horrible decision to take a great channel like H2 and remove it. They hardly ever play the good documentaries and provocative, entertaining stuff like Ancient Aliens on the reg History CH now, and Vice is horrible- the ch that replaced H2

  40. seescaper says:

    I agree with most of the comments. I liked H2 a lot and it was on my favorites. I initially thought it was moved to a different channel number, but couldn’t find it. What’s confusing to me is that with literally hundreds of different channels, why couldn’t they have added vice and still kept H2? God knows there is room for both! I am hoping that H2 will reappear at some point The other thing is that there was no notice. Just all of a sudden this VIE channel just appears out of nowhere.

  41. I used to watch H2 all the time. The VICE programming sucks and the regular History channel has become far too many “Bible” related shows. I’m really disappointed, bored and can’t find anything good to watch anymore :-/

  42. Erling Faleide says:

    I watched H 2 90% of the time . The rest was news & gun smoke. I suppose they will be the next to go. I’ll never watch vice. Great job. Not really.

  43. george w janosov says:


  44. H2 says:

    They just killed their best channel, replaced it with trash. Buh-bye

  45. jr233 says:

    watched a few shows on viceland when it came on i preceded to remove it from my remote what garbage a few history channel programs have little to do with history but there not too bad and certainly not offencive

  46. Natalie Anderson says:

    Bring Back H2! The new Vice Channel is GARBAGE. Before H2 went off air, there were commercials saying shows like Ancient Aliens would be aired on History, but they aren’t. It looks like a government consiperacy, trying to keep the masses in the dark. The government can’t keep us in the dark forever.

  47. Richie Sacks says:

    PLEASE bring back H2. Viceland is nonsense! I don’t watch anymore and miss H2’s shows

  48. Barbara B says:

    Would you please bring back H2. This vice channel is terrible.

  49. David S says:

    Nothing like bad gay drug Tv bring back H2

  50. James T. says:

    Thanks for contributing to the dumbing down of America. Your “History” Channel’s programming has nothing to do with history and now you replace the only good network you have with this garbage. Cheap, easy to produce shows that are nothing more than the Kardashians on crack. I stopped watching “History” channel years ago, now I don’t watch the former H2 channel either.

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