‘The Vampire Diaries’ Creator Talks Damon and Stefan’s New Battles

vampire diaries cold as ice
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SPOILERS: Do not read unless you’ve seen all “The Vampire Diaries” episodes through the winter finale, “Cold as Ice.”

“The Vampire Diaries” winter finales never really go out quietly, but this season, that ending cut deep — specifically with deep wounds into not one, but both Salvatore brothers who were staked and now trapped in the vampire purgatory known as the Phoenix Stone. And while Damon (Ian Somerhalder) is shown suffering in peril as he relives his days as a Civil War soldier, it’s unclear what tortuous acts lie in wait for Stefan (Paul Wesley).

To add to the sorrow: Good witch Bonnie (Kat Graham) was no match for Heretic witch Nora (Scarlett Byrne) when she paid the price for the kidnapping of Mary Louise (Teressa Liane). And another flash forward to three years into the future confirms what we learned earlier –that Stefan is not with Caroline (Candice King) — but also tells us he’s actually with his first love, Valerie (Elizabeth Blackmore).

As the show starts its mid-year hiatus, “The Vampire Diaries” co-creator Julie Plec shares with Variety some details about what’s in store for these heroes and Heretics.

Damon and Stefan are both trapped in the Phoenix Stone. Damon’s dealing with Civil War flashbacks. Can you tell us what Stefan will be dealing with?

I won’t actually. What’s great about the episodes that are coming up in the next chapter is that our winter season launches with a really great concept episode that features Damon’s experiences as a result of being trapped in this personal hell. The way that we unveil his journey and we unveil Stefan’s are completely different and that’s kind of the fun of it.

Ian Somerhalder recently talked about how grueling the Civil War stuff was to film.

It was the first time we’d ever worked with Deb Chow, who directed the episode. There’s always a bit of nervousness when a director joins the family, but we were all really excited that she had directed “Mr. Robot,” so we had high hopes. She just came in with such an incredible point of view, physically and visually, and really understood the show and the story and characters and really created a small movie in the eight days that we gave her to make it. It was spectacular. We had cannons and amputees and an entire Civil War combat village.

We learn in the flash forwards in this season that the Salvatores manage to get themselves out of the Phoenix Stone and are, eventually, alive and well. But we’re not all clear about what happens with Bonnie.

Bonnie is in the middle of a newer mystery. What we’ve seen of her is she appears to be in some kind of mental institute or under some deep psychiatric care and seems to be in love with Enzo. That’s something that is a mystery that we’ll get to unravel during the winter season as we start telling stories about how all that came back.

Stefan is with Valerie in the flash forward.

I can definitely tell that not a lot of people will be all that happy about that. Stefan and Caroline were supposed to be in this beautiful relationship and yet, we saw in the beginning of the season that she refused to speak with him and now he’s with Valerie. You have to ask the question: What came first, her fury or his new relationship?

We’ve also ruled out some of the suspects for which woman was chasing Stefan and Damon at the beginning of the season in the flash forward. When do we find out who that is?

That story line starts to open up the minute we get into the winter chapter. Julian (Todd Lasance) had a similar scar to the one that Stefan has that opens. Beau (Jaiden Kaine) had a scar and that’s how he lost his voice. By the time we get to end of February, we’ll have our answers.

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  1. KC says:

    I just hope it´s Damons turn to be effected by something more than just Elena. Stefan is great, but we have seen so many different storylines with him – turning off his emotions way to much, being a ripper, going with Klaus etc. etc – all we seen with Damon is problems with Elena or because he somehow let her down. This time I want to see Damon dealing with something that not a romance. The stone seem to be the perfect fit, but then again it´s Stefan that needs to be saved as always and it´s Stefan that´s running in the future so.. Yeah…

  2. Illyana says:

    it feels like they’re doing the same thing with Steroline that they did with Delena – dragging it out with unneccessary obstacles and cheap drama which is actually drives viewers away. It’s like they don’t know how to write two characters in a relationship and keep it fresh so they come up with all this contrived drama to keep things “interesting”. In reality, it’s all the repetitive drama that’s gotten boring. It would actually be a nice change of scenery to see these couples that we love actually be given a chance. They waited too late with Delena; they ruined the relationship and lost tons of viewers. Maybe Steroline still has a chance

  3. dlt74 says:

    The turns and twists are what make a show interesting. If the perfect ending always happened it would be called Disney.

    • Masle says:

      Too many turns and twists make the show unrealistic, though. And one major problem I have with the show – if you kill someone, make them STAY dead.

  4. Iam happy about stefan and valerie

  5. I feel so dissapointed. I don’t know what you’re doing and especially why you’re doing this with Steroline but please tell me why put them together in the first place?Why all the development,why say that she changed his life,that he thinks their love could be better than true love,why all of this if you wanted to ruin it?And I’m not just speaking about them being with other people. It’s everything. They deserve better. And I love them so much,I feel so sad,I wanted to keep supporting this show because it was such a big part of my life for years and especially for them,for Steroline. Because I loved them and rooted for them since the beginning. Just explain to me why?Why throw away such a beautiful love story and most of all such a beautiful relationship,they could’ve at least stay best friends. They deserve so much better Julie,I don’t get this,I really don’t,I’m so sad.

  6. M says:

    We were here, rooting for Steroline. And it’s sad, but the most beautiful builtup and romance of the show has been ruined. We know there must be angst in TV shows, and in romance, but that was not the way. With this, you guys only prove that you don’t care about Steroline as much as you care about Delena. You don’t care about ruining the essence of Steroline, which was trust, confidence, friendship. And with this, you only prove us that Stefan doesn’t love Caroline as she deserves. Being with another person, even if you can’t be with the one you’re really in love with, is not the way. You write Delena as epic and you give them all the good stuff, whereas with Steroline there have always to be meaningless storylines and characters intervining. Sad.

    • tyranthraxus says:

      I must admit I dont agree. I think Catherine and Stefan work best as friends. A lot of people were so into the concept of them as a couple but I think personality wise Stefan and her are the most alike. The trust, Confidence… that to me smacks of a Friendship which can last the eons.. not a romantic one.. at least not in that context.

      Its not a direct comparison but I would compare it to season 2-3 and the friendship between Alaric and Damon. Both characters are are loners by choice and circumstance. Yet for some reason on screen their characters geled together.

  7. deanna says:

    I’m over the disrespect and mistreatment of Caroline. I shipped Steroline so hard and this show has taken away every last reason I had to do so. I don’t even care what happens next, I’m done.

  8. Sam says:

    Steroline was the only thing that kept me watching this terrible show. Im so done with TVD

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