‘Under the Dome’ to End After Season 3 on CBS

Under the Dome cancelled
Courtesy of CBS

Under the Dome” will wrap up with its current season, as the season-three ender will serve as the series finale, Variety has learned. The drama, based on Stephen King’s novel, has been cancelled and will not return for a fourth season.

“Two years ago, ‘Under the Dome’ broke new ground in the summer and became an instant hit on CBS, as well as with viewers around the world,” said Nina Tassler, chair of CBS Entertainment. “‘Dome’s’ event storytelling and multiplatform business model paved the way for more original summer programming with the successful rollouts of ‘Extant’ and ‘Zoo.’ We’re excited to present the final chapter in Chester’s Mill as the story comes full circle, with the dome coming down as dramatically as it went up.”

The season-three finale on Sept. 10 will answer many questions about the dome’s origin and power, as two groups of residents will engage in one final conflict that some won’t survive.

First premiering in June 2013, “Under the Dome” opened to some of the best numbers for any summer series in years, but has consistently declined over the past two years. In live plus same-day, it averaged a 2.7 rating in adults 18-49 and 11.2 million viewers overall in its first season, but fell to a 1.6 in the demo and 7.2 million in season two and is currently averaging a 1.0 in 18-49 and 4.9 million total viewers.

This summer, “Dome” remains among the higher-rated scripted shows, and spikes on average by 80% in 18-49 (to 1.8) and about 60% in total viewers (to nearly 8 million) when going from same-night to “live plus-7,” according to Nielsen.

At the time of its first season premiere, CBS inked an SVOD licensing deal with Amazon Prime Video, and after the finale, all three seasons of “Under the Dome” will continue to stream on the service.

Last month at the Television Critics’ Assn. summer press tour, Tassler responded to reporters’ questioning the future of the series and though she teased the dome coming down, she kept the door open for discussion.

“Well, what I’ll tell you is the dome is coming down at the end of this season, but that opens up a host of other storytelling opportunities,” she said. “You just don’t know what will happen when the dome comes down. So we are not making a decision just yet.”

Mike Vogel, Rachelle Lefevre, Dean Norris, Eddie Cahill, Alexander Koch, Colin Ford, Mackenzie Lintz and Kylie Bunbury star in “Under the Dome,” which is produced by CBS Television Studios and Amblin Television with exec producers Steven Spielberg, Neal Baer, Justin Falvey, Darryl Frank, Stacey Snider, Tim Schlattmann and Peter Leto.

Watch the Season 3 finale promo right here:

Rick Kissell contributed to this report.

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  1. John says:


  2. Colleen Lindop says:

    I am sad. Wrong move CBS Under the Dome should continue

  3. Allie Veni I says:

    Honestly you should have never cancelled it if it was getting so many views bad on your part but the show was amazing so I’m so very disappointed you cancelled it.

  4. Cylathia says:

    Why not I am still confused

  5. /

    Too Bad,That The Show Was “Cancel” People Under The Dome.” I Hope The Series “Extract”That Stars Holly Berry,Maybe It Is.

  6. Francine Schnupp says:

    U have to bring under the dome back on live the show! And exstant!

  7. Andrew Schuricht says:

    Why did they say Under The Dome was coming back if they where going to cancel it before June 30, 2016. Not to mention not telling anybody about it

    • Salvatore Silvio says:

      They never said Under the Dome was coming back. Before Season 3 aired, CBS announced that the show was not being renewed, and the showrunners chose to end the series that way.

    • Mike says:

      Because they are a$$ monkeys who have lost touch with the viewing habits of the American people.

  8. B.widow says:

    Stop making series that cant have follow through, its wasting peoples energy and time. why get into anything at all…

  9. Carlos says:

    Que hagan la 4ta temporada !!!!!!

  10. Jennifer Kleinfeld says:

    Tired of getting wrapped up in series that just end with no warning

  11. I’m sooo unhappy I loved watching this show, I couldn’t wait till it came back on the following week… Sooo unhappy ………

  12. Tina Fritchey says:

    Cancelling Under the Dome was a big mistake for CBS. One of the best ones I have seen, I looked forward to more, and you go and cancel it. Just when I got hooked. Thanks. Just what I have come to expect from CBS, get them hooked and run.


  13. Judy Smith says:

    I think it sucks that UTD was canceled! I don’t normally get caught up in series like this, but I really enjoyed it, and liked all the actors/actresses! What a bummer!

  14. Badhai says:

    It’s ok. You won’t miss anything. We’re all under the dome. Just pay attention.

  15. Mary thompson says:

    Why first the following now under the dome I watched them both faithfully, this really sucks I think you shoul Fire the people that make these stupid decisions

  16. E. buchner says:

    Oh CBS always canceling TV shows

  17. Suckers says:

    That’s why you must not pay for cable, use torrents for download…When you pay for something in the stores you have the right to leave it back if it not meets the expectations..Who gives me, my money back if these TV worms cancel a tv show as they please…do they give my money back and time ??????NO….Download torrents ppl

  18. Hero Miles says:

    Let’s face it. UTD sucked.

  19. Taryn Stilson says:

    saddened to hear it was cancelled. i enjoyed the show. Reminded me of “Lost”

  20. Shanti Mini says:

    finally… should have been canceled after 3 episodes

  21. prince says:

    i like this under the dome shows…i hope there will have seasons 4…please continue the shows…

  22. Pam McNeal says:

    some of these shows were not very good, but if I start something I want to finish it, so I really hate when these networks get us watching a show and don’t give us an ending!

  23. Iona Axtell says:

    I think its is terrible they cancelled under dome”””” it didnt really ended right kind of left us hanging!!! and some of the new shows arnt that great, get people hooked on a show and than just drop it. Thanks anyways

  24. Mega says:

    This is why I canceled cable and will NEVER have it again… good luck advertising to the growing number of people who are canceling due to shows they get interested in, being canceled. Why bother having cable when the only thing that’s on is reality tv set for those with the IQ of dirty cat litter?!

  25. J.J says:

    It’s so ridiculous how they’re like “oh the viewers is dropping” and I’m looking at it, it still have a lot of views. Like I’m sure other shows have lower amounts of views but still running the show. I’m frustrated with tv shows getting cut or cancelled. Just finish it the storyline and the ending, simple as that. Over 8 million of viewers, is still quite a lot. But nooo the “Hollywood”. Well you know what Hollywood? You suck.

    • fuck the greed says:

      Its all about ratings and money. That’s all they give a shit about. They don’t give a flying fuck about the viewers. They are just self serving greedy sacks of shit. Like everything else its all about the unholy dollar. Welcome to the fucked up world of capitalism.

  26. Andrea says:

    Why bother creating new shows, not like we ever get to see an ending from Heroes to The Whispers to Resurrection.I know I am done checking out new shows,If it last long enough to have an ending i can always check it out in reruns.

  27. Josh says:

    What a crap way to end a good show, y’all suck.

  28. Laura says:

    So tired of shows getting you invested than end without any answers to questions any answered-like why the dome happened. I guess before I start watching a program I’ll have to consider what channel it’s on and who directs.

  29. Steven Libardi says:

    Once again you guys as well as other networks cancel the show that is good. You guys might as well just stop making TV shows because I’m getting sick and tired of getting into a show and you guys cut it. I mean give me a break already. Do you guys have anything better to do then to get people into something and then canceling it., I would say something else but its not politically correct. So please don’t have a nice day!!!

  30. William says:

    Its about time. The ratings have dropped drastically since season 1. The show was just dragging on by season 3 and was becoming stupid. Thats what happens when you drag out a short story that had no business being more than a mini series.

    • Louise says:

      I loved this show it was very entertaining and then…..they just cancelled, I hate that.
      What about cancelling some reality show,!!!!!!!
      At least this show is entertaining.
      Maybe they should check the time it airs and what other channel are offering maybe that’s why the rating was lower.
      I’m really disappointed I would have love to see how the story unfolded …the last episode had so much to look forward too. What a waste :((((((
      BRING IT BACK!!!

  31. Windee says:

    Bring back under the dome. I love that show, u keep stupid shows and get rid of good ones. Just like csi. I want under the dome back

  32. Lily says:

    Really? What the heck were you thinking? Under the Dome cancelled? What for another stupid reality show or no, more Kardashians cause we all gotta know what’s going on in that waked out family. VERY DISAPPOINTED CBS. Which stands for Crazy Bull S***.

  33. Brian Brown says:

    Cbs you just lost another family that will block cbs from our ch. List. Under the Dome was a great series. See yea buy……..😝

  34. Patrick says:

    YOU CANCELLED UNDER THE DOME??????? WHHHHHHHY??????? First I get hooked on the show terra nova and to my astonishment, even with the likeliness of becoming a hit show, sadly was cancelled leaving many of us sad and highly disappointed. Then I get hooked on not 1, not 2, but 3 other shows ( game of thrones, Vikings, and under the dome). In game of thrones you are almost always presented with jaw dropping story lines and mind bending twists and has many of the casts main members that are dropping like flies almost every episode it seems, and promisingly leaves you on a high at the end that leaves you to jones for an entire week that feels more like 2 as you try to wait patiently for your next fix. It’s an emotional roller coaster to myself and many others with all the up and down, will or won’t be back crap and is more then likely the main reason of my high blood pressure. My nerves are frazzled and I will be traumatized if my fav show of all time quits early and or chokes in the end! Then Vikings has its head on the chopping block even though a smash show full of cunning, deceit, and a ton of sexy for both genders. Now under the dome gets whacked?????? WHHHHHHHY DOES THE UNIVERSE HATE ME SO??? You suck cbs. What is wrong with all you people? Guess we should all just sit in a circle, hold hands while we all sing kumbya and watch reruns of sponge bob square pants and Barney the dinosaur instead ! Get it together people and do it soon!

  35. Robin Boyd says:

    My wife and I, both fans of the book, could not bear to watch any more a few episodes. For someone who got so upset over The Shining not following the premise of his book, Stephen King really sold out with allowing Under the Dome to be completely changed for the series. I can see combining some of the characters, as was done for the movie version of The Stand, but the characters in Under the Dome were no where near the characters in the book. I am amazed it lasted as long as it did.

  36. Carrie says:

    BRING IT BACK!!!!! i love watching that show

  37. Loel says:

    Season 4 could have started with the queen looking for x-amount of eggs scattered on earth while Big Jim and team keeps seeing the queen pop-up in different parts of the word not knowing her plan (note: a plan was discussed in the recordings left to the new queen talking about preparing for an invasion from some other species). Both the kinship and mankind want to survive but both don’t know details on each others agenda. The queen want to prepare for the invasion to survive while Big Jim and team wants to get in their way without knowing an invasion is coming and the queen wanting to protect themselves from becoming extinct.

    Along the way Big Jim’s team gets hints of what the queens goal is and what she has been up to. You can build an entire season 4 with just this Big Jim’s team looking for the queen and the queen making preparations for the invasion to come. Season 4 can end when mankind finds out about the queens goal and invasion knocking down their back door.

    Season 5 would be more about the invasion and how the queen activates all eggs she found scattered across the world (note: she left the first egg she found alone and said she will be back, maybe activated a mini dome to keep it safe). Upon activation of all the eggs found the entire earth gets put under the dome. We can slowly move to the queen and mankind working together on how to combat the invasion trying to destroy them.

    Just my thoughts on how this can be kept going….. What are your thoughts and how would you continue the story?

  38. Deb says:

    It took me this long to realize that Under The Dome wasn’t on anymore, and I watched it every week! I started to feel this season that the show was suffering from “Lost”-itis in that it had no idea where it was going, itself.

  39. linda berenji says:

    BRINGGGGGG ITTTTTTTT BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  40. Priscilla Anderson says:

    I really enjoyed the first two seasons but this year was so stupid I stopped watching it after Episode 2……

  41. chantal says:


    • Nina says:

      I agree, seasons 1 and 2 were the best, it started to get worse in episode 2 of the last season. In my opinion, mostly because they tried to lure back audiences with sex and violence.

  42. L. Woehl says:

    I loved the book “Under the Dome” and at first I had reservations about the show, but I found myself excited to watch what happens next. I’m really upset the show has run its course. BRING IT BACK!!

  43. Cyndi says:

    What the hell kind of ending WAS THAT!? Did anyone else feel as though they just said fuck it and rush through the last three episodes and kind of made shit up along the way because they knew they were cancelled? Quick! We got two more episodes before the end, toss IT ALL IN! Every unthinkable, convoluted, insane, impossible and improbable idea, hell ya, let’s do it! And knowing they were over with, they left themselves open for that one last ditch attempt that MAYBE someone would revive them in a few years by having the “New Queen”, Dawn, pop up in the “grid” a year later and everyone pop into “Senator” Jim’s office for a confab. I watched it to the end simply because I had wasted all the time and energy on the first two seasons, I had to see how this train wreck would end. I read the book before it was a TV series. Why did I ever think TV would do it any kind of justice? It might have stuck to the book (kind of) the first two episodes in series one (not really because we all know that Junior murdered Angie in what chapter one). Can I sue for my last threes back?

  44. Belita says:

    Bring it back!!

  45. Dianne Erwin says:

    Not right to end this…not really a ending. I like the characters, I want to see more. Much better than naked and afraid, etc. It was a fiction to lose yourself into, and loveable characters growing in their acting style – just loved it. Bring it back.

    • Kathy Crutchley says:

      I liked the part when (can’t remember his name) tat bald headed guy finally had a suit on. Sitting down w/ some of his colligues.Looked like they were getting ready to plan something else. I WISH they would have continued it from there.

  46. bob goodwin says:

    The problem with this series is that Amazon was played. CBS could not lose money on this series because Amazon was paying a large part of the cost to get replay rights. Amazon is getting about 2Million viewers on the 3rd season which cannot match the millions they put in per episode. Amazon cannot pay $1 per episode view. The writing was terrible (although my children were very attached to the series). Overall writing and series development have improved dramatically with Netflix primarily leading the way, but Amazon and Hulu etc doing their significant parts as well. This is a new golden age of story telling. But CBS was in the middle, and did not have Amazon’s best interests at heart and instead harvested the opportunity. You can see it reading CBS press releases. It is too bad too, this could have (and should have) been something really special. But the writing. The writing! THE WRITING. UGH. Poor dean Morris could never develop his character because one day he was a psychopath, and the next a car salesman, and the next a bumbling ass. People would following him, abandon him, love him, hate him, like a random number generator. Writing for the sole purpose of talking Amazon’s money, and not telling a story. I hope that Amazon picks up the pieces and shows us how to it right. Not only will it be a good investment, but it will go towards cementing Amazons position in Streaming video if it can turn a high profile embarrassment around under seattle leadership.

    But I don’t know if they will. I still love you Jeff.

    Bob Goodwin

  47. i see people seem surprised, it was the wonder of the dome itself that kept people watching, these actors (Besides Dean Norris) were unknown and bad, their acting was either every stale or over the top, and at the end, the new queen, really LOL, the bad wig, the horrible contacts, seriously, i get that maybe most of these actors were got to keep the budget of the show low, but damn, tell me that Barb didnt look and ACT like Mark from the movie “The Room” im sorry guys but the show starting getting bad at the middle of season 2, These characters didnt react like they were even in danger at times, and just kept repeating the same horrible mistakes over and over over, you keep saying, NO WAY IN NO WAY OUT, but every other episode, BRAND NEW character with another convoluted way of how they got in. Then several of the story lines either went nowhere or ended meaning nothing to the plot of the show at all. ex: season 1- BUTTERFLIES ARE THE ANSWER, season 2-FUCK IT, RUN!!! BUTTERFLIES ARE EVIL, lol, that was a show that they could have went anywhere and they decided to take it to one place…a brick wall!

  48. Cheryl says:

    I think it is really sad that a show like Under the Dome has been cancelled. I have been watching this
    show from day one. With all the other shows that are awful this one had to be cancelled.

  49. paul says:

    I live in Hong Kong and season two will begin its run here on September 23rd… talk about a wait to see my favourite show ! To learn that season 3 marks the end of this show is disapointing, but I think there’s a hierachy in place in this business where those a the very top are not as emotionally invested in the show as those lower in the structure. This is a business and their main focus are the ‘numbers’…is this show goingbto make enough money for us?

  50. nickyreeves44@sky.com says:

    loved the show!!!! please do further shows!

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