‘Twin Peaks’: Showtime, Others Work to Bring David Lynch Back

'Twin Peaks': Showtime, Others Work to
Tibrina Hobson/Getty Images

The fate of the “Twin Peaks” revival is still up in the air but efforts to get the project back on track with David Lynch on board as director are said to be intensifying.

Showtime topper David Nevins has reached out to Lynch directly to discuss the impasse over the series budget. Others connected to the project have been trying to find creative solutions that would allow Lynch to rejoin the fold.

Plans for Lynch and “Twin Peaks” co-creator Mark Frost to produce a sequel to the original ABC series were thrown in doubt Sunday after Lynch announced via Twitter that he was quitting the project over budget issues.

The situation with the famously eccentric director has been complicated by what sources say was the fact that Lynch had not been in contact with his longtime lawyer, Tom Hansen of Hansen Jacobson, before announcing his decision to depart. He is not believed to be repped by an agent or manager at the moment.

Hansen could not immediately be reached for comment on Wednesday evening.

Showtime announced in October plans to produce nine new episodes of “Twin Peaks,” picking up 25 years after the cult-fave ABC series ended in 1991. Showtime set a production deal directly with Frost and Lynch, who control the rights to the series — a rarity for writers even back in the days of the original series.

The tussle over the budget emerged after Lynch and Frost turned in the nine scripts they co-wrote and it became clear that the cost of production would be significantly higher than the budgets outlined in the original deal. Sources said Showtime was willing to kick in more coin but asked for concessions in other areas, including the profit participation definitions for Lynch and Frost.

Lynch had been on board to direct all nine episodes. Frost is said to be committed to the project and was also taken by surprise by Lynch’s public statements.

Showtime is understood to be wary of proceeding without Lynch out of concern that the show’s hard-core fans would trash any effort to produce a sequel series without him, even though he has already co-written the nine scripts.

A “Save Twin Peaks” petition has been circulating on the Internet, and on Wednesday some actors from the original series posted a video blasting the notion of “Twin Peaks” returning without Lynch at the helm. However, the list did not include the series’ leading man, Kyle MacLachlan, who is confirmed to star in the revival.

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  1. Jason says:

    I guess that gum we all like is not going to come back in style

  2. Erwin says:

    Can’t HBO just take over and give David Lynch a carte blanche?

  3. Marlene says:

    Showtime has botched this whole project. Why on earth would they let this thing go on this far without locking everything down? TWIN PEAKS without David Lynch is a no go. They can either get it done or just forget about it.

  4. Fiona Murphy says:

    Dear David

    I am so appalled by this flimsy excuse of yours to depart from Twin Peaks.

    You have well and truly juiced your loyal fans over the years from all your movies and don’t you think it’s a bit of a weak excuse to argue about money at this point! I can only think it is more likely that you really can’t think of a plausible end to the story! Don’t you think you need to be more flexible and provide the script you think ‘worthy’ and if you think the show that worthy – just do it, you’ll get your money back if it’s that good.

    What do you want – the cast to be left to the mercy of the makers of the ‘Kardashians’ or someone equally as ridiculous! Worse, give it to the script writers of ‘Dallas’ and we can have Bobby coming out of the shower and saying it was all just a dream! Do you really want that on your conscience!

    Come on David – we’re counting on you to be a bit more grown up than that! Dig deep David and consider your fans who have stood by you from the horror of ‘Dune’ to the cinematic splendour of the ‘The Straight Story’.

    To think I had even thought that ‘Bob’ may be reintroduced – but played by Ed Murrow – he would have been a shoe in!

    Consider it David!

    Your loyal fan for now
    Fiona Murphy

  5. MacJoney says:

    It will be heartbreaking if they can’t get Lynch back on board. However, the fact it became obvious the project would go over budget after the finished scripts were handed in makes me even more excited for what’s in those scripts. Fingers crossed for a guest appearance by David Bowie…

    • That’s absolutely the reason. Lynch isn’t a locations or FX spendthrift. This is ALL about casting — both securing the sprawling originals (every last survivor) PLUS Bowie, Sutherland, and Isaac….likely for multiple episodes. That requires bank.

  6. patrik says:

    the best movie music/soundtracks -the series Twin Peaks. the best music David Lynch -star dream girl(the big dream -titles)

  7. Mantle Head says:

    Did I read that right: DL is without representation… this strikes me as Amateur Hour… sad. I didn’t watch the original series, but like most lovers of artists, a huge DL fan. Hollywood is a piece of shit these days. And so is the product.

    • Kevin K. says:

      Bill Murray also deals with the industry without “proper” representation. Just because these two geniuses (Murray and Lynch) do things their own way does not make it “Amateur Hour”.

  8. JackSon says:

    DL will be on board eventually. The guy is just negotiating by playing hardball and using social media to his financial advantage.

  9. Aaron says:

    I really wish that they would just move ahead on the budget. This isn’t exactly a profit gamble. It’s something that will definitely sell, and sell extremely well. Not to mention the boons in DVD and Bluray sales for the completionists. Nobody is going to go broke over this deal.

    • Kevin K. says:

      Yeah, i can’t believe that Showtime would let this one slip through their fingers. How long was it that anybody gave a crap about Showtime before this Twin Peaks deal. This would really put them back on the map, regardless of the show’s success. You can’t put a price on that kind of recognition.

      • Well, uhm, let’s see…probably they gave a crap when Showtime won golden globes and other awards for Masters of Sex and The Affair, whether they were deserved or not.

  10. Peter says:

    Drop Joan Chen !!! Bring David Lynch back and Michael J. Anderson !!!

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