Rachel McAdams on ‘True Detective’ Shootout Scene: ‘I Actually Puked’

Rachel McAdams True Detective
Courtesy of HBO

HBO’s crime drama “True Detective” has now become famous for its intense action scenes, with the bloody shootout involving Rachel McAdams’ SWAT officer Ani Bezzerides in Sunday’s episode being no exception.

While the episode certainly got the adrenaline flowing in fans, it was especially grueling to film for McAdams.

“That one took about five days,” the actress told Variety while promoting her drama “Southpaw.” “That was pretty intense. I actually puked during that scene. When I was running and reloading my gun — it actually wound up being about 200 yards, it was like two football fields — and I was just going all out and we did it a couple of times.”

Although it was physically challenging, McAdams said she embraced the action-packed scene.

“It was my own fault,” she said. “I had been drinking that EmergenC and going hard to just try to keep my energy up. Not a good combination, the running and that. But I kind of felt bada–. Like yeah, let’s do it again. It was really fun though. I like action. I like being thrust into that.”

McAdams said that, since she’s not on Twitter, she is “a little in the dark” about fans’ reactions to the scene — and says that’s probably a good thing.

She also joked that this was one of the instances where getting in shape for the part didn’t pay off.

“I was running in my spare time to be in shape for it. A lot of good it did me,” she said.

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  1. rontakbergus says:

    True Detective is rapidly becoming a smash hit a heart-racer on Sundays. HBO has put together a good cast and crew!

  2. Luke says:

    Well developed characters have flaws, like the male characters in TD1.

    On the other hand, the men in TD2 are nothing but flaws. Not really men but “guys” or “mooks.” Its as if Everybody Loves Raymond was re-written as a dark, violent drama. These losers get “in trouble.”, Female coworker and girl friends play the angry mother.

    Bad men are compelling. Naughty boys that get scoldings. After four episodes there isn’t a single man in the show that isn’t a 24/7 dip stick. (and I don’t mean stick)

    That’s not HBO. That’s television. Boring.

    There are plenty of mook types in our lives, but men don’t make good television unless they have some semblance of life competency. (Some say that’s a small part of what made the Seinfeld series so popular).

  3. Skeeter says:

    Rachel is fantastic on this show.

  4. Al Swearengen says:

    Aside from the shootout that episode was rather dull. This season has been really disappointing, I am beginning to think perhaps they should of just left it as a one off mini series.

  5. Mister says:

    Don’t listen to those guys. They’re confused. Season 2 has been awesome, and will continue to be awesome for all of time. Velcoro fucks.

  6. emojiseq says:

    This season’s great, actually. Lot’s of people went in expecting the same thing, classic. It’s so refreshing to have something unique, trying new things. A nod to the neo-noir LA style, after last seasons brilliant nod to the occult. It’s that good. I can’t wait for the next episode, and for the finale of this season. I think it’s bound to be some of the best TV of our generation if they pull off what it seems that they are leading into. Anyone crying because the plot of a detective mystery show isn’t completely transparent by the 4th episode should go back to watching Sons of Anarchy or Walking Dead. Am I a crazy person?

  7. Jim T. says:

    This was so disappointing, stupid, and full of idiotic violence. I refer to it as the Trump Version for the way it shows Mexicans as maniac killers.. Loved the first season. Oh, and poor Amy Adams chasing a car full of guys shooting submachine guns; with a pistol. Plus giving them a bus to slaughter and a group of picketers. They missed a schoolyard. I’m out of there. Loved season one.
    Jim T.

  8. Peter. S says:

    Having watched the first, mind bending, season, I had high expectations. Sorry to say, season 2 is proving to be an utter disappointment. Just watched the shoot up episode. As far as I am concerned, they just jumped the shark. First off, the scene is ridiculous. I won’t spoil it by saying why. Secondly, stooping to what just about everyone else does to get ratings, sells the first season short. Frankly, this is just CSI with cuss words and more blood. The characters have no depth what so ever. I’ll give it one more episode, then I imagine I’m out.

  9. Bobbi says:

    Ummmm, I’m having a lil’ difficulty connecting to the characters this season, but giving it the benefit of the doubt. At some point, all these episodes will come together for that “YES” moment and it makes sense…. that hasn’t happened so far, but I’m gonna keep watching.

  10. Dr. Venture says:

    Boring and confusing. I really don’t have much interest in the main characters and haven’t even learned their names yet, there is (Damaged cause my daddy is a cult leader girl) cop, (Corrupt, but loves his son) Cop and (Bisexual war vet just wants to ride his motorcycle) cop and then the Vince Vaughn character that is so dull the TSA wouldn’t hassle you if you took him on a plane. Oh yeah, last weeks unrealistic shootout, total unprepared understaffed SWAT team with not military equipment or even assault rifles, explosion cause explosions are cool, shooting civilians for no reason, cause bodies all over the street look cool, world’s slowest getaway driver, so many cops shot dead that in real life the president would have the 82nd Airborne parachute in and all the Marines in CA would seal off the rest of the city and the main character cops are unhurt. My only reason that I may continue watching is to see when the Bar owner where Corrupt loves his son cop and the Vince Vaughn character meet, finally figures out that the girl playing guitar while singing the world’s most depressing songs is the reason there are only four customers in his bar. Oh Yeah, this years theme song sucks, too.

  11. Cohle's Revenge says:

    This scene cemented my new way of watching True Detective: Only watch the last 15 minutes.

    This season is baffling in its choices. Total nards.

  12. In the first four episodes of the second season of True Detective, Nic Pizzolatto has offered a number of clues to the identity of who killed Vinci city manager Ben Caspere and subsequently complicated gangster Frank Semyon’s (played by Vince Vaughn) multi-million dollar land deal ahead of a planned a high-speed railway project.

    Paul Woodrugh (played by Taylor Kitsch) killed Caspere.

    Paul Woodrugh is the Oedipus character, in a fugue state on his motorcycle when he returns to the picnic table where Caspere’s corpse is seated (Season 2, Episode 1); in a fugue state returning to the homosexual military cohort’s residence to spend the night (Season 2, Episode 4). As he attempts to repress what disturbs him most, Woodrugh dissociates at times and is not fully aware of his actions. He commits acts that he would not otherwise commit, and subsequently he does not remember those acts.

    Detective Dixon (played by W. Earl Brown) suspected Woodrugh, but now Dixon is dead (Season 2, Episode 4).

    In Season 2, Pizzolatto counts on his audience to overlook what is hiding in plain sight, just like Season 1.

    And don’t forget, there is a videotape in the second season of True Detective, just as there was in the first season. There is always a videotape – it is an ironic and necessary ingredient in the Pizzolatto literary formula because after all, like Caspere, most people like to watch . . .

    I live among you
    Well disguised

    • East of Hedonism says:

      I have also been trying to assign a greek myth to this one aswell. It seems to me that it is actually based on Antigone. I think Casper, with the two eyes burnt out is oedipus. He dies and then everything sorta goes to hell. I wouldn’t discount Paul Woodrugh as the murderer. Something caught my ear in the last episode. He was being accused of war crimes. It seems entirely possible that someone has some dirt on him and it could be used as leverage, this is why he is always feeling so tortured. Also note how Mcadams and Colin have a lot of departmental conversations regarding corruption. I don’t think Paul has really had any.

    • Oh, I like this theory, Marvin. It works and makes sense. But we don’t need all these other characters and could get this overwith in a one hour show. Fit all these other scenarios into the picture.

    • jhs39 says:

      You seriously think the PTSD afflicted cop tortured Caspere and burned his eye out with hydrochloric acid and doesn’t remember? I think the acid thing removes the murder from something that could have been done in a fugue state.

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