CBS News Nabs First Talk With Baltimore Mom Who Scolded Rioting Son

Scott Pelley Offers Classy Tribute to

CBS News appears to have gotten first crack at the Baltimore mother who has captured the nation’s attention for scolding her child on-camera after he took part in the violent protests rocking that city.

Tuesday’s “CBS Evening News With Scott Pelley” will feature what is believed to be the first interview with Toya Graham, who has been seen countless times on video from news outlets disciplining her 16-year-old son after she found him protesting and wearing a mask in Baltimore. Graham is also set to appear live for an interview Wednesday on “CBS This Morning.”

Details on how CBS News tracked Graham down and convinced her to take part in an interview were not immediately available. CBS News correspondents Jeff Pegues and Chip Reid are expected to report live this evening from Baltimore.

CBS News’ ability to find the determined mother and get her on screen comes as many of the nation’s news outlets have sent tens of well-known TV correspondents to the Maryland metropolis in search of unique angles and new information.  NBC News’ Lester Holt and ABC News’ David Muir will anchor their broadcasts from Baltimore this evening, and CNN’s Anderson Cooper and MSNBC’s Chris Hayes are also in the city.

Scott Pelley is expected to anchor the CBS broadcast from New York, but the CBS News scoop of a human-interest element that has already drawn national interest may give the network’s newscast a possible edge.

CBS was expected to tout the exclusive online in the late afternoon.

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  1. YoullSee says:

    We live in a gynocentic world. What does that mean? It means both men and women will bend over backwards to see that things work in women’s favor. This is why we have male-only selective service, the reason why marriage is tanking and the reason why women now hold the majority of wealth in the US (thanks to their dead husbands, fathers and divorce raped X husbands).

    What else does that mean? It means women are now entitled, narcissistic sociopaths.

    Most of you will disagree with me – today. After you’re dead, or while you’re in your twilight years, all of your children and grandchildren will agree with me. I’m going to be best friends with your children. Trust me.

    Ladies – the dragging out of pity for women’s issues has run dry. What you have left are the “nice guys”.

  2. Ms. Jones says:

    It’s clear that many of you don’t know the difference between abuse and discipline. Abuse is when the child sustains a bruise, broken bone or skin, or is bleeding. If the child isn’t bruised, broken, or bleeding it’s discipline. What she did what knock some sense into his head, literally. I would have done the same. I have worked as a child protection worker so I, unlike many of you, know what I’m talking about.

    • YoullSee says:

      Men can’t be raped, either, right? Men don’t bruise anywhere close to as easily as women. How do you account for that? Men’s bones and skin are far stronger than women’s. It’s not men’s fault that women are the weaker sex. It’s not fair to judge men on amount of physical damage when women are clearly physically inferior to men.

  3. YoullSee says:

    Isn’t child abuse the greatest – provided it’s a woman that commits the abuse? Isn’t it awesome that a women can beat her son in front of hundreds of people for no reason whatsoever – and get a pass from all other women as a result? Ya gotta love equality. I just love how the sisterhood stand by their members. Kind of how the KKK stands beside their members, right?

    Where in the video was the son at risk of arrest while his mother was beating him in his head? I didn’t see any risk to him at all. Shouldn’t that b**ch be in jail right now? If a man had beaten a women with little to no risk to anyone about him – he’d most certainly be in jail – right? That’s “equality” right?

    I hope this “mother” burns in hades. Something tells me she’s more interested in a reality TV show than her son’s life.

  4. YoullSee says:

    From the video, it appears that her son was under zero threat of being arrested and that she used force far beyond what was necessary to gain his compliance. Now isn’t that what this debate is really about? Excessive force and authoritarian abuse?


  5. Eric says:

    Thanks Toya, when I did this to my sin I went to jail. The only reason she didn’t was because her actions benefited America! My actions didn’t my son because he saw his father has no power. Only good and bad black mother’s are acknowledged when something is viewed as good. Toya did a good thing, the whole world saw.

  6. YoullSee says:

    She beat him because she loves him. Where have I heard that before? I’m sure it doesn’t mean the same thing because “she’s a woman”.

    Black mom beats son in public for being a criminal, on video, while he’s protesting the death of a man beaten to death by the police – for being a criminal.

  7. YoullSee says:

    She’s black and a woman. She can beat whomever she wants with impunity.

  8. Marilyn says:

    Oh, yes. The thing Toya Graham should have done was gently take her son aside, quietly speak with him that what he was doing was wrong, and lead him back to their home. Yeah, right! That would work!

    What she did was open a can of woop-ass on him, which he rightfully deserved! How, as a single mother of six children, are you to react when you see one of your children, larger than you, I might add, behaving like a non-human?

    I do not condone striking anyone, particularly a child, but Toya Graham did what she needed to do in the spur of the moment to get her son to INSTANTLY realize what he was doing was wrong and, in my eyes and heart, Toya Graham IS “Mother of the Year”.

    I understand she just lost her job after moving into a new home. I pray for her to get a good job very soon.

    God bless Toya Graham!

    • Kaye says:

      This wasn’t a “calm” moment. Thirty-four other boys were arrested that day for the same thing. There was tension and police with guns. Too many black boys have been murdered. She was a very upset mom because he was she specifically told him not to be during this violent time. No! This was not time be calm! Be black and tell me what you’d do.

  9. roger says:


  10. YoullSee says:

    The riots were supposedly over a man who was beaten to death by the police while in their custody – for being a criminal. So, a mother comes out and starts beating her son for being a criminal and that’s OK? Anyone else see the irony here? If it had been an adult male beating his daughter in public for misbehaving, would the responses here be the same? Anyone here aware that women are responsible for most child abuse? The only thing she taught him was that hitting people when you feel it’s justified is OK.

    You’ve all just given women the justification to beat their sons whenever they misbehave. That’s female “empowerment” for you. Violence begets violence. I’m betting he grows up to be more violent as a result of her actions, not less. It’s likely, after witnessing her strike him repeatedly in the head, that she regularly abuses him – which might be why he and so many other boys were out there in the first place (abusive mothers).

    • ygmichaels says:

      FYI – She saw her Son vandalized a Police vehicle. He had a brick in his hand getting ready to brake another window. That’s when she rightfully beat the stew out if him. Good job Mom.

  11. Dee says:

    How can anyone commend Toya Graham for publicly smacking her son in the head and punching him.
    How can this be set forth as an exemplary way to handle the grief and anger of her son? There are 1000 ways to help a teenager deal with his emotions in light of the volatile climate in Baltimore. Beating and cussing at him is the worse way. A mother who would viciously act this way in front of cameras is probably abusing her kids behind closed doors.

    • kc says:

      Name one of the 1000 ways in this situation to help the teenager. If you see a child in the middle of the street about to get hit by a truck that doesn’t see him, are you going to walk slowly to get the child or are you going to run over to snatch the child up out the way, or maybe even push the child out the way and risk getting hit yourself? She did what she had to do in a swift decision to save her sons life, just as you would a child about to be hit by a truck. Wait do you have kids?

  12. Muse says:

    I am so proud of that woman!! She truly loves her son and I hope that he realizes it.

  13. scallywagy says:

    Whilst one must commend any mother who choose to hold their children responsible and accountable are we not also running the risk of passing off the quagmire of Baltimore on simply ‘bad parenting’ when in reality the tension is rooted in oppressive police behavior, the damning and capitulation of the poorer classes as well as the reiteration of typical racial stereo profiles: that blacks are the source of their own misery….?

  14. dick shear says:

    Great Journalism!
    Baltimore mom is the role model all women with teens that are lacking good judgement should have. Why in God’s name don’t community leaders simply insist (right or wrong)
    Sue for misconduct and become a millionaire Vs getting shot dead seems like an option even a ghetto thug can understand.

  15. Frank Wallis says:

    Lead us out of the wilderness, Toya Graham.

  16. Dee Petersen says:

    This woman, Tova Graham encompasses what it means to be a mom! Having the courage to navigate this MOB in order to collect her son, and to discipline him ,was what it takes to truly be a parent! Being a parent is NOT easy! I think her NEW profession should be to instruct ALL the parents in her community in effective parenting!!! YOU GO GIRL,, with my admiration! Dee

  17. Mitch says:

    I love and appreciate that dear mom. What a lady.

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