‘The View’ May Cut Rosie Perez, Nicolle Wallace in Latest Revamp (EXCLUSIVE)

The View Cutting Rosie Perez Nicolle
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ABC eyes rotation of temporary co-hosts, lighter conversation topics

ABC executives are finalizing a plan to reboot “The View” next fall, for the second consecutive year, with a flurry of changes that could include the departure of at least one of its regular hosts, Variety has learned.

While moderator Whoopi Goldberg will remain as the face of the struggling daytime talker, the future of two of her co-hosts, Nicolle Wallace and Rosie Perez, is in doubt. One or both women could be dropped because network execs are underwhelmed with their contributions to the show’s signature Hot Topics segment, which is expected to shift focus permanently toward more lighthearted celebrity fluff.

The changes come as instability behind-the-scenes at the show continues, say insiders, which probably isn’t what Disney/ABC Television Group president Ben Sherwood was hoping for when he shifted oversight of the program from ABC’s daytime division to its ABC News unit as part of a previous reboot effort that brought in Wallace and Perez last September.

A spokeswoman for ABC News declined comment. Reps for both Wallace and Perez did not respond to inquiries for comment.

Executives are facing pressure from affiliates to rescue “The View” from a significant ratings drop following Barbara Walters’ retirement in May 2014. In the second quarter of this year, “The View” averaged 2.48 million viewers (down 16% from last year) and only 386,000 women in the key 18-to-49 demo (down 18%).

“The View” will aim for a five-woman co-host format next year, according to a source with knowledge of the plans. Former Disney star Raven Symone, who was recently announced as a new co-host, will be returning.

Also possibly joining: comedian Michelle Collins, who has been testing for a permanent spot on “The View” ever since Rosie O’Donnell suddenly departed in the middle of this season. ABC is negotiating a deal with Collins (of the Web talk show “Martini Minute”) that could be finalized soon, Variety has learned.

But the show will also assemble a bench of six to eight rotating co-hosts that will sporadically fill in on the show with Goldberg and Symone. Among those on the short list: stylist Stacy London and model Molly Sims, both of whom have been appearing as substitutes on the show. 
ABC is casting a wide net for these rotating slots, looking at ABC News and “GMA” anchors, as well as actors and reality stars. Sources say they are especially eager to find another Latina co-host, though they haven’t settled on a candidate yet.

The ratio of permanent-to-temporary co-hosts next season hasn’t been determined, but the balance could help ABC keep costs down instead of handing out multimillion-dollar salaries like the one paid to O’Donnell, who cut short her return to “The View,” citing health reasons, in February.

In the winter, ABC bosses reached a decision to quietly let Perez go from “The View,” until a Variety story announced the plan before they were ready, forcing them to backtrack. But if Perez does exit the show this time, the decision could be mutual, according to sources, since the actress has been thinking about returning to movies.

As for Wallace, she’s been heard joking with staff that she could be booted from “The View” at any minute. The former White House communications director, who has a second job as a commentator on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe,” hasn’t ignited the Hot Topics table in the way that the show’s former resident Republican, Elisabeth Hasselbeck, did, and has been criticized for her lack of knowledge about celebrities. “She’s too wonky,” says a source.

Instead of being a regular co-host, ABC is also considering a scenario where Wallace shifts to a spot on the rotating panel.

There’s been added drama behind-the-scenes, too. The co-hosts haven’t been taking direction from the new executive producer Bill Wolff, who was brought on by Sherwood with a multiyear contract. Wolff (“The Rachel Maddow Show”) doesn’t have any experience programming to stay-at-home moms and dads, and sources say he’s not comfortable in the celebrity zone. “I don’t know if he’s made for this position,” one insider says.

The executive producer found himself in an embarrassing situation recently when the co-hosts went on a celebratory lunch with Symone and returned an hour late for a second taping, leaving him stranded with guests wondering when the cameras would roll.

Whoever is doing the talking on the 19th season of “The View,” they can expect to continue in the less substantive direction that’s become more evident on Hot Topics. More and more discussions are devoted to reality TV and “Flash Sales,” where the co-hosts peddle merchandise a la QVC.

There’s still work to be done to keep “The View” from seeming disjointed. On an episode this week, the co-hosts found themselves throwing softballs at CNN host Fareed Zakaria, who was plugging a book about the benefits of studying liberal arts in college, before jumping to a segment about skin-care tips.

“The View” has also struggled with A-list bookings — recent guests have included Sam Waterston (promoting Shakespeare in the Park), “The Big Bang Theory’s” Kunal Nayyar and VH1 rapper reality stars T.I. and Tiny.

“The View’s” divided direction this season could be the result of the number of executives that have been overseeing the show, including Tom Cibrowski, senior VP of programs, and Barbara Fedida, senior VP for talent and business. They report to James Goldston, who succeeded Sherwood as president of ABC News.

There’s been plenty of turnover behind the camera this season. “The View’s” director Ashley S. Gorman, who moved from England for the job, has bailed along with a handful of producers. Randall Barone, a daytime executive who has been with “The View” for many seasons, was moved off the show to only focus on “The Chew.” And ABC is still looking for a No. 2 to oversee the celebrity content after the show lost co-executive producer Brian Balthazar in February.

The problems with “The View” have been a headache for Sherwood, who has long had the dream of adding an extra hour of “Good Morning America,” which could be produced cheaply and compete with “Today’s” additional two hours of programming. Sherwood’s options for expanding in the 9 a.m. hour are limited because the ABC O&Os and many ABC affiliates have long-term contractual commitments to the Disney-distributed syndicated hit “Live With Kelly and Michael” in that time slot. But a source familiar with his thinking notes that he can restart “GMA” an hour later.

That may happen in 2016 if Goldberg doesn’t renew her contract and “The View” can’t be saved.

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  1. Darrell McBryar says:

    Feel free to cut Rosie Perez. She should have been cut at the end of her first week on the show. Raven Simon should be next followed by Joy Behar. If you do not know what you are talking about you need not comment. Joy runs her mouth about so many subjects that she is so unknowledgable of. She make herself look like an “IDIOT”.
    If this program continues to nominate Hillery Clinton and bash Sanders and Trump they do not deserve to have myself and so many others as viewers. Get on other subjects. We as the viewing audience are tired of the same old thing over and over. If you cannot find other interesting subjects to discuss, cancel the show.

  2. Pamela Petersen says:

    This is a panel of the most Racial women I’ve ever heard

  3. Linda says:

    The topic of abortion is getting old! The government should not be able to tell any women what to do with her body. Candace bure and other people , mind your own business!! Like every thing else if you don’t believe or like something don’t do it .by not funding abortions think of all the unwanted children will be here. It is hard choice for some women. Why should a man be able to make a choice like that for women!!!

  4. Linda parra says:

    I know that Nicole and Rosie left last year, why? Was Rosie not white enough? And trump ! Worst than trump being president is his immigrant wife being First Lady!

  5. Joy Behar is so offensive to be as a
    professional woman.

    Candace Cameron Bure is wonderful.
    She is prolife and isn’t afraid to say
    Women do not have to vote for a woman
    because a woman is running for office.

    I only watched The View today because
    Candace is a guest on the show.

    All women are not to the left – the time
    has come to realize babies in the
    womb have a right to life. Women who
    have abortions suffer their entire life
    for the remorse of taking their baby’s life.
    That is the part the Planned Parenthood
    Clinics do not tell women coming in for an

  6. Patsy L. says:

    On the View I think you should have kept Nicole Wallace and get rid of Raven I can’t stand her or Michelle Collins please bring Nicole back I love Whoopi,Joy,Cameron and the girl from ABC news anchor..then you will have an awesome show..

  7. James Flynn says:

    In my opinion, the view and most programs on abc are a waste of ‘ air time ‘ …. this would be a much better world if the view were taken off the air. We need programming that would unite and not bash and put everyone down because they do not agree with them… such a waste of time…. the host’s ( 99 percent of the time ) have no glue what is going on… just plain stupidity…. well that is just my two cents…. NOW, GOING TO WATCH CBS…… P.S. please take the view off the air!!!!!!!!!!

  8. You’re too late. The View should have said ‘goodbye’ when Barbara and Bill left. No one since has been able to carry the show. I can’t imagine what the profile of the average viewer is now. I have tried to check in a few times but it’s so awful!!!

  9. ed horowitz says:

    Get rid of Whoopi Goldberg, The ratings are in the tank because Whoopi is not likeable and her opinions are against the grain and rub people the wrong way.

  10. Angela says:

    Here is an amazing idea…cut the whole show. Continuing to change host is not going to bring this show back to life.

  11. Tom Cat says:

    This whole show should be taken off of Television it is very boring and those women all try tp talk at once so nothing is really understood about what they are talking about, dump this show it is a waste of television time!

  12. Whoopi is a relic of the past…..she needs to go into retirement ASAP…..she adds nothing since everyone knows she is a glowing liberal….. New up beat women will make this show relevant again…maybe try to include on a rotating basis the daughters of important people as role models for younger audiences. just a suggestion from me…..have a good day!!!!

  13. Whoever “eased out” Elisabeth Hasselbeck killed “The View”.

  14. JP says:

    Just cancel this trash. 5+ years overdue

  15. Jane Glenn says:

    I too think they should close the View down. There cannot possibly be many folks who back them now. When Barbara left, the show continued to go downward.

  16. Kat Kelsey says:

    Please just BOOT the entire SHOW, not just a couple of co-hosts!!!! The show is stupid and ridiculous and nasty with Goldberg and Joy Behar at the top of the nasties!!

  17. Reading other comments..STUNNED..the view is perfect if they refect your audience..”,I HATE”..too liberal..too racist..Christian…not Christian…hate..judgemental…as ad refe tion on us..anyone remember we are all AMERICANS..we are various.creeds..colors..denomations..religions..we fought to save..our union..we are held together by civil discourse..emphasize CIVIL

  18. Great idea..For interesting..informed debates why not Rosie O’Donnell and Mr.Trump..why uuse your mindsw when one can srestream and intimidate..for insight in the youth market the ever witty, modest miss Walters..just think why we could spend a hour each day deciding what tree we want to be..Oh..there is jimmy swagger or too bad Tammy Faye is gone but there is alwaysthe former gov. Palin..u could kill two birds with one stone..uber Christians and the political right…pun intended..all while the average mother/homemaker who looked forward to morning coffee break w/ the calibre of Whoopi and Meridith V. lose..last word..don`tfool yoursrlrs..as millions we have had to tolerate ms. Walters.. no who is not under her sway can tolerate her.Run Whoopi Run..people such as Walters always need a call

  19. Ha e a great idea..the view with Barbra walkers..every that show needs a creepy old woman..want a coarse loudmouth incapable of listening to anyone but herself or himself,there are Rosie O’Donnell or why not the well informed Mr. Trump and for the christian fundamentalist u seem to have one tho most people have no idea who she..do not worry..who will watch unless your sponsored are ..l have no idea

    • Cicely says:

      VARIETY, I mentioned time and again, through you to ABC that they made a grave mistake to actually,  force Rosie Perez out, because she is a peoples person, but not Nicole Wallace no, she is too hearty and thinks about herself and her political associates only, she is like a political canvasser aND DONT HAVE ANY EXPERIENCE ABOUT RACE RELATION AS IT RELATES TO AMERICA And ALSO POP CULTURE. SHE WAS A DISGRACE ON THAT SHOW, ALWAYS TELL WHOOPiE AND I QUOTE “YOU GO FIRST” BECAUSE MOST TIMES SHE DOES NOT HAVE A CLUE OF THE TOPIC. Rosie yes, but not Nicole, she must remain in politics where she can open her mouth wide she understands what she is saying or not. Remember! Let’s share a hug and a smile everyday.

  20. The view must think redneck america is their audience..most homemakers would love a show with talent such as Whoopi, Meridith v. Michelle Wallace..Rosie Perez.but they are witty, debate not scream.Possibly Ms Walters who has bored us too death as long as I can remember is unaware we think she is a boring, self important old lady, bill geddes deserves better..so do we..left when Meredith left..returned for Whoopi..but no

  21. mikki broughton says:

    is it just my imagination, or do i hear whoopie grinding her teeth at the recent shift in The View to becoming superficial, adolescent, boring and irrelevant. i’m wondering how long she’ll be able to stand all that. i’m gone!

  22. Marci Smith says:

    Save Nicole. A fresh breath of reality to the Failing View. She offers a different perspective infusing truth and intelligence to the panel. Will NOT be tuning in if she does leave Rosie Perez offers a one-sided rant and Raven has not a clue. What a shame. Intelligence and dignity not a concern on this show anymore?

    • Lorraine Buch says:

      If Cameron is in I am OUT That surely does it for me.
      I think MORE effort should be made to get Joy Behar back.
      She’ll get the show on the road again.

  23. this is so sad, other than Whoopie,, the two who made the most sense were Nicolle and Rosie. I won’t be watching once they leave,

  24. Janet M. Viall says:

    Good riddance to Rosie Perez! She thinks she knows everything about politics and she obviously does not. But ABC is making a big mistake letting Nicole Wallace go! Nicole is one person I believe when she talks about politics and the fact that she does not know who some of the “famous” people are is refreshing to say the least. Who the hell cares about the Kardashians? I am a young stay at home retired woman who absolutely hates reality shows and any shopping show and almost all of the food shows. I consider myself to be reasonably normal. I like to hear it straight from real people and Nicole is for real and is an uplifting and appealing person. She does not appear to put on airs or pretend to be anything she isn’t. And if you ever get rid of Whoopi – then you can just forget the show because it will be over, at least I know I would never watch again.

  25. redhatter65@nycap.rr.com says:

    I thought Nicole Wallace gave a air of class to the show , she had a air of class about her like Barbara W does ,We could use a shot of Sherri S to get this ship on the right track in the fall. I have watched this show almost every day since it started. Betty r

  26. Dj says:

    They need a whole new panel…..too many liberal views which isn’t helping Americans make better choices!

  27. Pat C. says:

    Letting Nicole go isn’t the right way to go. I think shes great on the show and like her input on politics. I personally don’t want the View to be all about celebrities. They need to give these hosts a chance. I think what fan base there is left doesn’t want to keep seeing a revolving door…leave Nicole in her chair!

  28. Carol says:

    One small way to begin to fix this mess of a show….STOP THE HOSTS FROM SHOUTING AT EACH OTHER AND INTERRUPTING! They seem to have little regard for the audience. It’s annoying and sends me over to “The Talk” where the ladies know how to have a conversation.

  29. What fools ABC and The View higher ups are. Whoopie and Nicole are great together and they are the both ends of the spectrum. I also think talking politics is great for the show and I love Nicole gets all her feelings and knowledge out there without acting like Donald Trump. To trade Nicole for Cameron is the biggest mistake and I will stop watching my favorite show, you are ruining the View. Stop with the light stuff and keep it real, political and newsworthy and you need Whoopie and Nicole to do that.

  30. Sandy says:

    lst of all Nicole is a mistake letting her go. Rosie Perez want to do her own thing. She will be missed. Michelle adds nothing to the show, nor does Raven-Simone. I believe taking politics has hurt the show for quite some time. It’s so liberal. It’s been liberal for far to long. Hasselbeck and Nicole were the only two that stood up for the GOP. Anyhow the ship is sinking. I stopped watching when the big mouth Rosie O’Donnel came on the show. Elisbeth was the only one that stood up against. Just a suggestion, stop the politics and your rating may go up again. Sandy, NYC.

  31. phyllis merkle says:

    The View is far too liberal .The only one who was not was Nicole. It is no longer the View representing both sides. It a totally biased liberal view. One more viewer who will no longer be watching .

  32. David Tatlitug says:

    Walters is no longer in charge of her creations so don’t blame her for this mess of a show. This is all ABC’s fault for not understanding the audience. They think they do but quite clear they have not an idea. They could have added Mario instead of the giant. He is well liked and would have added much fun and laughter to the hot topics segments of the view. Sure it might have always been an all woman panel but things change. Perez has to go, Raven has to go as does the giant. Whoopi is after four years finally talking. She spent her time on the view doing nothing until O’Donnell came back and then out of fear she finally decided to take the reigns and cut everyone else out. What a tragedy of errors the show runner and producers of the view have made. They may get a swan song season out of the View next year if they don’t do what is so obvious to the viewer. Very sad that people in the business of TV don’t seem to really know anything about it.

  33. Barbara Walters where are you, what are these producers doing to your concept.Nicole added so much more to the show than elisabeth, please don’t put Cameron if I want to watch Disney channel I will, raven doesn’t make sense at times, Rosie P was refreshing and Nicole added class and whooping keeps everything grounded. Now it’s like a bad tv talk show,insulting to whooping g. Get on the ball and next season your season will be done if you continue on this track.

  34. Shelly says:

    Getting rid of Nicolle Wallace is a Huge mistake in my opinion . I would much rather hear about politics than stupid celebrity BS . Who cares? Nicolle is so intelligent and I totally appreciate how she is a Republican and see’s both sides. Bye Rosie P. Good luck, Raven you should go too, of course keep Whoopi . If The View hires Candice Cameron I’m gone. I have watched The View from day one and it just keeps getting worse and worse. So sad I loved that show

  35. Earl says:

    These changes signal the official end of the view. Barbara must be turning over in her future grave. I’m out when Nicole leaves. She is smart and knowledgeable as a Washington insider. I can’t watch a “Stepford wife” yell about “Christian values”.

  36. Jane Donovan says:

    I don’t know if Raven Symone is intelligent or not, but when she speaks it wreaks of either not-enough coaching or too much. In any case it comes across as insincere and without ownership by her. I find her annoying in her failed attempts to sound knowledgeable and interested in the topics being discussed. Her faddish hair colors and fashion are a distraction. Please don’t make this another version of “The Real” ?? On the other hand Rosie Perez shows genuine interest and passion for the topics and seems only to lack confidence which might be increased by more support and less intimidation. Nicole Wallace’s views are much more palatable to non-conervative viewers than those of Elizabeth Hasselback who had a very short fuse and patronized those who disagreed with her. Please re-consider your decisions about Rosie Perez and the rumored departure of Nicole Wallace. They add substance to a struggling show and in my opinion deserve to remain. Thank You.

  37. Cheri Paczosa says:

    I really enjoyed both Rosey n Nicole! They have strong convictions, well educated, and offer various views n points! They know their history, politics, entertainment ppl! Its such a shame to see them go…but then i’m 66, a 21-yr public servant involved in politics n current events. I’m so sad! Good Luck n i may stop watching if The View becomes too soft or more millenial-generated.

  38. How can The View be saved when they keep bringing in MORONS to fill the positions. Who is the genius that hires these people? Ravin Symonne??? C’mon, really? One person who could have made more people watch and laugh each day would have been Mario Cantone. If you are rebranding the show then add him. He’s close enough to a woman. He sure as hell is more entertaining than any of the people on the show now. The show either has to make us laugh or it has to get back to the political fights that Rosie O. gave us. I turned the show off months ago after Rosie O. walked. I could hire a better cast with my eyes shut. If you can find a better show runner then just put it down.

  39. Ewalani Kanui says:

    I’m glad she’s gone..Her nasal,whiny voice got to my last nerve!

  40. Lin says:

    I love Nicole! She has a way to explain all sides. With the 2016 elections a lot of controversial issues will come up. I think Whooping has done more damage to the base audience with her support of Cosby even after his deposition came out.

  41. Steve says:

    Personally I like Nicole. She’s smart and has her opinions yet respectful of those who don’t agree with her. A round table discussion with like minded people simply wouldnt offer “Views!”

  42. Lisa says:

    I hope the right people hear this. I started watching the view because of NICOLE WALLACE & whoopie. I love watching Nicole on the view and hearing her view as a professional person who doesn’t live JUST for the gossip of celebrities. I think she is funny, innocent & nieve in a good way and brings a nice balance to the ladies. She tells you what she thinks from someone who isn’t obsessed with celebrities & fame. I hope she stays!

  43. Ruth Grace says:

    Instead of getting rid of Nicole, the only one with a brain, get rid of all the other foul mouth, ignorant, clueless and obnoxious co-hosts. The best advice I can give is get rid of the show!

  44. Sheila Collins says:

    I used to love watching the view, and circled my day around it. now I turn it on just for noise while I do chores. I like Nicole and her views ( and knowledge about how our government is run) as I too am a republican and it’s nice to hear the other side of the coin. Raven is a disaster. she makes faces rolls her eyes while someone is talking if she disagrees with what someone is talking about. Completely inappropriate!!! Rosie P I agree wholeheartedly that she needs to go ASAP! I want to be able to sit down and enjoy the view like I used to. And Where are all the big name celebrities? They seemed to disappear When Barbara did I absolutely love Whoopi and recognize she is the glue that is holding the view together.

  45. carolyn rolland says:

    For the love of The View, please, please get rid of Raven. She adds nothing to the conversation. Nicolle is very smart and I think during the upcoming election season, she will be a great asset. I don’t agree with her politics most of the time, but she’s informed and articulate. Michelle tries to be funny and interjects her ‘humor’ into the conversation at inappropriate times. I’m sort of sorry to see Rosie P. go, but she is really not great at talk show hosting. That Cameron-Bure woman is a self-righteous, bible=thumping twit. She’s the type of person who could turn a person against religion if they were seeking spiritual education or enlightenment. Whoopi is a regular, crazy-ass woman who I would love to be friends with. She’s the moderator and holds the table in check. I just wish she would get some fashion advice because she looks like a bag lady most of the time, but I love her anyway. Hot topics is hot, but let’s keep the fluff to a minimum. Just because daytime watchers are mostly non-working moms and retired people, we still like a good, lively intelligent, intellectual debate on what’s happening in the news. We only have patience for a little pop culture and even less fluff. Come on ABC, work with the demographic that keeps the show afloat. Ignore us at your peril.

  46. Debi says:

    I no longer watch the View. I am so over the unintelligible arguing by uninformed hosts. They are not only rude to one another but also the viewers. I used to enjoy the diversity of opinions from intelligent, strong women. It has turned into nothing but a platform for a bitch session. I do appreciate the intelligence and class that Nicole brings. Whoopi does a good job as moderator. The rest need to go.

  47. Ruth says:

    Keep Whoopi, she’s great and entitled to her opinion.. She also gives everyone the right to theirs also. Wallace is fantastic, intelligent, well informed of current topics and fun to watch her meet stars (Star struck is cute). She will be an asset in the next years election follies.

    Raven never should have been ask to join in the first place and should be booted asap, dumb as a post and so uninformed on what’s going on in the world that its painful to watch her and the sad thing is she doesn’t even know how dumb she is. She really has a much higher opinion of herself then she should.

    Not sorry to see Rosie leaving, but could have handled her at least she occasionally knew what she was talking about, unlike Raven.

    Keep Whoopie and Wallace and find some others to bring the show back up to what it started out to be, intelligent people of differing views discussing current topics of all variety.

  48. Karen Roberts says:

    Although I seldom agree with Whoopie, I believe she is intelligent and gives most topics thoughtful reflection and has earned a place at the table. Nicole needs to work on voice inflection but I enjoy hearing what she has to say. Raven Symone has NOTHING to add to the conversation. She is the cute child star whose cuteness and star quality is no longer appealing to the show’s viewers. She needs another venue. I was shocked when her contract was announced. Please give careful consideration to future hosts — I don’t think you have yet discovered them. Keep Whoopie and Nicole.

  49. A.west says:

    Have watched the show for years , dvr every show, and have been there live twice.
    Not watching anymore as Whoppi is over opinionated. the rest of the cast are fun and make me laugh. Rosie smart as a whip but a bit too serious at times, Nicole smart love what she brings, Raven is smart brings another generation and holds her own.Love Michelle.
    I started to become a bit annoyed that everyday there is a discussion on race. lets get over it.

    • carolyn rolland says:

      That’s why it’s called THE VIEW! Whoopi gives her view, and someone else on the panel may have another VIEW. She, and the others are supposed to be opinionated or there would be no need for the show!! Nicolle is just as opinionated. as Whoopi, only twice as loud. Her screeching grates on my nerves. Issues concerning race are in the news almost every day and everyone has their own VIEW. If the country could get over, or at least get past racism, then it wouldn’t be such a recurring topic on the show, it’s in the news all the time. I don’t care for Raven very much. She is smart but she needs to educate herself on other issues beside pop culture so that she can hold her own. Her youth and inexperience is way too evident I sure hope that Bure girl who’s on there today, doesn’t become a permanent host. She’s Hasselbeck redux. Let’s not go there again, please.

  50. S.Mizer says:

    Hiring Jenny Mc Carthy was, in my opinion, the beginning of the end. She had played a slutty character in a sitcom and brought that same persona to the panel of THE VIEW. Sherry was funny, but on the edge herself. She could only talk about a couple of things, Jeffery and her love/sex life. Bring in Jenny and that gave Sherry a green light to get even more graphic! My point is, this program has suffered for many years while picking co hosts as people came and went. Like I stated in my previous post, Barbara, Meredith, Joy and Starr were the ticket! You cant recreate that. Sorry!

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