‘The View’ in Talks to Add ‘GMA Weekend’ Anchor Paula Faris (EXCLUSIVE)

Paula Faris Good Morning America
Courtesy of ABC

Paula Faris, the co-anchor of “GMA Weekend,” is in talks to join “The View,” as ABC executives are preparing for another major shakeup on the morning talk show for its 19th season, Variety has learned.

The network has been testing out news-oriented personalities that could fill the void left by Barbara Walters’ retirement last year, and they are hoping that Faris—who has been at ABC News since 2012—could take on a role similar to the one that Meredith Vieira occupied on the show.

A spokesperson for ABC News declined to comment on staffing changes.

If Faris joins “The View,” she’d potentially continue her “GMA Weekend” duties, while still sitting in on the talk show on the weekdays. She has appeared on the program several times as a fill-in co-host in the last season.

It hasn’t yet been decided if Faris would appear on “The View” every day as a regular co-host or drop in from time to time as a contributor. But her addition to the panel will only add to the speculation, which started months ago, that “The View” could eventually turn into a third hour of “GMA.”

In an effort to build ratings, the next season of “The View” will feature more new faces. According to a knowledgeable source, there will be five permanent co-hosts at the Hot Topics table—among them moderator Whoopi Goldberg (who has a year left on her contract), Raven Symone and comedian Michelle Collins, who was made a co-host on Monday. There will also be a panel of rotating personalities who will fill in sporadically on the show.

The network hopes the new talent will attract more buzz to the daytime talk show, as it has fought to stay relevant under new executive producer Bill Wolff and ABC News, which took over management of the show from the daytime division in October.

It’s been a rocky year at “The View.” Rosie O’Donnell departed the show in February, citing health reasons, and viewership is down 16 percent for the second quarter compared to the same period in 2014. After Variety reported earlier this month that ABC might axe co-host Rosie Perez from the panel, she stopped coming to work for two days (claiming a back injury), before announcing on the show last Wednesday that she was leaving “The View” for acting opportunities. Her final day will be on Aug. 6.

Executives are still undecided about the fate of Republican co-host Nicolle Wallace. As an alternate for the conservative spot, ABC has been testing Candace Cameron-Bure. The former “Full House” star isn’t as shy when it comes going head-to-head with the other panelists about her beliefs, and she recently grabbed headlines after a Hot Topics where she defended an Oregon bakery for refusing to make a cake for a lesbian wedding. Even though she lives in Los Angeles, a source confirms to Variety that Cameron-Bure is in talks to join “The View,” which tapes in New York.

Other names on the rotating co-host short list include Molly Sims, stylist Stacy London and Sherri Shepherd, who fled “The View” last summer over salary disputes, but is now interested in returning. Executives pursued Joy Behar for one of these part-time spots, but a source says the former “View” host—who left Hot Topics when the network wanted to make the “The View” less political in 2013—doesn’t believe the current version of the show is the right fit for her.

The next season of “The View” premieres in mid-September.

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  1. David Martinez says:

    Me and my wife agree with you when you said it feels warmer when it snows…

  2. TN says:

    I have watched The View for years and watched ppl play musical chairs around the HOT TOPIC TABLE, but this last season is absolutely ridiculous !!! My 1st thoughts were Celebrities are coming to Reboot their careers, but I now see that isn’t so. ABC wants to see woman arguing / having HEATED CONVERSATIONS across A TABLE about REAL GEIUNE THINGS GOING ON IN THE WORLD WE LIVE IN. ABC Executives don’t want woman like Nicolle Wallace, Rosie Perez, and, Whoopi, to actually have a civilized adult agree to disagree and still respect ones choices on THEIR NETWORK…. It’s Not Good For RATINGS…. Hum…Go Figure…Like we need MORE FIGHTING / ARGUING IN THIS WORLD … Nicolle Wallace, Rosie Perez, & Whoopi have been the BEST FIT GROUP OF WOMAN in a LONG TIME…. SHAME ON YOU ABC for FIRING NICOLLE WALLACE FOR BEING TO NICE !!!!

  3. T kay says:

    If they remove Nicole Wallace, add Bure, London or Shepherd I will have had enough of The View. I enjoy Whoopie, tolerate Raven & Michelle but will miss Rosie Perez. Bure, London or Shepherd will push me over the edge. Enough is enough!!!

  4. colleen enzensperger says:

    I love Nicolle Wallace and i’m a democrate !!! for christ sake please don’t being in Candace Buhr if you do youi i will not be watching this show anymore can’t stand her will miss Rosey also what is wrong with this network!!!! Nicolle was awesome i loved her

  5. Karen V says:

    I’m surprised they are going for Candace. I agree with commenters below; if Whoopie goes, that would definitely be the last straw, if it hasn’t been broken already.

  6. elda resendez says:

    i have been watching the View when it first started but to have Candace on is the last straw of the show it might as well be Fox News with her on now Paula that a different she knows what she is doing

  7. Anna F. says:

    Dear The View Producers,

    You have wrecked The View with all the Musical Chairs: “Oooh, music stopped, bye Rosie Perez! Ooohh, stopped again, bye Nicolle Wallace!”

    (while Whoopi says, “Oh please, stop the music with my chair! Let me out of here!!)

    Why should any loyal viewer tune in to start watching and liking yet another panelist?

    Just so you’ll ditch them in three months?

    No thanks.

    Good-bye, The View, I used to tune in every day.

  8. Denise says:

    I thought Nicole Wallace was the best thing that happened to The View in years. Smart, funny and nice! I think Michele Collins is a wonderful addition but with the loss of Nicole I will finally stop watching the show. Candace Cameron, really?

  9. again i say before and always ppl are going to THE TALK like flies … People want to be entertained and those ladies are funny informative and most of all don’t yell at each other … i rather deal with Sheryl Underwood talking about men bacon and sex which we all know its a schtick than hearing Whoopi Goldberg’s What the Hell diatribe about everything ….give me Sara Gilbert’s version of conservative over Nicole or Candace Cameron anyday ..sometimes it is best when u don’t say it when u say it . Julie Chen moderates the show and keeps it flowing and most of all lively without losing control and Aisha and Sharon say it like they mean it especially Miss O who has been there done that attitude that makes even the scandalous hot topic funny …the view is all about politics and at times the show can be a killjoy but the talk keeps things fun and most of all , enjoyable to watch

  10. caseyf2013 says:

    Another no name “celebrity,” I wonder how long she’ll last. Ugh. I can’t believe people are still watching this poor quality show. Quick, Whoopi, abandon ship.You are already losing your stat power. Ihave watched this surely soon-to-be-canceled show since day 1. The addition of Raven Symone sent me running to Kelly Ripa and Michael Strahan. ABC what the heck are you waiting for? Cancel this show.

  11. Peggy McNamara says:

    Don’t know what your guys are thinking about. Nicole Wallace is wonderful!!! You are lucky to have her. Sick of all these changes. Kathy Lee and Hoda are my first go to now. You have ruined a wonderful show.

    • Lynda Gillion says:

      Sorry, Nicolle was a nice person but NOT host material. She didn’t know the celebs etc. Her crazy laughing drove me insane but, I would rather have Nicolle and her many faults and inexperience as a host than Candace Cameron-Bure. Candace is like a “Stepford” mom. Her ideas, comments should not be given air time. Hopefully you can find someone to represent a variety of thoughts. Anderson Cooper? Will miss you Rosie P. When you were there….. You had great comments, laughter, interviews.

  12. Margaret says:

    When Joy Behar sags it wouldn’t be a good fit for her that tells you a lot about how the show has degraded since she and Barbara, and not for nothin’ (as Joy would say) Bill Geddie! Someone had better right the ship…quickly. If Whoopi goes, I’m gone.

  13. Lorraine Quinonez says:

    If you add can candance Cameron and get rid of Nicole Wallace I will not watch the view. I’ve watched since the beginning. I have to say I’m a democrate, but love the honesty of NicoleWallace

  14. Gloria says:

    ABC I congratulate your choice of Paula, but please don’t allow Rosie to go, she is too informative, a champion for education, and AIDs and an all rounder on any topic, please keep her for informing, and relating to many who utilize TV shows as a learning, entertaining, and humorous forum, and Rosie is one of those persons who is very positive and confident in what she expresses, because she reads a lot and is educated in generalizing her comments. She does research to educate us too!

    • Helen Holzer says:

      Amen. Candace is a joke and has no experience behind her views. Nicole is informed and yet not pushy or hated.

      • TN says:

        Well said Helen Holzer. I am a Christian Catholic also, not as conservative as Candace nor judgemental, but I don’t believe I nor anyone should push their views on anyone else. That’s why I like Nicolle Wallace so much, she represents her GOP Political Party but does not degrade anyone else for their Politcal or any other view.

  15. BRice says:

    She would make sense if they really were turning it into the 3rd hour of GMA which would hurt the Today show significantly. Plus they’d move Kelly and Michael to 10a which Kathie Lee et al could not compete with

  16. Liz says:

    Run away from the show Paula! Run as fast as you can. It is a sinking ship.

  17. imahoney255 says:

    if they want people to turn in again they need some co hosts that have brains and get better guests. If i want to hear about celebrity news i can watch TMZ, Extra, or Entertainment Tonight.

  18. Michael Anthony says:

    Candace Cameron-Bure? What a mess she is. I like having all sides presented, but her conservative “views” don’t even make sense! It’s as if she gets her opinions from outer space.

  19. Diana Roby says:

    She would be perfect. I would start watching it again.

    • Alice Coble says:

      She would indeed be perfect and good for the show with her Christian views and willingness to take on the hard subjects. I agree with you completely, Diana Roby!

  20. Viewing says:

    Diane Sawyer would be perfect.

    • Stella says:

      The producers of The View don’t want to hire any educated hosts. Nobody on the panel has a college degree and a few lack high school diplomas. No thanks!

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