‘The View’ To Add Candace Cameron Bure and Paula Faris as Co-Hosts (EXCLUSIVE)

Candace Cameron Bure and Paula Faris
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As “The View” heads toward its summer hiatus, ABC is in final negotiations to add Candace Cameron Bure and “GMA Weekend” anchor Paula Faris as co-hosts of the daytime talk show in the fall, Variety has learned. Both personalities have previously filled in on the show, and if the deals close, the women would complete the Hot Topics table for season 19, which will feature moderator Whoopi Goldberg, Raven Symone and comedian Michelle Collins.

A spokesperson for ABC declined to comment on staffing changes, as did talent reps.

According to a source, Faris’ deal would feature her on “The View” Monday through Thursday, and she would take Fridays off so she could juggle her second gig as the co-anchor of “GMA Weekend.” The network is hoping Faris can fill the show’s “journalist spot,” by offering the perspective of a news personality. But those familiar with Faris’ thinking note she wants to continue her news career, in the same way that Barbara Walters did, which is why she’s keeping her day job.

As for Cameron Bure, she’s being courted for the show’s Republican seat, although her schedule makes joining “The View” more complicated. There are still details that need to be ironed out, because she’s starring in the Netflix “Full House” spinoff “Fuller House,” which shoots through November in Los Angeles while “The View” tapes in New York. How can D.J. Tanner be at two places at once? ABC wants Cameron Bure to appear “The View” for some weeks and then she’d have to jet to Los Angeles (where she currently lives) to reprise her role on the Netflix series on other weeks.

ABC executives are hoping the former child actress can give a boost to the “The View” by espousing more controversial opinions on the show’s signature Hot Topics segments. She impressed network bosses on a recent show where she defended an Oregon bakery for refusing to bake a cake for a lesbian wedding, an exchange that went viral on social media.

The network is fully aware that “The View” has been missing buzz this season, after seeing ratings dip by 16% in the second quarter compared to 2014 when Walters retired from the show. Viewers have witnessed an exodus of co-hosts in the last months, with Rosie O’Donnell departing in February over health concerns, and Rosie Perez (“The View’s” first Latina co-host) and Nicolle Wallace (the conservative) also exiting.

There are more changes coming to “The View,” which switched management in October from daytime to the news division under the mandate of Disney/ABC Television Group president Ben Sherwood. On Thursday, ABC announced a new director—Sarah De La O (“Bachelor Pad”)—for “The View” after the last one bailed. And sources tell Variety that ABC is considering making the Friday edition of “The View” live next season, which would allow the hosts to deal with Hot Topics in the news. (“The View” is live all other days of the week.) It’s not clear if this change would make “The View” fresher. It’s easier to book celebrity guests on the pre-taped shows, and the fourth-hour of “Today” with Kathie Lee Gifford and Hoda Kotb pre-tapes its Friday shows without any problems.

To help make jugging schedules possible for Cameron Bure and Faris, “The View” will be instituting a panel of contributors, who will pop up on the program as substitute co-hosts from time to time. Those in the running for the part-time gigs include Molly Sims, Sherri Shepherd, stylist Stacy London and Wallace, who hasn’t decided if she’ll continue on the show in the smaller role. If Cameron Bure doesn’t for some reason close a deal to co-host, she’ll be considered as a contributor, according to sources, but ABC doesn’t have another Republican lined up for the co-host job.

As head of the news division, Sherwood added Lara Spencer and Josh Elliott to “Good Morning America,” and he hopes the collection of new faces can rescue “The View.” The next season premieres in mid-September.

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  1. Chris says:

    I am quite certain that ABC wasn’t so obvious in their democratic “view” point, and make the panel of the View at least 2 of 5 panelists, they would get better ratings, cause they have lost me, maybe temporarily, because of the forced democratic input into their show. Also, I have really had it with the “everyday” conversations involving racism!!! It makes me sick. And, I am a person of color! Chris

  2. romesh samath says:

    I love Paula faris. She is way too smart for view. She make whoops and the other girls look like dummies.

    Keep up the good work Paula. I love watching you.

  3. Peggy Monteiro says:

    Paula Faris and Candace can both go they should have kept Nicole she was funny but this Paula too stuffy

  4. Anna says:

    I had said if they add Candace Cameron Bure to the table I would never watch again after never missing a show all these years and they did, so even though I was excited to watch Joy return, it isn’t worth going back on my word. That religious, conservative, conceited bore ruins it for me.

  5. Matt says:

    This is so fake. Candace isn’t conservative and she’s boring as day old milquetoast. As if the View couldn’t get any worse….

  6. Lisa Phillips says:

    Are you guys CRAZY ????? WHY are you getting rid of Nicolle as a permanent host ????? The two new proposed hosts can’t hold a candle to Nicolle !!!

  7. Om says:

    What’s wrong with View is they argue repeatedly, form opinions, want attention, talk, scream over and on top of each other like a pack of chickens!
    Whoopee too too vocal, opinionated. She wants outta there. Let her go! Set ridiculous. Table too small for guests..then the put couple chairs alone on huge floor, really off! Too much space or none at all. Set decorators, where u at?
    DROP THIS SHOW. Cannot compete. I like The Talk. They like each other, more respect, take turns talking, lots of laughs from Sheryl, Sharon.

  8. Bonnie Hunter says:

    I think who ever is running the view needs to be the ones fired. Nichole Wallace is great’ I’m a Democrate and I respect her intelligent conversation without the crazy like Elizabeth H.
    The set looks terrible not visualy good and the table is ridiculous. It’s to small and we know its the view without it on the table. If they don’t bring back Nichole full time and make positive changes to the set and treat the panel with respect I’m done with the view. It’s a shame what has been done to years of good programing to be destroyed so quickly by whom ever is in charge now.

  9. Why is it you don’t get another latina to join the show you have two blacks, three whites , what gives you not think Mexicans watch your show”’ stop being bias.

  10. Karen says:

    I’ve watched since the beginning of time…Don’t miss Miss Walters at all! I will miss Nicole but not Rosie P. My dream team would be Rosie O as moderator, Nicole, Joy & maybe Sheri or a couple others who have yet to be discovered. Rosie O is the best moderator the show has ever had (will Meredith a close second). Hope Whoopie retires from the show soon, I don’t find her funny at all. She thinks she’s smarter than she is. Haven’t made my mind up yet on the new girl, she’s funny but doesn’t seem to have much to add to intelligent conversations, if comparing her to Joy, who she reminds me of a little. I find Raven to be very condescending when she clearly has no right to be.

    • Kenn says:

      23, 2015 | 02:19PM PT
      I still watch the View, with my coffee in the morning and love to see the women get very opinionated , I find it very funny. CAN’t wait for next season”….

    • Linda Vanetti says:

      It sounds like the show canned Nicole for next season. Anyone know why? Joy was becoming annoying because she wasn’t as funny as she thought she was. I like Rosie O but she definitely has emotional issues. I wish they would stop talking about personal issues, like their sex life, Whoopie and her gas, etc. TMI

  11. Sara says:

    Comments on The View where do you even start with this failing show?
    I’d be so embarrassed if I were Whoopi continuing to be apart of this show, the longer she stays the dumber she looks and she’ll have no credibility left to her name.
    Love her so Thank God she’s leaving, she’s much to decent and intelligent to be involved in a show like this.
    Glad she’s gone she just neverrr shut her mouth.
    Candice ?
    Who cares about her and her religious beliefs jeez get out of here.
    Oh God she’s horrific. Her ego is disgusting and she really thinks much to highly of herself. She demeans the guests and the cast with her very cynical facial expressions and her exhausting words. She was on a show when she was 4? Who cares what makes her so arrogant when most people don’t know who she is? She does not handle herself graciously, friendly, sophisticated or in any sort of manner that makes a good host or even a good candidate to be on television. I really want to like her because maybe she could do alittle something to this show but all she’s doing is ruining an already ruined show. I personally think she was only brought on because she’s gay!! Which is wonderful plsss don’t get me wrong but they want to show they support diversity which is great but spend a little more time selecting the hosts don’t just hire the first one that raises their hand! Come on Barbara PULL THIS SHOW NOW and fill the time slot with something we actually want to watch.

  12. AK says:

    Simply can’t watch the show anymore. Getting rid of Nicolle Wallace, the most articulate and intelligent one of the bunch (even if she is a Republican!:) ) was a huge mistake with the elecitons coming up. And replacing her with Candace, and to a lesser degree, Paula, is a disgrace. After several years, am finally giving up.

    • kate says:

      Isn’t Candace involved in the new Full House? How will she possibly do both? She is extremely conservative (submissive)- No, thank you!!! Have no clue who the other one is- Not interested. Gave up on this show a long time ago. Do they think before casting?
      What about Alex Wentworth or Amy Sedaris- Add some intelligence and humor!!!

      • Matt says:

        @Kate – Candace isn’t really conservative or submissive. This is like the Spice Girls where each talentless hack gets a role to play.

  13. I love Paula Faris; therefore, I hope she NEVER joins The View. That show is an insult to anyone with a brain. What makes those idiots think that anyone is interested in their opinions?

  14. Joanna Gage says:

    They would actually have two conservatives. I went to college with Paula and we were at a Christian College.

  15. This is the best news EVER! The show has been so boring and lacking class. I have watched it since it debuted. Raven and Rosie Perez were two huge mistakes. I am looking forward to the new lineup!👍

  16. Ellen says:

    Well that settles it – With Candace joining the View – now for sure I won’t EVER watch it again !!!

  17. I don’t know what’s with the food on the table during the show, but it’s not too appealing watching my favorite gal, Whoopie, shoveling potato chips in her mouth the whole time!

  18. Liz waren says:

    If Candice is chosen, I will not support the viewing of the View.

    • J. Maffei says:

      I think that is positive that Nicole Wallace doesn’t know about the Kardashians!!! shows she is intelligent. Keep her on the view! Raven and Michelle may be nice people but they add nothing! Who is Michelle anyway???? Never heard of her before the view.

  19. Cynthia Katz says:

    If those two are added, I’ll be through watching “The View”. The good ones keep leaving and are being replaced with lightweights. Very sad for a loyal “viewer” who has watched this show from the beginning. Bad choices are being made. Barbara Walters, where are you?

  20. Gail Muschweck says:

    Please do not axe Nicole Wallace from the view. I love her and she is very funny and genuine on politics and hot topics. I believe she is a great addition to the show. Thank you.

  21. Nancy Slinkard says:

    As an avid “The View” liberal fan through all these years, I am devastated that Nicole Wallace will not be a regular host. Candace Cameron Bure sounds like Elizabeth Hasselback, a not very intelligent human being!

    • Elizabeth is EXTREMELY intelligent as noted by her current employer…REAL NEWS. Raven is the least intelligent of all time!!! And, does she get dressed in the dark??? I want real news people who know and research the subject matter.

      • Linda Vanetti says:

        Yes, Elizabeth is intelligent but she was very annoying and no one dresses worse than Whoopie!

    • Anne says:

      And what makes you think you are intelligent? So sick of liberals and their lack of “tolerance” for anything that does not go along with their beliefs. What happened to being “open-minded”?

  22. Donna Hanna says:

    You need to Keep Nicole Wallace.

  23. C McCarthy says:

    Candace is too sweet. Doesn’t appeal to the general audience. Not a good decision!

  24. No, no,never, we don’t need a goodie , goodie, what political background does she have to add to a conservative base background, .please no.

  25. A Smith says:

    What are they thinking. Rosie Perez speaks with authority and facts whenever she talks. She brings a Latino perspective and her accent is wonderful. Nicole Wallace is a more palatable Elizabeth.
    The replacements are horrible in a word. Michelle adds little, and though Raven speaks well, but often makes no sense.
    You really need charismatic, knowledgeable, sea some and intelligent people to make this format work.
    As much as I hate to say it, there isn’t anyone on the show who demonstrates ownership. When Barbara was there you could tell she cared about the show. She was also an accomplished person not looking at it as a stepping stone. Chemistry, direction and competent staff are most important .

  26. Raven Simone is a totally ignorant person, has no worthwhile opinions at all The Collins person is just as negative a force. The only thing The View can do to rescue the future of this show is to bring back Sherri Shephard and Joyce Behar on a oermanent full time basis. These two have warmth, excellent bite-on humor, and the viewers love them. None of the others mentioned can rescue this floundering show. I plan to stop watching entirely, as do all of my friends and contacts. Goodbye “The View”.

  27. Stephanie says:

    As a daily watcher of The View since it’s inception, I must say that of all of the blunders that ABC has made regarding this show over the past two years, this one is miles above the rest!!! They have just lost several devoted fans including me! I believe neither Raven nor Michelle would have signed on to sit on this panel. I am saddened that Whoopie’s contract extends another season and that she will be forced to try to moderate the tension filled debates between the other co-hosts and Bure. Adding two conservatives to the panel at this juncture will not bring in a younger viewership, which is what the show needs to stay afloat. ABC is working towards it’s end game with this decision. ~No longer a VIEW-er!

  28. i think the view needs to go

  29. Carrie says:

    If Nicole is a big mistake, she is the only new host that makes sense, if she goes I go!

    • Dusty Mercer says:

      Agreed!!!! At first, I wasn’t impressed with Nicole at the beginning. She was in such awe of the guests and the reality of being on ‘the view’. She is bright and articulate. Although a Republican, open to other views. At this point, she is the only host that I like. The two new hosts are boring and somewhat simple in their perspectives.

  30. Linda Vanetti says:

    The co-hosts are coming and going pretty fast lately. I like both Candace and Paula, but I don’t know why the show insists on having 5 people. I think that’s too many. Also, there are some topics I don’t think they should be discussing since they are on at 11:00 in the morning and there may be kids watching.

  31. SHIT! THE VIEW IS DEAD GOING TO HELL ALREADY ABC! THE ONLY WAY YOUR SHOW IS GOING TO SURVIVE IS YOU BRING BACK THE SOAPS, BUT IM AGREEING WITH THE FIRST FEW COMMENTS ON CLUELESS CANDACE, AN YOU SHOULD LET YOUR SHOW DIE IN PEACE AND REST IN HELL! She looks like she is the type to toss her view an her way towards people an knowing its not going to work. God doesn’t like people to flaunt or is not going to put up with no mess! So face it ABC TV, CANCEL THE VIEW ALREADY, CUT YOUR LOSSES,,LET IT GO!

  32. Christopher L. says:

    beating a dead horse. the view is done no matter who you get. It was a short sighted mistake for ABC daytime when both “AMC”/”OLTL” were axed. They alieneted a lot of viewers who havent gone back. Bring back both those shows to fill in the timeslots for “The View”, “The Chew” … and/or whatever other programs you tried that failed! Leave “GH” in place and bring “AMC”/”OLTL” back. I only watch General Hospital.

  33. Melody O'Connor says:

    When will ABC/Disney just throw in the dang towel? I have NEVER watched “The View” and do not intend to ever. It was a very sad day in daytime programming history when both “AMC”/”OLTL” were taken off air. Please bring back both those shows to fill in the timeslots for “The View”, “The Chew” … and/or whatever other programs you tried to push down our throats!! Leave “GH” in place and bring “AMC”/”OLTL” home! Enough is enough!

  34. Xanna Don't says:

    It doesn’t matter, it doesn’t matter, it just doesn’t matter! The View will flounder until All My Children and One Life To Live return to anchor it. The Talk on CBS is buoyed by Y&R and B&B. How is it possible that ABC Daytime’s executives are clueless as to how daytime programming works? They don’t honestly believe Brian Frons (no longer with the network and easily the most hated man in daytime tv) was a genius, do they? Exasperating.

  35. Jamie says:

    I watched the View since the beginning and held on through all the host changes. I was not happy with the Sherri Sheperd and Jenni McCarthy incarnation but hoped that the lightweight phase was finally coming to an end…..until Barbara retired. Her intelligence, maturity and balance at least gave the show credibility. In recent years the “cult of “celebrity” and talking heads getting fame from espousing a narrow point of view to a certain demo has ruined what was once thought provoking TV. Now it’s just about making a name based on a demo driven audience. I used to watch or DVR the View every day but can no longer listen to the drivel and poorly expressed opinions. Raven Simone, are you kidding? Whoppi is Whoppi…Nicole, was the closest host with a brain, RP, cute and fun and a plus for the Latino demo but if, as I read in the article, the The View is now part of the News Division I can only wonder what that means for the future of viewers who like more than meaningless drivel as a filter to learn what’s going on in the world. I’m sooooooo disappointed.

    • notakid says:

      You have totally hit the mark. Well said. I have watched since Day 1 also and am so disappointed with the past couple of years.

  36. I totally agree that getting rid of Rosie and Nicole were bad decisions. I watch The View daily and truly enjoy the perspectives that each of these women present. As for the new women, i have no opinion on the lady from GMA, however I have seen Cameron on the program. OMG, she is horrible!! She is ill-informed and comes from a religious perspective laced with an ignorant, allegedly “conservative” viewpoint. However, being well versed in the conservative side of things in America, she does not speak well for this side of any argument! I am so surprised the decision makers at The View have selected someone of such a low quality person to speak for this sector of our society. The new decision makers clearly are out of their elements on this show. By the way, they better not touch Whoopi, she’s the best thing they have going on that show!!

  37. Jill Konst says:

    Bad decision, Rosie Perez and Nicolle Wallace were such great editions. Think I will stop watching when they leave.

    • Gail Muschweck says:

      I agree whole heartedly.

    • Donna says:

      I already stopped watching with their lame guests. It’s still in my DVR but I first look to see the guests booked and so far have deleted more shows then I’ve watched. This is a good indicator of how bad the view has become A listers don’t even bother going on anymore.

  38. The View sucks. There hasn’t been any class since Barbara Walters left.

  39. Paul Fredine says:

    great. ‘the view’ has a new elizabeth hasselbeck. hope she can keep her sanctimonious attitude in check otherwise i’ll be bailing or, at least giving my mute button a workout.

  40. Dee says:

    ABC! It was very hard to swallow Raven…and then they cast Michelle…to loose Nicole is one of the biggest mistakes of ABC following the loss of Rosie P. The show is only worth watching because of Whoopi, Nicole & Rosie…Candice Cameron is so offensive…I am a Christian and she is offensive to me as she continues to use Christianity to make herself relevant in today’s world. She is not being an authentic member of the body with sincere Agape to others…her constant verbalizing that she is a “Christian” smacks of self serving buzz words to trigger a conservative base. It has nothing to do with being a Christian. To profess that you are Christian yet do the dance of taking on all things secular is offensive and self-serving on her part…It makes me ill. Stop Using Our Lord…It IS Offensive!! Whoopi, Nicole, & Rosie Are The Show!! No To Candice Cameron Bure!!!

  41. Alan Grier says:

    What can you expect from the former producer of The Bachelor Pad? And Candace is no more Christian than Benjamin Franklin who actually practiced tolerance, love and freedom from judgement despite his disdain for any religion. It’s all about the social media which is not the focus of the demographic watching the view. They’re trying to win an audience while sacrificing the one they have and had. Walt must be turning in his grave!

  42. The show is dead Let it Die in peace

  43. Sheri Cahoon says:

    Candace is not only the wrong choice for co-host, she could get the show in trouble. I was hoping Nicole would stay, she’ll be able to explain things about the elections, plus I like her;she admits when she is wrong and is great with the stars and the public

  44. Sheri Cahoon says:

    I love Nicole on the view and Rosie p-what’s going on. I’ve watched the show from the beginning and have loved all the hosts, except Jenny McCarthy. Candace is not a good choice at all!

    • TLL says:

      I love Nicole,Rosie and Whoopie.Get rid of those others and please don’t add Candace.Add Maria Menudos if you need someone else or just call me I could use the money and would be a lot better than some youv’e had on.I actually have loved the show and hate seeing it go downhill.
      Thank you for listening.

  45. Instead of writing my own comment, I’m simply going to agree with what Rochelle said, which is what I would have said but now don’t have to. Thanks Ŕochelle.

  46. If you’ve ever seen Paula Faris on ABC, she is very likable.

    But Candace Cameron Bure has already had one heated debate with Raven-Symoné when the two discussed the controversy surrounding the owners of an Oregon bakery, who were ordered to pay a $135,000 fine for refusing to bake a wedding cake for a lesbian couple.

    Does ABC want another Elisabeth Hasselbeck so there’s some buzz-generating friction and fireworks? Sure looks like a possibility.

  47. srvwp2013 says:

    We still have not found any cure for Cancer and the continued existence of “The View” proves it. Getting rid of this program is tougher, harder and has proven to be, so far, as not doable as excising a full body malignant tumor.

  48. Anna F. says:

    “…. she defended an Oregon bakery for refusing to bake a cake for a lesbian wedding.”

    The View producers were IMPRESSED ????

    Such a sad, sad direction to take.

  49. barbara says:

    Just lost a viewer since day one.I can’t stand Candace and her one sided reliells me I’m wrong for believing in my God and she always says no you have to think this way.So goodbye View once she starts I’m gone.gious views no one t

  50. Andrew Korn says:

    good we need more Christians on tv .i for one support this and hope she gets to spread the Word of our Lord Jesus Christ

    • C commenter says:

      I agree with you Andrew Korns comment, we do need more chrisitans on tv. I feel this is great and hope she gets to spread the word of our Lord Jesus Christ on there.

      • D Martinez says:

        Have been watching view since it started and if Candance comes on I will watch no more to much preaching on religion etc.

    • David Benjamin says:

      That’s what the show needs..another pompous ass! How about Candace just do the show and shut her trap. Not everyone is Christian..not everyone has the same viewpoint as her..not everyone wants to hear it. She’s becoming as bad as her brother Kirk.

      • Paul Fredine says:

        if she wants to spread ‘the word’, let her go on the ‘700 club’. it’s a much better place for her. this is not a forum for preaching religion. i have no idea what the producers were thinking, other than they want the friction.

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