‘The Knick’: Cinemax Orders Script for Season 3 Premiere (EXCLUSIVE)

The Knick season 3
Courtesy of Cinemax

SPOILER ALERT: Do not read ahead if you have not watched the Season 2 finale of “The Knick,” which aired Friday, Dec. 18.

“The Knick” ended its second season with a shocker: Clive Owen’s Dr. Thackery seemingly died on the table, after a botched attempt to perform surgery on himself. When asked if the character is dead, Owen told Variety, “It certainly looks that way.”

So, does Dr. Thackery’s apparent death mean the same for the series, too?

While a decision for a renewal is still undetermined, a third season of “The Knick” is under consideration and negotiations are underway. Insiders close to the show tell Variety that a script for the season premiere has been ordered, in addition to a season outline. Series creators Michael Begler and Jack Amiel are both set to return as exec producers and writers, should Cinemax order up season 3. Cinemax declined to comment.

“Cinemax has been in conversations with Steven Soderbergh on how we might continue with ‘The Knick,'” Cinemax says in a statement. “When first conceived, the series was always meant to be presented in a two-year story arc, and Steven has been meeting with the writers to discuss how to proceed.”

With the script and season outline ordered, it appears Cinemax is exploring ideas for the series’ future, deciding if continuing the story is feasible with major plot changes — such as, perhaps, a major character’s absence.

Owen told Variety he always intended to do just two seasons, which is the amount of time he signed on for. Sources say no decisions have been made regarding returning talent for another season.

Regardless of “The Knick’s” future, Soderbergh is still in business with the HBO family, as he’s set up a mystery project at HBO, titled “Mosaic,” starring Sharon Stone and Garrett Hedlund. The project is described as a highly interactive “choose your own adventure,” in which viewers have the option of seeing the story play out in different ways. His jam-packed TV slate also includes Starz’s upcoming adaptation of “The Girlfriend Experience.”

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  1. Todd says:

    One of the most entertaining aspects of The Knick is the historical state of medicine around 1900. Kudos must go to the writers to work this into the show and do it so well. Add me to the list of enthusiastic fans who hopes that the Knick comes back for a third season and that Thackery has a miraculous recovery.

  2. avigdorsusana says:

    Such a great show!!! Just leave it there – no need for third season. Perfection!

  3. Jonathan says:

    Anne Louise question Thacks gf i believe the STD was syphilis and thats why her face was like that…..pretty sure that’s the STD and gf it talking about…..please bring back season 3 cinmax 😞😞😞 it’s been a nail biting 😬😬😬waiting for this new season and negotiate with cinemas

    • Terri says:

      It was syphyllis. Apparently the disease would eat away the nose. Thack sewed her arm to her face to grow tissue needed to make the repairs on her nose.
      Dear God PLEASE let there be a third season!! There are so many crap shows out there! Why can’t they continue on with a really great show?

  4. Barbara Edwards says:

    In my opinion, the Knick is absolutely one of the best series EVER! Kudos to Cinemax!!! Please give us Season 3…as soon as possible! …and Season 4 and Season 5 and…….

  5. LESLIE C ASHLEY says:

    There are so few good shows on tv, don’t take the Knick off. Give us season three!!!

  6. Audrey says:

    What?! It was only supposed to be two seasons? NO! We’ve been waiting for season 3 which should have started now but could never find it on tv so I look it up on the internet to find out why just to read this! I thought in season 3 they would show someone saving Dr.Thackery and bring him back to life. Why not? Many shows have done that and he’s in the hospital already so… They better continue the series, me and my husband loved this show and will be highly disappointed if they don’t continue it. This is one of maybe 5 fictional shows we couldn’t wait to watch. One of the them was Penny Dreadful but that one discontinued so if they don’t bring this back we’ll be down to 3! Please make more! We ended our Cinemax subscription when season 2 ended and where going to get Cinemax again when this continued but no good reason to spend the money on it now.

  7. Angela says:

    Clive Owens is the only reason I watch The Knick. Without him there should be no reason to return for season three. Plan and simple.

  8. Margaret Lynn says:

    The Knick is great!!!!!

  9. Monika says:

    I’m hoping Thackery didn’t die. I really, really want a season 3…2 seasons is just a tease

  10. deborah roberts says:

    Great series. Bring back to TV land.

  11. l love the show and I definitely think there should be a season three..

  12. Renee says:

    I have thoroughly enjoyed this show and was disappointed when Thack died on the OR table. Can we bring back Clive Owen in the form of a twin brother? I’ll accept that since we know very little about his family background. I also want to see more interaction between Dr. Edward’s wife and Cornelia. Most of all, I want to see Barrows get what’s coming to him.

  13. Anne Louise Doyle says:

    Pleeeese bring back the knick! Thack could easily have survived that surgery. Many will be majorly bummed if it doesn’t return.

    • Anne Louise Doyle says:

      Pleeeese bring back the knick! Thack could easily have survived that surgery. Many will be majorly bummed if it doesn’t return. There are wayyy to many cliff hangers not to continue! I MUST find out what happens to Barrows. I absolutely need to see him go down for all his wrong doings. And what about his wife?? I want to see her get her revenge. And WHAT the hell are those spots on Barrows hands?? What std did his hooker girlfriend give him?? I could continue… Please, for the love of God, you can’t leave us hanging…..

  14. faye says:

    Yes bri g back The Knick…it is so gooooood.

    • Bryon Katrovitz says:

      I find it hard to believe you took this show and the others which were successful and dumped them off for no reason, ten episodes a year is hardly anything to wait for in life and if you keep it up then you lose my subsciption very soon,,,yeah I know what is a few bucks and one script,,,,well there is enough of those who share my opinion. Banshee and The Knick were both great shows, if you are going to end a show then end it right, do not leave it out there as a cliffhanger for more money as you are doing with game of thrones, HBO owned boxing and skinemax owned late night but right now both are headed to showtime and many other channels are doing series better and without the ten episode a year garbage or cutting it off with no warning garbage and they do not even cost extra,,,also between epix and starz and showtime HBO is sucking hind tit for new movies lately so if you keep dropping series that are doing well then you may as well turn the lights out and close the doors folks this is not the 80s anymore and you actually have competition out there that doesnt charge an extra 25 a month

  15. barbara keating says:

    We need both The Knick AND Thackery back!!! Clive Owen & this cast are remarkable, as is Soderbergh. The plot line is a winner. We thinking people who enjoy intelligent acting and scripts psychically, physically and mentally relish each episode. Enough mindless comedy & violence flooding the cable stations. Give us THE KNICK – soon!

  16. Rosalind Turner says:

    Please bring the show back. Those of us who enjoy the art of thinking need intelligent shows like this one to keep us sane.

  17. Jeanne says:

    You must ring backThe Knick! Old characters to be developed,great Tories ,even without Thackery! altho, he will be missed…. Scenery, costumes ,historical facts are worth more seasons

  18. Marythebus says:

    I LOVE the knick. The characters are developed and strong. There’s an over abundance of pompous arrogant assholes who think they are the superior race and the hell with everyone else. We are owed money and power for our hard work is their motto. The racism is runaway as is the sexism and prejudiced behavior and on a scale you can’t even imagine. These Conservative white men with their narrow minds snobbishness and corrupt behavior makes one want to take them out to the woods and leave them there for the Bears to chow down on.

    • barbara keating says:

      Fantastic news. Clive Owen – who wouldn’t want to see more of his modulated, yet always deft and exciting portrayal of Dr. Thackery? . Soderbergh also deserves many huzzahs for his brilliant direction of this show. It is for the intelligent viewers among us and I, for one, can’t wait! The whole era of early 1900 NYC and medical practices of the time is almost eery in its truth. The characters are believable and the whole effort is a small masterpiece. Clive Owen drives the show. This is an actor who can do it all and involve you in his brilliantly shaded performance.

  19. jill norton says:

    Please can we have season 3!!!!!!

    • barbara keating says:

      Yeah – this is one fantastic show – Clive Owen’s performance is magnetic;hypnotizing & the writing + Soderburgh, what more can we ask?Bring it on soon!!!

  20. Tanisha says:

    If Cinemax is foolish enough to not pick up a third season go with Netflix or HBO. Clyde would do it for more money they always do look at the cast of Friends and Seinfeld, either way you can’t just leave us hanging like that we got to know what’s going to happen. You wrapped it up nicely, but still…..I’m so addicted to this show, I need therapy! The best show in years!!!!!!!

    • barbara keating says:

      I totally agree with the previous writer. Clive Owen is stupendous in a brilliantly written, acted and directed series that aptly captures the climate of practiced surgery in early 1900s NYC. Cinemax would be crazy not to continue with The Knick. It’s even the President’s favorite show!

      Intelligence just shines through with each episode. There are many of us in the “desirable” age group of 18-54 & above, who refuse to waste our time & $$$ watching dopey sitcoms year after year. I would follow The Knick to any cable channel to continue watching a sophisticated, brilliant show like The Knick. Wow! It is just about perfect and to “kill it off” would be a major blunder by Cinemax. If Owen and Soderbergh say “yes” to another couple of seasons, I will be watching along with a group friends who’ve made The Knick indispensable!

  21. Thackery may not yet be dead! You were left wondering. This is a brilliant series. The plot takes you though the history of medicine and racial issues in a way that is both entertaining and educational. We need more. How and why did Thack survive? Was the white star liner the Titanic? and did the other Dr go to Germany to continue their eugenics, women suffrage and of course all the wonderful new medical discoveries. There is so much more for the next series.

    • This show is fantastic! One of the best I’ve seen. Really want it to continue, There is so much material to use in more seasons. It is a very intelligent show, covering difficult topics in ways not previously seen! Not to mention the fantastic music!

  22. janis thompson says:

    Thackery can haunt the operating circus advising the other doctors as they work
    Write him back into the script.

  23. janis thompson says:

    Edwards is going into psychiatry. I think that was suggested at the end. Barrow will possibly go to jail and also we have the unfinished relationship between Lucy and Cornelia’s brother. A new doctor character with some other type of attractive, interesting traits can come to the Knick and it could become the psychiatric services of the hospital would be available along with Bertie’s development in surgery. A woman doctor can be added, Lucy can marry Cornelia’s brother a make life hell in a Karmic payback. What adventures will Cornelia have? Will she end up a prostitute?
    Think about it.

  24. Chantal Vang says:

    no to a third season imo….the show would devolve into the most predictable of soap opera style dramas.. let it have died on the table

    • Marythebus says:

      There is too much unfinished bad karma to clean up. It can be done in the 3rd season

    • Klara says:

      Same here. I am a great fan of the show and know it inside out due to my line of work, but it’s the fact that there are two brilliant series to the Knick (and not more) that makes the series one IN a million, not one OF a million… (hopefully I got those two right, not being a native speaker ;-) ).

      • Klara says:

        Sorry, edit: “two brilliant seasons”, not series… As mentioned before, non-native, I apologize.

  25. Shona says:

    Please return with season 3. I love this show. It’s so different from the normal medical shows and the time period makes it more interesting! There’s so many things left unanswered. I need to know what happens to everyone. Thackeray ( Clive Owen) is why I started watching the show but I would still watch without him. I’m invested in all the characters now.please at least wrap it up with one last season. I hate when shows just leave everything hanging!! If I knew they were stopping I don’t think I would of even watched. This keeps happening to me after I get into a show its cancelled or the stars don’t want to continue …. Etc.
    my vote is keep going. There’s so much room for great story lines, come on!!

  26. they fixed the aorta , the can trasfuse blood , and they gave him a huge injection of adrenaline to restart his heart. its impossible not to recover.
    but i guess if they want to end it , they can from this point.

    it was an amazing show and must continiu to season 3.

  27. Leonard says:

    My concern is if Gallinger gets away with treating Edwards like a punching bag with no repercussions. He’s basically destroyed this black man’s surgical career, destroyed his vision and is an avowed racist. I guess he’s the guy that gets away with it. Typical.

  28. RCH says:

    Thackery or no Thackery, I HAVE to know if Harry (Rose?) finds out what Cleary did and how quickly Barrow’s mistress runs off with the money she now has full control over. Plus I love Bertie. (And I say this as someone who only watched S1 because Clive Owen was headlining.)

    Begler and Amiel are wonderful storytellers and I have faith in their vision if they think they have enough material to move forward with.

    • Jeff Worcester says:

      Rose is actually a man, that’s why she (or he) said he was “off his nut” when he proposed and told him to prey when she stormed off. Also remember “the kiss”? And after they slept together and she realized he was alright with it, she put on the ring but they laugh offed the breakfast prayers. I doubt Cleary is gay, he just loves her so much he don’t care because sex isn’t a big deal to either of them.

  29. Bill Cord says:

    Dr. Edward’s comment to the younger Robertson “I owe it to him” seems to conclude Thackery died. It was a great series but considering how many characters had their stories somewhat finished, season 3 would be a real re-boot.

    • Jeff Worcester says:

      I think he was talking about The Captain. How he owed so much to him for all his help his whole lfe and his legacy being the Hospital..

  30. I’ve loved ever minute of this show. The characters, direction, sets, costumes, medical history, conniving, bribery, sex and chicanery. BUT did anyone else feel a bit like Doc Thackery might have jumped the shark in his last scene? The acting and special effects were incredible..but there was just something that told me it was right at the line of his and other characters..and the way they should have reacted. Anyway, crossing fingers that it continues with or without Soderburgh and Owen…

  31. That’s our problem today: we can’t leave well (or in this case, brilliant) enough alone.

    We’ve become pathological in our need to see every unknown become a known. When was the last time you opted to let a curiosity be, ungoogled…I know, me either!

    Of course I’d love if they did another season of The Knick, and would certainly watch it. But as with so many other brilliant dramas that run past their time, and cling to the spotlight, I’ll probably wish I hadn’t.

    Christian Hunter
    Austin, TX

  32. ummar says:

    Love the show. Hope it will continue on. So far its flawless.

  33. I hope there is a 3rd season. Since No one ever mention Dr Thackerys death. The other 2 could have saved him.

  34. Ann Ellenson says:

    I hope there is a third session, but only if if they can continue the same quality. As a nurse I am amazed at the accuracy of the medical information and especially the surgical procedures. The anatomy of the models are just mind blowing.
    I think the Knick is based on NY’s Bellview Hospital and if the series continues it may focus more on Mount Sinai Hospital. As a former resident of Northern NJ the portrayal of the two hospital seems right on.

  35. Lainie says:

    Wow. I had no idea there might not be a season 3. But they did a great job giving us a glimpse of everyone’s future and their next steps. The finale tied up some storylines, but gave us foreshadowing of things to come for others (radiation poisoning anyone? Karma is bitch). The Knick is so smart a show that it had me googling facts about medicane and history. Last show to do that was also about New York’s past …Cooper. Cooper ended on an awful cliffhanger with a written season 3 that never got filmed. At least the writers of The Knick had the forethought to end the show well.

  36. Paul says:

    Barrow gave power of attorney to a hooker and they want to end the show now? No way I have to see him getting screwed over by the hooker and his ex-wife for not being able to pay her half of his earnings.

  37. Sharon Pawlick says:

    Dr Thachery needs to return, or who’s left of interest in the show? There is no show without him!

  38. Les Levine says:

    Next to Thrones my favorite show. Blew my mind on what I hope was the season and not series finale. Every aspect of this show was a pleasure to witness and the character creations were amazing, could go in so many directions and/or spinoffs. Hope there will be lots more to come but if not a genuine pleasure to have experienced.

  39. JayTay says:

    loved the first season, but second season felt like it was written by “days of our lives” people

  40. biotic8 says:

    What can I say…simply Amazing! I hope The Knick returns…please! The music, the lighting and the awesome acting…not to mention the costumes and decor. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

  41. orr700@gmail.com says:

    I had always believed that this was only to be 2 seasons and feel blessed to have gotten to view them best 10 hours of TV. We’re the awards or nominations for The Knick? Hope it comes back but if not, thanks and job well done.

  42. emacs says:

    Damn, that was a fantastic ending. Really hope there’s a third season, but I’d be pretty satisfied if there wasn’t. Such a shame that so few people watch this show, there’s really nothing else like it.

  43. luciferase says:

    This is the best medical show I have ever seen (I am a physician scientist) and one of the best (of many perfect) roles for Clive Owen. Love it and hope so much that it will return (with Clive Owen)

  44. This is the best show most people have never heard of. That said, the way it ended was perfect.* I’m satisfied if it’s only 2 seasons.

    * Lucy’s arc this season was the only flaw. The second her Southern Christian dad showed up I knew the hits against White Southern Christians were coming. Christians are only “good,” in Hollywood if they don’t follow the rules (Harriet performing abortions).

  45. Draconitz says:

    Oh come on. Bring back Knick. It’s one of the most amazing TV shows ever made and the story just can not be left like this. And please whatever anyone will say, don’t kill Thackery.

  46. Nancy Warner says:

    Please bring The Knick back!!!!!! It is an amazing story line that gets you hooked from the beginning. Just to see the struggles and successes in bringing medicine through to today. In the next two centuries, future generations, hopefully, will see a series that shows how medicine of our time advanced over 200 years to their time.

  47. Dee squared says:

    Wow, they cannot leave the story as is. That would suck entirely.

  48. Arlyn Sams says:

    Please, please, please produce season 3 of The Knick. It provides many levels of satisfaction for me: characters, plots, historical medical information, sets, and costumes.

  49. Viv Gel says:

    The second season was amazing. Please, please bring us a season 3. I have never missed an episode during the past two years. This year, however, was far superior to anything else I’ve seen on television.

  50. Now THIS is a shock! There’s a chance that there will be no more episodes?? Holy stuff! I just HAVE to know what happens to Neely! And Algie! And Harry and Tom, for crying out loud!

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