‘The Flash’ Will Never Be The Same After ‘The Trap’

flash trap barry harrison wells
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The Flash” has firmly established itself as a purveyor of twists, curveballs and game-changing reveals since it premiered, and with four episodes left in the superhero drama’s freshman season, fans can expect plenty of fireworks in the run up to the season finale.

In episode 19, “Who Is Harrison Wells,” Barry (Grant Gustin), Cisco (Carlos Valdes) and Caitlin (Danielle Panabaker) discovered Wells’ (Tom Cavanagh) hidden vault in the bowels of STAR Labs — a secret room that contains the Reverse Flash’s yellow suit and a fairly incriminating newspaper article from 2024 that hints at Barry’s fate. Episode 20, titled “The Trap,” picks up right where last week’s installment left off, and needless to say, our heroes have plenty of questions about what they’ve uncovered.

Now that Barry’s worst suspicions about Wells have been confirmed, where does Team Flash go from here? As the CW’s episode description succinctly puts it (and SPOILER ALERT if you want to remain completely oblivious before the episode airs): “The team sets a trap for Wells, and Cisco uses himself as prey, which puts him in grave danger,” as the team learns that it’s not so easy to trip up a time-traveling speedster.

For a hint at what you can expect from tonight’s hour, read on for eight teases for “The Trap.”

While You Were Sleeping
“The Trap” features flashbacks to when Barry was in a coma following the particle accelerator explosion, which allows for a couple of poignant and powerful scenes anchored by Joe (Jesse L. Martin) and Iris (Candice Patton) as they show their love for our sleeping speedster. But not everyone who visits Barry’s bedside has such benevolent intentions…

Deus Ex Machina
Some surprising facts about Gideon, Dr. Wells’ computer, will be revealed in this week’s episode, and we’ll see a whole new side of her(?).

“Inception or Dreamscape?”
As part of their scheme to trap Wells, Team Flash revisits a scenario that proved deadly for Cisco the last time it occurred (in an alternate timeline), and part of their cunning plan involves what can best be described as dream-walking.

Iris West: Intrepid Reporter
After having her suspicions brushed off or deflected by the men in her life for most of the season, Iris makes a major breakthrough in her investigation into the strange occurrences in Central City, proving that she really does have a nose for news.

During the hour, we see Joe make a decision that has major repercussions for everyone he loves.

Fight for the Future
Closer inspection of the 2024 newspaper article drops some delicious easter eggs about Barry’s destiny, and one tease that occurs during the team’s time in Wells’ vault should leave DC Comics fans giddy. The glimpse at the future also opens up some possibilities about adjustments that could be made to Barry’s suit, and Cisco is clearly intrigued by the potential.

Keep your Enemies Close
Wells still proves to be a valuable asset in “The Trap,” imparting another pep talk that helps Barry when he needs it most and further confuses his feelings for his mentor. Our hero also learns another handy trick to add to his speedy arsenal (no Roy Harper puns intended).

A Stinging Stinger
You won’t want to miss the episode’s post-credits scene, which is one of the most intense of the series to date.

“The Flash” airs Tuesdays at 8 p.m. on the CW.

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  1. First, I’m a fan of the show. I thought “the trap” was the best episode yet… Until the scene wells gets shot and turns into changer guy. The episode with the face changer clearly explains he couldn’t take on powers. How did he, not only have speedster powers, but also react to Cisco exactly as wells would? Was there a simple line from wells like,” I trained him”? Or is this a huge plot hole?

  2. Michael says:

    The comment by Wells about keeping Thawne ‘as insurance’ could have multiple interpretations, with the basic one being a hostage that Barry and Co. care about. He could be used as leverage to ensure that Barry follows the desired timeline.

    However I think it is more important on a time travel perspective:
    – Iris is supposed to marry Barry, so getting Thawne out of the way prevents him from interfering with that
    – Thawne could also be a direct ancestor of Wells, so if anything happens to him, that could really upset the timeline. If Thawne is killed, or he marries the wrong person, then everything Wells has done could cease to exist.

    I also have to wonder about the future Flash. Since a Flash from the future came back in time to try to stop Wells from killing Barry’s mother, he either returned to the future, or is hiding in the present. If he is in the future, he should be aware of the new events that unfolded, and could possibly go back in time to prevent them.

  3. http://corymorrartandanimation.webs.com/ says:

    NewsFlash: The Flash was also never the same after you a********s at DC killed the old style
    Wally West.

  4. pfudurich@cox.net says:

    Um,What about STAR Labs?….Since the big reveal, and knowing that Wells is truly dead…who fits the rent for STAR Labs? Can’t be on Barry’s salary, and Katilin and Cisco were under Wells employ. You have metahumans in the core, I’m sure a ridiculous power bill, and it seems that every new metahuman they encounter Cisco is building something new to handle them. Who’s got that kind of dough? Just saying’…finance guy. :)

  5. Jim says:

    I love the show and it has the potential for greatness, if:

    1 they invest in ALL the talent (characters)
    2 remain true to the awesome comic book material
    3 avoid the tendency to venture into fan pandering episodes like Glee 2.0 and strange romance arcs (Linda Park-Wally’s girl, Caitlin Snow-Ronny’s girl).

    I want a great show that lasts!

  6. The article about The Flash vanishing, I bet it’s written/wrote by Iris.

  7. WestAllen Fan in Texas says:

    WestAllen is fabulous! Grant Gustin and Candice Patton have amazing chemistry and are brilliantly cast. The Flash makes television fun again and it is good tonight’s episode will not be a filler, like the last two. Iris WestAllen’s character deserves better writing, and so do her fans.

  8. Goodbyenoway says:

    I meant Gustin. Darn autocorrect.

  9. Goodbyenoway says:

    I turned this off half way through the season. It kept going in circles. Also, I realized that no one on the show can really act. Gudrun is nice looking from the neck up but has the body of a teenage girl. Most of the supporting characters like Iris and Cisco are awful. And Barry and Iris have zero chemistry. This show needs help.

  10. Anna says:

    OMG omg this is too much reporter West coma flash backs Wells playing mind games with the tram joe doing something stupid someone hold

  11. Emily says:

    The coma flashbacks with Iris are what I live for.

  12. Tony Copelin says:

    This show went from a,Not even knowing it was on TV show,to a catching it by mistake on EP3 show, to having this show as Must See TV. This is the best show on TV, It has also got me watching Arrow. I LOVE CAITLIN…… I MEAN THIS SHOW :)

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