‘The Fall’ Renewed for Season 3 with Jamie Dornan, Gillian Anderson

LONDON — The BBC has commissioned a third season of psychological thriller “The Fall,” which stars Gillian Anderson as police detective Stella Gibson and Jamie Dornan as serial killer Paul Spector. A teaser for season three has been released (above).

Endemol Shine Intl. has sold the show to 200 countries, including Netflix in the U.S., BBC First in Australia, Bravo Canada, DirecTV in Latin America, Globosat in Brazil, RTE in Ireland, Fox International Channels across Asia and a multiterritory deal with ZDF Enterprises in Germany.

Season two scored an average of 3.3 million viewers on BBC Two in the U.K. and a 12.5% share of the audience. The season finale was watched by 3.6 million consolidated viewers with a 12.7% share.

The series, which is set in Belfast, Northern Ireland, is created, written and directed by Allan Cubitt. It is produced by Gub Neal for Artists Studio, part of Endemol Shine Group. The executive producers are Cubitt, Justin Thomson-Glover, Patrick Irwin and Anderson.

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  1. HillaryIsSatan says:

    Just finished season 3, episode 1. More stupid gruesome medical than anyone ever needs. Only good thing is we can see how use NIH is, as a shot cop had to wait to 24 hours to an MRI.

    Meanwhile Jillian continues scowling her way through scene after scene as the angry cougar with the bitchy resting face. I watch this under spousal duress.

    • HillaryIsSatan says:

      “can see how USELESS NIH is, as a shot cop has to wait 24 hours to get an MRI, making it a perfect reminder of how Obamacare disintegrating into single payer will further ruin America.

      Another reason to vote smartly against a third term on 11/8.


  2. Elaine Fischer says:

    Love it, can’t wait for season 3 :)

  3. Herman_Jr says:

    Season 2 was really a drag to watch. We won’t be watching any more if Spector is still running loose. It took us about 8 weeks to get thru season 2. Enough is Enough.

  4. USA Love the Fall!!!!!

    • D. MURPHY says:

      THE FALL:
      We can hardly wait for Season 3…..
      Does he die? Does he live? if he lives do they start a torrid jail mate/cop love affair? does he kill her? does she kill him?
      For bloody sakes WHEN DOES IT START ?!?!
      confirm the S3 start dates?
      Somebody????! PLZZZ.

  5. Kay says:

    When does it return?

  6. nicholas says:

    best shower ever, i need a season 3!!!!!!

  7. denise couser says:

    I live in America and I just finished watching “The Fall”. I wished everyone could see this show. it was very good, intense. Great work…

  8. Gayla says:

    The Fall is one of the most riviting shows ever! Season 2 Finale the best. Jamie Dornan was perfect as the killer and Gillian Anderson was perfect as the slightly demented inspector. Both deserve awards for fantastic performances. Netflix should be commended for carrying this show in US.

  9. Crystal C says:

    Love this show!!! I just finished this on netflix to check out Jamie since seeing Fifty Shades of Grey and Im obsessed, addicted to it! Can’t wait to watch season 3!!!!

    • Amee says:

      Omg, I did the same thing as you! After seeing Fifty Shades I wanted to see more of Jamie Dornan and that’s how I found out about this show. When will Season 3 be out?!

  10. william Frenchek says:

    I loved the ending of season 2 how when given the choice between helping specter or her partner when they both were shot she went to Paul to try and save his life

  11. mich says:

    I loved The Fall….every minute of it…I think a Season 3 would be awesome…..There are many things not yet played out….Spector’s wife and children, the two living victims, his haunted past, the trial etc…I don’t believe that “being caught” equals finality–would love to see more of this gripping drama.

  12. Olga says:

    Is there going to be a season 3?

  13. Andy Klee says:

    I agree with Bryan. Spector’s been caught. Two seasons is enough.

  14. Bryan says:

    Great show – but its in danger of turning into Dexter if they don’t write off the story line with Spector. Its come to a natural end now. The producers need to be bold and do what Homeland have done with Brody. The protagonist is always going to be Gillian Andersons character as is Cathie Mathison with Homeland – so build the series around that. New city, new serial killer for season 3 would have been a better option.

    • Gavin Jones says:

      I get what your saying , spoiler its running here in the UK season 3 . It’s really tense we only have six episodes ,two more episodes left to watch .. I am really miffed don’t think its gonna wrap everything up, Gillian Anderson is great in it this is the best so far.Jamie really gets right into the psycho part of the character great actor its well done and I will miss it when its over. Six episodes doesn’t count a season why are all these great dramas getting cut short .I will not say any more you’ll love it don’t know about the ending yet but I guess I am gonna be disappointed. All the negative posts here about Jamie ,the content of the show and the storyline ,I ask why did you continue if you think that American glossy crime dramas are best,just to moan about it afterwards.Th British are best at this type of show that’s why everyone wants them . Enjoy all you guys who loved it.

  15. andrew hobbs says:

    Superb ending to season two. Leaves you just gasping for the next season to see where the relationship between Stella and Spector will go.

  16. Trish says:

    Absolutly fantastic can’t wait for season 3!!! The Brits always do a great job, keep up the good work, great acting!

  17. JKHK says:

    Hey Leo not to question your intelligence but as there are only 195 countries in the world I doubt “Endemol Shine Intl. has sold the show to 200 countries”…

  18. kim says:

    loved the Fall cannot wait for season 3 – Jamie omg brilliant and no wonder he was cast in 50 shades he has the ability to take the character to different places exciting stuff

  19. Nina says:

    the ONLY full serial I have watched on TV(all episodes) largely because of Anderson.
    wish they could fill up the logical gaps ,and shut out the unnecessary parallel stories .Rather Andersons and Bronagh Waughs character needs to be filled up. less of gore hopefully.

    • Judy Anne says:

      Like the series The Fall, cannot stand the actor Jamie Dornan, the problem is tat he can’t act, his expressionless soppy face is very annoying, Gillian Anderson on the other hand makes the show, plus the other actors of course….give Jamie the flick and kill him off…

  20. Dolores says:

    I am so glad that The Fall is having a 3rd season. Gillian Anderson is so great as the complex hate/love man detective. Jamie Dornan was brilliant. The whole cast was so wonderful to watch.

  21. ohello says:

    Bobbi, you do realize that people are entitled to their own opinion right and that yours is not the only one in the world right? You might consider them rude for voicing it, but your condescension and sarcasm in response is just as rude, IMO. This article is about The Fall, not 50 Shades. Please don’t conflate the two.

  22. fifiwereking says:

    i’m psyched to see a season three with gillian anderson, but jamie dornan? not so much…. don’t get me wrong, i thought he did a great job as spector, and he’s easy on the eyes – i just think that storyline is played out, and i was hoping for a whole new challenge for gibson… i guess i’ll just have to wait and see what they come up with….

  23. OB says:

    I really enjoyed Series 1, and Series 2 was doing great until the last episode when nearly every single character did something so completely idiotic and out of character – particularly for a show that previously seemed to really enjoy showing us how intelligent and calculated Stella was, not to mention the intricate machinations of the police force, from tailing a suspect, to the use of particular officers during interrogations – no, the end was almost insulting it was so bad.

    It’s as if the storyline with Paul had only been meant to last a season and then, after the shows (and Dornan’s) popularity, they decided to extend the storyline – only they didn’t know how to close it out, so they just took their previously very intelligent character and turned them into bumbling keystone cops. I was literally shouting at the screen.

    Not sure if I’ll tune in anymore.

    • Geri says:

      Totally with you. Andersen’s character made some pretty unrealistic / improbable moves in Season 2. It didn’t ruin it for me, but the series was so believable up to that point, it just made the gaffes in realism all the more noticeable.

    • Bobbi says:

      OB…. I assume you’re referring to SEASON 1 (4 episodes) and SEASON 2 (6 episodes), when you were “literally shouting at the screen” it was so bad, correct? Then I suggest you find another form of entertainment… We certainly don’t want you too stressed out. The FACT is; The Fall and Jamie Dornan’s career
      Is successful, so it doesn’t really matter if you “don’t tune in anymore”, he’ll do, and is doing quite well, thank you very much…

  24. Renee says:

    So happy for Jamie that he got the huge pay bump to do the rest of 50 shades….he’s so yummy!

  25. Renee says:


  26. Jared says:

    This news just made my day! I was introduced to this series just last month and I loved both seasons! Jamie and Gillian are fantastic in it. I can’t wait for season 3.

  27. jhs39 says:

    Liked season one but season two was dreadful–the show just spun its wheels for six episodes until Stella Gibson finally got her man which clearly should have happened at the end of season one. In season two the serial killer never actually kills anyone and much of the serious is taken up with idiotic story-lines like the teenage baby sitter who is mortified when she finds out Jamie Dornan’s character lied to his wife saying he was having an affair with the under-aged girl, tells the wife he tried to rape her causing him to break into her house to threaten her at which point she accuses him of being the serial killer the police are looking for. Then she decides she’s head over heels in love with him. Huh? We also get some man hating garbage from Gillian Anderson’s Stella Gibson claiming that men are inferior to women because we are a genetic anomaly and that all men without exception are capable of violence against women because of our genetic inferiority. Season two of The Fall was complete crap from beginning to end.

    • I largely agree with your opinion jhs39′.

      Also, I found myself frustrated at the s l o w…and ….
      l i n g e r i n g….camera shots of Stella. Sure, the emphasis was on ‘depth’ and going down some character underpinnings, but enough is enough. It was irritating to have Season 2 in ‘slow motion’!! Seems a bit of ‘self-obsession’ with Anderson…the close-up face shots.. too much for me.. American produced crime series are genuinely riveting, while also managing to capture character development in meaningful pauses; which make us ‘feel’ for the characters….not be annoyed with them.. IMHO

    • Bobbi says:

      Re: jhs39…. Soooo, if, in your opinion, Season 2 of The Fall was so “dreadful”, and “crap from beginning to end”, I guess you won’t be wasting your time watching Season 3, correct? Why would you? Why did you even watch ALL of Season 2 if it was so aweful? You remind me of all the literary snobs, nay-sayers, and negative commentators and critics that said Fifty Shades of Grey would be a flop at the box office, most of whom never read the trilogy. We all know how that turned out don’t we? The first adaptation has made over 500 million dollars Internationally and still going strong. There are 100 million people that are now die-hard fans of Jamie Dornan, Dakota Johnson and the brilliant directing by Sam Taylor-Johnson. From now on, I personally, will pay and/or take the time to watch anything they are involved with. Until Season 3 of The Fall and Fifty Shades Darker are made available for our entertainment, I suggest you take our mommy’s wise advise, and not say anything if you can’t say something nice. The FACT that The Fall, AND Fifty Shades of Grey have been extremely successful prove that your opinion is silly. If you don’t like the shows or characters that Jamie Dornan (or others) choose to portray, then choose another type of entertainment. Under the circumstances, your vote doesn’t really count, does it?Sooooo, there ya go jhs39……

      • Franz73 says:

        So let me get this straight… Jhs39 isn’t entitled to her opinion just because she happens not to like a successful show?
        You say you hate snobs and naysayers and, surprise surprise, I do agree with you.
        But there’s a category i hate even more:
        Sheep. Those who not only follow the mass, but are happy to do so and say that, if something is a success, then it gotta be good and those who do think otherwise well… their opinion is “silly”.
        And you are even happy of saying that you will “pay and/or take the time to watch anything they are involved with.” that’s a really depressing thing to read.
        I wouldn’t be surprised to know at school you were one of those who, while not bullying anyone, still think that there’s nothing wrong in picking on the nerd/fatso/goth, after all they stink/their music is crap/they’re just stooooooopid.

        For the record, I enjoyed the fall and Dornan’s character. I haven’t watched 50 shades because that’s not my genre. Might watch it in the future as indeed Dornan is a superb actor.

      • Cindy says:

        Perfectly said Bobbi. Jamie Dornan can really get deep with his characters. He is an incredible actor.

  28. Dolores says:

    About time they told us if The Fall was going to be renewed. Hate to get into a TV series and find out it’s not going to be renewed.

  29. Yes!! I love this show and thought it would end after season2 – although now that Dornan won’t be in the next Shades of Grey movies it makes more sense.

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