HBO Cancels ‘The Brink’ After Season 2 Renewal

The Brink HBO
Courtesy of HBO

HBO has changed its mind about going forward with a second season for the Jack Black/Tim Robbins comedy “The Brink.”

After renewing the comedy in July, the cabler announced today that it would be canceling plans for another season. “After evaluating our schedule and our programming needs, we unfortunately decided we cannot give ‘The Brink’ the attention it deserves for a second season,” HBO said in a statement. “We are proud of the first season and wish everyone involved in this show the very best.”

“The Brink” focuses on a geopolitical crisis and its impact on three men: Black as foreign service officer Alex Talbot; Robbins as Secretary of State Walter Larson; and Pablo Schreiber as Navy fighter pilot Zeke Tilson. The series was created by Roberto Benabib and Kim Benabib and exec produced by Jerry Weintraub, Roberto Benabib and Jay Roach.

“The Brink” averaged 1.1 million viewers for its regular-timeslot telecast each Sunday during the summer. And according to HBO, it had a gross multi-platform weekly audience of 5.5 million viewers — a solid number but well below the 8.8 million for “Ballers,” which became the network’s most popular comedy series in six years.

In his review for Variety, Brian Lowry wrote, “It’s more daring conceptually than it is in practice, with a jokey, anything-for-a-gag tone and a fondness for rat-a-tat banter and insults that plays like ‘Veep’s’ addled cousin.”

The news was first reported by Deadline.




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  1. NEAL says:

    Gutted about brink, love ballers but would prefer brink to have continued

  2. NEAL says:

    Gutted about Brink, just watched it on austar and is very very funny…dont get me wrong cant wait for ballers but prefer brink to have been continued.

  3. DDB says:

    As usual HBO cancels a great show after getting me hooked _ why do I fall for this again and again RIP Brink

  4. Arnold says:

    It was my favorite series im so sad. This two pilots was amazing. Hundred tusens people watched this online. Bad decision HBO greedy people, very bad.

  5. Marni says:

    Yhis show was amazing I am so sad they won’t be making a second season it deffinitly deserves one!

  6. Bring back The Brink!!!!!!!

  7. bGslaPC says:

    Somebody PLEASE save this show … i dont care who … just do it !!! :((

    • Josh Woodby says:

      Seriously can’t believe they canceled this show considering the star studded cast ..they were lucky to have jack black and Tim Robbins and many others and I watched the ballers also they were my Monday routine cause I would record them both but this is such bull crap ..I’ve seen worse shows get like 10 seasons and this show had so much left the give I think

  8. Dave frank says:

    What’s wrong with HBO they renew leftovers for another season and cancel Brink , someone at HBO needs to get thier head out of thier ass.

    • Chad Johnson says:

      Well, I love the Leftovers too, as well as The Brink. But Togetherness is a piece of crap. And on another note, ever notice how HBO hardly ever plays any decent movies anymore? I’ve had HBO since it came out, and the movies they have are really old or not too well known. If HBO didn’t have certain series I would dump it.

  9. Cheri says:

    I am very disappointed with the canceling The Brink. I was really looking forward to watching season 2. It’s a very good comedy show.

  10. David says:

    So disappointed on this show being cancelled. Tim Robbins jack black great cast super intense fun. Cannot believe it. To me best show outside of the detective series ever What’s up!

  11. explorer guy says:

    The Brink made HBO and Sunday night for one short season. I usually don’t care either way for show cancellations, but this one is incomprehensible. Super writing,great acting, fastest 1/2 hour program on TV. Only reason I watched Ballers was it was ok filler. HBO gives the Leftovers a third season and cancels The Brink. It makes my head hurt.

  12. Chad Johnson says:

    So they canceled the Brink so they can have two seasons of the horrifically terrible Togetherness? HBO has jumped the shark by pandering to, um, who? Whiney moms that identify with the idiotic character Melanie Lynskey portrays. Lame HBO. Really lame…

  13. Dirth McAvoy says:

    Bunch of f#@king network nitwits! This is exactly why I pirate TV shows on the internet. I’m not gonna pay a bunch of f#@kstains at HBO to make bad programming decisions! I hope you all go bankrupt

  14. Brandon says:

    HBO, someone needs to pay for this decision. I want blood, and no I don’t mean Game of Thrones or Band of Brothers, I want Marketeer blood. At the very least a “HBO Marketing Director found drugged after being left in a cell with Bill Cosby overnight” article on the Internet somewhere in the coming weeks. Justice.


  15. Peggy says:

    Just found out that HBO isn’t going to have a season 2 of the Brink, so I guess there’s no reason for me to keep HBO anymore.

  16. Justina says:

    I talked to a bunch of people about it, and they had never heard of it… Clearly a lack of marketing and time to let it get exposure… The show was brilliant and a step above ballers. This is a bad decision…

  17. CMK says:

    Just gave me a reason to cancel the premium-priced HBO. Like “Newsroom” before it…they throw away the original and interesting and keep the crap playing forever.

  18. Matt kirkman says:

    A travesty. Such a great show. HBO, what are you thinking?

  19. Joe Slater says:

    This was the wittiest, most trenchant show to come on television in the last 50 years. Tim Robbins was superb as were Alex Talbot, Jack Black, Pablo Schreiber, Walter Larsen and Esai Morales. The writing caricatured appropriately leaders of the world as very human and sometimes insane actors. This should be picked up by another network because it’s a potential blockbuster. Just like Seinfeld and Cheers needing time to develop a significant audience, this one will be bigger.

  20. Sully says:

    Well this really sucks, The Brink had 1.1Million viewers on regular times on Sundays after just 1 year and a weekly viewing of 5.5 Million again in one year. Next “ballers” while another good show took 6 Years to accumulate 8.8 Million viewers respectively, And Ballers showcases the use of elicit drugs? and corruption and Sex in sports
    Come on HBO give “The Brink” a second season of production, maybe a different time slot or day.

  21. fbkblog says:

    I cannot believe The Brink was cancelled. Funniest show since Veep. My conspiracy theory is that the government may have put pressure on HBO to cancel it because it made the President and his Cabinet look like morons, the US Navy Fighter pilots look like drug dealing idiots, and may have offended Pakistan with the portrayal of its people. The writing on this show was too good and too funny to cancel. How can you renew a show and then cancel it. It doesn’t make sense unless there was some outside pressure. I hope Showtime picks it up so I can cancel HBO.

  22. That Was the funniest show of the year. I hope someone else will pick it up

  23. ME Ferrari says:

    are you kidding me? a loss of a wonderful show and a terrible, disappointing decision made by HBO.

  24. cuchulain9 says:

    Absolutely loved this show. Very disappointing.

  25. Yikes! says:

    What is going on over there with the original programming “geniuses” at HBO? After the debacle of David Fincher’s projects, the never-ending saga of trying to mount “Lewis and Clark”, the runaway budget and script problems of “Westworld” and now this.

    Bring back Chris Albrecht!

  26. So glad. This show was horrible. The writing was a joke and Jack Black can’t act. Ballers is not much better. HBO should cancel it too and give the full hour block to “The Knick.”

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