‘The Bachelorette’ Spoiler: Did Kaitlyn Bristowe Reveal Winner?

Courtesy of ABC

The BacheloretteKaitlyn Bristowe set off a social-media frenzy Friday evening, following a Snapchat that may have spoiled the entire season by revealing the winner.

SPOILER ALERT: Do not read ahead, if you do not want to see Bristowe’s Snapchat, which may have spoiled the Season 11 winner.

Only four weeks into her televised journey to find love, Bristowe posted a Snapchat story, showing her in bed with contestant Shawn Booth, indicating that they are still together — and he is the winner of Season 11.

Booth won the first impression rose on “The Bachelorette’s” first episode and has been seen as a frontrunner, but still has ways to go until the finale this July. Though filming for the entire season is wrapped, as always, contestants have contractual obligations with the network not to reveal their relationship status by being seen in public with each other, while their episodes are airing. ABC had no comment on Bristowe’s Snapchat post.

Bristowe’s faux pas hit the Internet Friday. Here’s how fans reacted:

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  1. just my thoughts says:

    Oh my goodness people Calm down! At least she was honest about her mistakes and owned up to them.
    Remember Andi… she was only on there to try to get famous, thank goodness that backfired for her. andi had even quit her good job and hired a manager and publicist. Haha. What a fool she was. As josh was a truly great man with a wonderful heart. She used everyone! I loved it when Eric called her out. I just hope that andi isn’t a true witch and cursed that poor man, as he died shortly after she rudely kicked him off the show for his honestly. He saw right through her as I did.
    Caitlin and Shawn make a great couple, I just worry about what his family with think of her now that they know she slept with Nick? They could very well poison Shawns mind and not want her in their family. And sadly Shawn even admitted on air that if his family didn’t approve of her, then their relationship would not work.
    I do hope that they do stay together, and that he truly meant what he said about them not being in a committed relationship at the time (as obviously she was dating other men)
    Nick seems like he has a power over women with his sexuality.. and I’m sure we have all met a guy like him before. He probably tried so hard and wouldn’t take no for an answer when they had sex, as he figured he would hold it over her head they way he diid with Andi?
    I bet he is horrible in bed as a lover… maybe he should have held off on that if he’d hoped to have a chance?
    Shawn has a great body, and will be surrounded by women with great bodies in his profession as a personal trainer. Maybe his jealousy and insecurities come from his own mistakes he has made in the past with his clients. Remember…. those who accuse others, are usually doing that exact thing themselves.
    I don’t find him that attractive in his features etc, and the body won’t stay like that forever. But he has a great voice, and truly seems to care for Caitlin. I do hope that they make it, and that she isn’t criticized anymore for being honest about having sex with someone. She knew right away she went to far. Plus Shawn hadn’t even said he loved her until after she met his family. Maybe she thought that only nick loved her? As he was the only one who said it.. and that is what she came to find?
    As soon as Shawn said those 3 words her life totally changed. As now she knew for sure that she had screwed up.
    Give the girl a break, what if this was Your daughter or niece or? No one deserves to be publicly slammed and slandered (which is illegal by the way) and death threats? Really? My goodness people, please calm down. This isn’t your life, and I am sure you have never been in a situation similar to her.
    Until you have, then you have no right to say the horrible things that you do.

  2. Rebecca says:

    She already slept with Nick of course she didn’t want him and kissed pratically all the bachelors!! She won’t last with Shawn! She’s a w@%#e!! Shawn seems like a decent guy and will get his heart hurt !!

  3. Carolyn says:

    After all the drama and crap this show had, Kaitlyn certainly made the right decision. Nick was a sleaze bucket! We had Shawn picked all the way – he is a real gentleman!

  4. I’m really happy kaitlyn won! She seems more down to earth :))

  5. Simone Wallace says:

    Honestly, I am pretty disapointed with Kaitlyn!…And if she picks Josh, I will be totally ticked off. A couple of comments that she made off camera indicated that she just brought Nick back for an ego boost….She obviously hasn’t had this many men at her disposal before, and took full advantage of the situation…like a kid in a candy shop…First, after a really good group date she said, “Maybe, I didn’t really need Nick”….Why would you say that about someone who is potentially your husband? Then, she told Josh that “He was the one”, and that she’s looking for someone with whom ‘their relationship can withstand challenges”..Yes, a relationship should withstand challenges, but not the challenge of “oops, I slept with someone else, honey”. I actually feel sorry for Nick. He seems to have really fallen for her. She seems to have used him and strung him along.. Now, she posts a pic of her and Josh, after just four episodes of Bachelorette. This is just too much, she seems entitled!…I can’t imagine how this behaviour could lead to a healthy lasting relationship with Josh…Not to mention Josh’s unacceptable behaviour..He seems to forget that ‘it takes two to tango’… Kaitlyn is entitled and Josh is jealous and imature. Perfect co-dependent relationship….The only problem is that those relationships doen’t last forever…Great, they are in bed. What next? Poor, Nick. Even worst for Josh!

  6. Connie says:

    I think kaitlyn was disgusting. Who goes to bed with several men when searching for a spouse!! I quit watching after she did that!! She have bachelorette a bad image!!

  7. michelle g says:

    Maybe she did it on purpose to mess with everyone’s mind and Nick is really the winner !?!?! Im reallllllllly hoping NOT.. CANT STAND NICK!! He should have stayed where Andy sent him 😝

  8. Lzzy says:

    Catlin is playing bpth Nick and Sean together. I think she loves having them both pine over her. She aint all that great and besides that, she already had sex and then bragged about it.

  9. Patti says:

    Worst bachelorette ever !!

  10. syd says:

    Is it possible this was just from the fantasy suite?

  11. Debra vega says:

    OMG I,have been following this show..Nick ewuck.he’s a camera ham.no’s his role.fake what one would do for minutes of fame..I was sick,mad .when he appeared on the show.she had too be nuts to pick him..I’m hoping it’s true the picture of Shawn.very happy for him.

  12. sandy ballard says:

    I can’t believe Nick is there and Jerod has gone home. Not fair. I hope Ben is the next bachelor. This is the worst season ever. Nick sucks.

    • Debra vega says:

      I agree I just watched the reruns when nothing else to follow..crazy good men went home/some..but they’re better off without her,deserve much better remember there there for a wife.if this show continues like they have..it’s not worth watching..you no I loved watching before.it had you thinking can true love be found on that show..lately it’s like every other drama show..joke..

  13. Susan Moore says:

    Kaitlyn is a 29 y.o. With the brains and libido of a 13 year old!! She doesn’t want love, just the 15 min of fame and to get to make out/sleep with these men!!! She is too greasy for anyone to want her permanently, and I’m sure now that the show is on the air, the men that left are thrilled that they got kicked off!!!!!

  14. NK says:

    This is the worst program of the past years ! This woman has no morals, or pride in herself. She is a bad example for the younger generation watching this wondering what dating is all about! This program should have been wiped off a long time ago.

  15. lala says:

    Worst bachelorette ever. Skinny, plain, goofy & skanky. She needs braces & maturity. Poor guys.

    • Lulu says:

      Yes we all poo poo Kaitlyn but forget about the Bachelors that Humped the women one after another?

      Double Standard attitude?

    • Ashley says:

      skinny..? way to weight shame. how would you like people using your weight as an insult? nothing wrong with being skinny. there are plenty of beautiful skinny girls. grow up yourself before you talk about her maturity.

  16. michelle says:

    AHHH I hope that Shawn ends up with her and if he doesn’t he definitely needs to be the next bachelor!!! Love him so much

    • Mel says:

      Shawn is psycho, jealous, boring and not good looking! I would much rather see Ben H as the next bachelor or Nick :) AND I wanted kaitlyn to be the bachelorette soooo bad, now wishing it’d have been Brit!!!!!

  17. karen says:

    OKAY Chris buddy, sense you screwed it up, the chosen girl for the show, its time you let Brit on as next Bachlorette. She’s the one from the get go to have the shot. Brit was more sincere of a person, do you not have a clear judgement of characters?

  18. karen says:

    They won’t last. Kaitlyn is a cheater, pretty sure why her ex boyfriend left her. She’s a player, knew that from the very first sight of her. Slept with 3 men on the show, tested out the size of the best penis, Exactly what she did

  19. Jane says:

    She said that was Ryan Gosling! They’re friends!

  20. kat borland says:

    Everyone I talk to thinks Caitlyn is the worst bachelorette so far. She not only disrespected all the guys, but disrespected herself. What Ian said about her was true and I’m glad he said it and then left, she didn’t deserve him or any of the guys on the show. They should all just leave!

    • Lulu says:

      You are thinking that Bruce Jenner/Caitlyn the Creep that we are being drowned in publicity over is the Bachelorette?

      Try watching the show before criticizing! DUH!

  21. Caitlyn is disgustinh says:

    Caitlyn makes me noxious. Everything about her is disgusting and shallow. Why didn’t ABC just pick Brit. I watch show only to see if I can be irritated more from her disgustingness. Don’t know if I can make it much further. She always talks about how horrible the week went. What about us having to watch her rudeness, disrespectfulness, shallowness, most immature bachlorette. She can’t even make romantic scenes look pretty.

    • Robin says:

      You said it straight The worst bachelorette in T.V. history I wish all the guys could just vote her off. She tries to be like Andy and she will never be like her. What were they thinking?

  22. Lynn says:

    I agree Dalton, the producers really blew it this season. There are so many women they could give this opportunity to. This gal is a real sleeze and is NOT wife material. IF, she does actually make it to the alter, it will end with her cheating on her spouse you can bet on that. She has absoulutley no moral fiber, I just don’t see her as a person who will stay faithful.

  23. Dalton Williams says:

    To the Producers,
    I have been a loyal follower of your series for many years. But this season is just plain disgusting.

    May I suggest you go back to picking good candidates and enforcing the format of one Bachelor/Bachelorette and a reasonable group of suitors that have some integrity.

    It appears that the producers have lost control of the show or that all reasonable decency has been lost.

  24. Brenda Robeson says:

    I think that all of the male contestants should be disgusted by Kaitlin. They have all shared the same SPIT. I wonder what else she freely gives away when the cameras are not rolling. What a s……..
    Most people I know don’t watch the shows anymore. We are just ” gagging” seeing her exchange spit!!!!

    • james smith says:

      then don’t watch!

    • mary d says:

      all contestant kiss many people its like the old fable…you have to kiss a lot of frogs to find a prince….im sure it doesn’t help that alcohol plays a large part in lowering everyones inhibitions….and everyones in swimsuit in fantasy vacation type atmosphere but while theres a part of me that thinks like- damn she’s kissing all these guys… can’t say that you’d blame her— how many of us are in a position of 25+ opportunities of the real thing in front of her…as they are all there supposedly to be with her…sometime she has to talk to see if theres a chemistry and kissing is also part of that—kissing them might tell her…hey i liked that…lets discover that feeling or just give her the ick factor…he’s cute, nice but I’m not feeling it!

      so lets as women, stop finding a reason to dump on her….its an equal opportunity world and the guy when on kisses / feels up all the women too, -as if he’s on a farm checking the tomatoes for ripeness!!

  25. Renalda says:

    Caitlyn slept with a guy during taping, so Sean is not necessarily the winner.

  26. mary says:

    loves him from beginning picked him out for her

  27. Sam says:

    The actually adore each other. At least that’s the word around Connecticut. Love at first site sort of story.

    • Mel says:

      If they “adore” each other so much and it was “love at first sight” why continue the show the entire season while she was kissing and sleeping with other men? Let me guess ratings and fame? Ya the Booth family should be soooo proud of this relationship. Ha! #sarcasm

  28. Sam says:

    It’s true, booth family is a big Connecticut Irish catholic family and the secrets been out of the bag in Connecticut for weeks

  29. Dunstan says:

    Yet another “reality” game show masquerading as actual entertainment. Anyone who is concerned about the fact that there was a major revelation due to her Snapchat photo needs to get a life. The sooner this piece of crap gets pulled off the air, the better television will be for it.

    • V1Man says:

      Why are you bothering to post a comment about a show you so obviously dislike. There are starving children somewhere in need of your immediate attention.

      • lala says:

        V1-Possibly one the dumbest comments ever.
        Anyhoo, anyone who thinks these people are actually looking for love, call me, I have property to sell you. Most comments are spot on. Kaitlyn is shallow, looks & acts like a kid in 9th grade. Such a What in H were these guys thinking to pick her over Britt?

  30. jessewojdylo says:

    I am seeing and hearing of more and more celebrities using Snapchat to “break” news. Is this going to be the new Twitter where we have to stop looking at it before an event happens?

    I think Snapchat is a fantastic medium to see behind the scenes type stuff but I don’t want to find out what happens on a show or in a movie before I see it.

    • me says:

      If you’re that invested in who “wins” The Bachelorette, then I’d say you have bigger concerns than Snapchat.

  31. Tina says:

    I suspect that ABC was behind this. Ratings have been lower this season because of spoilers that she blows off both guys at the end, so viewers just are not as interested. I rooted for Kaitlyn over Britt, but I don’t know if she was the best choice. Her personality seems flat, and I really wish she had not let Nick on the show. Adding Nick just makes me want to tune out even more. I’d much rather watch Lifetime’s new show unReal –a fictional behind the scenes look at a bachelor-like show) — soooo much fun to watch.

    • ann says:

      Totally agree. Adding Nick was a big mistake! Not sure i’ll watch much any more. I like her less every week. Very disrespectful to the other guys to bring Nick on at a late date. If you had feelings for him before the show she should have pursued them then.

  32. Ishmael says:

    She is a winner in my book, and I own only one that is needed in this life: The Bible. God loves you Kaitland. You are an inspiration to him and to all of us real Chrsitains.

  33. Carolyn says:

    Crappiest Bachelorette so far. This picture could have been from the Fantasy suite for all we know. Very disappointed in this season so far. Come on ABC you can do better than this. Brit would have been so much better. Good luck to her.

    • sandy ballard says:

      If that’s your description of a Christian, we’re all in trouble. I have nothing against her except she let Nick on the show.

  34. charcramer says:

    Forget the spoiler. Why aren’t we talking about how tacky and tasteless this girl is to post a pic of herself in bed with this guy on snapchat? She tops all former bachelor/bachelorettes when it comes to sleaze.

    • Jep says:

      My thoughts exactly. Thank you.

      • Shecki says:

        Brit, the crying suck who smells because she never takes a shower. She would have been disgusting and what does she look like without 3 inches of makeup on her face. Kaitlin is not the greatest but she is at least real and treating each date like a real date by making out at the end.

      • Kathy Jeffries says:

        Why Chris did they let that Nick come in on those men? Not fair & he had his shot. I am glad that most people did not like this season & she is not a nice girl at all.

      • Sam says:

        Oh please. If I guy posted it ……

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