‘The Bachelorette’ Finale: Chris Harrison Defends Kaitlyn Bristowe’s Controversial Season

The Bachelorette After the Final Rose
Courtesy of ABC

“Bachelor” franchise host Chris Harrison came to Kaitlyn Bristowe’s defense following her controversial run on “The Bachelorette,” which openly addressed having sex and becoming the victim of slut shaming.

“She has put some land mines out there and stepped on them, and at times, I’ve made it very public, she can be her own worst enemy,” Harrison told Variety. “But the thing that I find endearing about her is that it’s all out of honesty and trying to do the right thing.”

Harrison said he thinks the issues raised by the past season are important, and he feels confident there will be more seasons of “The Bachelorette” to come. “I feel like because of what has happened, maybe we need this more than ever,” he said, adding that he had a long conversation with his 11-year-old daughter following the “Men Tell All” episode in which he read some of the harsh social media drubbing Bristowe has endured out loud. “We need to have these debates, and to have these conversations because what’s happening with Kaitlyn is not okay.”

Bristowe agreed that, despite the harsh words, name-calling and even death threats, she has no regrets. “I’m in the moment,” she told Variety. “And I say or I do things that maybe not everyone agrees with.”

Addressing another of the season’s controversial moments — when Bristowe told one her suitors, Shawn, that she wanted him to win — Harrison said he wished she hadn’t broken from the show’s formula. “There’s reasons we had this set up, and unfortunately she took it upon herself to try and fix something that really didn’t need to be fixed. But she did, and it was unfortunate,” he said. “I guess the best way to put it is we were just disappointed.”

Still, the host hearkened back to the first “Bachelorette,” Trista Sutter, who, even before social media, he knew would have to “endure a lot — a lot of press, a lot of pressure.” In retrospect, Harrison said Sutter was the right choice. “And I feel that Kaitlyn’s the same. She’s a strong woman.”

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  1. BernAdette says:

    Worst bachelorette ever. I’m not watching this fiasco again. She deserves jealous Shawn because she has shown that she is not genuine. I would be proud to have “the other guy” as my son in law. Jealous Shawn couldn’t even mention his name. Pathetic and childish on his part.

  2. I personally think she made the wrong choice. Jealousy has no place in a relationship and will eventually be the cause of a breakup. Good luck

  3. OB says:

    Wow. It’s a REALITY TV SHOW, people. Do you really not understand how they work? Been around a while now. It’s all cut to heighten the drama and, based on their ratings and your comments, it’s working!

    And as for the slut-shaming? People need to chill out. So she slept with a guy. Big deal. Happens every day all over the world. She went too far with one guy. If she’d slept with, like, four or five of the twenty-five they set up for her… well that’s be bad, but one drunken mistake? Gimme a break! Girl screwed up. Who cares? Glad she chose Shawn. Nick would’ve been a horrible choice.

  4. Harrison is the meanest host of any show in history, to read those bullying tweats out loud for everyone to hear. He took perverse pleasure in reading them. If I had been Kaitlyn hearing him read them, I would have slapped him. He’s a horrible man. He also tries to start fights and emphasizes disagreements between contestants for drama, when they should be downplayed. No one who goes on these shows should trust Harrison, he will stab them in the back when he gets the chance. His treatment of Juan Pablo was horrendous. And Kaitlyn herself was a totally normal person and not controversial whatsoever. I suppose compared to the prudish women of the past, (except Andi) yes she was controversial by being more like real women, most of whom have sex with lots of people before they get engaged.

  5. vicky says:

    Last year I watch this show. Couldn’t stand looking at Shawn. Ugliest most artogant bachelor ever. He fell in love before he ever met her. It won’t last, he’s too jealous to overlook what happened. Enjoy your sloppy seconds.

  6. denalynnrose says:

    I really dislike Chris Harrison. Talk about getting a bad feeling. He toys with people’s feelings like none of it matters and exploits things he shouldn’t. I understand ppl have a choice to audition and they do play their part in this garbage but who is he anyways? Not a very good role model for his daughter, I’d say. Just money & fame hungry.

  7. mary says:

    I would like to know how Nick even knew where and when The Bachelorette was going to film in New York that gave him the opportunity to show up “spontaneously”? Do former Bachelor/Bachelorette contestants have inside info on the next season’s events and progress? Or did Kaitlyn tell Nick when and where they would be in NYC? Something doesn’t add up. I think the producers planned all of this to promote more drama and to get ratings.

  8. Matt Diehl says:

    Worst season ever. The series is not known for its morals and lets face it…it is edited for ratings…but producers there must be limits!!. Kaitlyn came off as a person with a very low IQ and had know idea what her criteria was for choosing a guy. We FF most of the season, poor choice for the Bachelorette and poor editing…. it was boring. ABC redeem yourself!!

  9. misty says:

    Kaitlyn what an amazing choice…he’s hot,sexy and sweet. All the best to you both..

  10. Elma says:

    So happy for Kaitlyn and Shawn . I pray they live happily ever after

  11. Sally says:

    I hope Nick will be the next bachelor

  12. Dorie Wilson says:

    Best of luck Kaitlyn, but
    I think you picked the wrong guy.

    • DEBBIE says:

      This was the WORST season ever. I am going to agree with you but it was Shawn from the very first night and she even told him as much on several occasions!!! If i were any of the other men I would feel used because there NEVER was a real chance for any of them. Did like her or not even a little bit. If they make it HAhA IT WILL BE A SURPRISE

  13. Goodbyenoway says:

    She is a slut. On national television. It isn’t “endearing.”

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