CBS’ ‘Supergirl’ Premiere Ratings Strong: Top New Show of the Fall

Supergirl CBS
Courtesy of CBS

UPDATED WITH FINALS:Supergirl” took flight in the ratings Monday night for CBS, riding fanboy/fangirl curiosity, a strong lead-in and mostly positive reviews to tie with NBC’s “Blindspot” as the fall’s top premiere score in the key young-adult demo while leading all new shows outright in total viewers.

In Nielsen’s national estimates, “Supergirl” averaged a 3.1 rating/10 share in adults 18-49 and 12.95 million viewers overall from 8:30 to 9:30 p.m., retaining 70% of the young-adult audience for “The Big Bang Theory” in the 8 o’clock half-hour (five-week high 4.4/14 in 18-49, 16.32 million viewers overall). The DC Comics adaptation starring Melissa Benoist tied with NBC’s “The Voice” as No. 2 behind only “Big Bang” among Monday’s entertainment series.

“Supergirl” will have to do battle starting next week without a lead-in from TV’s No. 1 comedy, though CBS has to be pleased that the superhero show’s premiere grew slightly in its second half-hour in 18-49 (3.2 vs. 3.1) while holding steady in both 25-54 (4.0) and 18-34 (1.8).

Monday’s opening for “Supergirl” is on par with what “Scorpion” bowed to last fall (3.1 in 18-49, 13.9 million total viewers) when it too was launched behind (a higher-rated) “The Big Bang Theory.”

Among the premieres this fall, “Supergirl” ties for No. 1 in adults 18-49 and 25-54 with NBC’s “Blindspot” — both from uber producer Greg Berlanti. And for all of 2015, it trails in 18-49 only AMC’s “The Walking Dead” spinoff “Fear the Walking Dead” from August (4.9), Fox’s “Empire” in January (3.8) and AMC’s “Better Call Saul” in February (3.4, airing behind “The Walking Dead”).

“Supergirl” is also the fall’s top-rated new series in all key male demos. And in total viewers, “Supergirl” bests the bows of CBS comedy “Life in Pieces” (11.3 million) and NBC drama “Blindspot” (10.6 million) to rank No. 1 for fall by this measure as well.

The gender split was interesting, with less than half of the 18-49, 25-54 and teen 12-17 audience comprised of females. But among the youngest of adults, those 18-34, femmes comprised 58% of the viewership.

See More: ‘Supergirl’ Premiere: Melissa Benoist and Producers Talk Female Empowerment On Screen and Off

Monday’s premiere exceeded most prognostications, though some thought it would have popped a bit more, given that comicbook geeks generally help series with superhero themes get off to outsized starts. ABC’s “Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD,” for example, opened in September 2013 with the highest adults 18-49 rating for any new broadcast drama in recent years (4.7) but is now doing about one-third of that in same-night numbers in its third season, and Fox’s “Gotham” opened with a strong 3.3 in September of 2014 and is currently doing less than half that for Fox early in its second season. Both shows are doing fine for their respective networks, but they’re not the juggernauts they appeared out of the gate.

A recent exception is CW’s “The Flash,” which opened to a 1.9 rating in October 2014 to become the network’s biggest premiere ever. It has held up well and is delivering in the 1.4-1.5 range this fall and remains the net’s strongest show.

Critics were generally supportive of “Supergirl,” which garnered the highest Metacritic score among the fall’s new broadcast dramas. In his review, Variety‘s Brian Lowry called it “a very good, polished pilot,” even it represents a sizable gamble for a network known mostly for its crime drama procedurals.

According to global digital marketing technology company Amobee Brand Intelligence, “Supergirl” is by far the new show generating the most discussion online this fall; in fact, there’s already been more than three times the digital content engagement around the show on Tuesday than any other newcomer on the day after in debuted. “Scream Queens,” “The Muppets,” “Quantico” and “Blindspot” rounded out the top five shows on the company’s list, but combined they weren’t as popular as the superhero show.

CBS followed “Supergirl” on Monday with a 90-minute episode of “Scorpion” (1.9/6 in 18-49, 9.69 million viewers overall), which hit a five-week high (best since its season premiere).

The competition held up pretty well opposite a stronger CBS, with NBC’s “The Voice” (3.1/9 in 18-49, 11.88 million viewers overall) up a tick and “Blindspot” holding steady (2.2/7 in 7.91 million viewers overall) to help the net edge past CBS for the night.

Fox’s “Gotham” (1.5/5 in 18-49, 4.32 million viewers overall) was up from last week as well, though its falloff in the second half-hour (1.4 vs. 1.6 at 8 p.m.) suggests that it lost some viewers to “Supergirl” at 8:30. “Minority Report” (0.6/2 in 18-49, 1.92 million viewers overall) held at last week’s low number.

At ABC, “Dancing With the Stars” (1.8/5 in 18-49, 11.86 million viewers overall) was down a tick with its Halloween-themed night. A repeat “Castle” closed things out (0.8/2 in 18-49, 4.47 million viewers overall).

CW’s “Crazy Ex-Girlfriend” (0.2/1 in 18-49, 0.67 million viewers overall) and “Jane the Virgin” (0.3/1 in 18-49, 0.94 million viewers overall) both were down a tick from last week.

ESPN won Monday overall with its “Monday Night Football” game between the Baltimore Ravens and Arizona Cardinals, which averaged a 4.4 rating in adults 18-49 and 12.2 million viewers overall.

VH1’s “Love and Hip-Hop” was again Monday’s No. 1 cable entertainment series in 18-49 (1.5 rating, 2.67 million viewers overall

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  1. Jaymie says:

    Awesome new group fan page! Everything Supergirl with prizes in the future !

  2. Aaron1968 says:

    Now this is some fun TV. Benoist is excellent as Kara, and the rest of the cast is just as good. It’s really fun to see Calista Flockhart again. The show captures Kara so well — she’s always been one of my favorite characters, so to be honest the show didn’t have to do much to get me to like it. But it was a lot of fun and there was a lot set up.

  3. Jacques Strappe says:

    Silly question but when does this Supergirl, who appears to be in her 20’s earn the title of “woman” in this present day television version of the DC comic? I mean Berlanti and company gave scrawny, geeky pale face Jimmy Olsen a major DC comic book makeover as a self assured, black, studly dude called James, why couldn’t they do something with the “girl” as well. I guess, so much for this show’s feminist manifesto. As I dad, It would be awkward to tell my little daughter that she too can grow up to be a “girl.” Okay, enough of my stupid observations. Honestly, I thought this show was wretchedly bad, cheesy and saddled with Leave It To Beaver syndrome. I like how all the gushing critics praise the female empowerment theme while describing Mellissa Benoist’s portrayal of Supergirl. as “likable,” “nice.” “fun” and “earnest.” Yeah, she sure sounds like a great teenager I’d like my son to date.. Maybe my 34 y/o age is too old to appreciate and enjoy the costumed super hero shows from Berlanti.but I find them all too jevenile and cartoonish for my taste. To each his own..

  4. Darke Tyger says:

    After the dark brooding awful Man Of Steel. So happy to have Supergirl remind everyone that these last sons and daughters of Krypton heroes are of the light and sun. GO SUPERGIRL!

  5. Bill Copeland says:

    I liked the pilot, it had a lot of similar references with all Superman movies and shows. Only thing I didn’t get was how Supergirl has pierced ears? But all was great, definitely keep watching. Also hope to see Tom Welling in some episodes.

    • Donald says:

      a number of possibilities 1) She could have had her ears pierced while still on krypton, 2) Kryptonite needle, 3) mirror from her spaceship + heat vision, 4) earrings that don’t require pierced ears.

  6. Central Scrutinizer says:

    I watched the pilot and generally enjoyed it. Melissa Benoist is well cast in the lead and this could be a star making turn for her. As to the politics of the show, which so many seem upset by, I think the problem is the heavy handedness involved. They don’t need to beat us over the head with the feminist angle, which at times it felt like what was happening. The fact that Supergirl is a female super hero, and someone for young girls to look up to, speaks for itself. The writers don’t need to keep reminding us. I do agree that the decision to re cast Jimmy Olsen from the nerdy, awkward white guy into a black male model type is an all to typical example of putting politics above entertainment. The Jimmy Olsen character was the worst part of the pilot, a truly odd choice.

  7. Donald says:

    If the creators of the show would have read the comic books, they would have known that Kara was not Kal’s older cousin. When I see a DC character come to life on the screen, I like to see it the way it was when I was a kid. Also El is Kara’s last name. Zor-El was her father’s name. Superman was never called Kal Jor-El. His name was Kal-El. Why would you change Kara’s name. Other than those, I liked the show and will still watch it.

    • Brad says:

      I was waiting for someone else to respond, but although the original Supergirl was wished into existence by Jimmy Olsen, Kara Zor-El is a character from the comic books and was (is) the cousin of Superman from Krypton ( as well as other adaptations ie: Justice League Unlimited.) I think in some stories she was raised by the Kents but in other cases she was raised by the Danvers.

      According to Wikipedia they killed her off in the 1980’s but rebooted her. The story line I am most familiar with she travels to the 30th century and Teams up with “The legion of super-heroes” and decides not to return to 20th/21st century Earth. But I don’t think it was because of a lack of women’s equality, if I recall it was because she missed the advanced technology of Krypton she knew as a young girl and felt more at home there.

  8. D says:

    Sorry boys & girls, this just turned out to be such an obvious liberal & feminist PC funnel shoved down young American’s throats. First there was snide remark about Bill O’Rielly. Then, the not so subtle remark implying ‘finally my daughter has someone to look up to’, like she couldn’t look up to a good and honest ‘Superman’ who had been saving the world (men & woman) for years…as the story plot goes. Her ‘sister’ sibling turns out to be the clandestine ‘woman’-In-black super spy. Then, there’s the hard-nosed boss…a rich successful ‘woman’ who’s narcissism is portrayed as the ’empowered woman’. Then, for no other reason than being ultra PC, Jimmy Olson turns black…what-the? Of course, this now leads to the obvious intended message of acceptance of ‘interracial’ attractions/relationships, as if the American public needs the Hollywood elite to tells that the color of a person’s skin doesn’t matter. Now we come to the subliminal belittlement of the husband/wife (i.e. mom &dad) traditional relationship for the gay community…as the hologram message of love & life-long encouragement was only from her mother…as if her father wouldn’t care enough for her to leave the last & only message he would ever be able to leave for his daughter. Next, there’s the intentional coy remark about supergirl “being just a woman” when fighting the evil alien. Finally, we end off with the leader of the evil escaped alien prisoners…(The General) has to be, you guessed it, a ‘woman’! I’m assuming that she is supposed to be General Zod. Another departure from the true story-line just to make another PC feminist statement. Give us a freaking break!!! They just couldn’t help themselves….all the lead and powerful caricatures HAD TO BE either a woman or a minority in this new series. It’s not only insulting to the American audience, but to the professional actors who have to play the parts as well, unless they subscribe to Hollywood’s elite left-wing viewpoint too. I’m not one of those star-struck, keeping up with some no talent reality star, people. So, I really don’t know these actors or their history. I am assuming they are just hard working, reasonable, people.

    Now look, before you lefties have a conniption fit with foam pouring out your mouths, flames coming out your eyes and the flesh melting off your skulls because what you have for brains is overheating and start calling me all sorts of names…let me cool you down a bit. I have no problem with a woman superhero, we have plenty of them (for real), in our U.S. military. I have no problem with looking up to a woman as a mentor…there are millions of mom’s all over America who work their fingers to the bone, many alongside their husbands (like my mom did), to care for their kids. They are heroes to me! I have no problem with a proverbial ‘woman-in-black’…we have thousands of them protecting this country every day in the CIA, FBI, Secrete Service and NSA, etc., and I’m thankful for them all. I pray God protect and guide them in their service to this country. I have no problem with a successful business woman, we have thousands of them…hello Carly Fiorina, Opra and so on. I have no problem with interracial (man-woman) relationships. God pays no attention to skin color and neither do I. But to turn Jimmy Olson into a black guy was just a token PC gesture…it’s insulting to the American audience. Forsaking the true (original) story-line just to be PC is another example of the Hollywood’s liberal sycophants at work. I also have no problem with moms who have to raise their children on their own (like my late sister did). But it was established in the show that Kara’s ‘mom & dad’ both sent her off in the spaceship to take care of her baby cousin. This was an obvious brush-off of the traditional father figure. And finally, I have no problem with strong fighting and authoritative women…again- hello ladies in the military and the police departments and fire departments…and let’s not forget that rockem-sock-em beauty “Ronda Rousey” (congrats on the hard-won wins! You’re a tough monkey :) )

    Here’s the thing you Hollywood elites don’t get; when we Americans watch TV or a movie, we all do so because we just want to be “ENTERTAINED”. We DON’T want some liberal Hollywood writer or director to shovel their atheistic, anti-American, anti-traditional marriage, anti-man and anti-white PC garbage down our throats. It’s just left-wing hate-mongering and the American viewers see right through your attempt to divide us. If you want to make a political statement, then take a round on the talk-show circuit, write a book, join some socialist/communist group or make a documentary. That’s fine…men & woman died fighting for your right to do just that, even if I may disagree with it. And yes, they even fought and died for your right to make movies infused with your sick leftist views. But please, we are just asking that you have a modicum of respect for the American viewing audience and just give us non- anti-men/women, non-racial black vs. white, non-anti-christian or religious bashing messages. Just give us simple, clean, exciting and intriguing “ENTERTAINMENT” that we can come home to at the end of the day, relax with our families and watch TV together. Trust me, you’ll still be rolling your wheelbarrows of cash to the bank, maybe even more of it.

    Sorry for being so long winded….I’m just absolutely fed up with the left-wing takeover of our TV programs, movies, news and let’s not forget…OUR government. To my fellow Americans I say this: The vote you cast, whether at the voting box or by the channel you watch, or even the movie ticket you buy…is the government, shows and movies you’ll will be stuck with. Be careful what you wish (vote) for.

    • Darke Tyger says:

      I’m pretty damn politicallly conservative, not religious but still damn right wing, and I didn’t get bent out of shape at all, my liberal detection system is well calibrated. The line about girls having someone to look up to was odd, because geez, we’ve had a woman space shuttle commander for instance, not like there hasn’t been HUGE women heroes to look up to. Sometimes you can see conspiracy everywhere if youw ant, I’ve not seen it yet, just give the show time and see. I think your looking for any little thing.

    • NJCH (@NJCH) says:

      Your screed was longer than the episode.

    • cadavra says:

      Sorry you hated it so much. Of course, you can always go back to CMT. All right-wing white males, all the time. Have fun while the rest of the world passes you by!

  9. Carl says:

    Supergirl was utter crap. Way too cheesy and cutesy. The cast is so blah. Melissa Benoist is about as dull as dishwater. Jimmy Olsen is horribly miscast and was never a suave ladies man.

  10. Marie says:

    I thought it was light and fun, I enjoyed watching it. Not everything has to be dark and serious. The fun in this show works. I will keep watching.

  11. Stephen says:

    As long as it’s lite and campy, IT WILL FAIL. It better turn dark and serious RIGHT AWAY. Find and hire Christopher Nolan’s mini-me and you will have a successful series.

  12. Better wait until next week. Putting it on between Big Bang and Scorpion, most of us probably didn’t bother to change the channel.

  13. painful to watch, but I stuck to it to the bitter end. Sequels have been garbage since james west was recast as an African American.

  14. Duke Sweden says:

    Watch the ratings drop next week now that we all know it’s just another excuse for liberal feminist white chick/black dude gay agenda crap.

  15. I thought it was a novel idea to have Dean Cain and Helen Slater appear as Supergirl’s adoptive parents!

  16. illinoisatlarge says:

    I’m not a grumpy old man, just old. The show was amusing and okay. I probably won’t watch any more though because it it too kiddie oriented.

  17. I don’t agree with changing the race of ,pop culture fictitious characters,for social engineering purposes. On the other hand if you’re going to do that make him The arch villain not the sidekick hunk. Suppose only a Black guy can handle Supergirl..I digress.

  18. B Da Truth says:

    I’m a gumpy old man and don’t like much of anything on TV, but the show was OK I watched it, stay away from flaming gay characters, minority malcontents, and anti-American propaganda and maybe I’ll keep watching.

  19. Larry says:

    The most annoying thing involved in the whole process was the “issue” over calling her Supergirl as opposed to Superwoman. The character, fictional as many of you have noted, has been since inception Supergirl. It is not now, nor has it ever been an instrument of misogyny, sexism or feminism. it is simply the name of the character! Anyone who had or has an issue with it needs some serious mental health evaluation.

  20. Brad says:

    This pilot should be locked in a lead lined box and dropped into the ocean.

    Supergirl punches out the male villains on this show while she beats male viewers over the head. Maybe this would have worked if it aired after the Mary Tyler Moore show in 1974 but why bother it is the same story. Girl working in the newsroom makes good.

    But taking it for what it tried to accomplish (the empowerment of women) it still fails because she has a silly school-girl crush on Jimmy Olsen (who just happens to know everything about her and did I mention is no longer a freckled red haired ginger he is now a muscular black man who wears hip “model-casual” well fitting clothes among all his fellow co-workers in 1980s (?) suits and ties.) And she will forever be a few step below her male cousin Superman. So this show even flunks the women’s liberation test.

    Maybe I am wrong but I don’t think the demographic for comic book heroes enjoys having their male privilege checked while their man-card is revoked for stopping on CBS while trying to choose between the origin story of Batman on Fox and Monday Night football.

    The story of superheros all have one thing in common to inspire everyone watching to become a better person no matter who you are black or white, young or old and even male or female. This show tells its audience that the best superpower anyone could ever have is “to be a girl” for no particular reason.

    DC Comics has made this point much better with Wonder Woman who is a female chauvinist who is constantly confronted with the worthiness of men. And demonstrates to the view how silly chauvinism is with a role reversal. This version of Supergirl simply says “Im good because I am a woman.”. And it is a corny to hear a 23 year old female say it as it is a 60 year old man imply it.

    • Charles Xavier says:

      Thank you!! Thank you! This show is so lame I don’t even know where to start. Somehow, the idea of creating a female version of Superman and calling her ‘Supergirl’ instead of creating a series based on an existing, entirely original, female superhero and to somehow claim that as a win for female empowerment is utterly ridiculous.

  21. Wes says:

    Why has CBS Scheduled a Saturday Morning Kids Program on Monday during Prime Time???

  22. Dan Snelson says:

    the pre showing hype was worth the wait. Loved it and have no problem with JAMES being black.

  23. Keith Diggs says:

    Having HACKED PICTURES from you phone showing you having sex, IF THAT IS INDEED HER, is not “starting your career in Porn”. Idiot. Is Jennifer Lawrence or any of the others who had their pics stolen, a “Porn Star”. Dumb fokking azzhole.

    • cheryl says:

      supergirl is too weak. she is supposed to be made of steel. why was she bleeding and her sister had to pick a piece out of her skin? superman only bled when he turned human. if you are going to name the series supergirl, she should be like cousin superman. tell the sister’s boss to drink some kaopectate. he is too bit$$$!

  24. Dave says:

    I totally agree to the ridiculous liberal cultural changes rampant in Supergirl….the foremost being a ‘black’ Jimmy Olsen….come on, give me a break. Another continuing and ongoing product of liberal white guilt, the same crap that gave us a total idiot and divisive loser in the White House.

    • floacist says:

      Dude it’s a fictional character. How can a fictional character make you feel guilt?

      • Duke Sweden says:

        He’s not the one feeling guilty. He’s talking about the white liberal d-bags who made the not so original decision to make a long time white character black, and then to have the white chick get the hots for him. Enough with this garbage already! Or at the very least cast me as the male lead in a show with Halle Berry as co-star.

      • Bulldog says:

        You are 100% correct. Did you know that “diversity” is a code word for “white genocide”?
        Look into it.
        No one is asking Blade to be cast as a white guy are they. No.
        Capt. America
        on and on.

    • Nishi says:

      Who cares–Jimmy Olsen is a FAKE creation. Only a stupid retarded moron like you gives a crap about a fictional character. You sound like a stupid fat inbred white trash idiot.

      • Joe Roberts says:

        Anyone who cares about the Superman/.Supergirl myth, you didn’t write it, but what the hell take it twist it and call it your own. THAT is what is wrong with this and most modern ADAPTATIONS (ie stolen) stories.

  25. Patriot Arming Bears says:

    Watched Supergirl and enjoyed it. I watch Agents of Shield but stopped watching Gotham. Too much gore and sex, especially lesbian sex.

  26. Rusty Harris says:

    Once I saw Carissa Flockhart was in it, I tuned out until Scorpion came on. She grates on my teeth. Also, WOULD YOU EAT SOME FOOD PLEASE!

  27. steamboatwz says:

    Why does television insist on changing our white icons ? Make up new black or gay icons and leave ours alone !! Let me see… Jimmy Olsen is now black and wants to get into Supergirl’s pants. The Flash is adopted by a black cop as a child, and his love interest is now his black step sister, plus he works for a gay police chief. Really PC You liberal FREAKS!!! Spiderman has been killed off and replaced by a multiracial (black/hispanic) Spiderman. Superman has renounced his American citizenship. Green Lantern is gay in the comics and a black guy wants to play him in the movies. Perry WHITE is now black in the movies. Wonder woman may be gay. The new Fantastic Four reboot has a black Johnny Storm and a white Sue Storm, and a baby faced Reed Richards. There’s talk of changing Thor’s sex. Archie is knocked off taking a bullet for a gay friend (was it Jughead ?). There’s also talk of Captain America being black in future movies. This is what happens when liberals get in charge. They’re not satisfied with creating their own set of diverse characters. They have to get in there and steal/destroy our age-old icons and impose their warped morals (or lack thereof) on us.

    • Brad says:

      I agree with you in part, keep the characters the same. What are they thinking when Superheros demand loyalty to the source material.

      But it was the comics not hollywood that gave us hispanic Spider-Man. It isn’t Hal Jorden that is gay or black, the comics had Jon Stewert (not that Jon Stewart) and he was black. Green lanternes are soldiers in an army. Their is an entirely different Green Lantern that the comics recently re-wrote as gay. (From the old comic books)

  28. WA says:

    What a bunch of haters. I loved it! Melissa Benoist makes a great Supergirl!

  29. Lol says:

    Yea right. Hardly anyone even watches regular TV anymore.

    And now, you have more degenerate propaganda like this.

    3rd world super white/jew? girl with black love interest? This is how a country turns 3rd world. Hope all those future mulattos can keep up with china and russia when big war happens in the future. Naw, them and all mudsharks, koesher suckpoops and cucks will be destroyed. And it’s gonna be hilarious.

    Super girl is 3rd world trash propaganda.
    Enjoy ur 3rd world koesher hell holes ur making.

  30. Hickok says:

    1. First episode was ok. Pilots can be, especially with superhero stories, because it sets the origin.

    2. Casting was bad. She doesn’t have the look of Supergirl, more the girl next door.

    3. Carissa Flockhart has had too much plastic surgery and now looks lie a FROG. She should be perched on a lily pad snatching flies out of the sky with her tongue.

    4. They made Jimmy black (I don’t like changing sexes or races, but it worked for Battlestar Galactica) and decent looking. Not as good looking as she reacts too. But much better looking than the character in the comics. But hey, they are taking it a different direction.

    5. The lead villain, didn’t seem to bring it in the end.

    Ratings will probably drop after this episode and continue to slide. She took on the role too quickly. There is no real mystery. And they need to get a male audience, because a female audience won’t be able to carry the show alone with the high production cost.

    • Starbuck being gender bended worked well because casting was on point. I think it’s way to early to call it for this show. At least give it a season to see where it sits after the cast have got their characters down.

  31. Please make me laugh.. . this is a horribly written/acted show. . .. concept is a joke. . . if this show is still on at Thanksgiving I will be shocked. . . .

  32. Melissa is a hottie and a good actress, however the writing Jumped the shark in the pilot. Pull this show out from Between Big Bang and Scorpion and it will fall flat on the writing. Casting was good but really Alli McBeale as the wicked editor? You’d do better with a kardashian.

    • Jose Roth says:

      I’m going to continue watching but I’ll just mute the volume. Love superhottie.

      • Phil says:

        I watched some of it last night and must admit that so far, it is only worth watching for Supergirl’s hot body, but being a shallow person, I am satisfied with that.

  33. Robert Henrich says:

    Same old same old except this superhero goes around telling everyone her secret identity.

  34. Bob Maple says:

    I thought it was a fairly bad first episode but I plan on giving it another chance to see if it improves past the pilot.

    I found the wise, all-knowing Jimmy Olson to be annoying.

    I found the relationship between the sisters to be annoying and the relationship between the sister’s boss and both women to be annoying.

    I did like the hint of an over-arching plot we got was good, maybe.

    The idea that Supergirl hasn’t tried out her powers, hasn’t tried to discover who she was and goes to work for some Devil-wears-Prada type boss to be more than a stretch. The whole idea of her not using her powers, even in her role as Grant’s assistant…I guess that’s the main thing, The Flash, Arrow, Gotham, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., and Daredevil are all rooted in a kind of reality. It may be a hyper-reality, an over-the-top reality but the characters make the worlds they inhabit believable.

    Here they kind of shoe-horn something in from Superman and pay some lip service to the less-insane versions of feminism, which is essentially, the hard work ethic, but nothing feels real or believable.

    Possibly the best part of the first episode is when Kara reveals who she is to her friend who I guess is supposed to be gay so he he helps her pick out a costume. Even Kara saving the airplane with the exchange of looks between her and her sister through the window were cringe-worthy.

    • Pappy IV says:


      I liked the more mature, older Jimmy Olsen, but did they have to make him so tall. He was always short in the Superman TV shows and movies.

      I also didn’t care for the way the portrayed the Feds. Too paranoid for people already working with Superman. If anything, in the real world, which this in not, they would be glad to recruit an ally of her caliber.

      Last, I have to agree with Grandpa in previous comments. Why they have to put in a token LGBT comment in a kids show is beyond me. I guess that is a box they must check now to be PC for the 1.8% of the population that moves that way.

      Other than the above I had no problems with it.

      • Brad says:

        Who is the gay character everyone is talking about ?

        Some seem to think it is the guy that helps her pick out the costume… he had a crush on Kara.

        Some thought Jimmy Olsen was gay, because he has a big man-crush on Superman. I couldn’t be sure.

        Dean Cane is gay (I think, sorry if I am wrong Dean) but he plays the role of Pa’ Danvers her father in a hetro-sexual relationship.

        I didn’t notice any gay people on the show any more than I notice them IRL I guess.

  35. !Jeb! knows a hot girl when he sees one.

  36. Jasen6 says:

    Was very excited to see the pilot…and very satisfied afterwards. I am a fan of the superhero genre and cannot wait to see where the show goes. As for the other commenters (same person obviously)…I find it very telling that your criticism of the show involved a 5 second interchange that mentioned the word (GASP!!!) gay. Not surprised the commenter didn’t have a problem with James (Jimmy) Olsen being African American as well. Writing solid, special effects very solid, and acting solid by the 5 main characters.

  37. Senor C O Jones says:

    I liked the costume changes

  38. Grandpa II says:

    I thought the writing, if you can call it that, was ridiculous. The premise fell apart. The acting was fair, but the writers really stank.

  39. grandpa says:

    I won’t be watching it anymore. I phoned to recommend it for my 5 grand-daughters (2-11) who were at a basketball game. Then at about the 15 minute mark the writers worked in the sexual preference angle. I phoned back to retract my recommendation. Thank goodness we’re not limited to major network choices any more.

    • Ewor Liam says:

      clearly you are basing your opinions of this show based on one word “lesbian” being said and your review is without merit because of that ! Skip on back to your fox news cool aide drinker !

      • Jasen6 says:

        Hey Guy Dudebreaux,
        Who exactly is FORCING you to watch this show? You could have changed the channel at any point. To imply you were forced to sit there and watch it…is indicative of both your dishonesty and your mentality.

      • Grandpa II’s review is with merit and he is entitled to his opinion. Some people are tired of being force fed PC talking points and SJW diversity quotas that have no basis for the story.

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