Mehcad Brooks Cast in CBS’ ‘Supergirl’ as Melissa Benoist’s Love Interest

Mechad Brooks Supergirl

Days after CBS found its “Supergirl” in actress Melissa Benoist, she has found her love interest. Mehcad Brooks has joined the cast as James “Jimmy” Olsen, Variety has confirmed.

Jimmy, based on the DC Comics character, is an attractive photographer at CatCo, the media company where Kara Zor-El works as an assistant to Cat Grant (yet to be cast). Recently, Jimmy has been living and working in National City, though the reason is still a secret.

In the “Superman” comics, Jimmy was close friends with Lois Lane and Kara’s cousin, Clark Kent.

Supergirl” is exec produced by Greg Berlanti (“The Flash,” “Arrow”) and Ali Adler (“Glee,” “The New Normal”), and hails from Berlanti Productions, in association with Warner Bros. Television. Berlanti and Adler penned the hourlong pilot.

Brooks, best known for “Necessary Roughness,” “True Blood” and “Desperate Housewives,” is repped by the Gersh Agency, Atlas Artists and Dave Feldman.




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  1. SapphireSpire says:

    If you follow the lore, Kryptonians are genetically engineered to mate within their respective casts. If Supergirl ever fell for a human, she would only ever fall for a man who looks like her. Since she’s white, she should only be falling for white guys. She would only fall for a black man if she were a black woman. The pairing of the white supergirl with a black Jimmy Olsen is just another example of Hollywood promoting miscegenation, which is a form of genocide.

    • ron Mathers says:

      Race card I really dont care, but jimmy as a good looking black guy come on …… Why not in any of these shows is there not ever a white leading man with a black woman ….. I can also bet any thing the head producers and writers are afro americans ,,,,, you lost me ….I know im only one person but this wont last very long on tv

  2. Durk says:

    I don’t care what most of the people negatively commenting on this are going on about, but I think this is a wonderful idea, regardless of if the show does well or not. Playing the negative race card time and time again is so utterly stupid and pointless. I am an African-American and I don’t see what the big deal is to constantly flame on African-American actors and possibly African-American actresses playing roles of white characters (AKA Nick Fury played by Samuel L, Jackson in The Avengers). People should just accept it as it is and move on. If you don’t like this, then don’t watch it. Pretty simple, folks. I also want to see more Hispanic/Latinos and Asians, as well as Native-Americans in major roles of TV shows as well as movies. What is so wrong with that? I swear, America sure hasn’t gotten over the race issue at all. Get over it.

  3. cdhaskell says:

    It look like the Supergirl series is borrow all it character/plot from Superman’s cast and rogue gallery. Jimmy Olsen since the new 52 started is a teenager and no longer dating Lois Lane younger sister. He isn’t a Hollywood hunk in his early 30’s, I still wish that the show give him a original name instead of using a name from The Superman supporting cast. I got a feeling that Mechad Brooks’s character will be change before the show debut if the show is still get all these uproar.

  4. this show wont see television, but i’ll likely download the failed pilot a year from now when i have nothing better to do and something reminds me of its existence…thats how it went for wonder woman and the aqauman show.

  5. bob says:

    Apparently the only thing that CBS knows about Jimmy Olsen, is that he’s a photograoher, because they sure have everything else ass backwards. Sophisticated, worldy, attractive? Are you fricking kidding me? You guys have heard of the internet right? You can’t just do research on the characters rather than steal the name and make an entirely new character all together? Stop with this diversity marketing for ratings crap and just make a show the way it should be. Jimmy is none of these things you are advertising him as. Supergirl is not a PI feminist with a day job and there certainly wasn’t an overly big thing between her and Jimmy. I really really have been waiting for this show or for someone to make something for Supergirl and so far everything CBS has announced about their show since late 2014 has just thoroughly pissed me off.

  6. Jose says:

    I hope this series will be as good as Arrow and i hope it runs as long and intense as Smallville. I like everything except that the series is NOT staying true to the comics. Jimmy is not African American. Smh!!

  7. Cary says:

    He’s a terrible actor.

  8. cdhaskell says:

    Thank to the uproar casting of Mechad Brooks as James Olsen the new Supergirl series will have a chance of becoming a hit. There will be people who will DVR/vcr the series and along with the oversea market will keep the show past the first season because CBS/WB will get their money back.

  9. John Cunningham says:

    I think the issue with the black storm troopers was not race though the uninformed would think that it was. It is that in canon All the storm troopers were clones of one man (Jango Fett) who was not black.

    Now for the new movies they can certainly write a story that would make a black storm trooper be possible, but no one knows the story line yet.

    Sci-Fi and comic people are serious about their canon.

    As far as Supergirl it may or may not fail on network t.v. but, it wouldn’t be b/c of a black love interest. The Flash has that and is very successful.

    Finally, I’m tired of the white Hollywood nonsense (I’m black by the way). It’s green Hollywood as are most things. In 2015 the majority of the country is still white. Blacks are 13% of the population. Blacks alone can’t drive dollars in the movie industry (or get Obama elected twice). They have to make what is going to sell nationally and internationally.

    A discerning person could figure those things out. The Sony comments about Denzel in the Equalizer made economic sense (though maybe insensitive, but in a private e-mail). He won’t sell overseas to a bunch of Europeans and to a degree Asians (there is no big African overseas movie market). But Denzel does big number in the U.S.

    Heck didn’t they call the Captain America movie, The First Avenger overseas b/c they though the Captain America tab would hurt it. He sure is white, but they made an economic decision.

    If people would accept the economics of things they be a lot less unhappy. Good movies sell. Will Smith was the biggest thing for a long time. People like what they like. Still today most people in America are white.

    If anyone is underrepresented in Hollywood it is Latinos. You dont’ hear much talk about that.

    • O. Taylor says:

      However, Jango Fett was NOT white….he is a man of color and color in the human race is all from the black African. The issue of color and economics is just an excused to not be inclusive. You haven’t shown any proof that black actors cannot sell overseas you are just regurgitation white peoples arguments. You remind of people with Stockholm syndrome. If black men/women can not front for big overseas films then why did Egypt and Morocco ban EXODUS from theaters and being to historically incorrect to in telling a story with such rich historical perspective that by way occurred when there was NO significant white presence in the region. So, they wanted to see black people play black actors.

      “He won’t sell overseas to a bunch of Europeans and to a degree Asians (there is no big African overseas movie market). But Denzel does big number in the U.S.” Denzel Washington out sold Russell Crowe overseas. I am not going to do your homework for you but check the number you’d be amazed if did something other that spout @@$# from your mouth that is not original.

      “(there is no big African overseas movie market)”…Nollywood…makes films that are very popular in the AFRICAN market which overseas…not the best quality due lack of technical expertise but they are being made and consume. Americans do not import a lot of Asian films either but they have a burgeoning market. I submit it is Americas race problems not just money or green. If this country was truly moving towards a “post racial” society as it says then making films with actors of color at the helm would not be an issue.

      “If anyone is underrepresented in Hollywood it is Latinos. You dont’ hear much talk about that.” First maybe you haven’t been listen to the right outlets. If you didn’t know they was a network called El-Rey started to address this issue and they have plenty of networks that represent their culture. So you don’t know what your talking about.

      So please don’t act like you go it all figure out cause you do not. Race is an issue still in this country the whole canon argument is bull. I am avid reader of Ultimate Spider-Man and when the old Spider man was killed and a new one arose who was black there was all kinds of racist vitriol from open minded geek-sphere. I am over America. You’re just not that sophisticated or evolved as you pretend around the world to be. As especially these “New Black” coons who side with the racists

  10. Biff says:

    Let me see… Jimmy Olsen is now black and interested in Supergirl instead of lois Lane’s sister. Really PC you FREAKS !!! Spiderman has been killed off and replaced by a multiracial (black/hispanic) Spiderman. Superman has renounced his American citizenship. Green Lantern is gay. Perry white is black. Wonder woman may be gay. The new fantastic Four reboot has a black Johnny Storm and a white Sue Storm. And there’s talk of changing Thor’s sex. Archie is knocked off taking a bullet for a gay friend (was it Reggie or Jughead ?) . And now there’s talk of making Captain America black in the movies. This is what happens when liberals get in charge. They’re not satisfied with creating their own set of diverse characters. They have to get in there and destroy our age-old icons. Well FU Libs !!!

  11. unknown says:

    This show in the past has been doomed from the start. So it will be interesting as to how CBS will keep folks watching. I think some of the comment here display just how most Americans will handle this. I though I am happy to see a black have a job in white Hollywood, it would have been nice to have characters be completely different like some of the post made mention. I think an Asian super girl would be nice. But I don’t believe that most white American would consider her as their hero because of her nationality. It shameful how this melting pot of a country does not accept all the colors of people who make up this country when it comes to Hollywood. I know a great deal of Asian Americans that do not have accents when they speak, but almost every time you see an Asian on TV, they have an accent. How long do you need to live in this country before you lose the accent, Hollywood. I all comes down to stereotypes that Hollywood continues to thrive on. That’s why this will be news. Just look at the way America reacted to the black storm trooper in the new Star Wars!!!

    • legrandnj says:

      Well, Biff, it’s called progress. You either come along or step off the platform so others can get by….because the train is coming and it’s leaving the station with or without you.

  12. Roger says:

    He won’t be her love interest! If they try to follow the comics at all, Jimmy is in love with Lois Lanes younger sister! Read a freaking comic book! They’ll be friends and a link to her cousin but that’s all! Of course nowadays when they make movies and shows about comic book characters they throw the original source material out the window! And it’s usually ends up being crap!

  13. belgium says:

    I love Mehcad Brooks! Good for him. I’m intrigued to see his range – I only know him for his wonderful work as the smartass, fast talking, funny as well, suave ladies man on Necessary Roughness.

    Nice work Berlanti. And Adler is good peeps. Greg, move your head!

  14. CJakes says:

    So black is the only other race besides white in America? I mean when writers are ‘thinking outside the box’ these characters couldn’t possibly be Asian or Hispanic. I mean the creative thinking must point to making an ordinarily white character black. Genius!

    • jimmy woo says:

      Good point.

      Stop the race changing. Pick some decent minority pals and villains and super friends for Kara. There were a dozen African American, Latino, Asian and Native American super teens in the Young Justice cartoons among White heroes. Especially on third season. None of them are ear-marked for any shows. So….why mothball them?

      CBS….. just can not figure it out. I guess I’ll pass.

      • Spike says:

        Ya, I hated when they ruined Catwoman by using Eartha Kitt. How dare they use a black woman for a white character Is that your point?

    • Serenity says:

      At least you seem like a well-reasoned individual. I agree with you, while black representation is going up, other minorities are still left mostly in the dark. I think Hispanics do okay-ish (though often more minor characters) yet they are often stripped of their culture when show and presented as more of a white person with a suntan. Asians rarely, if ever, appear as mains which I noticed and am displeased by (plus they are often given troupes/stereotypes, especially the males) and Native American actors are near non-existent on tv and movies (they even replaced a Native American role with a white person in the new Peter Pan movie which is seriously wrong because now they just seem like racist white people dressed up and mocking Native American culture). I really hope all groups get equal representation one day and, I hope, that with this new wave of black actors on the forefront of television, it will open doors for the other minorities as well, similarly how the Black Civil Rights movement did the very same (sorry I’m doing a US history paper lol).

  15. Serenity says:

    Okay, first of all, most of you are being fairly guilty of unconscious racism right now and you’re trying to rationalize it through the “source material” argument. Maybe I’d believe you had some foot to stand on if Supergirl’s looks were being kept “true” to her character, but she is brunette instead of blonde (just like Barry in The Flash) and I don’t see anyone throwing a fit about that. So long as the physical change has no effect on the personality or essential background of a character, it should be allowed. Whitewashing is often done in tv shows and movies based on other sources of literature, yet few people complain about that because it’s the norm. Right now, you are suggesting that you will get less enjoyment out of this character (before you’ve even seen him act) because he is ethnically and racially different than you which is not okay. Take a long hard look at yourselves for once in your lives because I’m a high school student and even I know you supposed adults are morally corrupt on this point and I’m honestly just ashamed that you’re older yet I can learn nothing from you in how to be a better person.

    • SapphireSpire says:

      Unconscious racism? No, I’m fully conscious of my racism. It has nothing to do with hating black people, it’s about cherishing my race and I’m know you understand what I mean. I don’t appreciate it when the MSM are constantly promoting miscegenation to destroy it. You should feel the same.

    • Roger says:

      Nah! You’re full of crap,Serenity! First of all Carol Danvers (Supergirls secret Identity) is a brunette. You haven’t even seen the show, yet so why make generalizations? Also, Iris was not a black girl in the comics and I Dont hear anyone complaining about that! I like that they picked a beautiful woman of color to play the part. Perhaps a minority of complainers have a problem with the race changes, but most people don’t want their childhood memories changed just to make a quick buck in movies and TV. We don’t want a stupid Sherlock Holmes or a clumsy Tarzan or clueless Lone Ranger! It’s either cheap or lazy or both when they can’t create new minority characters and insist on just recasting the old characters with minority actors. Trying to blame our discontent on racism is a lazy shallow generalization! I don’t hear you complaining about the lack of female superheroes in the Justice League when women make up more than half the population of the world! I guess that makes you a misogynist, right? There is no doubt that racism exists, using it as an excuse every time someone suggests they don’t like something as simple as making drastic changes to our icons is like the little boy who cried wolf! It gives no credibility to your arguments.

      The original comics do lack diversity. But that was a time when minorities made up an even smaller segment of society. Today’s comics are much more inclusive of other genders, races and cultures and that will show up in media produced today. Perry White and Nick Fury and even a Green Lantern can be black (in one alternate universe he’s gay)! Captain Marvel can be a woman, etc! I would be the first to complain if a white girl played Storm from the X-men!

    • Karen Lin says:

      What makes you think that Supergirl will be a brunette? The actress is a brunette, we still don’t know what the character will look like.
      My problem with Jimmy isn’t about race, it’s about how he is being portrayed as a tough alpha male. That is in no way Jimmy. There is nothing Jimmy about this character. They should have just created a new character.

      • Roger says:

        Super girl wears a brunette wig in her secret identity and takes it off when she changes to Supergirl. I also agree that it’s okay if you change the race of Jimmy but the personality has to remain the same. A twenty something Steve Urkel would work fine. Jimmy Olsen in the comics was always getting saved by Superman. Supes even gave him a watch that he could contact him with. If a black Jimmy doesn’t mind getting bailed out evey week by a white superhero or even a white female superhero that’s fine, but I can just see the PC crowd getting their panties in a bunch for showing that!

      • Serenity says:

        Well, I doubt that they’ll make her dye her hair for the role, particularly since they’re going for a low-key kind of Supergirl “who tries to blend into society unlike her crime-fighting cousin, Clark Kent”. Or at least that’s what they said about her character in the interview article. But I’m no clairvoyant so I could be wrong so I’ll give that one until it premieres and we know who’s right for certain.
        As for Jimmy’s new personality, I didn’t read that he’d be an alpha dog anywhere and I agree that that is a valid concern. I’m a bit confused as to why they chose Jimmy to put in Supergirl out of all other characters, especially since they changed him so much in terms of backstory and (according to you) personality when they could have just as easily made a character that just happens to be a photographer. I guess we’ll have to see how the plot develops around him and if the writers truly know what they’re doing in this case. I’m a bit hesitant to watch it because I’m not a huge fan of Melissa Benoist (I watched her in Glee and while she was a great singer, she wasn’t that strong of an actress) or the Superman family. But I suppose all we can do is wait and see. :)

    • CJakes says:

      Thanks for keeping us racists honest you dumb fuck. Do you ever question authority or popular media? Because it seems like the generally accepted opinion is just fine for you. As an aside, you do realize that other minorities exist in the United States and that those people are rarely represented with the same passion that blacks are represented?

      • Serenity says:

        Always good to get a disparaging remark from someone that I imagine is old enough to handle such situations more maturely. You also did not clearly give a definitive argument so I’m at a loss as to what to say to you since all you’ve expressed is anger at being accused (which I did not do to you) and some accusation that I am a follower (though of what you did not explicate/indicate). As for your other issue, I just addressed it in a reply to you.

  16. jimmy woo says:

    Race changing is racist. And accusing someone who dislikes race changing, as racist, is racist too.

    I will not support this racist show.

    • SapphireSpire says:

      Exactly! Miscegenation is genocide.

    • jimmy woo says:

      You’re right. Tokens are dumb when they screw it up like that. They couldn’t have picked a well known comic book person of color as her pal? Or heaven forbid….create a new one?

      No real reason to race change. No good one anyway. Try some imagination CBS TV and others.

    • CJakes says:

      Always good when someone generalizes those with dissenting remarks as inherently ignorant after referring to anyone in disagreement as ‘fairly guilty of unconscious racism’. Keep pretending you’re playing the role of pragmatist when you’re really being obtuse. Good luck with your paper. As a student, I hope you’re willing to open your mind to a wider spectrum of thought.

      • jimmy woo says:

        You’re condescending and ignorant.

      • Serenity says:

        I am not being obtuse any any way whatsoever. I read the comments below and noticed that there was some unconscious racism going on because I’ve taken classes that have taught me to see it and its signs. If these comments were criticizing the actor or a change in the character’s personality or even using the comic purist argument to the best of its ability (citing any physical divergences from any other characters thus shown, like non-blonde Kara) I’d understand, but they did not. Instead, the focused solely on race without finding evidence to support their assertions to the best extent possible. If they had reasoned their statements in a way where race was just a coincident factor instead of a center-point, I could have agreed with to a degree. You simply aren’t looking at the facts since you feel as though you’ve been stereotypes into a group and so need to defend them at all costs.

    • Serenity says:

      You’re a troll because no one is this stupid. Go away.

      • Serenity says:

        First off, already accusing your deposers of being “f*cking ignorant” is thin shield of defense at best. Second, there has definitely been a marked increase of bringing black characters into the centerfold in comic book adaptations, probably because so far tv shows with black characters in a lead position have been big hits for tv (like Scandal, HTGAWM, The Flash, Sleep Hollow, etc.). Since tv sees in money, not color, they’re trying to cash in on both black and white audiences alike and so far it’s been working. Where I must contradict you is that these characters are tokens as lead characters cannot be equivocated to one-dimensional, solely there for a splash of color and an occasional line or so cardboard cut-outs. They are being given depth and backstory which isn’t usually what tokens are allotted. Plus it’s always better to have one’s existence acknowledged than not at all. Also, I’d like to point out that you have yet to mention the changes in hair color in Barry and Supergirl/Kara which is really no different than a change in skin tone so your point falls flat. If you are a true comic book purist who complains about any character (whit, black, or otherwise) being changed physically from their literary counterpart then I undestand, but if you are only complaining about race change, are you sure you’re not being unconsciously racist right now?

  17. Richard says:

    When I first saw the actor they chose, I actually thought it was the current love relationship she has in New 52, the one guy in the wheelchair who saved her. But I’m totally down for Jimmy Olsen being the love interest. Kara never really has one except for a few times with Brainiac-5. But they sometimes flirted with the idea of her and Jimmy in the comics and TV shows. Don’t really care tooo much that he’s black. As long as he still acts like Jimmy Olsen. Super enthusiastic about work, wants to do the right thing, and constantly get’s into trouble. Shouldn’t be too hard to pull off.

    I’m just hoping Kara has that same rebellious spirit she has in the comics where she doesn’t know what she wants to do, but knows she wants to do something. That’s what made me love her comics. That and her occasional derp attitude whenever she just wanted to have fun. Really relatable for everyone in their 20s. I don’t want this to be some feminist message thing that they’ll try to beat me over the head with. Let Supergirl do her thing and you’ll get all the feminist goals you could have ever dreamed of.

  18. John Burton says:

    Our society is getting sicker each day. Sometimes I believe that our western society is the evil one.

  19. Stacey says:

    I prefer the actors to look as much as the comic book character as possible I don’t care if Kara dates a black,white,hispanic,oriental,Jew,or Muslim, but keep Jimmie a red head white kid ,okay you can lose the bow-tie.
    whats wrong with adding a new character to the superhero mythology rather then change the ethnicity of one that’s been established for decades.
    look at Smallville they changed Pete Ross and he ruined the character BUT the new character of Chloe Sullivan was great and she could have been played by an African American because she was a new character.
    I feel the same way about the Flash T.V. series they should not have made the West’s black they could have just had Barry Allen raised by a new character “Detective Johnson” I actually like the actor who plays Detective West but hate the kowtowing to political correctness. At the sacrifice of the comic book history.

    • Biff says:

      Stacey: You’re dead on and Serenity is a PC idiot !!

    • Serenity says:

      Barry’s not blond in The Flash, are you worked up over that? No. You’re worked up over the black people. How dare they actually appear in front of you while you’re in the safety of your home, right? How dare they invade your tv screen? You are clearly not well versed in how to both be a racist and appear like you have an IQ point. A smart racist would at least support her assertions by citing the white character changes as well so that I would have no feasible arguing ground to work with. Instead, you proved yourself a hypocrite and now you cannot backtrack after I’ve made my point. Good job.

    • Art says:

      Agree with you, the characters should remain truthful to the original mythology, that’s it, stop trying to be politically correct!!!

    • NickPeril says:

      “whats wrong with adding a new character to the superhero mythology rather then change the ethnicity of one that’s been established for decades.”

      Switch that question around, “What’s wrong with changing the ethnic identity of a fictional character who doesn’t actually exist in reality”?

      Moreover, this project has never existed before. As with any creative endeavor, they are free to make any changes they wish. Especially one that doesn’t violate the spine of the story. And Jimmy’s ethnicity and hair color are not intrinsic to the spine of the story.

      • Thank you, Stacey. In a sea of political correctness, you make a valid point. How dare you ask for the actor to resemble the character he/she is playing? You can add diversity to a show by creating characters (I mean, these writers are creators, right)? But respect the source material.

      • Art says:

        There’s nothing wrong with adding someone totally new, but don’t change the original characters!!

      • Mitch McDeere says:

        Comic books are a visual medium. We associate the visuals with the character. So yeah, wanting the actor to resemble the character is valid.

      • Ivy_Hay says:

        Thank you Nick Peril. In a sea of internet insanity, you are a life preserver…I was just thinking WTH is this Stacey person for real???

  20. DorothyParkerlite says:

    It will be so refreshing when the day comes that people don’t feel the need to mention race or anything equally irrelevant when discussing performers, friends, lovers, and family. That obviously isn’t today.

    • SapphireSpire says:

      It will only happen on a day when only one race exists. If it ever happens in my lifetime, it will be very refreshing for me.

    • Wanting the actor to resemble the character they based on isn’t irrelevant. It’s respecting the source material.

      • Serenity says:

        Only if you’re also campaigning for Melissa Benoist to dye her hair blonde is this an okay statement to make. Don’t be a hypocrite.

    • bartleby obamscus says:

      well, this will be a failure… who is making all these terribly edgy decisions and ruining any chance of appeal with some indoctrinating agenda of token black characters no who matters one wants to see…

      • Serenity says:

        You obviously do not understand the idea of a token character. Token characters are never main, centerfold characters that get their own stories and background and love interests. A token character just pops up spordiacly as a “We’re not racist” disclaimer and does little else. I’m pleased with the recent turn of representation in tv. What you’re saying is basically: Don’t show minorities on tv! It will insult them. Let’s pretend they don’t exist to avoid race issues. Which is an honestly dumb thing to say and makes me think that your Language Arts teacher never introduced the concept of rhetorical fallacies to you.

  21. Steve says:

    It’s disgusting to think about people dating who come from different planets.

  22. cdhaskell says:

    I wanted to wish Mehcad Brooks all the luck in the world. I wish that the series would have give him a more original name than someone from the Superman supporting cast.

    • Bo says:

      So very true… why they needed a canon character for the part I have no idea, not like other adaptations haven’t done the same – more importantly, it would actually enable the show to stand on its own feet APART from Superman, something Supergirl has always struggled with.

      I’m also annoyed because just like Wally West in the New 52, just like Pete Ross and Lana Lang in “Smallville”… another redhead turned non-Caucasian. What do people have against redheads in live action – especially men? Why is it that whenever a redhaired male appears in film and Tv Adaptations, they’re either changed in hair colour or reduced to comic relief… I’m sick of it and disgusted. I know that red hair isn’t the most common thing, but these are ACTORS – If dark-haired Jason Isaacs can go blond for Lucius Malfoy or the “Game of Thrones” actors who portray Jaime and Cersei Lannister, why can they not do the same for redheads. Nope – if you see red hair, it will be a jerk, villain or comic relief (unless it’s a woman – then, she’s inevitable a plucky/sexy female with a “fiery” personality – urrr…!)

      Disgusting – and non-Caucasian groups think that THEY have it bad…

      • Serenity says:

        Yeah, because the struggle is so real for redheads in real life. I’m sure they get paid less than all other minority groups just because of the color of their hair. I understand that even those of Irish descent often had it hard in America but practically every group went through the same thing at one point or another so the whole “wounded-animal” thing you’re trying to pull is just criminal. Yes, there are troupes but troupes follow every group to some degree (dumb blondes, brainy brunettes, fiery redheads, etc.). Regardless, your group is still better off than minorities in terms of real life. You had a fair argument up until that last comment.

      • Art says:

        What was wrong with Jack Larson, I thought he was perfect, he wasn’t a redhead, he was brunette, and white, from the George Reeves Superman in the 50’s?? And the guy who played Jimmy in Smallville was blond/brown he was good too.

      • I am a medium to dark brown black man and I am a natural red head. It may surprise you to know that ginger and Auburn colored hair is not that uncommon amongst black people. Red hair was the first trait adaptation of humans and it appeared before we left Africa and ventured into Europe. There are lots of gingers amongst the savannah tribes of Africa and African Americans as well as Afro Caribbeans. Malcolm X was ginger, remember. So this actor may chose to play Jimmy as ginger or he may not. But no ginger of any race has ever been cast to play Jimmy, and he hasn’t always been ginger in comics either.

      • Chris says:

        You know the current Magneto is a redhead right and he has yet to truly been established as a villain he’s been potrayed as an antihero so stop with the reverse discrimination bullshit dude

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